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(2013-07-10 - 2013-07-22)
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Peter Pan Peter had been looking for Lord Ombra, sadly given his memory even when he's leading to one o the few things he's serious about? He can get distracted, still after a day or so he had managed to remember what he was needing to do and that he needed to go check out that place that Lost Boy had told him about. The Hobo King had managed to give him enough of an idea of where to go. So he's managed as he's wont to do, to get into the Cloud Nine. Bit of trickery and a bit of help from Tink was all he needed to at least get into the kitchen.

Peter did not find Will, he did however? Find the fridge and raid it. If Peter had known of them before he'd as always forgot about them between his trips from his home to the rest of the worlds at large. However at the moment the noise he's making in the back fridge would be noticeable he's raided pizza, chicken and anything else. Tifa's cooking is amazing and one might find something else flitting about the kitchen almost bored exploring. The small Fairy known as Tinker Bell is flitting about and trying to get Peter to not fridge raid.

This fails as he keeps on rummaging and then he discovers the freezer he stops eating as he shoves his head in and discovers how cold it is in there.

"TINK! They have Winter in a box here!"
Alma Hyral So after awkward dinners and dinner conversations were finished, Alma decided to pay a visit to the TDA, and maybe VALKYRI too.. she was kind of hesitant to show up there now that she knew Angantyr was a member. It was complicated. Getting caught with the assassin of Emperor Gramis, even inadvertently, while an employee of House Solidor is not the best for a person's reputation.

She was garbed this time in an azure dress with short sleeves. She had her hair down, which was surprising in length, reaching almost to her waist. While her detail aka two guards from the Archadian military were following, she really did not want them to come with her inside, so once she arrived at the Cloud Nine, she sent them off to the Wildkat to get dinner for themselves. She'd probably be safe enough here anyhow.

In her hands was a box, containing an chocolate bourbon walnut pie, in a tin. But don't worry folks, it wasn't loaded, and she had the safety on! Besides one pie was not enough for a pie war. But one day... /one day/...

Anyhow, as she entered into the Cloud Nine and heard a familiar voice, she put down the pie box on the counter then went back into the kitchen to check on it. She didn't think twice about this because she'd actually worked in this kitchen for a few days as a result of a failed wager. Giving Peter a bemused look, she actually giggles when she sees him with his head in the freezer, "Um, hey Pan. Enjoying yourself? And yeah, winter in a box is probably a good way to describe that. It's how we keep all the food cold."

While she might have been a little more scowly since he called her uptight lady usually, she just couldn't get mad at him. Besides, how he flew around and kicked Heartless <GOOSEHONK> the other day was pretty awesome in her book. "What brings you all the way out here? Don't suppose you'd like some pie?"
Mercade Alexander Mercade is here. He's here because he lives here half the time. He's also down on the first floor for a late night snack.

A snack that Peter Pan seems to be intent on devouring. "Wow." Mercade says from the kitchen doorway, leaning in it relaxed. "You really are just like Will."

He twitches. Two Wills. Now he knows why there's that secret compartment in the Boss' desk in Manhattan.

Alma's appearance causes him to arch an eyebrow. "Alma Hyral, bearer of baked goods." He intones solemnly, and then grins, tipping his hat. "Hello there."
Emi Dennou It's the kidnapper! Or perhaps Emi should think--The kidPANner?!

Emi is pretty suspicious of Peter Pan. Taking unwanted children to a magical place where they never get older sounds like something to be suspicious of. Fairies, of course, are /always/ to be trusted so long as they are the pretty butterfly kind.

She comes down with Umi who seems to be more curious, Emi is of course eyeing Peter Pan carefully.

"Hmmm..." She says. "We'll be the judge of that!, The Network says overdramatically and perhaps only semi-seriously?"

She looks over to Alma, blinks twice, and looks around for cake. She doesn't want cake smushed in her face.
Mercade Alexander Mercade Alexander points at the pie box for Emi. Keep your eyes on any potential deliciousness. Or ammunition. Or both.
Peter Pan Peter Pan pulls his head out of the freezer and he shakes off an almost inexpiable mane of ice shards. This may or may not be Tinker Bell's doing playing a prank on Peter. He doesn't even seem to notice clearly thinking that it was the winter box that did it to him and not Tink. He grins at Alma , which he seems happy to see.

"Oh ya I found food so much good food! I normally have to snatch chicken from Hook's camp! Don't know what he bread with the cheese and meat is but it's great do you know what it's called?"

There's a pizza box over on the floor, which might be a hint of what he got into before he was located by the other people here at the Cloud Nine. He also is not quite like Will, unlike the Hobo King? Peter Pan actually bathes fairly regularly as swimming is a lot of fun. It may be very well Tinker Bell's doing. Make Peter and the lost boys think it's a game and it's far easier to get some things done. Still it's close enough that yes there's two Wills more or less.

"Pie! Sure! I was looking for Lost Boy. Well that and I have to find where Lord Ombra is. I can't find anything I had no real luck."

He seems pretty unhappy about that little bit but he's distracted once more, it's kinda like watching a ferret in some ways.

"Will? Oh Lost Boy, I thought he was one of mine from Never Land."

Enter the Network, Emi and Umi get a grin and a wave from Pan.

"Oh so there are more kids and wait."

He looks at Mercade for a moment sizing the man up then opens his mouth once more.

"Your old enough to be a pirate! Wait you know Lost Boy. I guess if he's okay with you, you can't be a pirate."

Peter does take kids yes but he seriously isn't doing anything bad. He totally takes them to Neverland! There should be nothing suspicious about the one thing int he multiverse that is to be a kid forever, right?
Alma Hyral "...and silly hats." She states without missing a beat to Mercade, grinning wryly. She waggles a finger at his tipped hat as if to imply, /You're next/. "Very noir, I like it, you do a good Bogart by the way.." Riku really had been exposing her to far too many World of Manhatten movie marathons, "...have a slice of pie if you want. It's not face pie, I promise."

She gives the Dennous a smile as she leans against the kitchen counter, "Hey Emi, Umi. How's it going? Want some pie?" Beat pause as Mercade points it out, "...again, not face pie. I wonder if I'm going to have to start clarifying that every time I come bearing any dessert."

And then casually to Peter, "Have some pie then, Pan, I don't think either of them have heard you crow yet. I think you should show them just how awesome you are in a way that distinguishes you from the Lost Boy. Just saying. And he's probably around somewhere, he always shows up when you least or most expect him.."

She has to cover her mouth and snicker a little when he calls Mercade old enough to be a pirate. "Yeah, no, Mercade doesn't seem all that piratey to me. No eyepatch, no appropriate hat, no peg leg or hook, totally not a pirate.."
Emi Dennou "Will is positively ancie--" Umi begins, but Emi elbows her lightly. Umi, of course, elbows her back and wins the right to speak first this time.

" Will's apprentice!" She says confidently. "He has been treating me the tricks of not having a job and being a layabout, and I'll have you know I'm an excellent learner!" She rubs her nose proudly. "Any friend of Will is a friend of mine! Heh heh..." She pauses. "...And uh--we're not pirates. We dress as pirates sometimes, though." She nods once. "For fun."

"You cannot have Umi. She is ours." Emi says, nodding once, firmly.
Mercade Alexander "Thanks, Alma. I appreciate it." He smiles, and then looks back to Peter as he Pans all over the place. He flicks his eyes, watching the boy dart back and forth with all of the attention span of a hyperactive six year old. "Nope. Not a pirate. Wrong genre. I'm a detective." He grins. "Name's Mercade Alexander. A pleasure to meet you.'"
Peter Pan Peter Pan takes the Alma's offer Pie.

"Face pie would be a waste of pie! Pie is a terrible thing to waste."

he'll take the pie and somehow get a fork from somewhere to eat. Hey he doesn't want his fingers sticky as that would be bad. It's annoying really more than anything.

"Oh you want to hear my crow huh? Fine!"

Alma what have you done it's late it's going to shake the whole building as Peter with a grin lets out a very loud rooster crow, it's loud and would likely fool most chickens. Once the crowing is done he's going back to the pie, because this pie is great. Between bites he notes.

"I thought most adults were /pirates/ unless they were Indians. Indian grownups are pretty good people!"

The tribe in Neverland had a good relationship with Pan and the Lost Boys more or less.

He looks back to Mercade for a moment then grinds.

"All right Bogart!. Good to meet you too."

There's Pan with the nick names again. Pen then serious up a bit now as he recalls what he was here for.

"I'm looking for Lord Ombra. He is a shadow creature that kidnaps children and feeds on ... their hopes and dreams. He drains them dry leaving them with less life than Hook and his Pirates. Yet still alive, he seemed to have set a trap for me in that city. I need help to stop him."

Pan falls out of serious as he looks to Emi and Umi stat speaking

"Apprentice so wait does that make you some sort of hobo knight?"

Peter does seem with everyone saying Mercade is not a pirate that he is not one, nor is anyone else here! Now the question is where has Tink got her self off to? Perhaps she's up to something, who knows. Or maybe she's getting a snack herself?
Alma Hyral Alma preemptively puts her hands to her ears just as he's about to crow. What has she done indeed? She is grinning in a goofy sort of way afterwards. She seems genuinely fond of the boy's exuberance though. Maybe because her friends have put her in a silly mood lately.

She gives Umi a strange look, then after a moment, walks over to her, whispering, "Um Umi, question for you. The other day, when you came back with that broken bat? Which of Will's enemies had you defeated?" She'd kind of had to run from potential ice cream wrath before she could ask that question before.

Another fit of giggling when Mercade earns the nickname Bogart, but he'd probably like that. "And nah, that's probably only where you come from that it's just Pirates or Indians, here we've got all sorts. Most Pirates work for corporations now."

And then after a pause, her silly mood seems to fade away, Lord Ombra brought on serious time, "He's pretty powerful, too. Tore off your shadow and gave it the power of a giant Heartless. We.. couldn't save all the children." She closes her eyes after a moment, looking genuinely stricken by that.
Emi Dennou "That's a very good question, Alma." Umi says and proceeds to not answer it. "But right! I'm a hobo knight, I guess." Umi crosses her arms. "Though I still bathe because I really don't want to smell. Also I think I don't like eating shoes too much. But in terms of being a layabout, that I can do easily! Heck, it's hardly any effort at all!"

She nods a few times energetically.

"What does Lord Ombra look like?" Emi asks.
Mercade Alexander "There's all kinds of adults out there! I'm not from Neverland, after all." Mercade chuckles at the irrepressable Peter Pan at the mention of the Indians... But then he reels in surprise at the loud crowing. "Wow. That's huge! You've got a heck of a set of lungs." He says to no one in particular, though he looks... neutral at the thought of being named Bogart. "Uh... right." Mercade says in response. The mention of Lorrd Ombra, however, causes him to focus. He starts writing in a pad of paper. Thgis is somrthing he's heard about, but he hasn't heard much. He doesn't ask a question yet, instead just listening and watching to see what happens next.
Peter Pan Peter Pan looks back at Alma.

"This is why we have to find where he is, I haven't heard of him kidnapping any other children since the fight. So that is the only good thing. I will find him and I will teach him a lesson that he is not welcome in Neverland or anywhere else. He does not kill them, they can be saved."

The Knights of the Hobo Knight get a look over from Pan again and he laughs.

"Swimming is great, it's true and why would you eat a shoe? That would taste terrible. Lord Ombra? He's tall, black cloak seemingly made of the shadows."

Peter rambles on for a bit but if any one here saw the Lord of The Rings or even read the books this Lord Ombra would sound a lot like a Ring Wraith in terms of looks.

At Mercade's comment about his crowing? Peter laughs.

"It takes a lot of work to get like this. As for Lord Ombra?! Oh ya Even Hook hates him. The Indians hate him, I think it's something everyone agrees on. No one likes Lord Ombra."

The fact this guy is someone a Shadow Lord has no love for, should be telling and a warning. If Hook would focus on this guy over Pan? That's should say something about Ombra.
Alma Hyral Alma gives Umi an expectant look at the lack of an answer, just idly stating, "You didn't break it on a bath tub or a shower, did you?" Another wry grin as she teases her.

Then back to serious time, "Will got a look at him, so he might be able to tell you more. I don't know. But he looked like a huge black ragged cloak, like a wraith. When Will tried to punch him, he nearly got sucked inside. Like he's some void." Or a /trap cloak/, which he triggered.

And then she looks back to Peter Pan, "How long does it take before their.. well.. hopes, dreams, and innocence are gone? How much time do we have to work with?"
Emi Dennou The Network has yet to comment on crowing.

"Will taught me how to eat shoes." Umi says, looking down at her, thankfully, and finally, adorned foot. "The Network supposes it could come in never know, really! Ha ha...hahaha..."

Emi frowns, this sounds a lot like the Phantom Blot to her but she supposes a lot of bad people wear dark cloaks seemingly made from shadow.

"Unfortunately, if he's difficult to find in spite of all that..." Emi frowns. "But if the Shadow Lords dislike him--well, they are the Shadow Lords--they may have better methods with which to track him."
Mercade Alexander Mercade Alexander continues taking notes dutifully. IT IS THE DETECTIVE WAY. Also Mercade's memory is sometimes terrible. The Dennous can probably get away with not taking notes as much because they have six times the memory capacity. And sass, which is also an important part of detectiving. "That's some pretty universal dislike right there. Is it because he's that mean, or is it something else, I wonder..." He pauses, and then shrugs. "There has to be some kind of pattern or hint on where he could be going or how he strikes."
Peter Pan Peter Pan shrugs at Alma' very important question, "Don't know, wish I did. I think if we can get them away from him? They will recover or the Fairies can help!"

Pan just does not recall right now how long they got. If there's one thing he's always got hope. It's unlikely even this thing could drain him of all his hope. Everyone else? Not so lucky so far as Pan thinks.

"IF you put it that way, it could work."

Pan makes a face at the mention of the Shadow Lords.

"Don't know about them, I only know Hook vanished for a while a while. I think it has something to do with them."

Sounds like when Hook popped up during Manhattan's fall. Though given Pan on time? It's a miracle he's remembered as such for so long as it is.

"I don't think most would help. I only know Hook doesn't like him either."

Peter has nothing more to offer on this it seems, it takes a lot to get him to even be remotely serious? It's got to be pretty bad. Peter meanwhile gets up to go grab some more pizza from the fridge.
Alma Hyral Alma gives Umi a smile, "Hey, no eating shoes while I'm around. I'm always willing to make you and your sisters something of better quality than that."

Alma also screws up her face at Pan's statement, her expression becoming a little pinched, "Maybe he's just too vile for even most of the Shadow Lords. Some of them have to balk at the thought of feeding off children." At least she'd hope so, there's a difference no matter how twisted it might be between causing a world to fall, which became fairly impersonal given how the darkness worked, and personally hunting down children just to drain them of their hopes and dreams.

She looks between Umi and Mercade, "It's getting kind of late by Archadian time, do you mind if I stay here overnight?"
Emi Dennou "This one would rather avoid having to ask for help in the first place, but Will would need something that he owns in order to track him or, perhaps, more accurately, something he had owned at some point." Emi says. She pauses for a moment and then snaps her fingers. "Do you think maybe he could follow the string from your shadow? Or perhaps from the children? That might work..."

Umi says, "Do shadows have their own fate strings?"

"If any shadow does, The Network would think Pan's shadow would?"

They give Peter a quizzical look concurrently.
Mercade Alexander Mercade nods. "Sure, why not. Anyone who brings cake is good in my book." Mercade says to Alma, jokingly. He then turns his attention to the DISCUSSION already in progress. "Hrmmmm." He says, which is the best thing to say when you have nothing to add to the plans being fomented already. Foment. Fomemt.
Alma Hyral Alma just nods at that, "Thanks. I'll just take one of the couches and stay out of the way." Just not Dion's couch. Dude watches way too much late night TV, yo.

"Good night everyone." And a short time later she's going up the stairs.
Peter Pan Peter Pan shrugs in all honestly he has no real answer for Alma on this one. "Maybe? I don't know. So long as we get the children back from him, that is what is important. We will get it back. We got me and your friends here on it, right?"

He's also got Pizza again from his trip to the fridge, this stuff was good. He doesn't know about strings and what Will sees. Tink might have figured something out but she didn't see the need to tell Pan.

"If Lost Boy can do it I'll let him. Let's not let it get lose again. It's always a pain when it does that and now isn't the time to play around."

Alma is right it's getting late and Pan may very well need to take off as well.

"Good night! Uptight lady!"

There's no malice or meanness in his voice, he's just made up his mind that's what he's calling her.
Emi Dennou And so the day is

Oh pie!

Emi takes one. "Good night, Alma."
Mercade Alexander "Well then. That's a solid plan." Mercade states... Though there is a tinge of uncertainty. This seems to be making even less sense to him than normal, but he's willing to run with the lot os it if it gets the job done. "So, uh... How about some more... pizza?" He looks down at the empty pizza boxes. Hrm.

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