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Ramza Beoulve So camping in the arctic was usually a pretty miserable affair. That's why Ramza decided to just spring for everyone having a room at the inn while they were were still here. Quite a few folks had to double up when it came to sharing rooms, but otherwise it wasn't so bad.

Narshe was a pretty interesting place for him, with how it's mines were set up with steam and coal based technology that his world hadn't yet developed.

He wondered about the working conditions here. He even looked into the closing of the Milner Tool factory... another black mark against Souji Murasame. He didn't like it that the man's corporation had steamrolled a small business and put three hundred people out of a job, and put them right into a life of harder labor in the mines. It put him in a foul mood when he thought about how he'd actually considered dealing with him. A man who was already double dealing with the Church of Glabados, and Faram only knows how many other organizations vying against each other.

Even so, at least Murasame had been forthright about what he was doing. So he knew he wouldn't dwell on it for too long. Currently Ramza was seated at a table in the corner, with his back to the wall. Several others within his company were taking their repast, or putting some fire within their bellies at other tables peppered around the common room. He was still armored, and only drinking a mug of milk, his weapons propped up against the seat, underneath the table. He turned his thoughts back to Fluorgis, and that put him in an even fouler mood. But it didn't show on his face. Instead he just looked abstracted as he waited for his food to arrive...
Artemis Eurus For the record, Artemis thinks Ramza is being a total wimp about the camping in the arctic thing. Artemis /totally/ could have built them a perfectly nice shelter or found them a comfortable cave somewhere she could fill with animal furs she just happened to have in possession.

Of course, camp for all the Braves would have been more difficult, thus she consented.

Plus, hot baths. Artemis loves a good, hot bath. Which is precisely where she is right now. She'd kicked out Ramza and told him she'd meet him for dinner after she'd languished in the bath for a good while, filled with bubbles and scented oils where she could treat her hair to a honey water and chamomile infusion, a deep conditioning, etc.

"Mmmmmhmmm," she says, leaning her head back against the tub and closing her eyes, thinking she really ought to move--later.
Margaux Fleury Margaux was never a fan of cold weather. It rendered many of her dresses and outfits quite impractical to wear in these elements without layering up. And wearing a bunch of layers defeats the advantages that most of Margaux's outfits gave her when it came to dancing and combat. This does not mean that the intrepid dancer has left her wardrobe behind. Oh no. She has simply preferred to wear her Death Corps armor and cloak on most days.

Thankfully, Ramza's decison to stay at the local inn afforded the redheaded dancer the opportunity to switch out of her armor for once. Margaux descends the stairs into the main common room in a long, near floor length skirt with a corsetted cream colored blouse. Her top has a generous cut to it which reveals that Margaux is wearing multiple necklaces as well as numerous bangles on her her arms. The main draw of her outfit is not this, but her long skirt which consists of multiple lengths of multi-colored cloth sewn together. When the dancer sashays forth, it becomes clear that her entire outfit was made to provide an varied assortment of colors to her every movement and especially so when she twirls or spins.

The colorfully adorned dancer manuevers her way through the common room quite with an easy grace until she spies a milk-drinking, armored heretic in the corner. The state of Ramza's mood was something of an open question for the woman to ponder upon. Regardless, Margaux approaches. She flashes her best smile before spinning into an elaborate show curtsey towards Ramza, pulling at her colorful skirt in a similar way a peacock might show its feathers. "Messire Noble Apostate, perhaps you have room at your table for one more? It feels as if it has been an age since we last were able to speak!" The wandering dancer states as she continues to display her bright grin towards the man.

As for the bathing Artemis, Margaux had partaken in the very same activity earlier on. It was actually the first thing she did after arriving at the inn. Priorities you see as Margaux would be one of the ones who would have been a 'wimp' about camping outside in this climate.
Ramza Beoulve Part of being a leader is acquiescing to a consensus in the little things. He didn't mind camping in the arctic personally but he definitely didn't want a mutiny on his hands. Not that he really thought that would happen, but sometimes it was best to keep the group happy.

And Artemis could hardly complain given that she was currently luxuriating in a hot bath. A twirl of cream-colored skirts catches his attention, as Ramza manages a cheerful look, his abstracted expression fading. "Noble Apostate, yet another fitting title, which is also paradoxically ill suited. Will there never be an end to them?" And since she was going to such trouble to show them off, he mentions in a mild tone, "You're looking lovely tonight Margaux. Please, join me. My table always has room for one more."

He rubs a hand against his face, before settling on the bridge of his nose for a moment, the hand trailing back to his side, "The situation in Fluorgis has grown.. complicated. It appears that Ser Senra is now in the thrall of one of the Lucavi, Margaux."
Margaux Fleury "My apologies, but not as long as I still draw breath," teases Margaux in a quite matter-of-fact tone. The compliment on what she was wearing draws a somewhat smug looking smile. It's not like she put a lot of effort into it or anything (ha). "Oh! Why thank you, messire." She reaches down and pulls at her skirt gently in a much less grandiose action when compared to her curtsey from before. "I found it quite fitting for a hard-working town such as this as this is not such a thing to wear to any 'noble' affair." Margaux now takes the offered seat at the table. "Not that I would willingly attend such a farce by choice, of course." She adds with a smirk of a smile. Her multiple bangles lazily slide down her arms as she settles into her seatnow.

Margaux's smile fades as she considers the news that Ramza told her. "Most unfortunate. Despite recent misunderstandings, I did not see Messire Zealot as a bad man." A frown now appears on the dancer's face. "What are we going to do to save him?" Her question is a simple one, but it is full of presumptions when it comes to what is to be done or not done.
Ramza Beoulve "I'll just have to suffer through them. Yes for it is I, Ramza the long-suffering. Now there is an appellation I can get behind." He looks at her in an almost teasing manner, despite still looking a little abstracted, "It goes well on you in such a town Margaux. Very well-suited. Less so if you actually step outdoors.." Again with a touch of good-natured teasing to his voice, "But hardly a problem in here.. and of course you wouldn't attend such a farce by choice. Neither would I. It's all a mummer's show of pretending to like each other, while they plot behind each other's backs in secret, forge alliances.. it's all about putting a series of masks. And I'm terrible with masks."

He certainly doesn't seem to find the quesiton presumptuous at all, for it was never in question that they were going to try to save him, despite the great risk it puts them at, "...the current host of the Lucavi is a Father Barnabus, you likely met him during your time in the City of Flowers, or at least saw him from a distance. We're going to have to coax him to manifest in full demonic form.. then a friend of ours who has.. let's just call it power over the connections between people, souls, and objects will sever Ser Senra's connection to the stone." He adds in a glum tone of voice, "Defeating a Lucavi is a nigh-impossible task. Rescuing Ser Senra is also a nigh impossible task. Together... well let's just say I'm glad that some within this company have faith that I'm able to accomplish the impossible, because given the task at hand I can scarce believe we stand a good chance of pulling it off." He takes a sip from his mug, before wiping off his lip, "...and yet we're going to do all of that."
Margaux Fleury Margaux clicks her tongue as she sets her elbows down on the table and makes a chin-rest for herself which she promptly takes advantage of. "There are much worse fates, messire, then enduring my quips." She points out playfully before showing an innocent smile towards the teasing heretic. The talk about her current dress causes the dancer to incline her head slightly. "Such a town like this -needs- a breath of color...of life...from time to time. I always enjoyed performing in places such as this and they were usually the most 'ospitable in return."

The talk of Mummer's shows and masks causes Margaux to giggle and then flat out laugh. "Messire Ramza, The Long Sufferer. Everyday we breath, we wear masks of sorts." The Death Corps member forces herself to first look offended, bringing harsh lines to her mouth and face. She then shyly averts her eyes downwards towards the tabletop. Finally, she looks back up at Ramza and display that usual stage smile of hers. "Some are merely better mummers than others. And please, -please-, do not tell Madame Mask about your distaste for masks. She would be 'eartbroken'."

Ramza transitions into more serious talk which causes Margaux to abandon her girlish cupping of her chin and causes her to sit up straight in her seat. "Impossible like bringing in members of the Death Corps into your fold? Into single-handedly leading a revolt against the Church? In being one of the worst 'eretics in the history of the church?" Margaux smiles demurely again. "To be succinct, I agree with you. Or else, I would never 'ave let you drag me up to such a cold place." She half-jokes to Ramza with another smile. "I know not what assistance I can provide in your plans, but you merely 'ave to ask."
Ramza Beoulve "Far worse fates. I agree. In comparison your quips are quite pleasant, so long as you don't turn to puns." A teasing tone of voice, chuckling as he does so, and laying a single hand upon the table, "And yes, I agree.. this town is in need of someone to lift their spirits. The workers here just suffered a terrible blow." He taps those fingers idly upon the table, the whole situation left a bad taste in his mouth, but it wasn't something he could solve. Not with a sword at least. Nor his voice.

"I suppose. Mine is the mask of leadership I suppose." He makes a motion like he's putting his hand to his face and removing it, "...which is why I'm more than happy to take it off. It's a very threadbare mask by now. A thin veneer, but one which I must continue to wear. I just don't like to.." He makes an idle motion with his other hand, towards the other tables, "...thankfully, I think everyone realizes that, and they don't force me to put it on as often as they might." Then he tsks, giving Margaux a smile, "...Madame Mask, as you put it? I think she knows, which is why I'm able to see her without it, on occasion."

He too straightens as they go back to serious time, "...that would be the same sort of impossible. I just pray to Faram or whatever gods are actually out there that my good fortune does not run out quite yet." He gives her a playful look, "There are still far too many in need... and scarcely enough people to look into their plight."

He laughs light-heartedly, "Good, at least I know that you're on board just enough to suffer the insufferable cold."

He pauses for some time, looking straight at Margaux, "I don't have any real plans or strategy at the moment which are concrete, Margaux. They are subject to change based on the context of the situation when we arrive. I'll simply count ourselves fortunate to have you at our side, and work with what we have when we arrive."
Margaux Fleury "Puns are a very difficult thing. They can either may you look like very clever or like a complete fool." Margaux closes her eyes and shrugs her shoulders lightly, a hand moving up unconciously to ensure her blouse does not slip as she moves. "Maybe even like a clever fool, but those are the rarest of all." Her opens open and she centers her gaze on Ramza. A knowing smile is flashed for a brief moment before it disappears once more.

The talk of Ramza's dropping his own mask from time to time causes Margaux to smile more naturally towards him. "Others can 'elp you with that if you let them." Those assembled around Ramza are gestured too. "But, you know about that much." The dancer does then lead forward slightly before whispering softly, "Some companionship might ease your mind and warm your cold nights as well." She then leans back slightly. "But you 'ave been neglected your dance lessons and will never impress Madame Mask now." Margaux goes on to tease simply in a slightly louder tone then her conspiratory whisper.

"My talents are at your disposal." The blade-dancer remarks casually. She idly adjusts a bangle on her left arm, her blue eyes flickering away from Ramza. "I will admit. I might not be able to be much of a boon against a demon. But if Heartless can be ensnared by my dances, then why not a Lucavi?" She supposes with a smirk.
Ramza Beoulve "I admit to being the fool. Now the clever fool? I leave that up to everyone else to decide. I make no judgements one way or the other on my cleverness." Decidedly self-aware, this one.

And just as his food arrives, simple faire, of a Chocobo Egg Omelette with cheese and small pieces of bacon. He gives Margaux an inquisitive look as the server lingers, "Would you like anything? On me, of course." And then a moment later he's cutting into it, just as they speak, "I'm an amateur dancer, but she's more than willing to overlook my shortcomings.." But other than that, he just manages the barest hint of a smile, Ramza does not kiss and tell, even if /everyone/ in the Company knew that the relationship between the pair had become more serious.

And then he offers a patient smile, "An Archdemon is not a complicated creature really. They are insidious behind closed doors with their plots, but when they take the battlefield, they underestimate their opponents and try to overwhelm with power. After all, why would an Archdemon have cause to believe mortals can defeat them? They overstretch, they leave themselves open, and that is the key to their defeat."
Margaux Fleury Marguerite de Fleury rises from her seat and straightens out her skirt a little bit. The food is glanced at and the offer is considered. Blue eyes turn to look over the crowd at large, but it is Ramza's not so subtle comments that causes Margaux to look back towards the Heretic leader. She had not heard the word so to speak. "I will 'ave to add divination to my many talents. It seems that my teasing so long ago was not so off-base after all." The dancer remarks with a smile.

The demon talk causes Margaux to smirk once more. "To me, an Archdemon sounds like the noble of the demon world." The redhead winks before continuing, "I could not think of a foe more worthy of my blade." The food is glanced at once more. "I must politely decline. Buy something nice for Madame Mask instead. I feel fairly confident that it will not be too hard to find someone willing to buy me a drink, no?" With one last curtsey, Margaux heads off into the inn proper now. Madame Mask and Messire Clever Fool. Hmmph.
Ramza Beoulve "I had no idea that I was sharing a table with an honest to Faram seer. I'll have to see if your talents extend to predicting ambushes, but given how many we have, that's likely not the best judge of your newfound sight." He wobbles his hand sideways, chuckling, as he takes another bite of the omelette.

And then he chuckles softly, "It will be a... trial for us all. I count us fortunate to have gotten out of the last battle with everyone alive. We shall see if the same occurs this time."

And then a moment later, she's nearly off, and he's offering another cheerful smile, "......I wouldn't think it would be difficult at all Margaux. Try to enjoy yourself, we'll be moving on soon, and I think everyone should have some leisure before we go."

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