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Alma Hyral Archades.

The refugee camps were no longer swelling with lost souls. Life was beginning to return back to normal. For some reason, Archades was undergoing a rapid recovery for reasons which were not yet made entirely clear to the public. All they knew was that power had been restored to much fo the city, that the reconstruction of the Upper City was going well. Even so, there was still much that needed tending to in the camps. Within them were both the Lower Class that had lost everything, alongside the occasional disfranchised noble. After the first few beatings that came about from their sense of entitlement, which had to be broken up by the few guards they were mostly subdued and quiet.

There were still those whose injuries needed tending to, though the injuries were rarely as critical as before. Occasionally someone stumbled into the camps after being stabbed or shot by looters, or gangs in the aftermath. Those were generally what Alma tended to. She spent much time also amongst the orphaned children, seeing that their needs were met..

Making headcounts to make certain none had disappeared in the night.

Everywhere she went, two guards followed behind her. Most speculated that it was only because of her relative youth and skill as a healer... Maybe she'd just impressed somebody who didn't want to see a girl fall to the depradations of a certain sort of individual that was all too common in the Lower City. Either way, they didn't question her on it, and her guards wouldn't talk anyhow. Currently she was out near the front of the triage tents, taking stock of what supplies they'd need to make it through the coming days, which she'd then submit to one of his Honor, Gabranth's men, to see that they were well-stocked. In her hands was a little Magitek PDA, with which she was marking with a little stylus their inventory as she tapped upon the screen.
Faruja Senra Faruja Senra, as much as he hates the place, would never have wished /this/ upon the people of Archades. Surveying the refugee camps, sitting on what was once the corner of a building. A deep, thoughtful frown sits on his muzzle. He's in theory here for diplomacy reasons, but the lack of response from higher-ups so far has led him towards those he can actually help right now; those in need of healing. Yet again, he thanks Faram for the simple nuns who taught him the healing arts. He'd never regretted, and frankly enjoys the work far better than his more martial ones. Killing someone rarely feels rewarding.

White robes catch his eye from afar, though he doesn't immediately take the girl for the one he fined! Calling out as he approaches, the knight puts on a warm, yet subdued look given the circumstances. "M'Lady! Mayhap a humble Holy Knight of the Church of Glabados may yet be of aide to the poor, unfortunate souls here?" The two guards get a sharp salute.

Alma Hyral Alma Hyral looks up from her PDA the moment she hears the voice, no it couldn't be...

Then she looked sidelong, at the armored Nezumi, and she sighed, it totally was. Oh well, she was a guest of House Solidor, under the employ of House Solidor, and her activities were classified by House Solidor all at the same time. She had to be diplomatic to someone who was assuredly an envoy of the Church of Glabados.

So she put on her best smile, and cheerfully stated, "Cosma bless you, for offering succor to these poor unfortunate souls, Sir. Such offers for aid are /always/ appreciated." Not even a hint of sarcasm in her voice. She was getting good at this, "Though I must ask, are you here representing your Church, or the Shard Seekers, or both? I'll have to know whom to thank for this distinct honor."

Her guards seemed slightly ill at ease, but allowed Faruja to approach without complaint. She placed the PDA down on a nearby table, before stating to Faruja in an even tone, "And what brings you all the way to Archades, if I might ask?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason has been doing quite a bit to help at this point, she'd been helping to repair power systems that had been power systems, and water purification systems. She'd been fairly busy, it was basic but every thing that got fixed meant the stress on he population went down. So she did what she could, unlike Alma she had no guards because her actions were not really official then again given her home city she didn't seem bothered she could handle her self or so she thought which might get her into the trouble.

She's manged to keep out of such so far as she'd been working she was a bit scruffy from her time but honestly just going for a divine into the first body of water she found would be enough to get her clothing at the very least cleaned up So she's been pretty busy she's munching on some fair it seems to be fried fish on a stick.

Just as she's been moving about she spotted some people she thought she knew, at least she thought she did, as she drew closer to the meeting of Faruja and Alma she calls out

"Ahoy there!"
Faruja Senra Faruja knows someone being diplomatic when he sees it. He keeps his face vaguely warm. In truth, he likes the awkward, almost overly-kind girl. If only she wasn't a horrible heathen! It's all tough love, Alma. He'll beat the Cosma out of you yet.

"And may Holy Faram's light guide thy path, that never shall Heresy and the depredations of those fallen from righteousness and truth see thee astray." Mentally, the Templar's writing her a ticket that he can't quite give to her, given where they are.

A sigh escapes him, and the rat drops the facade as he turns to gaze at a limping, recently healed denizen of the Lower City. "I come on behalf of the Holy Church, as well as His Royal Highness, King of Burmecia. I seek a meeting with those in power over certain...matters. Unfortunately, I am not free to discuss them outside of certain individuals." The Templar even offers a bow of apology. See, he can be nice to heathens when he tries!

"As for the Shard Seekers, I hardly think to place my dearest of friends into such...difficult situations as this. They are too young, and too /good/ to become involved in something so oft dark and soul-leeching as politics."

The rat's red eye occasionally regards her two soldier companions. Interesting. "And while I await an answer from the Judge Magisters and House Solidor, well, one augh make good use of themselves. None deserve to lose home, family, friend, and enemy alike to the predations of a filthy pack of avaricious, heartless-loving dogs such as the Alexandrians! If there is any way in which I may assist in easing their suffering..." The diplomacy fades a bit, his true feelings peeking through. He honestly feels bad for these people, and the tremble to his limbs shows the constrained rage at their mutual enemy.

The knight's head tilts. "M'lady, am I to assume you have come to Archadia to assist the people here?" He glances towards the guards a few times, silently questioning.

Then, there's a Myla! "Hail, and may Faram bless thee, M'Lady! Seek thee to assist with the camp? In need of aide? The Lord blesses those whom assist the wounded and unfortunate!"
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral smiles as Myla approaches, offering a wave, "Ahoy Myla. How's Swimmer doing?"

And then Faruja attempts his not-so-subtle counter proselytizing. Well this was now her turf, and these were her guards. /Unlike/ the Nezumi, she was going to be the better person and not take advantage of that. So she nonchalantly allowed his blessing and accusation of heresy to fall down within a well in her mind. "Do you now? Well I happen to be under the employ of House Solidor. It might be that I can direct you to the proper channels, Sir."

She gave him a patient smile as he mentioned the Shard Seeker's.. "I actually took your advice, and went to meet your dear friends the Shard Seekers. Now.. how exactly are they /too good/ between a certain someone taking advantage of the virtue of an /amnesiac/ dark elven maiden. Or the fact that they are currently housing a certain assassin of the Emperor Gramis of House Solidor... it is likely fortunate, that you are not involving them." She gave him a deadpan look. And while her guards grumbled amongst themselves, they did nothing else to show their displeasure.

But then she smoothly changed the subject with a patient tone of voice, "Of course. We will never deny you the oppurtunity to aid the less fortunate. We could use every helping hand here. I'll have you appropriately assigned at earliest oppurtunity." And she did actually mean that. She wasn't going to take advantage of him or give him a terrible assignment as a result of their past. "And I'm under their employ for various reasons, sir. This is just one of them. The others are.. classified."
Myla Mason Myla Mason has clearly been busy working on machines and such from the looks of her. She hears the Paladin has come on some political and possibly religious matter she's happily unaware of and she won't ask. What does someone from a line of Pirates care about ... political issues. Seriously she doesn't care much about squabbling of that sort unless she sees it effecting her friends or the people pretty badly.

"Name's Myla and yes. I work magitech. I have been fixing things all day really, mostly power systems and water treatment machinery." It keeps me busy at least."

Alma gets greeted with a grin.

"Hunting vermin that would cause health issues for the refugees really."

Somewhere rats are suffering a stark horror movie about a murder machine mecha dog hunting them down, but that is a tale for another time. Also Myla becomes keenly aware of things are going to political issues oh so many but she's at least.

"Humm wait wait, what they are doing what? That's just going to go off like a cryobomb, sooner or later."
Faruja Senra Faruja's face falls to straight neutral, as he attempts to not show the feeling of utter horror that crawls into his stomach. Archadians, Imperialists, with access to research that could allow them to find, and conquer, worlds. The silence that follows is far too long to be polite as he tries to master himself.

"...Truly? How fortunate for thee, M'Lady Hyral. Any assistance that you can provide would be invaluable, in regards to matters of mutual interest." The rat's voice is tight. He probably deserves this, but he may seem far too disturbed for mere turnabouts of him being a jerk at times.

Turning aside, feigning a cough, he keys up his linkshell briefly, a far more honest statement given to the young woman.

Today seems to be a day of testing the rat's self control. It's probably good for him. His muzzle opens and closes awkwardly as he tries to find words. The Burmecian finally sighs, and admits defeat. "....Do not tell me Ser Galvan...oh Lord, preserve us /ALL/, I am going to...." The Burmecian takes a deep breath, a scowl on his muzzle. "A favor, if it would please the Lady: should you happen upon him prior to myself, beat the damned fool! This is going /too/ far!" Pause. "...Be thee certain? What was this assassin's name? I admit, Reize is oft far too forgiving, and indeed at times naieve. As a member of the Clan, I offer my most sincere apologies for this. I shan't see an assassin given lodging within a Clan meant to restore worlds, if I've anything to say of it." There's no stopping the edge to his voice now, the rat's patient thoroughly at an end.

A swift nod to Alma. "Excellent, thy assistance is most appreciated, M'Lady. Let us help these people, no matter our differences, hmm?"

A brow quirks. "Magitek, you say, M'Lady?" She's gotten his interest. A bow, and a smile, as the Burmecian reassurts some measure of self control. "Temple Knight Faruja Senra, of the Most Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados, at thy service. Well met, Lady Mason. 'Tis a blessing that you would place thy skills at the use of those whom have lost everything. Agreed. Surely a mistake, or trickery upon the assassin's part more like. Honest men are oft used by those with dark purposes."
Alma Hyral She picks back up the Magitek PDA as a radio buzzes in her ear. She makes a murmured reply, before smiling cheerfully at Faruja, "I would be happy to put you in touch with my friend Riku, and by extension his Honor Gabranth. That is perhaps the quickest way for your plea to reach the ears of House Solidor."

She gives Faruja an even look, "Do not worry, I believe that such will be forthcoming. I'm far too gentle of disposition to offer.. correction to the man of that nature." She taps upon the PDA a few times with a stylus, "Now my friend, Riku.. is of a different opinion and I believe that /Sir Galvan/ will be getting exactly what he deserves."

She gave him a strange look, "You didn't know? How odd.. his name is Angantyr Vespar. And he was staying at their headquarters. Now, Fluorgis is outside of Arcadian jurisdiction so we can hardly do anything about it. Nor do I intend to pass that along, or punish you and your friends. Just be forewarned that if it does get out then many here will not look upon it with favor."

She taps the PDA a few times, and sends a message to the men within the camps, updating the duty rosters, "There, I've assigned you to the nonhumans, mainly because I believe you will treat them as they ought to be." They weren't segregated, and she made sure they weren't discriminated against, but that didn't mean things didn't happen while she wasn't looking. She just gave him an even look, "Despite whatever differences we have, Sir. I know the value of equity and forgiveness. I won't allow any negative experiences as a scullery maid in Mullonde to affect my assignments, or to color my opinions when it comes to passing your request along."

She glances sidelong at Myla, grinning, "Made any progress on the generators in the slums? I know they were giving some of the workers fits."
Myla Mason Myla Mason is in the middle of something she knows it for a moment, she knows the Arcadians are aggressive but their people overall seem to live well and have not been forsaken in this disaster. Looking at many of the pother nations are backwards, primitive or down right baby eating monsters right out of some sort of old movie. She's looking totally at Baron on that one. Still there are worse people they could aid, either way here she is caught up in something possibly political and she looks at Faruja.

"If your friend has I suggest you go club him and dunk him in such cold a Shivan would call it chilly."

She looks at the Paladin and nods with a grin.

"Aye! I was in school for more training when our world got devoured and I'm no lady, just the honest daughter of merchant captain!"

Alma damn well knows Myla's mother was a Privateer most likely but still there was nothing HORRIBLE in her mothers history.

"... We basically have lost everything. The people for his nations till have their cities there's only a handful our world and the various peoples who lived left."

She looks down at the pendant in is is all that remains of the ocean she knew of home a little water and some sand. A present from her mother before she went off to the school. She looks over to Alma again just keeping out of the political issues as best she can and she pauses.

"Angantyr? I have heard of him, I hear he's strong enough he could floor Artyrom. He also didn't seem to be barking mad as a lot of Dark Knights seemed to be."

She's really got no idea about Ang other than what she's he4ard after all. Then comes a welcome topic change, she's so very thankful.

"Yes I got a few of them up and running, I think how I fixed it made one do the other workers sob. It will need to be replaced with a whole new unit but it will hold for a while now and there is power. Also got a water flirtation station working again just a little while ago."
Faruja Senra Smile, Faruja. That's definitely a smile. Not the rat gritting his teeth. "...My, my, my. Such a small set of worlds. At the convenience of good Riku, and His Honor."

As for Riku visiting retribution upon Ivo? A bitter smile comes to his muzzle. "Mmm. Well, I shall have to discuss such with him. It seems for once he and I may yet be in agreement." The Templar may just seem slightly uncomfortable with the thought.

A glance to Myla, and the Burmecian smirks, rubbing his muzzle thoughtfully. "Duly noted. An ice-infused crystal, that mallet we keep for croquet...yes, yes. An excellent suggestion indeed." Sadly, it seems the rat's taking it seriously.

"/Heretic/ Angantyr Vespar. Twelve Templar lie dead because of him, numerous theological crimes aside. Thy leniance is appreciated, I shall see the matter dealt with." He may have to wear his Shard Seekers hat after all.

A bow, and the rat straightens. "Quite, it shall be done. All are children of the Lord, no matter what flesh they may wear. A lesson mayhap this event shall underscore." Wince. "...I suppose I deserve that much, at least. Faram shall look kindly upon such a boon, Lady Hyral."

A hand goes to the rat's chest as he studies Myla. "'Tis in one's bearing, not blood that makes one a Lady or Ser. The poorest of paupers may shine brighter than any noble, Lady Mason."

"He is mad, assure thee both, but in a far more subtle way. He and I hath met, Faram curse him! He would corrupt all that comes across his gaze. Be wary, both of you. 'Tis not a man to be trifled with."

Faruja goes silent, as his linkshell buzzes, the Burmecian quickly turning away as he tries to compose himself. A long, awkward silence, and he turns back. He can't quite hide a troubled look. "My apologies, Ladies, allow me to tend to the wounded." Excuses the rat. A small bow, and he hurries off, eager to bury the dark thoughts in his mind beneath good works.
Alma Hyral It's probably best that he did smile, given what Riku was to her right now. She did seem to take it in stride, or was just genuinely oblivious of the biting sarcasm behind his words. "I'll see that he visits you in short order. And I imagine you will be on /that/ at least, if nothing else.. despite your past differences." ...and ours.

She chuckles at Myla, smiling in a genuine manner, "Oh no, he deserves far worse than that. /Far/ worse.. then again, people shouldn't get what exactly what they deserve. Else this world would be a veritable graveyard. In the end he'll probably get far less than he deserves, a humbling dose of humiliation.. and we'll hope that he learns from it."

After a moment, Alma nods at Myla's statement, "And most of us are wanderers.. or they work for Souji Murasame." She states Murasame's name with an edge to it. The two of them are obviously not on good terms.

A moment later she's sighing, "Yes... but let's dwell no further on Angantyr Vespar."

She gives Faruja a patient smile, "Again, what one deserves is not what one should receive, Sir. I'm rather hopeful that we can.. start over, and not continue to dwell upon the past."

And then she gave Faruja a neutral look, despite still smiling at him, "I actually believe the same, Sir.. on that one's blood matters for nothing beyond the ties of familial bonds, which is why I'm glad that you're willing to set aside the fact that we're.. nobles, from our world."

She glances sidelong at Myla again, nodding again with a cheerful smile, "Excellent, that sector of the Lower city desperately needed purified water, and power. It won't be long until we have the whole Lower City lit up again."
Myla Mason Myla Mason is going to have to be careful about Ang in the future it seems and she looks over Faruja for a moment she thinks his idea for Ivo would be funny. Whoever this Ivo is he's got some bad attention however even religious issues aside that's quite the body count. Sounds a bit like she expects certain insane brawler from her world to end up dong at some point.

"Maybe, but the nobility were not really a thing on our world anymore. Some families remained but they ended up running companies."

She also mentions what her world was made of but thing thinks better of it it might set Faruja off to know she's polytheistic. Ya that could be an issue there all right.

"No he's not one to take lightly but there's so much to deal with."

Shrugs "If he's just going to be a corp well that's how things go generally."

"There's a saying in Manhattan. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."

She checks something in a pouch before paying attention to the rest of the conversation.

"As for my blood it ties me to the water and it's sate. Some people are convinced I'm a mermaid pretending to be a human."

She snaps back her head and laughs. "It's a fine line between my people and such but we're not quite that."

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