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(2013-07-08 - Now)
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Faruja Senra When Tyrin requested a meeting, perhaps to his surprise, he got one. The name on the official letter was not some lowly Priest. It was the seal of Lady Bishop Emerald, a well respected name in the Church's hierarchy, albeit one with whispers in some circles regarding just /how/ she got to her position. Tyrin is led to her office by a few fellow Templar, the room filled with Ajoran crosses, books, and other religious paraphenalia. A framed degree is up on the wall, stating that she had graduated from Gariland Magical Academy. The woman herself is tiny, barely over five foot, blonde with a bob cut. Her priestly robes practically swallow her thin frame, while large glasses sit on her mousey face She smiles, pleasantly.

"Faram bless your passing, Templar Tyrin Marius! Come in, my Child. Sit! I received your letter. What can this humble Bishop do for such a shining example of faith and knighthood?"
Tyrin Marius Tyrin is not significantly surprised that his request went through to meet with someone of rank. The fact it came rather quickly is another matter, used to beaurocracy that can be measured in weeks. He has never had the opportunity of speaking with the Lady, although she is one of a distressing list that has some dirt upon her name. He wears his fine silver armor and tabard, although he kneels shortly past the door with a reverant bow of the head. "You do me too much honor... I would have been satisfied with a Bishop of far lesser station." There is something of note here -- a book, held under Tyrin's arm. One worn and ancient, by the look. "I... simply am having some troubles. I was hoping to strengthen my faith and devotion..."
He'd move to the pointed chair thereafter, settling into it with a creak. He's easily six foot three, quite a towering figure compared to the small Emerald. "I had a brush with a heretic. One whom spared my life. You can understand how that can be a... disorienting experience. She spoke terrible things of Ser Louis. And..." He shifts the book down to his hand. "Something of a... Zodiac." At a glance, the High Bishop should tell that he's got a very, very dangerous book. Certainly one that's been purged from most any Glabados library for the common hand...
Faruja Senra Her smile fades somewhat, as she spies that book. Face in a line, she taps a painted fingernail upon the desk between them. "Let me see that book, my Child. I shall be happy to see that you are kept from falling to Fell powers. That book, Ser Marius, is a most evil one indeed. Did the Heretics give you that?" She questions, crossing her legs, voice severe.

"A...zodiac, you say? Tell me more. Tell me everything that this Heretic told you, brave knight. Remember, poison seeps from the fangs of the unfaithful. Doubly so from those who actively fight the Lord's Servants." She then smiles. "But surely you know this."
Tyrin Marius "I would put no stock in a propaganda mentioned by Heretics. This is from my father, the late Tyrin Marius VI. He had a few books for personal reading. ...He began to investigate the birth of Glabados, when the Heretics took him." True, indeed. His questions are what ended in his invitation to the inner circle. When he declined, he was -- removed. It would be a terrible waste if the valuable bloodline were to be erased, when the last was too nosy as well. "They said Ser Louis was a monster who slew her father. These are crimes which she stands accused. And then spoke of the Zodiac beginning to 'move'. ...What purpose was there, in letting me live? To slander Ser Louis? Or this warning of 'Zodiacs'. I cannot make sense of it...!"
Tyrin Marius Somewhat absently, the book is also placed before the Bishop; memoirs of a worker for the Church when it was first founded, alluding of some greater reason than the faith of Ajora. Rather low on the 'treasonous banned' list, but it has that word in it -- Zodiacs.
Faruja Senra Faruja Senra openly sighs, shaking her head, looking almost grieved as she stares at the book. "May faram rest his soul, and forgive him his sins." Prays the Bishop, even as she peruses the book. "Surely you know the story of the Zodiac Stones, my Child? How Saint Ajora and his disciples battled the great demon using their holy power? Allow me to be frank, this book is nothing but lies. A fabrication of our earliest enemies. Ever have the faithful been persecuted for our faith by those who would undo us! Certainly your dear Father would not expect you to take to heart anything within. No, what the Heretic no doubt meant is to cast doubt upon the holiness of our very greatest artefacts, spoke of in that ancient tale of Ajora's works. While it could be true, that such Faram-touched objects may well exist in these strange times, they hardly 'move'. They are but stones, powerful, blessed, but it is the hand of Ajora's chosen and Faram himself that moves them." A self-assured nod. "In other words, they fed you chocobo bollocks. She deflected her crimes. And /worse/, my boy. She tried to poison your very soul."

Smile. "She believes what she said. That is why. She wanted to weaken your faith, because she truly believes we are wrong. And do you know why? Why we spend so much effort in hunting one band of miscreants? Let me tell you. Ramza Beoulve is a Fell being indeed. He is possessed of a Lucavi-touched charisma. His very presence, his silver tongue, his convinces good men and women that we are /wrong/. He uses devilry, a vile, invisible poison that corrupts the very souls and hearts of those he speaks to. He sends them astray. And makes them true believers of his fell gosphel."

Shaking her head piteously, she peers into Tyrin's eyes. "But, my boy...I can help you. Help you stay safe from the evil. Do you want that? To be protected from that poisonous, entralling aura of the Heretic, and his fell magicks?"

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