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(2013-07-07 - 2013-07-09)
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Malicia Manhattan bore a striking similarity to St. Canard in so many ways. The hustle and bustle of a metropolis that never slept, the towers that rose high into the clouds, and of course the seedy criminal underbelly that could be found in the darkest corners and alleyways.

Malicia felt right at home.

Well, some exceptions being the large human populace. The villainous duck had since learned that strutting through these human-driven worlds had a tendency to draw undesired attention that was none-too-flattering.

Of course, she probably still looked fairly suspicious with the large hood she wore that covered her face, her sharp golden eyes peering out from her shadowed visage. It was nearing dusk now, and she hoped the cover of darkness would aid in her incognito mission.

Malicia had a bone to pick with the inhabitants of this world. It was through Negaduck she had discovered the names of her opponents back in Archades: A 'David Xanatos' and members of what was known as 'The Twilight Detective Agency'. How fortunate that both parties resided nearby each other. This was a perfect opportunity to gather intel and learn more about her would-be enemies.

Except... Malicia's sense of direction was hopeless. She was lost. So, very, very lost. Grumbling to herself, she circled the streets and found herself coming back to the same area.

Hmm, this may take awhile.
Zeke Zeke was not lost. In fact he was so not lost he had no idea where in this infernal city where he was! It all started with his crew helping to haul a few things in to help the good folk of Manhatten get by. Sure manhauling was a pain in the rump but it was the only way he knew to get things betwix worlds. Ah well done is done and while most of his crew was content with whatever persuets took thier fancy Zeke himself took to wandering the streets. He had a nose for Strange and seeing the duckette making laps was definately odd.

"Pardon." He touched slow match to pipe and doffed his hat to the sorceress. "Wee bit turned around?"
Deelel Deelel has found this world to be a strange mirror of her home. The huge buildings the vehicles everywhere were a thing she was used to but it was a world of day, not of night. She was from a world that had no sun after all. It was also broken, dirty and flawed from her kind's world view. Yet? She'd come to find it home, she'd fought for it as hard as she'd fought for the the The Grid that existed under the noses of almost all the natives here. She'd been busy helping TRON fix up the arcade and get is operational again.

New games had to be brought in to replace no longer functioning units. Also they squeezed in a few new ones to just give a wider selection of games for people to play. It was a function, a purpose, it was something most of her kind even very flexible person like herself might need. Even more so for TRON who was a security program. Either way she's in a good mood more or less however as she steps out of the arcade she looks a bit strange even for the humans here. While her clothing does seem a bit junky give or take it's form fitting there are no seems on it that one cold see and she's got a chakram like disc attached to a mount made into the back of her top.

She looks over the avian humanoid for a moment she doesn't seem bothered by he from the looks of the sorceress. She strides from the arcade's entrance towards he and as she closes? It would be easy to make out some part of her clothes are emitting a pale blue light in the same pattern as a circuitry and her exposed arm has the same but it appears to be some sort of glowing tattoo from the looks of it.

"Greetings you look lost. Can I help you?"

Also her voice there's an odd digital warble to it. Zeke should know whom it is pretty quickly the ever strange artist who never quite fit into this world.
Malicia Malicia seemed to be glancing back and forth between the two of them, contemplating how to approach this situation. She could reveal herself as an ally of the Shadow Lords and demand their cooperation. But fear tactics only went so far, and considering that both were already more than willing to help her (/polite/ people in a city? Unheard of!) she opted to conceal her identity and motivations.

"Yes, I suppose I could use some assistance." She smiled wryly at both. "I'm looking for The Twilight Detective Agency. I have..." She racked her brain momentarily. "...A mystery that needs solving."

Yeah, okay. Smooth Mal.
Zeke Zeke quirked an eyebrow and motioned to Deelel. "I suppose the lady do be better aid than I there lass." He grinned before blowing a smoke ring into the air. "This is a strange place to mine eyes but business takes me where business will."

Then he turned to Deelel and grinned. "Tis been a time miss. How have ye been?"
Deelel The fear tactics has never worked well on the basic. So perhaps it's best she plays this way, Deelel is perhaps indeed very polite from the sounds of her as she looks her over for a moment. She knows the TDA, she's fought along side them when she could and considers them allies if not friends by this point. Also she knows Mercade's got to pay the bills after all.

"Oh I know them. Though a mystery is rather vague? Just what sort of mystery?"

Deelel's about to say more as she looks over to Zeke for a moment.

"Busy, Captain. Very busy, work, artwork, the Arcade, heartless hunting. You know how that goes."
Malicia "Oh! Well..."

Malicia hadn't thought that far ahead. It also didn't occur to her there was a slight possibility these two could be potential allies. They certainly carried that air of morality that she saw in many protagonists -- Deelel moreso than Zeke.

"I've been seeing some shadow creatures." She finally improvised. "Many of them. All over the place. And massive winged robot creatures as well." She was of course, referring to Xanatos' metal Gargoyle army. "Also strange bouncy things falling from the sky. And locals disappearing." She nodded.

"Multiple mysteries, really."
Zeke Zeke gave a nod to the Basic. "Aye lass. Keep swimin else yer head slips under. Much the same on my end. Help m'folks keep their store stocked, church business, pirates." He rolled his eyes at Malicia's evasiveness. "Ye be fishin with small bits of detail and thin on actual impotant thing such as when how and whatnot." Zeke's tone was polite as he addressed Malicia. "I would like t'help lass especially if heartless be involved, but I canna sign me crew up on a whim and a big fish story."
Deelel Deelel says "Heartless, they are basically a virus a cancer that consumes everything in their path. If you can't combat them it's best to avoid them if at all possible. As for that? I got no idea, hum those I heard about them I think I got a few anyway they might have more information. I been up to my neck in things, as I said."

"You are kept quite busy on things. Zeke? You might want to look into the Gummi block thing in transverse town. It's sounding pretty big and well something about space ships. Well Mercade's job is to look into things so it might work better with that."
Malicia For a moment, Malicia just stared blankly at Zeke. Then slowly her bill curled into a displeased sneer as her innocent facade began to melt away. "I'm saving the important information for the detectives, not some stranger who doesn't realize Talk Like a Pirate Day is over."

She never was very good at maintaining a 'good guy' visage.

Her attention on Deelel again. "Do you know the detectives of the agency?"
Zeke Zeke snorted dismissivly at the duck lady's plumage showing. "Lass. A wee bit more respect if you please. I do no make threats idle, but y'make few friends with that sort o talk." There was a slight edge in his voice. The quackling Lady Witch of FLame might notice just how bulging his greatcoat was with gun shaped objects. Zeke still smiled friendly, but given he was armed for Bear (or shark?)

"I would offer to be an escourt if you would like. This is a strance sity and those metal beasts you speak of do nothing for my peace of mind."
Deelel Deelel smirks at Malicia for a moment then seems a bit put off.

"Unuh, not been around long. He speaks normally for the world he's from."

There's something a bit odd, being /Goosehonk. Does not mean one is evil but the reaction does get Deelel a bit put off perhaps at the moment. She's not sure what to think she looks at Malicia and replies.

"I do know them. I work with them some times, sides it's unwise to be rude."
Malicia Malicia frowns. "I have a bit of a temper, so sue me. That doesn't make me a /bad/ person now does it?"

No, but looting innocent families and stealing their sentimental trinkets does.

"I just want to make sure this agency is reputable, you know? My business is rather... personal, and I like to be careful who I share it with. I've only heard of this agency by word of mouth, and I want to make sure they're trustworthy."

By this point in the conversation her hood had fallen back enough to reveal that she was, in fact, a talking duck. She was so incensed in covering up any suspicion however, that she didn't notice.
Zeke Zeke shrugged at the big talking duck. "Miss please do calm yerself. I can vouch for their descretion and their record of service." Zeke raised his hands in a 'simmer down' gesture as he headtilted at the duck lady. "And no. No temper makes ye good or bad. It does make ye as dangerous as a loose canon rolling 'bout in a storm though. Ye be in worlds that are not yer own. A calm an' clear mind is needed t'try takin in where ye be an make the best of it."
Deelel Deelel says "No a temper does not, it can get you into trouble. Just in my experience rushing off bullheaded has nearly got me killed before."

It may have been bullheaded but there was no choice. It was fight or give her world to LEXUS and be spared or fight him. This is about the spot where she fell thinking this was the point where she'd die. It's funny, really but she snaps out of it. Why is she thinking about that now? She's got other things to worry about.

"Yes as for Mercade?"

She then gives the address of the TDA's Manhattan office. Hey she's got no idea right? She'll likely learn soon enough and may have the business end of a light disc for Malicia, but today is not that day.
Malicia It was a good thing Zeke's narrative description of 'big talking duck' wasn't heard, or they'd both be witnessing a true tantrum of epic proportions. As it was, however, Mal seemed to calm herself somewhat and gracefully accepted the address with a fanged grin.

"Well, it fortunately isn't far from here I see. Good, good..." There was something almost maniacal in her expression now, but that glint of evil quickly vanished as she smiled thinly at the two. "Thank you, your help is much appreciated."
Zeke Zeke looked at the fangs somewhat thoughtfully then shrugged. "While in town I do suggest trying some of the local food. Prices seem to be a bit steep, but this is supposedly the birth place of pizza in this world. Brick oven fired baked goods." There was a sentemental grin. "Reminds me of mum's cooking in some ways." And his stomach chose that moment to start grumbling. Granted he wanted a nice fresh Duck but saying such in present company would be.... in exceedingly poor taste.

"So you say your arcade is doing well miss Deelel?" change of subject time!
Deelel Deelel nods. "Glad to help and send some friends some work."

She has no idea, though given Deelels connections to the TDA means she's likely as meddlesome as any of Mercades' crew is. Perhaps even more so someday given her solo antics over the last six months.

"The food is ... interesting if different from my home honestly. It's getting near being ready to formally open again and it's not mine. I'm just helping Alan with it, get a room out of it so it works out."

"As for the TDA they should be able to help you out. They know their stuff pretty well and are the only outfit of their kind operating in the world at large rather than focusing on one single world."
Malicia "I'll take that under consideration." Well, she DID enjoy pizza. And Hollow Bastion wasn't exactly a four-star restaurant. It had been awhile since she'd had a good meal. She decided that before she went spying on the Agency, she would definitely grab a bite to eat.

Sparing the Deelel and Zeke one final glance, she waved and sauntered off, her tail flicking mischievously behind her.
Zeke Zeke waved at the duckling before looking over to Deelel. "Gummi huh?" Curious voice that. "Sonds like something I should make time to look into."
Deelel Deelel says "Go to the space port in Traverse town. Look for Chip and Dale. They should help set you up with the basics."

The program gives Malicia a wave before she leaves. Once more she turns back to her friend.

"You should come once we're fully open for business you might have some fun. Just bring a lot of quarters!"
Zeke Zeke snortlaughed. "Aye lass i might. If only because y've asked nicely." He dofed his cap to the Basic. "Take care. Be a shame t'swing by and ye be gone." With that he was gone unto the nighttime bustle and noise of New York.
Deelel Deelel watches her friend heads off and smiles a little bit.

"See you later Captain."

With that she pulls out a light rod and a light cycle forms about her. With a whine the machine takes off as Deelel heads about her business. The basic had much work to do and someone to find.

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