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Encountering Dennou Friend!
(2013-07-05 - 2013-07-05)
While Sanel tends to task at the City of Bells, he comes across an old friend of his that he had not seen since he first awoken.
Sanel Welcome to the City of the Bells.

This vibrant and beautiful area is famous for the Norte Dame cathedral and the elegant architecture. While the city is under the watchful eye of the churches, the city itself is filled with people enjoying the wonderful atmosphere.

It offers a grand view of the church and the sun. This vibrant place is filled with people going about their daily lives. In particular, a vendor is selling his wares at the local bazaar.

One person who is currently exploring the market place is Sanel, who is holding two large pails of water. As the vendor continues to hype up his wares, Sanel passes by.

...Until he trips.


...And the buckets of water splash all over the man and his wares, earning the laughter of the gathered crowd. The vendor, however, doesn't look pleased with the fallen boy.
Emi Dennou As well he probably shouldn't, those wares are his livelihood at the very least and depending on the 'wares' involved, water damage could be a thing. Still, that's not precisely Umi Dennou's problem because Umi Dennou really, really doesn't think that far ahead.

"Hey! Don't laugh just 'cause he fell!" Umi puffs out, having caught the end tail of what happened. She pushes her way through the crowd and offers Sanel a hand up, grinning widely.

"Hey Sanel!" She says cheerfully, "Need a hand up? I'll help you with the buckets--" he's obscenely strong, but this may be a dexterity check too.
Sanel The display angers the vendor, but instead of actually confronting the boy and demanding that he pays back the damages, he grumbles in a huff, wiping the apples and other fruit in question. Sure, it was inconvenient, but water wouldn't damage his wares too bad. Still, a mere annoyance. He puts back that cool face in the sense of 'that meant to happen'.

Meanwhile, for Sanel, the young boy looks up at Umi. "Umi-Yumi!" The boy looks over at the hand and he grasps onto it. While the boy is obscenely strong, he is just easy to pick up as well! And when he does get up, the boy leans forward to wrap his arms around Umi's waist, embracing her(and likely lifting her up at the process). "Sanel missed Umi-Yumi! Sanel has not seen Umi-Yumi in a long time!"
Emi Dennou Umi hefts Sanel up and then spreads her arms wide and then--

"Urk!" Umi says, as she's downright hugged into the air. She recovers quickly, and is probably a bit used to this sort of treatment from Sanel. "Haha--you've gotten stronger!" She nods firmly despite basing this assumption on nothing and in fact Sanel probably is about as strong as before?

"This one apologizes...though haha...not having any method to communicate with you and having to meet with you on a coincidental basis may have something to do with that, The Network hypothesizes." She pauses. "But hey! Missed you too! Whatcha doing all the way out here?"
Sanel As the boy embraces Umi, his head presses against her chest, just keeping his arm around her with a pleased look. The boy is a sucker for affection, overall. But despite of the fact of his desire, he is used to people wanting to be put down after the hug. In accordance with the custom, Sanel leans down to help set Umi down gently.

Brightening his smile, Sanel adds, "Sanel meets strong people sometimes! Strong people and animals always challenge Sanel." He frowns slightly, "Animals always run away after Sanel wins. ...Or when Sanel shows up." He gives a sudden blink, as if remembering something, "One time, Sanel saw a snake slither away as a fast as one of those metal birds in the sky pass by. Only those things aren't birds." He squints, "Sanel doesn't know what they're called."

And when he tilts his head at her, "Sanel... wanders." The boy furrows his eyebrow, as if trying to figure something out. "...Sanel doesn't remember anything. Sanel considered searching, but everytime Sanel does, he becomes sadder and sadder. ...It hurts. Snow Mouse King begged Sanel to no longer search for that. Instead, find new life."


"... Sanel has no life... or purpose. So, Sanel wanders until he finds it."
Emi Dennou Umi can't be carried forever! How is she going to <action movie cliche> if she's always in Sanel's inventory?!

"I think they're called airships. Or maybe planes, depending!" Umi says, checking her ribs to make sure nothing's broken. "Though uh---" She trails off. "...I meant with the pails? I was gonna offer to help! But this seems like a much bigger thing to worry about." She taps her foot thoughtfully. "I know! We can think about this together AND carry pails at the same time!" She picks one up. "Though uh--again, not sure why you were carrying pails of water."

She squints tightly in deep thought before adding, "Well..." She says. "...Don't blame you for being worried, this is some pretty heavy stuff it sounds like. The Network has always had purpose..." She frowns a bit before adding, "But you know--not having purpose is fine too." She smiles again. "Then you can find out all sorts of things without having to worry about your purpose so much."

She looks Sanel over again and adds, "But you do have a life, y'know. I mean we're talking right here. And we're friends! That's plenty of life already. Now if you want more...that's another thing. Life I mean. Life is huuuge, there's always room to get more of it."
Sanel Upon Umi's explanation about the flying mechanical devices in the sky, Sanel's visible eye widens in deep understanding. "Ahhhh!" And then, he looks over towards the pails once more. "Oh, Sanel was helping lady with chores. She wanted to tend to kids! So, Sanel wanted to help her! She seemed nice!" Approaching the pails, Sanel kneels down and he reaches over to grab the pails.

He looks over towards her, tilting his head. "...Umi-Yumi was sad by this purpose, wasn't she?" He approaches closer with the pails, "Sanel needs to get more water to take to lady!" He looks ahead towards the well a bit far off. "Sanel would be glad if he had help!"

He blinks, considering the life. "...A life." He closes his eyes, "...Friends. Plenty of life. Sanel... feels like he had something. It was something that Sanel didn't like. But Sanel wants to do things that he likes!" He holds the pails up, "Like this! Sanel likes this!"
Emi Dennou Umi says, "That seems like a good reason to lift pails." She brings the one she seized up and heads well-wards, glancing back towards Sanel. "Well, far be it for someone like me to doubt the wisdom of the great Snow Mouse King, but--um, well gosh, This one doesn't want you to ever feel pain and it sure sounds like your past is painful, but--" Umi frowns. "Well, you can't run from it forever. This one has to emphatically suggest you confront it one day on your own terms--before the past chooses its terms for you."

She pauses in her well-work to smile back at Sanel, "But you shouldn't let it stop you from having a new life either, especially if you like it. So--you said no purpose huh? Well, there's a lot of ways to go about doing this, but maybe helping others is your purpose."

She jerks a thumb at herself. "That's ours! The Network also solves mysteries and pries into personal matters!" She's so proud.
Sanel "Sanel is happy, it makes the lady happy. So, Sanel is happy when the lady is happy." Once they start moving towards the well, the boy approaches to the rope and he grabs the pail and attaches it up. He turns to face Umi, blinking that single eye. "...Sanel feels like Snow Mouse King remembers Sanel before." The boy is closing his eyes, "...When Sanel met him, Snow Mouse King was beaten with snowballs from kids." He brightens a smile, "Sanel helped him up. However.." He tosses the pail down to the water.

The eye furrows, "Snow Mouse King paniced and did not trust Sanel." And when he hears about running away from it forever, "...Sanel doesn't remember it. Sanel... doesn't want to face it. It feels like... if it comes back, Sanel will be no more."

As he starts pulling the rope up, the water-filled pail is brought up and the boy hands it over to Umi. "Solve mysteries? Pry into personal matters?" The boy beams, "Sanel plays with animals, but all of the animals run from Sanel!"
Emi Dennou That particular phrasing seems unsettling. Umi takes her pail of water, thinking jntently. She is presuming 'Snow Mouse King' is Faruja because, well, yeah. Was Sanel affiliated with the Church somehow?

"Hm... maybe you're like Will, then." Umi says. "He exists because he was a seal for this scary guy, maybe you're a seal for a scary guy. Though he wasn't such a bad guy once you heard his story..." She frowns thoughtfully, not accustomed to it really. "Maybe..."

She trails off. "Oh--" Her eyes widen. "Maybe you want to be a ve--eeahhhh..."

Umi grabs at her head suddenly. "o..okay, Ami, not a vet." She breathes out. "Maybe you want to make felt animal hand puppets??"
Sanel The pail is handed over to Umi, the boy ties the other one and he starts tossing it into the water. The boy allows the pail to sink deep into the well and he waits. He faces the Dennou and he lifts a finger, "Will? Sanel does not now this Will."

"But a seal for the scary guy?" He looks at the girl, "...Sanel will find this Will and find out more!"

However, as Umi throws her suggestion, Sanel perks until she veers off. "Huh?" He blinks a moment, then he squints at her. "Animal hand pupets? Uhh, what's that?" He fishes the pail out, finally getting it into a single hand.

"Follow Sanel! Lady awaits." The boy wanders alongs from the pail, leading Emi along the path. They would find themselves going along the streets, passing through the various shops. The residency district is not too far.

"... Sanel feels like he'll find something if he keeps wandering." For a moment, the color fades from his eye. "But, he feels that if he continues, he'll find a place that he will be at to where he will no longer wander."

He pauses, "...Did Umi-Yumi wander a lot when she had no idea about herself? Or... trying to get away?"
Emi Dennou "Will helped me out a lot. He's homeless! But he's also king of the homeless so I guess that means everywhere that's not a home is his castle." Umi's eyes widen. "Woah! Thinking about it like that, he's got a lot of territory!" Granted most people probably wouldn't see it that way but that's besides the point. "But yeah--puppets! Uhh I can't show you like this, but you put them on your hand and you entertain children with it, The Network summarizes."

"...No idea about myself?" Umi rubs at her forehead. "Well, to be honest, This one always had memories even before being out of her tube. This one had the past memories of the other members of Legion, the ones who died, and the ones who still lived.

"This one knew she was going to be killed. The Network's purpose, at the time, was to be killed. We did not mind this purpose because it was, at least, a purpose. We pitied those that had to live on their own, by themselves, without any comforting presences around them--touching their mind. How could they truly know connection?, The Network wondered smugly." She smiles. "Thanks to people like Will and his friends, we were able to find a new one pretty quickly. It was strange, though, during that period where we did not have a 'job'. But we found something new, all of us did. This one wouldn't say we wandered a lot, but we did do some exploring... We never could properly explore before, after all."
Sanel "King of the Homeless?" That is when Sanel places a hand over towards his chin. Little thought bubbles appear over his head as he imagines a homeless man in drapes and robes with a shiny crown. All of the homeless people kneel before him, bowing before the man. THe boy beams as the thought bubble disappears.

"Sanel will find the Hobo King!"

It's going to be a long search. He almost goes onward to find the Hobo King until...---oh right, the pails! Thankfully, his usually short attention span is halted by the heavy reminder of the pail that he carries.

"Oh, animals are put on his hand and he entertains other children with." The first thing that Sanel is going to do is find an animal to try this out on. This is going to end pretty badly. "... Umi had memories of other Legion?" He furrows his eyebrow, "... Umi-Yumi was going to go byebye...?" That alone makes Sanel sad. However, the story of people like Will helping her, it makes Sanel smile.

"Sanel is happy for Umi-Yumi." By the time that the two make it to the residency, they appear at the yard of a woman who appears to be in her late-twenties dealing with about three children running around. The woman calmly directs them around, and then she turns around to see the boy return and with a stranger.

"Oh!" She looks perplexed, then she offers a smile, "You've come back, Sanel. And I see you brought a friend."

Sanel brighten, "Sanel come back with Sanel's Umi-Yumi!"
Emi Dennou Umi doesn't seem saddened by it but, then again, it hadn't happened. "That's er--I mean like... puppet animals not...not real animals--"

Please don't yell at her anymore Ami she's trying her best, she's trying her best!!

"But that's right! I /was/. But not anymore! well, I mean, not any time soon. Why, probably not for /years/ even. This one might make it to her tenth birthday, if lucky. The big ONE-OH." She frowns a bit. "Though that's not for a while, maybe this one shouldn't be jumping the gun on that one. But the important thing--is that The Network would have been deceased, but that fate was averted. That means every day is 'extra'." She nods to Sanel. "Every day is a blessing, yes? This one fully intends to live each remaining day to the fullest." She smiles. "And who knows? Maybe this one will last to /Two/-Oh. It's a mystery, so since it is a mystery we will enjoy as many days possible. This one admits, though, it will be hard to think about what they could be doing in that many years? Ha ha ha ha ha--who knows?"

She waves a hand at the nice lady, smiling at her. " Sanel....'s?"
Sanel "Umm..." Sanel blinks, "Puppet animals? Not real animals?" He furrows his eyebrows, "Okay! Sanel will find puppet animals to entertain children with~!"

The discussion of age and years come to mind, "Sanel does not get the birthday thing, but Sanel was told that he was fourteen years old." He rubs the back of his head, though, it starts to come clear. "...A celebration of how long one has lived." He seems like he is getting it now. "Some people live a long time. Perhaps living long time is what everyone wants to do."

After handing the pail over to the porch, he moves to get the pail from Umi, "Nnn! Sanel's!" And just to show, the boy idly moves to take the pail from her hand, grateful for her help. However, the boy also leans forward to give Umi a kiss towards the lips. A surprise kiss!!

The kids stop what they are doing, only to turn their heads away. All of them make funny faces at the incoming sight. "Blech!!!"
Emi Dennou "Eh?" Umi says. "Well--This one wouldn't mind living longer but this one wouldn't say it's a dream, again--already way past than I thought, so honestly this one would be happy however much time this one has--"

And then---!!!! Well okay actually The Network is pretty used to getting kissed at this point thanks to the shared collective and in fact they're starting to suspect this is a side effect of their occupation: That of being a detective. Umi wasn't expecting kisses however, so Sanel manages to get a quick one off.

Umi blinks a few times, shocked, but then laughs it off. "Haha, you should save that, Sanel, for someone who is really important to you some day--" She says, recovering.

She suspects it's a Friend Kiss because of Sanel's relative innocent if kind of cuckoo nature.
Sanel Now, Sanel is often the type to take what is his! Or what he claims! Or who he claims(ask Alma). Though, despite of his actions, his intent has always been pretty innocent enough. Perhaps it is because of his cuckoo nature, but the instinctual boy often acts out what he feels.

Nevertheless, once Umi laughs off the kiss, Sanel is tilting his head over at her with a curious look. "Almmy once said the same thing. So, Sanel asked Snow Mouse King. Snow Mouse King mentioned being there when the person needs it and will protect them. If any harm comes to them, Sanel would smash who harms them like a grape."

"So, Sanel considers Umi important as well." The boy furrows his eyebrow, "...Sanel will protect all who are important to him." The boy takes the pail over to the lady. After the children finish gagging, the boy pats them on the head and waves off the lady.

He approaches Umi, "...Sanel is happy here, but Sanel feels like he should wander again. It doesn't feel right for Sanel to remain here."
Emi Dennou Umi says, "Haha, well, This one considers you important too but it's a different kind of important--" She pauses. "Hmm.. how to put this...maybe like, you're like a little brother..?"

Umi's eyes widen. "woah woah woah, who says I need protecting?" She points at Sanel. "No way! /I'm/ gonna protect you!" Umi nods firmly, crossing her arms. "Cause I'm a certified badass, the only kinda protecting I take is two-way! So that's the best deal you're gonna get outta me, Sanel, back to back not hiding behind."

Umi grins. "Deal?" Her focus is there for the moment.
Sanel "Big Sis!" The boy beams. Being referred to as the little brother makes Sanel very happy. In fact, it shows when Sanel is nodding repeatedly.

However, as she points at him, Sanel blinks as she points at him. "Certified... Badass?" It takes a bit of thinking.

She protects him and he protects her. Back to back.

He brightens a smile and he brings her into that bearhug once more. "Deal! Sanel and Umi-Yumi back to back!"
Emi Dennou "Urk!!" Umi gasps out. That terrible, crushing strength! "Hahaha *wheeze* Great we're *cough* agreed then--uhh..." Pause. "we good then?"

She pats Sanel on the head a couple times.

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