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(2013-07-06 - 2013-07-14)
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Rapunzel The wind kicks up, a strong breeze whistling down through the jagged mountain peaks that brings the harsh chill of fresh snow into the city of ninja. Leaves and scattered flower blossoms churn in the gusts, spinning wide circles that kiss the ground and kick up puffs of dust underfoot on the stony paved roads. The sun has already vanished below the crest of the tops of the tall cliffs but it's golden hue still stains the sky with an assorted array of reds and golds.

At the edge of one of the broad streams that wind labyrinth-like among the beautiful painted red buildings a young woman stands before a small wooden easel. Rapunzel attacks the canvas before her with a generous amount of vigor, a slender wooden horse-hair paintbrush whisking back and forth in her nimble fingers.

A depiction of the landscape arrayed before her sits half finished on the canvas. The elegant curved architecture of the Oriental buildings are portrayed in a somewhat simplistic and stylized fashion though it's obvious that she has a great deal of skill. The towering pagoda in particular seems to have been given a great deal of detail, it's multi-storied roof rising up into a sky of red and gold.

Beyond the color of her skin being rather pale as compared to the typical Wutai residents and as well as her manner of dress sticking out rather plainly amid the togas, kimonos, and ninja-soldiers, the thing that truly makes her draw the eye is the incredible mass of golden hair that trails behind her. Stretching out almost seventy feet, Rapunzel's hair creates a yellow line that starts somewhere among the heavy forest that surrounds the outer edges of the city, weaving around towering columns and down the small flights of stairs that connect the various tiers of the land together.

Pausing for a moment to examine her work, the young girl steps back, instinctively avoiding tripping over the thick tangle of hair at her feet. She stands oddly, her bare feet pointed inward in a pigeon-toed fashion, but it doesn't seem to cause her any difficulty maintaining her balance as she tilts her head back and forth, holding her thumb up to measure proportion.

On her shoulder, Pascal mimics every motion she makes, his little green claw jutting upwards and one eye squinting as if he were participating as well. He gives an approving nod after a moment and Rapunzel grins.

"Hmm. I think I'm going to need a little more blue... right... here!"
Faruja Senra Faruja Senra, now recovering from his wounds during the attack on the Palamecian installation, has been shuffled off to lighter work; gathering information regarding the Wutaians. With such general unrest, the small heartless-using nation has been distinctly quiet, and everything the young Templar's learned so far has reinforced that thought. Dressed in traditional clothing for the area this outing, he's at least drawing far less eyes than last time. Being a non-human in Wutai is guaranteed to draw them no matter what. At least like this he can pass as some traveling merchant.

For now, the rat walks along, claws tapping on the paved stone as he gazes at the gorgeaous rivers, architecture, and general aesthetics of Wutai. It's a beautiful land, hiding the rot with glittering gold. As he passes, it's the aisle and distinctly non-Wutaian dress that first gets Faruja's attention. Like any good Burmecian, he appreciates art, even if he's not the greatest love of paintings. He'll stick to more active forms of artistry, like dancing. Drawing closer, he rubs his chin, inspecting the artwork.

"Hail, M'Lady! Quite the landscape, hmm? And if I may say so, a most whimsical rendition of the very same." Walking forward to get to polite speaking distance, he very nearly trips over hair. Glancing down, his eye goes wide.

"...Dear Faram." Mutters the rat, unable to stop his outburst at the piles of hair. Manners failing him, he quite simply /stares/ for several moments. Remembering himself, he feigns a cough, looking up at the young lady who owns such expansive locks.
Rapunzel Two pairs of wide eyes turn to greet the Templar in disguise as he announces his presence; Rapunzel's bright and inquisitive emerald greens and Pascal's oddly expressive crimson reds.

The girl gives the nezumi a beaming smile at the compliment that is mixed with a curious stare at his demi-human appearance. He's not the first such person she's come across but the presence of such people is still something very new to her. Her scaley companion's look is much more skeptical, Pascal's caution balancing out her eager optimism.

"Thanks! The sun setting over the mountains was just so pretty I /had/ to paint it. I've never been in a place like this before so it's really exciting to see!"

Ever the upbeat and charismatic sort, Rapunzel warms swiftly to everyone. She almost doesn't notice Faruja's blatant staring but she catches the direction his gaze comes from as he looks up to meet her own. As if just now noticing that her incredible tresses are strewn out hazardously across the street, she gives an apologetic wince and quickly bends down to reel it all in. Even coiled neatly into a circular pattern around her feet the blonde locks take up a sizable bit of realestate.

"Sorry about that," Rapunzel says. "Sometimes I lose track of where it gets to."
Faruja Senra It takes a moment, but Faruja finally notices Rapunzel's little companion. He smiles at the little scaley chameleon, even giving it a flick of his tail. Hi there little guy! Really, the rat can't help but like animals.

Curious stares Faruja can handle, combined with the girl's beaming smile and simple look of an innocent girl has the rat easily disarmed, smiling in the vaguely warm manner of a polite stranger. "Ahh, but 'tis quite true! Such beautiful oranges, and fiery reds as they reflect off yonder stream's water! Majestic, truly! With so many worlds wrought together, 'tis a lifetime full of beautiful places."

"No, no, quite alright. thee in need of assistance mayhap? Ermm..." He trails off, already stooping to try to pick up some of that hair, pondering how to phrase his question without being rude.

"Faruja Senra, of Burmecia, M'Lady. Well met! At the risk of rudeness...may I ask why thy hair is left quite so...well, 'tis quite elegant and well cared for, but it seems a touch impractical if I may be so bold."
Rapunzel The girl continues to smile, both at the compliments and Faruja's oddly poetic manner of speech. It reminds her of the way Flynn introduced himself before she found out what a goofball he really is. Pascal quirks an eyebrow at the rat, not one to be so easily swayed, and shifts his tone to match the purple of Rapunzel's dress, effectively becoming a part of it even down the intricate embroidery.

"Oh, I can get it really..."

Well, he's already helping so she's not going to get upset about it. Together they get the entire length hauled in and laid out around her in only a few moments. Faruja will find that the hair is not weightless, despite the ease with with the girl seems to move about. When the inevitable question arises, Rapunzel just humors him with a smirk.

"Well, sort of, I guess. But um... I like it this way! It has all sorts of uses like... if I need to tie something up or want to open a window across the room or..." The girl trails off looking thoughtful and glances down at her chameleon companion, her expression clearly asking for help but Pascal just shrugs. "Um... oh! It makes a really handy ladder, too."
Faruja Senra Faruja tilts an ear as the little lizard perks a brow, wondering if there's more to the tiny thing than meets the eye! He quickly fades in with the dress, the male dismissing him for the moment in favor of helping poor Rapunzel. A light 'oomph' of effort comes from the Burmecian as he assists, finding it far less light tha anticipated. It earns her a surprised smile. "My, my, my, how...unique. You must be stronger than appearance would suggest to cart /this/ about. Ahh, pardon my saying so." Cue a disarming smile, while trying to not appear awkward!

A hand comes to his chin, a sudden cartoony image of that tail picking him up and flailing him about like some kind of horrid monster playing through his mind. Two ears fold. Cough! Certainly not!

"Truly, I had not thought of such! 'Tis like a tail, only with far greater reach." Tail-flick. "A ladder..'twould hurt, would it not?" Pause. The rat steps back to take in both painting and painter. "What be thy name, and that of thy curious companion, M'Lady? Come thee to Wutai for pleasure?" Topic change go!
Rapunzel Rapunzel is quick to jump on the topic change bandwagon when it rolls past. She brightens up immediately and scoops the little lizard from his perch on her shoulder, holding him out in the palm of her hands.

"Oh! My name is Rapunzel and this here is Pascal."

Pascal retains his half-lidded stare towards Faruja even as he is thrust towards the Templar. The chameleon shifts back to his natural green and holds up a tiny three-toed claw in an unenthusiastic greeting.

"He takes some time to warm up to new people."

Rapunzel draws her hands back and allows her companion to hop up onto her head, settling into a high vantage point in her hair. She spins around with her arms outstretched as if to encompass the scenery around her in a sweeping hug.

"We came out here to see the world! I've... well, I've been living under a rock for most of my life, you could say. But I finally decided to get out and explore. Unfortunately, I got seperated from my guide and I'm kind of completely lost. But that's okay, I have lots of time to wander around and see places like this, places I never could have even dreamed about."
Faruja Senra Faruja withholds the urge to pet the lizard, somehow imagining he might get bit for such an uncouth action! Instead, he offers a low, sweeping bow. "Lady Rapunzel, Ser Pascal, 'tis an honor indeed." Grin! The rat straightens, shaking his head. "Quite alright, caution is a wise thing in these dark times!"

Wince. Living under a rock? The rat shoots Rapunzel a look of sympathy. For someone so wide-traveled, that's saddening. "Mmm. Do be careful, hmm? All is not well within these lands, picturesque or nay. A painted wall may yet hide deep cracks. A guide I most certainly would recommend, or mayhap a bodyguard. The heartless are an ever-present danger." His voice quiets some. "Particularly here."

Smile! "Take thy time. Enjoy the beauty of the world. Merely...remember its dangers, hmm?"
Rapunzel Pascal doesn't bite, as chameleons only have very small teeth meant to help pull their prey into their mouth. He is, however, able to give a good solid whack with his whip-like tail. Faruja's prudence saves him from suffering either fate.

Rapunzel giggles at the titles. "I'm not a noble. And don't worry, I have - this!"

The girl reaches to her belt and unhooks a large cast-iron frying pan. She smiles smugly and twirls the cooking utensil on her finger by the small hole at the end of its handle.

"Doesn't look like much but it's saved me on more than one occasion."
Faruja Senra Faruja looks at the pan. At first, he's a touch skeptical. A /frying pan/ as a weapon. He sifts through his words, before speaking. "They say 'tis not the weapon, but the wielder..." The knight leans in, inspecting the 'weapon', before sighing. Reaching into his clothes, he pulls out a good, solid knife. It's offered over handle-first.

"Take this. 'Tis always wise to have a backup. Light, easy to wield, and useful for other things. Now, if you will excuse me Lady Rapunzel, duty calls." Another bow!

Before he walks away, he offers a beaming smile. "And if I may suggest, visit the city of Mullonde. A most beautiful city indeed. Seek Sister Julia, she would be happy to give thee a most wonderful tour! Lord bless!" Then, he's off!

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