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(2013-07-04 - Now)
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Faruja Senra The assassin captured during the assault upon the Cathedral has been treated with all of the usual kindness of the Office of Holy Inquisition: the bulky, balding man has lost several pounds, and has gained many scars, not all of which are physical. There's no need for restraints as he's brought into the interrogation room. Between the hands and devices of the Inquisition, and starvation, he doesn't have the strength to hurt a kitten, much less a Templar. Two guards throw the man into a chair, and roughly bind his hands at the chair, tight enough to cut off the circulation, unnecessary as it is.

Cressida is led in, a robed man carrying an electrified prod leading the way. His red robes mark him as an agent of the Holy Office, and an 'interrogator' at that. "My services are your own, Dame Templar." Comes the weasely voice from beneath them, turning to the assassin, watching like some kind of vulture.
Cressida Cressida follows the red-robed man in, anxious to get some answers from one of the assassin minions. She is not exactly a gentle soul herself, having been tortured herself once before. As far as Cressida is concerned, one must be prepared to deal with the hardships of life in order to become strong. This filthy excuse for a man is no exception.

Cressida nods to the interrogator as she comes to step in front of the assassin. "Much appreciated. Then let us begin." She points a finger at the assassin, finding his weakenned form somehow pathetic and almost laughable.

To think that fearsome visage who threatenned the people of the cathedral and who conspired to murder those of their order - who succeeded in killing at least one of their order - should appear so helpless now..It's somehow ironic, and yet a fitting punishment for his crimes. They could kill him now, and she is surprised they have not executed him already. Clearly they still require information from him.

"You there, what is your name? I have some questions of you.."
Faruja Senra "I...*cough* ain't tellin' you a thing you <GOOSEHONK>ing...ARGHBLAHHHHH!" Whumpf! The interrogator 'accidentally' prods the man, sending him convulsing in the chair. Laughing, the robed man shrugs. "My hand slipped."

After a few more convulsions, and catching his breath, he glares at Cressida. "J...James Fleece. James Fleece! Wh...what do ya want?" Mutters out the man, some of his bluster leaving him thanks to the interrogator. Someone likes their job, judging by how he's twirling the stun baton in one hand rather deftly.

"You're going to tell the nice lady everything she wants to hear. Otherwise? /I/ get to know you oh-so-very-well. Got it?" Grin!

The man nods lightly, looking at Cress as though she's some kind of saviour.
Cressida Cressida's cold eyes darken upon the man, neither berating nor condoning the interrogator when he 'accidently' stuns him with his prod. "James Fleece. Now, James Fleece, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. I really do not care which, however, my associate here, who very much loves his job, would be only too happy to torture you should you refuse to co-operate. Do I make myself clear?"

She pauses only a moment or two to allow the man to respond before continuing on. No need to waste time on introductions or anything of the like and so she does not bother to give her own name in return. "James Fleece, who do you work for? Are you associated with Ramza Beoulve's group? Did you conspire with them to attack the church or did you and your associates act alone?"
Faruja Senra James slowly frowns as he listens to the Templar, occasionally glancing to the interrogator. Finally, he nods. "A...alright! Just don't let him prod me again!" Comes the rather pathetic plea of the wretched assassin, his will for the most part broken.

He shivers, frowning, feet rubbing together. Anyone who looks would be able to see the tattoo of a black falcon on his ankle. "I...I ain't no cronie of that milk-drinking little sop!" The man kicks his foot onto the table. "I'm a Black Falcon! We're the best damn assassins in Fluorgis! And I work for the Boss! Heh heh, lucky for you the Boss ran! Otherwise you'd be dead, little girl!" Proclaims James proudly.
Cressida Cressida shows little emotional response to his taunts, although this black falcon has her interested. She'll leave it up to the interogator whether or not he decides to prod him again.

"If you do not watch your tongue, you will be dead sooner rather than later..However, I am glad that you are co-operating thus far. Now tell me, James, what is the Black Falcon's purpose, do you exist solely to destroy the church, or did someone hire you to take out father Barnabus?"
Faruja Senra The man snorts loudly. "To make money, ya idjit! AUGH!" Cue another thumping by the interrogator. "Go on, keep talking Mister Fleece. Things have been far too boring around here. I'll keep you nice and alive for a long time if you do!" Grin! James winces, after he's done convulsing again.

"No. We kill anybody. The Boss said to act like we had something against the Church. To kill all the priests. That's it! Razor...the boss...he said he'd take care of the old priest! Would've got him too if it weren't for that damn rat!"
Cressida The interrogator stuns him again "I see...Assassins for hire. And your boss. Razor, is it?" she smirks at the strange name. Hmm, surely that is an alias for something but she can bet this guy doesn't know his real name. "So, Razor, did he hire the Black Falcons to murder all the priests? And what of the holy grail? Were you ordered to steal that as well..?"

She narrows her eyes when he speaks of the 'damn rat'. "Mind your tongue, I say! Ser Faruja is a far better man than you could ever be! Now, answer my questions!"
Faruja Senra This time, the interogator holds off on prodding, much to James' happiness. The man glares at the creepy red-robed figure, before addressing the werewolf. "No. Somebody hired him, and he's the Boss. We do what he says. Don't know nothin' about any grail!"

James doesn't press the matter, instead leaning back. "And I don't know nothin' about who hired him either. Boss doesn't tell us anything, just who to kill." Pausing, he grins. "Heh heh...but let's just say I did some snoopin' around the Boss' office. Wanna know? I'll tell ya if ya keep me from gettin' put to the axe!"
Cressida Cressida makes no attempt to stop the red robed man should he feel the need to prod the man further. Thus far his proddings have been well-calculated and elicited prompt information from the sometimes - difficult prisoner. It also makes Cressida look a little more merciful, even though she is not. But it's the best way to get information, afterall..

"Hmm, I see." She leans forward as the man suggests he knows more. "Hmm, I will see what I can do. If you indeed have information that will help us, then I am certain you will be granted a lighter sentence.."

Of course Cressida does not have the authority to do so herself, but if he indeed has information that could put a stop to the real brain behind this outfit, then surely the church would not be so quick to get rid of him..

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