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Archadian Meeting Of The Month
(2013-07-07 - Now)
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There has been many things going on in Archades as of late. A suspecious corporation picking the worse times to make deals. Massive find of the very blood of their industry; Magicite. Lord Larsa still missing and no clue where he has gone. Children being abducted by some crazed monster which the report on that has yet to fully make it to his desk. The list kind of goes on really with only those being a few of the things.

So within one of the Airships the Judges and Judge Magisters have been asked to gather. It was time to go over some things, including answer some questions such as why Alma was classified source and what was up with her. Since-- that also seems to be a large query of many.

However already in the room sitting at the round table was Judge Magister Gabranth. With his arms crossed over his chest and several folders in front of him. Now you think with Archades being able to store data on magical data pads, that the Judge Magister may keep such information on these. However, Gabranth is old fashion. It made it easy to also destroy material when needed.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath has been busy with matters of his own seperate from the ones plaguing Archades from without. After Alexandria's attack on Archades, the First and Twelfth Fleets were left in shambles with the First worst off, leaving Judge Magister Ghis and the Eighth Fleet to maintain air superiority at home and abroad while the Judge of Reason has handled the restructuring of the two fleets into one.

It has been rather grim work. The condition of the First Fleet necessitated it to be merged into the Twelfth Fleet, and that is proving to be the easy part. Morale-lowering casualty reports numbering in the tens of hundreds has been far harder, and measures to undo the damage done has been tedious. Replacements are being recruited and trained, ships either in the midst of repairs or scrapped for salvage, and not even the Alexander has been fully restored yet.

But it seems the imminent meeting has pulled Judge Magister Zargabaath out from whatever hole he'd disappeared into. He walks into the room in full armor and helmeted, almost marching in truth, and just offers a nod to Judge Magister Gabranth before taking his seat at the Judge of Ambition's right. He himself is carrying a datapad, but probably so he can continue his own work throughout the discussion.
Cirra Constantine The doors swoosh open and the silver haired Judge of Wrath steps in and comes to an archadian salute, "Your Honors." then comes to rest. "Pardon me if I'm tardy."

"My home is still waterlogged." She must have found other acomandations since she's not looking like she slept in the barracks.
Riku Box Riku enters in a simple blue long sleeved shirt and black pants, the rest of his outfit and the armor he usually wears conspiciously missing as he looks around.

He looks around, not taking a seat yet but putting his hands on the back of one.

He smells faintly of baked goods and frosting as he rubs the back of his neck, hair completely sodden even though it hadn't been raining.

"Your honors." he says with a straight face.
Cirra Constantine Cirra turns to look at Riku, then with teh measured gait of a battleship cannon back to the Judge MAgisters.

"Aparently mine is not the only one."
Gabranth gives a nod to Zargabaath as he goes to join him at his right. Then looks up as Cirra steps in Gabranth gives her a nod and waits for her to come at rest and to finish before he speaks up to her. "Judge Constantine. I am glad you could join us. Please have a seat."

Then Riku comes in and Gabranth does raise a brow which is hidden by the helm. Just what has the boy been up to now? The Judge of Ambition also gives him a nod. "You as well Judge Riku, have a seat."

"Neither of you are late and more correctly, both on time. We will be covering over some matters here shortly and getting everyone up to date." The Judge of Ambition then opens a few of the folders before shuffling through some of the papers.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath inclines his helm to both Judges in his own greeting and motions towards the nearby seats as if to silently confirm Gabranth's words. He doesn't add anything further, seeming more focused on the datapad in his hands with a pen-like stylus making notations and marks on the surface.

If anyone peeks over his shoulder, it is a list of ships from both striken Fleets and their individual statuses, both of the state of the ships themselves and of the crews manning them.
Riku Box Riku's gaze slowly drifts to Zargabaath where it holds there for about thirty seconds before slowly looking down at the table.

He doesn't sit just yet, glancing over at Cirra then at Gabranth before looking back down at the surface of the table with a perfectly neutral expression.
Gabranth waits for everyone to get seated before he even starts. Your not sitting. He isn't going to start. Plain and simple. Though he does get all his paper work lined up. Yay. Papers.
Riku Box Riku remains standing until he is the last standing and then pulls his chair out and sits down quietly. He folds his hands on the table. Yay. Papers.
Cirra Constantine Cirra moves to sit down and puts a datapad infront of herself, carefully squared to be directly infront of her. "Then I'm eager for us to start. When you're ready of course."
The Judge of Ambition then gives a nod gently before he then pulls one of the papers forward to go over. "First off all, I thank you for all coming tonight. We will be covering of several different matters including I will be getting you all caught up with things that have come to my attention. Including explanations to some factors."

Gabranth seems to pause a bit as he stares down at the paper, his eyes narrow behind the helm. " As some of you may know, Lord Larsa is still missing. Alexandria has not stated anything about him nor has any other who may have captured him. We do not know of his current location or if he is even still with us."

He lets that sink in a bit.

"We need to find a trail that will lead us to his where abouts. Dead or not." He takes in a breath. "So finding any information on where Larsa is, is one of the top priorities, beyond repairing Upper Archades."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath taps the tabletop thoughtfully. "Her Honor Drace took one of my remaining Valfarre's once she had sufficiently recovered and initiated a search of her own. I have not heard from her since," a low chuckle, "but I would suspect she is keeping communication to a minimal until she either finds a trail or finds Lord Larsa herself. Whichever happens to come first, I suppose."

He tucks the datapad into a pouch. "The 12th Fleet is still undergoing repairs, however. I wish I had better news on that front." His voice rumbles lowly, an undercurrent of deeper negative emotions beneath his usual stoic facade. "As it is, progress is being made... but I can give no timetable as to when the Fleet will be able to return to the skies."

He cants his helm to the two Judges, the air around him professional but not stiffly so. "For that reason, I fear I have fallen out of current matters. I do realize you shall update us all, Your Honor," he nods to Gabranth briefly, "but I would like to hear of current matters from Riku and Cirra." He makes a motion towards Riku's damp hair as if feigning a ruffle. "That is, if no-one minds humoring me."
Riku Box Riku stays quiet and abstracted, almost not paying any attention and subvocally muttering things as he looks over to one side distractedly.

This ends when Judge Magister Zargabaath begins to speak and he blinks, turning in the chair and raising his eyebrows. He ticks back the clock in his mind. He tries to wind it back to the last time that he spoke with the judge magister while smiling slightly at the feigned ruffle.

"Of course." his eyes brighten just a shade. "I have a couple of reports to give tonight, your honor." he takes something out of his pocket, laying it in front of him. It's a silvery block of an unknown material. It looks vaguely gelatinous and smells faintly of something like fruit.

"One concerning disappearances in the Giza Plains and the material that showed up there over the past few weeks." He then takes a phone out of his pocket along with a written report. "..A report on an unofficial investigation of the ruins of Feige Abramson's laboratory and the results."

He pauses. "And I'm still tracking the source of the kidnappings. I have a partial report from the little I've put together. There is also a report related to the Giza Plains incident on Heartless force concentrations. It's.. alarming, and possibly a threat to the city because of the previous assaults and the kidnappings."
Cirra Constantine Cirra waits for Riku's reports to finish and then folds her hands infront of herself. "Upper Archades is in an uproar. The nobels continue to demand comforts that we cannot return in this state of affairs. Like I mentioned earlier, there are portions of the city that are flooded. The engineering corps is attempting to errect a sea wall around those parts of the city, but most of their equipment is not suited for prolonged underwater work."

"That said, some nobels have attempted to move to lower archades, but this is causing problems with crime and domestic violences. The culture clash between uper and lower Archades is so extreme that they cannot mesh anymore."
Gabranth gives a nod to Zargabaath and then turns his attention to Riku as he goes over some things, including laying out not only an odd object, but also reports on a lab, the phone, and other things. He takes the report and the phone with greater interest and glances over what he can.

"Giza Plains is no longer near Archades when we fell to this world. If there is a problem there, it is nearly out of our hands." The Judge Magister admits. "However I would like to know more about that." He motions to the odd object.

Gabranth glances over to Cirra as she explains about the nobles and such. "Mm. Yes. The issues with equipment should be handled soon enough. If the nobles as further on it, let them know in a few weeks time we should have proper equipment to handle such a thing." Cause yay. Massive Magicite find.

Gabranth actually waits to explain how, as he allows Riku to continue on with the object he found as Gabranth continues to browse over the written report and photos.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath's shoulders shudder for a moment upon the conclusion of Cirra's report. From the way he needlessly readjusts his helm, he's probably trying to keep from visibly and/or audibly laughing.

He can relate, to a point. His own residence has temporarily (pending perminately) moved into Lower Archades, but he certainly isn't subject to the troubles described despite his own station. But those poor nobles, forced to mingle with the 'downtrodden' and -GASP- actually do something for themselves! And those too stubborn to leave having the nerve to complain of their newfound waterfront property is just--

No. Bad Zargabaath. Professionalism must override personal amusement at a given situation.

"I can try to secure a small area for the nobles who have returned to Lower Archades," he adds diplomatically. There's no lingering snicker hiding in his voice, honest! "I have personal experience with Lower Archadian politics and they may see reason easily enough, provided the nobility calm themselves in these difficult times."

He leans back into his chair and rests his hands flat on the tabletop in front of himself, his shielded gaze seeming to focus more on Riku's report and the strange items. He resists the urge to poke the gelatinous cube, or whatever it may be. His helm cants towards Riku, curious and calmly expectant but not pressing.
Riku Box Riku only chokes on a snicker once while listening to Zargabaath talk. Honest, he is totally straight face. Totally.

"The rest of my report on the material is what I got when I took it to a synthesis shop in Traverse Town. It's apparantly a building material that adheres to itself and it changes depending on what kind of block is used in combination with others"

He then briefly outlines the Shining Maze incident, where a space anomaly dumped them into an alternate space. After defeating a large heartless concentration, Sora unlocked a large door behind which was a heartless of dimensions previously unimagined.

"I don't know why these titans haven't been put to use already. Maybe something is still shielding the worlds from their assault. But it is something to still be very.. wary of, all things considered."

He then moves on to the Feige Laboratory incident. He looks for a viewer, messing with the controls for a bit and uploading the pictures from his phone. "During the course of the investigation.. certain.. things came to the forfront. Including the space being used by a Doctor Alberic Lux to experiment on humanoids and with magical forces similar to but corrupted from light magic."

The pictures are of a charnal house of science. Stacked bodies. Destroyed experiments. They spill the occupants lack of humanity out into the projected field. "We should, at the very least, proceed with caution in dealings with this man and those he works for. Because.. well.." He doesn't realize he's been gritting his teeth until the headache almost spears his skull. Riku forces his jaw to relax and blinks slowly.

"Because people who will do this in the pursuit of their work are.. pretty likely to do even worse things."
Gabranth listens to Riku report further, he then hands over the Material over to Zargabaath to also review at his own whim as well. "I see." He then rests his hands on his own paper work. Waiting to see if there is anything further to be added.

Keeping his own judgment to himself, because some things have already stacked in this direction.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath listens very carefully, watching everything from the strange gummy (Gummi?) material all the way to the pictures of the Feige Lab. The only sign of any initial reaction is restricted to a low rumbling "Agreed."

He pauses for a moment, considering something behind his helm, before asking Riku directly, "Do you happen to know who this dear Doctor works for, Riku?" Might as well see where the rabbithole goes, or so otherworldly sayings state.
Riku Box "Doctor Alberic is one of Feige Abramson's associates. There is a recording in Alma Hyral's report that ties him to her and the Murasame Corporation."

He almost says 'Insane Industries' but catches himself before it is said. "The same group that offered us medical equipment and supplies."
Judge Magister Gabranth nods his head softly as he continues to listen and then speaks up once Riku finishes. "And that brings now into another subject of mine." Gabranth moves some papers around. "Alma herself sent me a report regarding the same matter as Riku. Souji Murasame has inquired upon why we have placed Alma under our protection and it is because of the inquiring why I noted her down as classified. These reports further proof as to why such an action may have been a good idea."

Gabranth then starts to unfold a letter as he continues to talk. "Souji Murasame also sent me a letter regarding that you, Riku, and Alma apparently indeed did some questionable activity and he would hate for our relationship to be hindered, unaware that the two of you had already given me a brief advance warning of the outcome." He pauses, "..though I do suggest more caution when going under such missions so you can not be lead back to Archades. But cover up next time, hm?"

He then places the letter out for all to read.

'It is my hope that this letter finds you well, Judge Magister. You should have, by now, received the first shipments of medical supplies that we have agreed on. I hope to hear that they meet with your approval.

However, along with the wishes for the well-being of you and your land, I do with to prevail upon you a polite request. Miss Alma Hyral has been noted as forcing her way into Murasame-held corporate assets. I have thus far held my hand in recognition of the friendship between us, but I ask that since you have placed the woman under the protection of House Solidor, that you please remind her that her actions can carry consequences for others besides herself. It is not my wish to strain our friendship, but if she continues to act against me in such fashion, I will be forced to subdue her and remand her to the care of her benefactors.

I understand that you certainly cannot be expected to take me at only my word, so I have provided photographs of her actions as well. Please, for her sake and our own, I request that she be advised against any further... precipitous actions.

To your health,

Souji Murasame
Murasame Zaibatsu, CEO'

Then lays down the very pictures that came with the letter. Which are several photographs taken from video stills of Alma's antics in Feige's volcano lab. Some of the shots may show a certain Judge Cadet being Riku.

Then Gabranth continues to talk a bit more. "Alma is under our protection not only because of this man and his activities, but because I do not trust his Corporation. The only reason I am allowing them to even be on Archades soil is because we need the medical aid right now. Once the medical aid is no longer required, we are breaking our contract with them."

"As I do not like when people attempt to not only try and make a fool out of me and our nation, but also take advantage of us when we are injured. Believing that we are meer idiots." The Judge Magister then picks up another piece of paper, "So I quote from Alma's sent notice to me regarding the incident after we lost our beloved Emperor... Later I contacted Souji Murasame to see if he actually tried to have me killed, while he denied involvement, he stated he did not care if one of his employees was attempting to murder someone on Archadian soil in the middle of a warzone. I asked him if he understood the implications of attacking someone under the protection of House Solidor. His response was, 'I'm sure they're going to overlook that at the moment considering they just had their city flattened and most of their army destroyed. Oh, and the dead emperor. How is that working out?'." Gabranth pauses at that, laying down that piece of paper.

"Alma is with us for not only her own protection from this man, but because she has a very device which can save Archades in her time of need. It is that device which is the very reason she is under our services and she has also aided us in knowing what type of man we are now dealing with."

Yes his voice may have risen a little during this. He has been really chewing over this for some time now and has been waiting to lay it out all on the table.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath freezes upon hearing Riku state the Doctor's employer. His helm only slowly turns to Gabranth as the Judge of Ambition only further elaborates, the news clanging about his ears as if someone was beating him about the head with a hammer.

He sits deathly still throughout Gabranth's infodump, and it is only after his comrade finishes that his hands slowly clench into fists with an audible creak of leather and metal. "May the Condemner take that /BOY/ to the /Void/!" He abruptly rises from his seat, somehow /not/ slamming his fists onto the table, his leather cape whirling in his wake as he paces along a far wall.

One gauntleted hand flexes at his side as the other rests over the front of his helm, somehow not blocking his view. The air around him isn't angry despite his outburst, but clearly very distressed. His voice even tremors from the sudden onset of stress. "He used me. Used /us/."

He pauses briefly to focus specifically on Gabranth. "A few months ago, as you know, Murasame contacted the Council and requested my expertise concerning the Scions. I met with him, gave all information he would take willingly, and even /gave/ him the location of Mt. Bur-Omistace should he wish to pursue the matter further!"

He shakes his helm from side to side slowly, but it is a jerky motion as if the neck-seam needed oiling. "And now I hear that... that..." The immediate words are lost in rushed spluttering, thoughts rushing too quickly to his tongue to voice, but he motions back towards the table sharply as he forces eloquence out of incoherancy, "all /this/! Connects back to /him/?!"
The Judge Magister watches as Zargabaath gets up and starts to pace, including bring up research into religious studies. Which Gabranth admits, he doesn't know much about nor care. However it seems rather important and something the Judge of Ambition files away.

Once Zargabaath calms down, Gabranth nods his head slowly. "Yes. Since the attack from Alexandria and the death Gramis Solidor, many things have linked right back to this very corporation. I wish I could have come out with such information in advance, but I needed further evidence to prove that Souji Murasame could have been allied with Alexandria.. or even worse.. aided in staging the attack. However, though none of this evidence points to this, it does point to the fact that he is willing to do whatever it takes to gain what he wants."

"This also means at some point he could turn on Archades at any juncture and possibly make our citizens part of whatever experiment his company is planning." Gabranth then closes that folder up, before placing it on the side for anyone to re-glance over if they need. "Though I sadly can not utterly prove his connection to the murder of Gramis Solidor.. though I wish I could and in some ways I could hold his corporation accountable for the deaths of hundreds by the fact one of his employees had their drone here trying to blend in while attempting to assassinate Alma."

Gabranth though does a hand wobble, knowing however that such claims would be hard press, because hey have no cold evidence.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath pulls himself to a stop to listen to Gabranth's response. It does little to calm him, but it does give him enough time to actually /breathe/.

"No..." He shakes his helm slowly as he visibly deflates, but at least it is a fluid motion this time. "No, that is a step too far at this juncture." He retakes his seat, albeit heavily, and taps the folder with a fingertip. "This, however, is evidence enough for heavy suspicion against him and his company. The additional fact that he waited to open official trade with Archades until after the attack--despite requesting information on religious beliefs, and thus already having sufficient influence to do so beforehand--is circumstantial in and of itself... but interesting timing all the same."

He leans back in his chair with a long exhale, his helm tilting back as if showing throat. "I need to return to the skies, Gabranth. All of this conspiratorial talk is making me paranoid, and I have neither ship nor fleet to substantiate any of it."
Riku Box Riku has retained an almost perfectly calm expression through this. He looks straight into the table and closes his eyes tightly as if trying to fend something off. He puts a hand to his head as Zargabaath and then Gabranth continues, rubbing one temple, teeth grit as he sucks in a sharp and painful breath.

When he opens his eyes again he puts the mirrored shades to one side, blue eyes looking from one Judge Magister to the other. "Yes. We don't have the most solid evidence but there are extremely disturbing implications. So.. it's something to think about, anyways." He looks at Zargabaath and smiles slightly. "..Maybe we should make an escape plan, your honor?" he asks, putting his hands on the table with one gloved hand around his wrist that he tightens.

"Perhaps something involving a ladder?"
"Well concerning your return to the skies, Your honor. After all I do bare some /good/ news after such a problem." The Judge of Ambition then pulls out another folder and opens it up. It is a map of the Dalamscian sands right outside of Rabanstre. There is an area that has been circled.

"This very location was explored by Riku, Alma, and I... along with some other adventurers. Lord Vayne and Doctor Cid are aware of our discovery, but it is now safe for me to bring it fully up." The Judge Magister then leans back in his chair at last. "Within this under ground cave, Alma was hoping to find a World Shard, what she found is even of greater importance to us. At this very location is a massive underground mine of Magicitie underwater."

Gabranth lets that sink in for a moment. "We should have enough Magicite within that mine not only for the dear Doctor to continue his Nethicite experimentation but to also repower much of our needed equipment."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath cants his helm towards Riku, silent for a few long moments as if seriously considering the idea. "..." He chuckles warmly yet wearily. "A ladder, wings, and an engine of some import."

He turns his attention back over to Gabranth and pulls the new folder towards himself, staring carefully at the map. "Though this would help drastically in repowering the fleet and, indeed, restoring Archades as a whole, there is still the matter of repairing glass and metal. Even the Alexander is still without her bridge."

He pushes the folder back over to Gabranth. "But I am not a greedy man--just old and stir-crazy. I still need time yet to train the newly-assigned and deal with our noble problem in Lower Archades." Somehow, his voice maintains a proverbial straight face.
Riku Box Riku looks back at Gabranth and looks at the new stuff presented.

He doesn't say anything about the newly-assigned although he is faintly anger tick cross. It is not so much that he is afraid of the graduation exam but that he wishes it were simply already over with so it would stop preying on his mind.

He had enough doing that.

"Well. I guess all of this just boils down to time. The Alexandrians haven't sent word or rumor or ransom. So.. " he shakes his head.

"The whole assault still confuses me a little. It's a lot of resources for a very precise strike and.. they just left. They stopped, they were not repelled. Why did they stop?"

Riku shakes his head. "And who were they really.."
Gabranth gives a faint nod to Riku. "I have been wondering similar things myself, however there is very little information to run off of what Alexandria could have wanted or why they didn't continue their assault. A part of me would love to say that is because Souji's corporation and them have some type of agreement."

"Another part wants to say that it is perhaps them testing the waters and seeing what we will do if they pushed." The Judge Magister taps his fingers on the table for a moment. "Though one would expect then a follow up strike, instead of utter silence."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath taps his fingertips on the tabletop thoughtfully. "If memory serves correctly--word of Emperor Solidor's death broke first, then I had the fleets shoot down an enemy individual in airspace who retreated after retaliating accordingly... then the attack ceased."

He glances between the two. "The more optimistic idea is that they dare not try again after facing the wrath of three fleets at once. But logically, I think Gabranth is correct--testing our worth, our strength, and perhaps watching how we handle the aftermath to see if we weaken."
Riku Box "Which is why tracking down the kidnapper and rescuing those children is my priority right now." Riku smiles in a very dire way.

" Taking care of Lord Ombra will calm down the nobles as well as send a message to the Shadow Lords that being opportunistic isn't always going to always tilt in their favor. Neverland isn't all that far away from the estimations of the new maps. There's also a local I can ask to get passage there."
Gabranth gives a nod to Zargabaath and then looks to Riku. "Very well, Judge Riku. I will continue to let you handle the issue with the missing children and I will inform Lord Vayne that one of our Judges is handling the matter personally." He pauses in thought. "Along with hopefully maybe see if there is a long between these kidnaps and Lord Larsa missing."

Judge Magister Gabranth then stands up. "Is there anything else anyone would like to cover?"
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath shakes his helm. "Only that I will deal with matters in Lower Archades before it escalates any further. I would appreciate assistance," he nods over to the quiet Judge Constantine, "if it is available at the time."

He also rises from the table, pulling at his gauntlets in almost habitual fashion. "But beyond that, I believe it is business as usual on my behalf."
Riku Box Riku looks like he is almost physically biting down on something in favor of being calm and professional. It looks rather painful for a moment, like biting down into a lemon.

He shakes his head. "No, your honor. That's all I have right now." he gets up from the table. "It was nice to see you, your honor" he says to Judge Magister Zargabaath.

"I see you've been getting more of the run around than usual."
Gabranth notices Riku biting down. He takes a deep inhale before he looks directly at Riku. His eyes narrow for a moment in thought before he speaks. "Judge Riku, you are free to speak you mind if you so wish. If there is something you wish to say right now, say it."
Riku Box "No, your honor." Riku says with a straight face.

"It deals with the deposition of woodchucks and lumber resources, and is not pertinent to this discussion." he places his hands very carefully on the back of the chair. "May I be excused?"
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath inclines his head to Riku briefly. "Same to you, Riku," he replies with a low chuckle.

At the exchange between Riku and Gabranth, he simply rises from his chair and folds his arms over his chestplate. His stance, though, is quite relaxed. "I see no reason to keep you, but it is His Honor Gabranth's call."
Gabranth stares at Riku for a moment before he gives a faint nod. "Very well then. You and Judge Constantine are dismissed. Thank you again for attending this meeting." Gabranth then stands up straight once more before glancing over to Zargabaath in the corner of his vision.
Riku Box "Thank you." Riku bows slightly, says something into his linkpearl and then leaves.

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