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(2013-07-07 - 2013-07-07)
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Shiki Misaki Lazy sunday!

As mentioned before, Shiki's life has recently been 'training' and 'sewing', pretty much. She's seriously gotten into this whole business of improving her fighting abilities ever since she went to Daguerreo. But this is a sunday, and it's going to be about neither of those things! Instead it's going to be about sitting around the house reading a book.

Shiki didn't find much luck on the internet, but she did manage to borrow a book from Traverse Town. Unfortunately, since she had very little idea what she was doing, it is unfortunately in Al Bhed.

So she's just looking at the pictures.
Riku Riku makes his way up the path towards the Shard Seeker compound, mirror shades over his eyes as he makes his way through the desert marketplace.

He shrugs the satchel back over his shoulder and calls out. "Hello!" before entering. He looks around, peering into rooms. "Anyone here?"
Shiki Misaki "Ohhhh!"

Shiki happily snaps the book shut- and pushes it to one side- so she can concentrate. "Hi, Riku!"

She waves, even though he's right there, then pushes herself off the table to stand up. "How're you doing today?"

It's interesting, perhaps, that she doesn't react with the flabbergasted surprise again. Shiki is apparently the sort of girl who gets used to things very quickly. "You want a drink or anything?"
Riku "Just some water, maybe?" Riku asks politely as he waves, spotting her at the table. He leans against the doorframe and looks towards the table.

"Doing some light reading?" he smiles very slightly. "I'm doing okay, Shiki. Thank you. How have you been?"
Shiki Misaki "Well, funnily enough, that's pretty much what we've got," Shiki replies, pouring some out from a jug. She hands it over, and flips the book open, revealing the jumble of words inside. "You could say that."

Cheer up, Shiki. It could have been worse- you could have gotten a book written in Marabic.

"Things have been pretty interesting around here, actually. I've been training with a weapon, going on adventures to distant lands..."
Riku "Studying ancient languages?" Riku offers as he walks over to look at the book, leaning over look at the words upside down before taking his glass to the table and sitting down. "Oh." he hefts the satchel off his shoulder and digs around in it, pulling out several books. "I brought you some books. I thought.. they might help you with the costume you were working on. " he puts them on the table.

"So where have you been adventuring? Was it with Reize and the others, or just yourself?"
Shiki Misaki "Stupefied by... foreign languages," Shiki replies. "I've heard the primer to understand /this/ language is 26 volumes long."

Her face lights up as she sees that Riku's brought her a present. She happily takes them and flips through- yesss, they /are/ in a language she can understand. She flips idly through them to see what's what, before closing them and putting them on top of the other ones.

"Actually, I haven't seen all that much of Reize recently. I think our sleep schedules are different, that or he's going further afield more often. A couple months back I was going all over the place... I found a world shard, even. Uh, lemme think... it was me and Lenn and Lily and Leida and Deelel who went to Daguerreo. Oh, and Evja, too."
Riku Riku looks vaguely troubled by that and then it clears from his face. "Sounds like Old kingdom Archadian. Everything.." he gestures around at the quiet complex. "It seems.. somewhat different now than it used to be." he chuckles faintly, taking a small drink of the water in front of him. He turns the water around in the glass.

"But then.. I guess nothing stays the same. People change. That's a pretty big accomplishment, finding a world shard. What did my friend end up unlocking this time? What kind of place was it?"
Shiki Misaki Shiki shrugs. "Yeah, it does suck a bit. I'd like a little more personal time with him... y'know... but he's big on the wanderlust recently. I'll be back home waiting for him, right? Oh, god, I sound like such a wife."

She looks at the ceiling, embarrassed for a moment, as Riku swirls his water.

"The Shard Seekers have gotten bigger," she admits, "Since last year. There are people around that I don't know the names of right away. I don't mind it, but with people coming and going you don't get the chance to know them as well, I guess?"

As for the world shard... "It was just a small shard, but it had a lot of people calling it home. An 'enchanted Tiki Room'... full of Tiki gods and singing birds... singing plants... singing masks... /so much singing/..."
Riku Riku listens and nods. "It looks like Reize got what he wanted after all. The shard seekers is officially a guild." The does not say this as entirely a compliment. He laughs very softly, pushing his shades up into his hair as he leans back in the chair.

"That's a lot of singing." he takes another drink from the glass. "..I'm glad you got to be a part of that. Not every shard that gets restored is really a happy one. Some thing.. should just remain buried I guess."
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki makes an 'ehheeehhhh' sort of sound. "The more the merrier, right?" Handwobble. "No, I guess you're right, though. We never really thought about that when we set out, I guess."

"Oh well."

She raises an eyebrow a little. "I don't begrudge them it. Singing seems to be a big thing for a lot of people. I helped out when someone had a musical number in WildKat the other day... /no/ idea what it was about, but I handed them some bananas."

"Something on your mind?" she asks, noticing Riku seems a little troubled by something.
Riku Riku looks at the glass. "It's not really any of my business." he says softly. "But I saw Reize at the beginning, and." he chuckles, smiling at the table.

"And he never thought out anything. He's just like Sora that way. He even half-way sold me on this whole.. " he shrugs and waves a hand. "..idea of his that he had in his head. The Shard Seekers was just a side effect of that. He saw.. better people in everyone. Even when they didn't want to look." he shakes his head.

"I think he drew people to him because they wanted to see those better versions too." Riku snorts, taking another drink. "It's a piss poor way to run an adventuring guild, on heart and hope and the willingness to do.. anything to stick together." he looks around at the complex and then back at Shiki.

"I know it's none of my business. But.. I kind of wonder where that's all gone."
Shiki Misaki Shiki tilts her head.

"I think," she says slowly, rolling her fingertips on the cover of one of the books for a moment before replying.

"It's not entirely... well, it's not like Reize always has to be the guy right at the front of everything, right? I mean, we're usually following him so that we can pick him up when he slams face-first into someone's boobs, but."

"We've managed to get by... once he helped us get together, we've been able to do things without him, I guess? I wouldn't have met Lenn or Lily without him, but we're best friends now. Reize gave a lot of us a push- now we're rolling by ourselves. Y'know?"
Riku Riku looks at Shiki and then nods. "Right." he slowly stands up and pushes in the chair behind him, leaving the glass on the table. "More than managed, it looks like." he smiles very slightly and puts the shades back over his face.

"I hope those books will be able to help. " he gestures to the door. "I.. should go." he pauses and looks around. He never really belonged here, but he looks slightly sad for a moment before he turns to smile at Shiki.

"I've got practice, my own training is finishing up pretty soon. We both.. well. We do the best that we can, yeah?" he raises a hand in farewell, looking awkward and a little tired, shoulders drooping slightly.

"..Take care, Shiki."
Shiki Misaki Shiki makes a confused noise.

"You sure do like to come and go quickly, Riku. You sure you don't want to stick around? You could see if anyone else is hanging around... use the hot springs..."

"I missed having you around. I'm sure the others did too. Why don't you stay a while?"
Riku "You missed me?" Riku blinks and turns to face Shiki, looking at her curiously and with obvious chagrin.

"Um. Shiki.. we didn't exactly.. part on the best terms." he chuckles faintly. "And I think I've had about enough of the hot springs, or in fact any bath house or pool in Fluourgis after seeing Ivo pull.." he shakes his head.

"Nevermind. I.. I just understand. How can you miss a stranger?"
Shiki Misaki Shiki has been trying to avoid the elephant in the room, but... it seems as if it's inevitably flapped its ears. Her voice, which was previously its typical cheerful tone, gets ... quieter, more sedate.

"...I don't care. We had some good times together, didn't we? I-I didn't... I don't like it when people just disappear on me, and-"

"You're my friend, Riku, not a stranger. I wanted to spend more time with you."

"And I don't think you'd need to worry about Ivo in the hot springs anyway!" Oh, if only she knew. Cheerful voice again. "Just throw a washtub at him."
Riku Riku stares at Shiki for a long time, tilting his head very slightly to one side as he considers her. The silence becomes very awkward before he breaks it. "..maybe all you needed was a push after all."

He then waves a hand in dismissal. "The illustrious co-leader will be as he will be. And he'll get his.. eventually." he moves back over to the table and sits down. "Did Reize ever tell you the story about when we ran into an entire pack of cactaur? " Riku looks at one of the books idly.

"I might not be great at sewing, but maybe I could help you with that articulation work. At least at the design part."
Shiki Misaki Shiki smiles!

"He didn't! I usually only see them one at a time..."

She grabs some of her notes she's written on paper, spreading them out onto the table to show Riku what she's got so far. "The customer really wanted the arms and legs to be at an angle, but they can't rotate freely like that... the material doesn't stretch... I'm not used to working with this kind of fabric!"

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