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Pizza Delivery Gone Horribly Wrong
(2013-07-03 - Now)
What looked like a normal travel to Manhattan to get a pizza turns out to be... Well, no one is sure. One thing is guaranteed, though: Whatever happens, the pizza is always the one that comes off the worst.
Emi Dennou Dennous have elected to take Saitei-Dennou to The Arcade. The Arcade--has pizza!--though it might be because of a kid's pizza party rather than because it actually sells pizza. Nevertheless today Saitei has Emi, Umi--and Omi along for the ride. That's three Dennous. And it's Umi who is doing the talking.

"The Network notes that there are many great games here and that we are not supposed to, technically, cheat for the toy crane game but we do it anyway. After the incident, we don't do that for pinball, however."

Emi nods a few times. Omi glowers at Umi suddenly.

"Haha you don't have to worry about that though, we should just try and have some fun, The Network deftly adjusts the track of the conversation!"
Saitei Dennou And Saitei! That's as many as four Dennous. And that's terrible. She looks like the chaperone, riding herd on her improbably similar little sisters, while they rattle on harmlessly about this thing and that. "Oh, but you /know/ that pinball is serious business! This one does anyways." And her never having seen a table before. But the power of pop culture is strong.

Strong enough indeed that Saitei does not appear terribly lost in this setting; she in fact might be doing most of the 'excited' duty for the group, which looks odd in a twenty-something. In this day and age though anybody might be an arcade gamer. "This one will extract the exact nature of that exploit from the Network at some later point, she expects." For now, since they seem so comfortable here already, she can let her sisters see to themselves while she inspects the dread Atlus v Hyper cabinet.
Ryusei Isshiki Ryusei was not supposed to be there. She was supposed to go to this place called 'Manhattan', located among the many Phantasias in the world of ruin, go get a pizza from one of the vendors, and go back to Archades as quickly as possible before the pizza got cold. Everything to put a smile in a family of Archadian people wanting to taste something new. Ryusei, being the goody two-shoes she is, is not even asking for anything in exchange of this favor.

Unfortunately, Manhattan is a very big place, even though it is just a small fragment of New York. And Ryusei does not know this landscape well enough. So, inevitably, she has gotten lost. She has stopped near the Arcade to try and re-orientate herself back towards the gate out of Manhattan and back into the World of Ruin. "Okay... Should I take that turn to the left? Or maybe the one to the right? Oh, darnit! This thing is hot as heck! I can't go back to Archades fast enough!"
Emi Dennou FOUR IS THE NUMBER OF DEATH... in Japan anyway, this is Manhattan so here 4 is the number of ninja turtles. If we start at Emi as Leonardo, does this make Saitei Raphael? Umi is most certainly Michaelangelo anyway.

Omi is trailing behind because she actually isn't too interested in seeing things in an arcade and she spots Ryusei there. "Lost?" She asks of her. "Come in for a bit, maybe we can help with directions, this one offers unneccessarily."

She pops hte door open like one might expect a serial killer to do before letting a victim into their TRAP HOME. Just kidding, she opens it normally.

Meanwhile Umi, inside with Emi and Saitei, speaks up. "This one thinks Omi is procuring us ... or possibly stealing ... pizza..?" Umi scratches at her head. "No." She reasons. "The important thing is that she's wearing a bunny hood."

Emi's eyes widen. "...A bunny hood..." She murmurs, looking back to Saitei as she examines a cabinet. "...If you become a pinball wizard... please allow us the honor of observing."
Saitei Dennou "This one can't possibly, her wrists aren't supple enough," Saitei illustrates. Deaf to Network traffic except as one of her faithful repeats it to her, she has nevertheless glanced up at the sound of a door opening, and can provide visual confirmation of a bunny hood. "Are you... what is the Network planning? This one must know."

She says she must, but she's actually fishing-- er, that's 5 gil-- fishing a quarter from the pocket of her pants and stepping up to the pinball table. She's seen this done, you know, it's a matter of timing and reflexes, she's well-suited.

She's well-suited. "F." Ball two down the drain, with a paltry 100k to her credit. Not even a third of the way to an extra. Undoubtedly somewhere beside her a Dennou is laughing. On the inside, at least. That much, she can tell. But, whatever. Once more into the breach! And this time she'll stay clear of that exit lane, dammitall.
Ryusei Isshiki Ryusei blinks a few times when someone steps by her side and offers to help her with directions. The most puzzling thing, however, is that she addresses herself as 'this one'. What a weirdo! That said, she's offering help. Help she most definitely needs right now.

Stepping into the arcade, she can't help but wince a little at all the noise coming from all around. "So, erm... Who around here has directions for Central Park? I need to get to Archades as quickly as possible, and the shortest way passes through Phantasia Mountain!"
Emi Dennou "Always believe in yourself," Umi says to Saitei. "A handicap, according to movies, is usually just another way of saying advantage." Saitei may get mental feedback from Emi thinking that she thinks that's not true at all. Nevertheless, Emi doesn't think that's true at all. Emi does not stop Saitei from finding 5 gil nor does she stop Saitei from going up to the pinball table. She feels nothing but pity for poor Saitei, the worst pinball player in the universe, but Umi is now thinking about bunny ear hoodies.

"This one is not planning anything except of course perhaps demanding a bunny hood for all of us." Umi's eyes sparkle as she approaches Ryusei. "What's the matter? Perhaps we can help you--in exchange for your secrets."

Omi says, "She is looking for the portal that leads closest to Archades."

There is a pause from all Dennous.

" deliver a pizza, it seems."
Saitei Dennou Whatever poison it is that Umi is pouring in her ear, Saitei need not pay it much heed; she's failing just fine on her own, thanks. Or, in fact, a dollar and a half in, she'd not posting bad scores at all; any coin that doesn't put SD in the #1 spot is a coin wasted, though.

Perhaps she's wasted enough; having barely scraped the high score chart, at Omi's comment she abandons the pinball table to some other young hopeful, and wanders over to somewhere near Umi, to inspect their visitor. "Pizza delivery? The most sacred quest. But that's a long walk back to Archades, this one thinks."
Ryusei Isshiki Ryusei nods. "I DO believe in myself. I am fairly sure that I can bring this pizza all the way to Archades in less than an hour. Which is what this pizza will take to start getting less hot." Ah, the joys of those boxes that can keep all the heat for longer. The only problem was that they were hot as heck to hold on your hands! It's surprising that Ryu is enduring it so stoically, considering it's already been fifteen minutes since she first grabbed the box.

Ryusei blinks when told that they could help her in exchange of her secrets. "Excuse me? My secrets?" Okay, now things are starting to get a liiiiiiittle bit disturbing. Just what kind of people are these? "Erm... I don't have any secrets. Well, I DO have some secrets, but I cannot reveal those to anybody. My mother told me that the Arms of the Sky-Breaking Mountain style is to be known only by members of the Isshiki family. I'd rather drink potasium cyanide than reveal the secrets of the style to anybody."
Emi Dennou "An hour..." Omi says, glancing to the side. "...May be impossible if acting in accordance to the laws of physics, but it should be doable."

Umi says, "Aw c'mon! Teach us about your hood--" She pauses as Ryusei mentions the /one possible thing in the history of the universe/ that could possibly distract Umi from bunny ear hoodies and that's super secret martial arts.

"You're a kung fu ninja master?!" Umi gasps, stumbling back--as if struck! "What is this we have stumbled upon, The Network wonders after having only really being interested in the bunny hoodie but then finding that there is a greater mystery to this individual than initially anticipated and Emi is shortly assigned to figure out the truth??"

Emi says, "...How do you say all that in one breath?" before she looks on over towards Ryusei. "We will respect your wishes and not force cyanide upon you but is the bunny hoodie really a part of your secret style?, The Network announces their disbelief."
Saitei Dennou She's a a kung-fu master? A kung-fu pizza delivery master? Is this Snowcrash suddenly? "This one doesn't think the laws of physics have jurisdiction over her planned path," Saitei agrees with Omi. These are the kind of people, Ryusei, who all refer to themselves as 'this one', and finish eachother's sentences, and look really suspiciously alike except for the one who's like five years older than the rest.

The one who's like five years older than the rest is working on remembering her route. The, er, relevant part is blessedly brief, but also unavoidably vague. "The existence of your style is information enough," she suggests archly. "But, isn't is, like, some blocks north? The park? This one recalls?" Also don't ask her to navigate for you, pro-tip.
Ryusei Isshiki Well, her technique is not exactly kung-fu. After all, kung-fu is very different from supernatural martial arts! And, ninja? "Erm... No, I'm not a ninja." She says, sweatdropping, and rubbing the back of her head with a pretty heated up left hand, the right one still holding the incredibly hot pizza box. She then realizes that the... Whatever they are, are more interested in her bunny-eared hoodie than her martial arts, and she is slightly more calm after this. "Oh... Oh, you wanna know about the hoodie? My mother bought it for my 17th birthday from a famous designer in Galianda. Erm... Lièvre Diabolique, I think her name was. Of course, Galianda does no longer exist. The Heartless --Curse them for all of eternity-- ate it. So it is now a one-of-a-kind item. Not that it is a very valuable item, though."

Then, she's given information about how to get to Central Park. "Seriously? North? I'm pretty sure I went North last time I was here, and I only ended up getting back here again."
Emi Dennou The Dennous, aside from Umi, don't seem to be too interested in Ryusei's secret totally not ninja supernatural kung fu martial arts. This is because the Dennous can shoot electricity from their everything and have plenty of marksmanship training and have gotten pretty good at not dying in one hit from people that could kill them in one hit. As such, they're confident in their day-to-day workload, even considering the nature of their present day-to-day workload. They aren't especially desirous of power except, well, Umi who is probably the most battlehungry Dennou despite, ironically, probably being the most emotional.

"Ohh... so it has personal significance..." Omi murmurs. "...We could not liberate a hoodie like that under such circumstances."

"Even though we totally stole Alma's white mage outfit and by we, this one means Shida." Umi adds.

Emi bonks her lightly on the top of her head. "Please forget that information." She tells Ryusei. "Alma ultimately let Shida have it." She pauses for a moment and then adds, "Sorry for your loss. Still, it is a nice hoodie. It drew our attention."

Omi glances to Saitei as she provides some information, and then glances back to Ryusei. "We could show you the way if need be."
Saitei Dennou Saitei is... well, if you look at her you can tell where fashion is not her primary competency. That's exactly why a bunny hood seems so fascinating to her, one would imagine.

"You what from who? This one demands clarification on what she's forgetting." This one doesn't help the tone of the conversation much, but then, of the five of them, she really /doesn't/ know the pain of losing a world to the Darkness. Small blessings, we suppose.

"Maybe it's..." There's a brief but nasty hum, and a few of the nearer arcade cabinets run through their degauss cycle, apparently. Saitei closes her eyes, and turns to face one of the walls. "...yes. That's north. You want like five blocks that way, this one recalls. And then some distance crosswise, she doesn't."

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