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Starfall: The Conveyance
(2013-07-05 - 2013-07-05)
A mysterious being comes to Traverst Town to help give the forces of restoration guidance on how to solve a very large problem.
The Narrator There are wonderful and terrible things within and without the worlds. Recent events have caused a number of people to find an array of small, interesting blocks. They have come to be called Star Fragments, for how they fell into the worlds like a series of shooting stars. They are strange, and exhibit a great number of unusual effects. Some of the more knowledgable and perceptive of the people in the worlds have been working to discover the true nature of these fragments, and create interesting devices using them.

Word, however, goes out that a being has arrived in Traverse Town, here to bring word of a terrible threat to the worlds. He says the magic word: Heartless.

The being calls themselves the STAR SAGE (with capital letters) and has apparently come to Traverse Town in order to help bring word of how these fragments can be used to help stop the Heartless threat.

The plaza has a new construction, accordingly. It appeared overnight, a large stall near the Montressor Spaceport that seems to have a massive number of these fragments hanging from inside it. Within is a voluminous robed figure wearing a pointy hat. The cowl is dark, giving only the impression of a face and two /glowing eyes/. This is super mysterious.

The being waits for people to arrive in response to his call. The more perceptive can hear snatches of conversation, as if the STAR SAGE is muttering to himself.
Marche Radiuju The original intentions of making it into Traverse Town was in search of people knowledgeable about the Heartless and the keyblades. That is why Marche made his venture from the far away coast after getting captured by Ritz. It was thankfully by Will and Myla's information that led Marche into the town.

This place that is forever day and night is here. The word has gotten out withe Heartless. It captured his attention when rumors of an individual mentions of the rumor that threatens HIS world.

So, the boy finally roamed around to the city to find out about this being who may have an idea on how to destroy the threat with the fragments. Carrying that book underneath his arm, Marche is running around until he finally scans around.

"Where is he? I heard that he was around here."

But those whispers catch his attention, causing him to stop in his tracks. His eyes creen over towards the robed figure, "...Huh?" He looks over at the figure, "...Are you the STAR SAGE that people have talked about?"
Caran Steel The 0[STAR SAGE]. Caran can almost hear the keyword brackets as the term is whispered amongst the people in town. Therefore, he's got to go check it out! The man in red makes his way through the crowd just as Marche is already starting the conversation. So... he walks up behind and a little to the right of Marche, watching the Star Sage curious to hear his reply. There will probably be important exposition, after all!
Will Sherman Next to the guy with the robe, a smaller figure without the glowing eyes, but a familar hat sits there.

"No, but I am the HOBO SAGE." He answers Marche, in a gravely voice. "I am here to teach you the ways of the Hobo, my young student." He says, already having claimed Marche as his retainer.

Will Sherman pokes his head out of the Robes. "I can be a king and a Sage right?" he asks the STAR SAGE.
Caran Steel Caran just gives Will a really confused look. That's not what he was expecting at all.
Marche Radiuju Marche stares at the HOBO SAGE for various moments, blinking, "Wh--Will?!" He steps back, clearly surprised. And then he looks at the STAR SAGE. A sweatdrop forms as a bead behind is head and he sighs, "Will..." He laughs sheepishly.
Avira Oh? Heartless? How unusual, tell me more.

Even after two days of recovery, Avira's still not in the best of conditions but based on the way she carries herself, it is nigh impossible to tell this. She doesn't limp, she doesn't move slowly, she continues what at least looks at her normal pace. Her choice of clothing today is a lot more casual and covers more skin than usual. Definitely not something someone running out on an adventure would wear. Her weapon's still on her though. That never leaves. NEVER. She might bathe with it and sleep with it under her pillow.

She's heard the rumors. Avira has been pretty curious about these multicolored blocks that have been dropping on the Giza plains. With her hands hooked onto the empty belt loops of her jeans, she wanders into this new little building.

"Will, you can't claim the /entire/ Hobo royal court. Leave some positions for the rest of the hobos."
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina is curious about this star sage. She has, as such, elected to drop on by. Unfortunately, she first notices the Hobo Sage.

She raises her head, and then lowers it--fixing her eyes on Will Sherman.

"WEre you here at the start... or did you come by later?" She glances over to AVira. "Oi--Avira? Got a second?
Deidra Deidra has heard of horrors that lurked outside she had not seen them in person. Still she'd become aware of the strange Star Fragments. It had proven quite the strange thing to study and she'd been hard at work upon said research, still after events unrelated to her research? She found herself back in town once more. She'd heard of the strange new place that had appeared in town and she was quite curious about what was here.

Thusly, the gargoyle was seeking out the source of the new rumours and what might be here however Will's joke makes her laugh.

"Perhaps another time, I tried the hobo thing for a while it. Did not agree with me very well."

She looks to the Star Sage for a moment curious about what had occurred.
The Narrator The STAR SAGE looks down Marche, nodding slowly. "I am indeed the STAR SAGE, powerful wizard of the stars themselves, who has come to help you in your /time of need/." The voice is booming, but kind of... high-pitched? Some mystical noises emanate around him, adding to his powerful wizard cred.

The STAR SAGE does nod to Will, slowly and solemnly. "Yes. You CAN INDEED be a King and a Sage! But you should not be greedy, young one. That way leads to darkness! Or perhaps you'll just put on weight. But mostly DARKNESS!"

There is a small 'bonk' noise from somewhere nearby, and the STAR SAGE pauses for a moment, muttering to himself ponderously once again, before the arms rise, dramatically, as gloved hands emerge from the sleeves. "I bring you DIRE NEWS of a threat to the worlds! Some of you have seen them! Great Heartless, larger than any you have seen before! But do not lose hope, for we bring you knowledge, the /greatest weapon/ to defeat them!"

Did someone order a large ham?
Will Sherman "...Yeah, we uh..." Will the Hobo Sage says, "We saw them. We then immediately relocked the door and will NEVER talk of that again." Will nods once. "This is basically science." He says.

...Wait. "Wait we can actually beat that Giant Heartless? How?" Will looks supiciously at the Star Sage...something is up here, sages are NOT this ham filled...

Or else everything he learned from Isaac was /wrong/.
Avira "Sarafina, hey." Avira gives the former knight of Baron a casual wave. "Sure, what's up?"

Now normally Avira would dismiss this guy's ranting as...well, ranting. However, she was there when they opened that dimension to the GIANT heartless. The incomprehensible Cthulhu-sized Heartless. She doesn't encourage him to continue since Will pretty much did that for her.
Caran Steel Then the 0[STAR SAGE] gets the script back on track, and Caran looks a bit more comfortable, listening attentively. "Giant Heartless? So what do we need to defeat them? And is this the only way, or does it just make things easier?"
Marche Radiuju The former leader of Clan Nutsy looks over the wizard, then he steps back as he adjusts in the time of need. "..STAR SAGE, we need your help." He lowers his head, "...My world needs your help. Our Ivalice is getting destroyed by the Heartless, bit by bit." He rubs the shoulder, "... The Law is doing what they can, but they are slowly losing the battle. ... I don't know what to do." This is why Ezel's course of action may seem like the best bet. However, this course of action has drawn so much conflict between him and his friends.

However, the mention of the dire threat causes Marche's eyes to widen, "That thing?!" He takes a step back, tensing, "...H--how are we supposed to beat it?! That thing is huge! Like the Hobo King said, it was locked away so that we did not have to let that thing out!" He pauses, "...But that won't hold it back long, will it?"
Sarafina Carenze "Was thinking about maybe, you know--signing on with VALKYRI. We're both pretty busy so I thought I'd just ask you now while we've run into each other."

She looks towards the Star Sage. She frowns faintly, there's something strange about this one. She scratches at her head, her wings twisting back. Great Heartless, ecetera, ecetera, don't lose hope, has a TON of those shards.

"How do you know about all that?" She asks. "And who are you?"

She glances back to Will, nodding faintly to his question. "From what I've heard, that was one seriously huge Heartless."
Avira "Ohhh. Yeah, sure, as long as you can get along with the other members. Have you heard of our three guidelines? The whole, travel, fighting, and friendship thing?" Though she had to wonder about that third one at the moment because Avira could name two members that currently didn't get along. So far it hadn't become a big problem out in the open which is that sort of disharmonious thing that Avira is /really/ worried about.

Walking over to Sarafina, Avira unlocks the screen to her Ma Belle and scrolls through a long list of numbers before stopping on one of them, named, quite succintly, VALK.

"That's our frequency." she notes, "If you want to sign in and listen to us chatter."
Deidra Deidra looks to the STAR SAGE for a moment, she wonders about the booming voice he does kinda seem to like well? To be dramatic. It doesn't matte too much to her they seem to be helping however. She listens o the warning he brings.

"I have heard of such Star Sage."

This guy yes is totally into the dramatic she's certain of that now oh she's so darn certain now..

She pauses for a moment and looks at Will she looks back to the sage and has the same thought was Isaac wrong?

She doesn't know for sure but well others are making their pleas for help. Was Isaac wrong? Perhaps he'd be happy to be wrong about this, right?

"Yes how could we beat that thing?"

Marshe also brings up a good point.
The Narrator "The /world/ has been connected! The Barrier is broooken!" The Sage says, waving his arms again. "You are the only hope, heroes of light! If you just-" There is another bonk, and the STAR SAGE lurches a little to one side. The muttering becomes more audible. It's almost like he's... arguing with himself. In two voices?

"Stop being so overdramatic, knucklehead!"

"But they love this stuff! You know that!"

"Have you ever seen Merlin act like that?"

"Well, there was that one time-"


The STAR SAGE jerks, stading up again as it suddenly says, "Uh, oh, um, YES! Heroes! Using the mystical power of these fallen stars, you can defeat the great Heartless who roam the darkness! You can assemble these pieces into mighty weapons! And I, the STAR SAAAAGE, can show you how! But first, you must accomplish a /mighty quest/!"
Marche Radiuju A frown is given, "...That's right." Marche remembers, "The barrier is broken." He lowers his head, "That's how the Heartless are able to plague Ivalice." He clutches onto the book a bit tighter, then he lifts his head up with both eyes widen.

Then, he blinks with a sweatdrop at the argument, "Uhhh..."


"Are you ok--" And he jerks. He looks at Avira and the others, "...Is everyone out here like this?" But then, he faces he STAR SAGE again, "What is this quest?"
Will Sherman Will stares at the Star Sage.

He just stares.

...Litterally, stares.

With his eyes. You know the ones. He seems to play along though, because this is kinda funny. "Wait, we already did a lot of quests already, and that is a large heartless ready to eat us maybe we can skil the formality this time?"
Sarafina Carenze "Don't see why I wouldn't be able to." Sarafina says. "But afraid I haven't heard of the guidelines." She has to admit that much. "Inform me of these guidelines, and I will inform you of whether or not I can follow them." She is stiff, at first, but then cracks a smile. "I don't anticipate any trouble." She walks over, glances at the screen, then nods faintly to ler her know she's gotten it.

She slowly glances back over to the Star Sage.

"...Hrn... ... and what is this quest?"

She sounds prety skeptical.
Avira "It's pretty easy, really." Avira holds up a finger, then a second, and a third as she counts off the VALKYRI guidelines. "You got to be able to defend yourself. You got to be willing to travel. And you got to be friendly with the other members. Teamwork is the weaponized form of friendship and all."

That being said, she turns over to the STAR SAGE again and frowns. "No they're not." she tells Marche, "For one, most of us don't talk to ourselves. Unles..."

Avira slowly edges closer, trying to peer into the STAR SAGE's cowl.
Deidra Deidra is pausing at the Sage for a moment, whatever is going on though? They do want to help but she's trying to not burst out laughing at them. Still things are serious all things considered.

"I have studied the star fragments have, interesting properties. Still what sort of quest are you speaking of?"

Her tail flicks about a little bit as she listens to Avira points and she's staring to peer at the sage as well. What do we have here?
The Narrator The STAR SAGE's cowl is voluminous. And mostly empty. "DO NOT STARE INTO THE DARKNESS OF THE STAR SAGE'S COWL!" It ponderficates ponderously.

People are interested in the quest! The STAR SAGE seems to be happy about this. "I know the road has been LONG AND HARD for you heroes, but /all must progress in the proper order/!" The STAR SAGE pronounces.

With his hands raises, he begins to intone. "FIRST, you must collect many of the fruits of the walnut tree!

0[] Collect 14,287 Walnuts

"Next, you have to travel to the sandy land of Fluorgis and defeat a terrifying creature which plagues it!"

0[] Defeat The Horrible Nom-Nom Beast Of Fluorgis

"Third, you must travel to the depths of the ocean of, uh... Snarfblat, and acquire the sacred artifact at the deepest point!"

0[] Retrieve The Staff Of Totally Awesome Power

"And then you must..."

0[] Rescue The-

KLONK BOP KLONK! The STAR SAGE suddenly shifts, wobbling back and forth violently as he shakes. The robe suddenly falls away, revealing...

A pair of anthropomorphic chipmunks, wrestling on a small platform with a number of gadgets attatched to it on a basic skeletal frame. The GLOWING EYES were nothing more than lights! They tussle a bit, and then they pause, looking up at the assembled in surprise.

One of them, with a red nose, leaps to a victriola-looking voice horn and says while wrestling with some levers, "Uhhh... PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE CHIPMUNKS UNDER THE ROBE!"

0<0=================================> 0- <3 - <=================================0>


0<0=================================> 0- <3 - <=================================0>

The other, a black-nosed chipmunk, bops him on the head. "Enough of this silly plan, Dale! They see what's going on!"

Dale shakes his head, little stars rotating around his head. "Aw, Chip, why do you gotta ruin the fun?" He sighs, while Dale hops down onto the counter before the group. "Hey guys! We're Chip and Dale. We've been sent here to help you guys with the big Heartless out in Gummispace." He pauses. "And we're going to do it by helping you guys turn these things into spaceships to go out there and blow them up. Everyone like that?"
Marche Radiuju Marche looks back at Avira with a bit of skepticism, but he decides to go with it. "Got it--huh?" He watches her brave off to see underneath the cowl. Of course, that ends when the STAR SAGE rebukes her.

A sweatdrop comes to mind as the STAR SAGE give out so many quests. "...This is going to be one long Clan mission, isn't it?" He frowns, no longer having Clan Nutsy by his side. He can only hope Montblanc and the others are doing well.

And of course, the argument occurs once more. The robe falls away and two chipmunks are wrestling. Marche stares incredelously. "...You know, it's almost like moogles, but smaller." And the two are within his sights.

The two introduce themselves, so it's customary for Marche to do the same, "I'm Marche, I'm--uhh... " Former leader of Clan Nutsy, Heretic, Hunted. "...Just trying to find a way to save Icalice. But, if we can turn these gummis into spaceships, maybe we can defeat the Heartless after all!"
Sarafina Carenze "You know, I heard that phrase a lot lately." Sarafina says. "Don't anticipate any trouble with that third one, but if it turns out I can't, I'll be professional-like. The ones I've met I've liked just fine, though." She rubs the back of her neck sheepishly, and then glances towards Marche. Or at least, that was the plan. On her way there, suddenly: Chipmunks.

Sarafina is so nonplussed she might very well be subtracted.

"No, let's skip the busywork and focus on what's important." She says, staring, and crossing her arms.
Avira Avira gets up reaaaaaally close to the STAR SAGE because no matter how hard she looks, she can't seem to see anything inside that cowl. It's almost as if there was nothing there! This continues until the sage blares his voice at her at a volume that seems to blow her unbound strands of hair back.

Making a face, Avira steps backwards and lets it continue talking and start handing out really ridiculous quests. "That is an obscene amount of walnuts." Avira mutters.

Nom nom beast? "You have to be kidding me."

Then it all FALLS APART to reveal...talking chipmunks? Okay so at this point talking animals has ceased to be surprising for Avira. But they're-"-a..adorable..." Avira mutters, reddening a little. The effect fades quite promptly. "Wait, you can make spaceships from this stuff? Like actual cold and unforgiving vacuum of space spaceships?" The gears in her head are turning and very slowly, she frowns.
Caran Steel Caran listens eagerly. /mighty quest/? /Lost artifacts/? He knows how this goes, and he's all over it! And then...

The Star Sage is actually chipmunks? That's... that's not how the stories go! But... he can work with that.

"We're going to make spaceships and fight the heartless in /space/?! That's awesome! Tell us how!"
Deidra Deidra stares at the quest that's being handed out. She just kinda of stares at the STAR SAGE for a moment, seriously this was going to be a bit insane. Also chew up a lot of time, however before the gargoyle?s attention is sized at the mention of spaceships and being able to do something about the huge heartless.

"I think this is the part where I say yes, very much yes."

She'd been gathering these things for some time she looks to Marche for a moment as his mention of one long clan mission.

"Deidra by the way and so space ships huh?"

She looks over to Avira for a moment with a grin at Avira though the frown makes her pauses for a moment. She looks at the two chipmunks with a fairly kindly look.

"So just how would this work?"

Ideas start to bounce about the gargoyle?s head. Oh so many ideas for ships.
Will Sherman Will stares at the Chipmonks.

He just stares at them while kneeling over at them...

He then places them both on his hat and stands up so they can be the second highest and important point of the room. "There. So most people can see you two now." He says, and doesn't nod. "Okay said something about the strange star blocks? Oh by the way, they are totally eadable right?"
Chip And Dale "And what's important is getting you guys out into Gummispace." Chip says.

"You could have at least let them get the walnuts first." Dale moans."

"Quiet you! We don't have time for this!" Chip retorts. "Now get the screen set up!"

Dale grumbles, and the STAR SAGE contraption ducks down behind the counter, before a projector screen rises upwards. Part of the counter folds over, revealing a projector, which clicks on, defaulting to a stylized mouse head insignia. "So!" Chip says. "Let's get this moving, shall we?"

"Fine, fine, let's do this." Dale responds, having appeared with a graduation cap and gown, holding a stylus and pointing at the screen as Chip lectures. The picture changes to a ball with a circle around it. "First, we need to explain Gummispace. Gummispace is the space between worlds. The portals and stuff you guys use to travel go through Gummispace, but they're small and limited. they're holes that travel from world to world. Normally, each world is surrounded by a Barrier of Light. This keeps it intact, protected from Heartless, and keeps everything spic and span. However, sometimes this barrier can be opened, usually by Keyblade Wielders, or sometimes even dark powers."

Dale yells from the back, "Sometimes, things even break holes in it!"

Chip shrugs. "Yeah. Like that. The reason why you don't see the really big Heartless is because they can't get through those barriers. And the portals don't go everywhere, like where we're from. So you need to travel through Gummispace."

The slide changes to a picture labeled BASIC GUMMISHIP INFORMATION. There's diagrams and everything. "These star fragments are really called Gummi Blocks. They're tiny bits of the Barriers of Light that break off when a world is opened up. You guys can use these things to connect them together to make a seal."

Dale holds up two blocks and squishes them together. "Connected!" He then pulls them apart. "Disconnected!"

Chip nods. "Yeah, like that. Different blocks do different things. Some give you better control, or more thrust, or act as an engine, or are even weapons.

Dale continues squishing the blocks together and pulling them apart. Chip walks over and grabs one of the blocks, and boings him on the head with it. "Stick with the program!" Dale winces and dives under the counter, getting a big bag.

Chip looks back to the others. "Anyway, some of you probably figured this out already, but you can only enter Gummispace from certain areas. When you're not in those areas, the blocks stay shrunk for easy transportation. we brought with us a bunch of essentials you guys can take so you can get started." Dale staggers under the bag. He is just a chipmunk, after all.

Chip nods. "The spaceport over there is a great place to get started. It faces out onto a good travel route. I know you guys mentioned one of your worlds is under attack from a giant Heartless. That's bad news, but with these ships, you can fight back! Don't give up, guys!"

Dale grins. "Yeah, they're delicious."

Chip groans and facepalms. "Don't eat them! You need them to fight the Heartless!"

"But they're /so good/!"

will puts them on his hat, and Chip takes this opportunity to scamper around the hat and give Dale a good glaring at. "NO EATING!"

Sarafina Carenze By the light, Sarafina thinks.

It's like watching Will and Mercade play off each other. As chipmunks.

Sarafina turns her head so she's not consumed by adorability. She has to focus, just like Dale the chipmunk. Who is a serious chipmunk. Which somehow makes him absolutely cute. No, she thinks, don't let your mind wander. This is engineering talk! This is mega important! Super important!!!

"Oi," She says after a moment. "Can you two explain something for me then. Why is it that in Golmore Jungle, the blocks activated on their own." She pauses. "--That's not 'gummispace' as far as I'm aware."
Marche Radiuju As Dale gets the projector up, Marche watches the start of the movie. The explanation of the gummi ship comes up in.... DEATH BY POWER POINT!

Marche's eyes widen, starting to realize that this is like school again. He grimaces, sighing a bit. "Well, at least there won't be a pop quiz." What gets his attention however, is the Barrier of Light.

"...They may be able to get through our world." He frowns, "...Our Barrier of Light is down." Marche finally sarts to bring in the bad news. "With the size of the whole that is down, that giant Heartless may be able to enter through." However, the hope of the ships does give him some hope. "So, we'll have to have these ship built."
Will Sherman "Most barriers are down, I think...or at least have holes that Heartless come through...but I think yours might actually be really down...the last time I saw that happen was when our world heart was eaten.."

Will pauses at that... "Why would their barrier of light be down?" He asks Chip and Dale.
Deidra Deidra looks at Dale for a moment "I'll buy you a few pounds of them if you like."

She grins a little bit, she figures a bag or two intended for someone human sized should keep Dale happy for a few weeks. Right? She gets back to business at this point and she listens as they speak of Gumiships.

It's quite the interesting lecture for a moment she listens and sh hums as she start to learn more about the barriers and how they function.

Weapons, thrusts and she can totally get with this program. Given how many she' picked up she has quite a few to work with and likely will share with the rest of VALKYRI and the TDA. This was going to have a lot of work go into it. She also wonder what will happen to Will in Gummi Space?

Sarafina brings up the jungle incident and she's pretty curious to know what the heck was causing that. Perhaps the Chip or Dale know?

"Well need a whole fleet."
Chip And Dale Chip is the serious one, Dale is the goofball.

Chip shrugs. "I don't know what brought down the Barrier of Light in your world."

Dale yells, "I bet it was a wizard!"

Chip glares. "It was not a wizard!" He looks back to the others. "Anyway, we'll give you these to start, but we can't supply everyone. You'll need to find the rest or buy them from people on your own. We can help those of you who don't know how to put one together, but really your imagination is the only limit. You don't have to worry about aerodynamics in Gummispace. We can work on getting more for people, but those won't be able to be for free. We're already over budget as it is."

Chip glares at Dale. Dale manages to look /almost/ guilty. Except he's not. At all.

Chip shakes his head and looks back to the others. "Any questions?
Avira Avira has become really, really quiet. It's as if the adorability of the pair no longer has effect on her because It Just Got Real. That or the gears in her head are still turning, thinking about this new opportunity. Thoughtfully, she glances Sarafina's way,who would no doubt be interested in this development.

Though it looks like Chip and Dale's...chumpmunk-ness is trying her patience. Oops.

" this is a fetch quest I do not mind at all." Avira notes once it's revealed that thy're going to have to get more of the blocks via good ol' CAPITALISM.
Marche Radiuju Marche furrows his eyebrows. "...Then we'll have to see Ezel." A faint smile draws on his face. "Will some people be able to accompany me to see Ezel soon? He will have some answers. I can tell him about the gummis as well and we can figure out something." He is hoping that enough people will at least hear Ezel out, despite of the reputation as an outlaw.

But, with the gummi itself, Marche furrows his eyebrows, "I suppose we could start gathering gummis as well." He rubs the back of his head sheepishly, "Unfortunately, if any other Clans have them, I will be unable to do Clan battles since I am no longer the leader of my Clan."
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina raises both eyebrows. Aerodynamics... they don't have to worry about it?

"Well," She says. "I have an excess of some of the gummi block types, and--munny. I can provide those things." ANd she lets out a very, very deep sigh.

"And I suppose I could bring a pack of walnuts or two. Winter's still a fair ways off, however. Is that acceptable?"

She glances to Dale. "Won't accept nibbled on blocks, however."
Chip And Dale "That'll do just fine." Chip replies to Sarafina.

"Oh boy, walnuts!" Dale says. He's fine with this, he can sell the nibbled blocks to someone else. Like Will. Will will totally take them.
Will Sherman Will will TOTALLY take them.

He is a glutton. "Man this is sounding pretty cool. I bet Mercade wants to make something.."
Deidra Deidra looks at Will for a moment and just stares at him. "Will what will happen if you go into Gummi space. Chip and Dale said they would return to their full size in Gummi Space."

She just looks intenttly at Will.

"I'm pretty sure he would."

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