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(2013-07-08 - 2013-07-09)
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Zeke Zeke hadn't been in Traverse long. Literally he got out of the portal from his trip from Manhatten and started towards the spaceport with intent on talking to this Chip and or Dale about these Gummi things. Unfortuantely two things were making this hard on him:
1: He had no idea Chip and Dale were tiny chipmunks so was looking in all the wrong places.
2: He'd never really been in the spaceport section of Traverse so was completely at a loss on where what was.

So Captain of a very impressive early eighteenth century scooner is stuck in the middle of a sidewalk scratching his head with cap in his other hand looking quite confused.
Vespa Vespa was just enjoying a stroll thought the Traverse Spaceport. She had come here from time to time just too look at the different ships. She wanted to know a bit more about them Avira was talking about building one and these gummi block that were floating around supposely you could build a ship with them and she wanted to see some possible desgins for future refence. She is dressed in her normal mage outfit her humgous axe carried on her back. A few people spot her some giving her a wide berth some reconising her as the VALKIRI maid, she starting to become a reconised figure around town now.
Deelel Those who know Deelel might know the sound of her bike is pretty hard to forget it doesn't sound like any other sort of engine. Now there's something that sounds heck of a lot like it but one needs to look up. They might see a craft clarity from the same family of technology but this one? It's flying and if one gets a good look there's a humanoid figure aboard but their face is hidden by a very sleek black helmet. The craft comes about and comes in for a landing as it seems to be able to move like a VTOL. The machine then becomes transparent and becomes a blue wire frame for a second before it vanishes. The pilot of the machine grabs the rod that is left before it falls and then the helmet vanishes int the same way.


Oh hey it is Deelel, looks like she picked up something new.
Zeke Zeke blinked at the flying plane thing Deelel was flying. "Oh.... kay. that's new." He still had this very definate confused look going on so instead focused on something that didn't feel totally out of place and unfamiliar.

Like the cute mage woman with the big freaking axe of overcompensation!

"So quick question. You two here," He pointed to Vespa then Deelel, "About this gummi nonsense?"
Vespa "huh?", Vespa says pointing at herself. "Me?", she walks closer to Zeke. "I really don't know much at all. Just the blocks can be used to build a ship or something like that. Not sure why exactly.."
Deelel Deelel says "It is pretty new yes. Pretty neat isn't it? Makes getting around a lot easier over bad terrain really."

She looks to Vespa for a moment and recalls her being on that maid photo shoot calender she'd seen a couple copies of it at the Shard Seeker's HQ, she suspect it was Ivo but she could never be sure with her comrades, these days. Shiki and Faruja were the only ones she really had any sort of connection to.

"Vespa right? Name's Deelel and hum yes I'd been informed about such I was coming to speak to the two that had been giving out the information on how to use them."
Zeke Zeke tilted his head at Vespa. "Well. I don't know you really miss but nice t'meecha." He offered the maid lady a hand. "And from what i hear yea these gummi things can be made to go to worlds we can't quite reach. Shards could be found. People brought in where they need to go." He looked... pleased at the idea. Very pleased. "Or just to explore. See what's out past the sunset. Just.... there's a whole bunch I don't know and not knowing how your ship works can and will get you killed."
Vespa "That would be fun, thought I need to figure That the one thing I'm worrieda bout. I'm Vespa by the way.", she says smiling a bit shaking Zeke hand back. He's kind of cute!
Deelel Deelel says "Good to meet you as well Vespa."

Deelel might sound a bit odd to Vespa she's got a bit of a digital warble to their voice. she shifts about a little bit till she seems to get a bit more comfortable.

"There is still the problem of a huge heartless to worry about. They are trying to organize and recruit a fleet to fight it at this point from what I know. Also very wise words, if you do not understand your technology in so much as it's basic operation then it may very well get you killed."

She looks back to Vespa for a moment grinning.

"So you know Avira, correct?"
Zeke Zeke grunted at Deelel's assessment of the Giant Heartless situation. "Well that settles it. Soon as i get trianed enough t'figure this stuff out I'm in." He gave a small laugh. "can't keep having all these landlocked sods have all the fun."
Vespa "I'll just cut them huge heartless with Al.", she says motioning to her axe on her back. "They can be that big..", what little she knows..

"Yes I know Avira..", she wonders for a moment where this is leading.
Zeke Zeke quirked at espa's eagerness. "As big as that thing is I doubt it be enough to cleave ships." Little does Zeke know just How Big the thigns in gummispace are. "Anyway as this chip and or dale seems t'be nowhere in sight how familliar are you with this place?"
Deelel Deelel says "Good, we need all the bodies we can. Given the reports from those people who have seen it, it's the size of a small moon."

Heartless Emperor, you better pray it's not piloted by three battle happy Japanese shadow lords, or everything is doomed.

"Humm oh! They are not human, they are ... self aware chipmunks."

She doesn't even seem paused, she got over the strangeness of user space so much as in when she realized everyone here is made of meat. That was a bit of a mind blowing revelation. Second to only humans nearly identical set up as the ISOs.
Vespa "T-that's big. Really big. I think that a bit too big for you to handle Al.", Vespa doesn't seem shocked about the self aware chipmunks. She met a taking duck that's a Shadowlord sp Chipmunks running a info shop about Gummi blocks, that not that odd at all.
Zeke Well if ther'es three japanese shadowlords out there trying to puppet giant heartless around there's one insane noodle van driver that can and will make with explaining to them how very Not Happy he is with them.

"Self-aware Chipmunks you say?" Zeke tried steering the convrosation away from MOON SIZED HEARTLESS because that was... more than a little terrifying. "Dare say they'd be rather hard t'find in this mess. Any ideas how or where t'look lass?"
Deelel Deelel gives directions to Zeke about where she's heard the two chipmunks stall is set up.

"That should get you too them. As for anything else I can help you with? I'd like to know if there's anything I can do."
Zeke Zeke looked Deelel over and hmmed thoughtfully. "Other than continue doing the things you do? I'm not quite sure lass. I"m mostly just tryin t'find out what i can find out so when I set sail it isn't going to land me right on some extradimensional rief or something straight out of lovecraft's nightmares. Would be a bad way to go. Here lies Ezekiel Fawkes died of his own stupidity and lack of knowledge." In spite of the grim subject he gave a laugh. "Oh and if you see a lady answering to the name Ariel let her know she's got a slot waiting if she wants t'sign on as crew on m'ship. I've heard this Gummi Space takes all three dimensions and runs haywire with 'em an I'd rather someone with experiance navigating such."

This scene contained 17 poses. The players who were present were: Zeke, Deelel, Vespa