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The Terrible Ochu
(2013-07-03 - 2013-07-04)
Rumors had it that the terrible Lord Ochu dwells within the middle of Giza Plains, making it difficult for merchants to transport goods. A team of adventurers journey to get the beast out.
Sanel The vast savannah makes up the Giza Plains, covering the land in rich green foliage. The summer weather allows the patterns to sprout the low growing shrubbery and leafy trees that grow quite high. It is within those plains that has a path up ahead where the cavarans normally send supplies from Carwen and up northward through various spots.

Unfortunately, rumors spread over the past couple of days that a growing presence of a creature has kept merchants from getting far. Many crusaders have attempted to slay the beast, but many of them were sent back in stitches or worse.

Some may have heard rumors of the beast dwelling and sleeping within the region. Others may have heard of a child who may had wandered off towards the direction of where the beast dwells.

This path has been abandoned by most of the creatures.
Alma Hyral So Alma really had no interest in fighting an Ochu. Most of all because she knew bounty hunters would be attempting to claim it for the posting Helena put up.

Whatever Helena had planned, she really wanted no part of it. That wasn't out of spite, just because she just literally wanted to not cross her path any longer, in any way.

But the rumors of a small boy with blue hair and an oversized coast had attracted her to the region. Mainly because she wanted to check up on Sanel's progress. With her was a detail of two Archadian guards, as they traipsed about, searching.. trying to find some sign of the boy as they went by the few people that were left on the road. There weren't any caravans to question since the beast had waylaid the last few.

This questioning eventually led them to this abandoned path which had an eerie stillness that the girl found disquieting. Her guards were on edge as well... and she contemplated going back. She decided not to however, she just walked on with a greater sense of wariness for their surroundings.
Serah Farron Serah Farron had better days... getting lost in the middle of a battlefield ended up fighting her way out, and leave on a stretcher. Not very pleasant. But fortunatly there was good healers, so she got back on feet... and now ended up in a completly different around of the world somehow. Funny how that happens in this world. But adventure!

Only, its not really what she wanted either. It was a mistake,r eally. She happened to be curious about the 'notice' board about an Ochu, someone picked up her bags instead of their own, so she chased, and people thought she was joining the adventure.

So there she is, sitting atop of the caravan to rest her feet, sighing and wondering what she's doing here. "You really think you're going to need a healer for this?" She asks for what seems to be the 10th time. Not that she was against making money, but she was tired after last time. She kicks her legs a bit, boredly.
Evja And some types were simply passing through on the way to other lands. One of them happened to be the the resident Vieran Judge who happened to be here and there across the World of Ruin, Evja. Wearing 'her' full armor at the moment and cloak, the Jylland Judge wandered through the plains along the path while headed towards Macalania woods.
Today, as ever, Evja rides atop the same Chocobo she has always had. Only, it's a light blue color, for those that had previously seen it a shade of yellow.

Fancy that.

Evja had one hand on the reins with a spear in the other as she looked faintly around for any sign of beasts. They were present and plentiful at one point. Cockatrices, wolves, various things. But now...
Montag Montag was prone to taking merc jobs off duty that didn't go against his employers interests. If there was anything to say about his habit, it kept him sharp and him not hounding for a raise given the sorts of things he had to put up with. So here he was, sans his Shinra combat helmet and hes' got a bandana on with wrap around shades today it seems. However he was making sure to keep with any of the others hunting this thing, so here he was as he looks at Serah

"It's not like humans are the apex predator of every world out there. SO better safe than sorry. Then again I enjoy blasting things that think we're food or play things."

He's also got a tagger unit with him of some sort funny that still the Shinra trooper seems to be friendly enough all things considered.
Sanel There is great stillness in this abandoned path of the plains. One who would tread the place were told to tread carefully. After all, the beasts that dwell here were gone. They may have departed from the forest due to the great threat of the Lord Ochu that made residence here.


That silence was interrupted as the faint sight of something massive tossed into the air and caught within the arms.


There it goes again. If one was to look ahead, they could see that the source of the chucked object was not an object, but a creature. It was a massively large creature, whose current expression likely unconscious.

They will find that the source of the sound(and likely the source of EVERY MONSTER DEPARTING THE AREA) is a little boy with an oversized blue coat. The one-eyed boy glances over at the arriving party. The visibly eye widens, but then his attention falls back towards the Lord Ochu.


One can hear a squeak, almost like the creature deflates. The poisonous Lord of the Region doesn't seem to have any affect on the boy.

"Yaaay! Sanel's new friend~! Sanel is happy that ChuChu is here for Sanel!"+
Alma Hyral Due to that stillness, her guards already had their Magitek rifles drawn. Each one was slowly doing a sweep of the area as they travelled with a barrel of the rifle pointed down only slightly.


Yep, Alma knew that voice immediately. She just put up a hand, telling her guards to hold off on any hostilities, as they continued to advance forward. Her frumpy voluminous white mage robes sweeping very close to the ground as they advanced ahead.

And then she saw Sanel chucking the massive monster into the air, then hugging it.

Alma immediately took on her best /Mom/ look, which had the appearance of one that hadn't fully developed due to her lack of experience and age, glaring harshly at Sanel, she crossed her arms. And then she stated pointedly with her best disapproving tone, "Sanel, you put that horrible monster down this /instant/ and get over here!"

Her guards looked at her like she'd lost her mind.
Serah Farron Sweatdrop.

That's about the only reaction Serah has about this. She watches, mouth open as the boy is hugging the large Ochu... who probably isn't too pleased about it...

Or she would think at least. Monsters and human don't go well together, especially when one preys on the other for subsistance... And the other chases for the sake of killing (or for the occasional collector wanting their tentacules for whatever reason...).

Either way... its even more surreal when Alma pipes up about letting it down, as if you'd tell a kid to let go of a cat. Okay, she definitely should have stayed home today.
Evja "..."

Evja simply stared as a giant monster flew straight up into the air, then came back down, and somewhere nearby he heard the name Sanel. Oh gods above, it couldn't be...

But likely was.

Sighing softly, Evja shook her head a bit and spurred her chocobo to wander towards the scene in question. Might as well check it out and see who was there. But who was that shouting towards him? Evja didn't recognize the girl, though she had a couple of Archadian guards with her.

Montag Montag pauses at the sound of a whee. What the heck was that he sees something huge tossed and he takes another step back. Just what the heck was that he takes another good look and then sees a child rushing in and he's unaffected that alone sets alarm bells off. Even more so the kid is talking in the third person. Also Chuchu?!

Ya he's just going to keep a type back from his guy he looks at Alma and nods once and back to the kid. He's got such a bad feeling about this.

"So nice job with the monster ... kid."

Lord Ochu was enjoying its nap. It was enjoying a nice, long nap. When it was around, there were still creatures that resided the area. Sure, they kept their distance from the beast. But, they were still there.

It was, however, until it woke up that it noticed that the entire place was cleared. It was an eerie silence, as if it was ghost town.

And then it saw...


The monster could only shake as it came face to face with the child. Maybe if it played dead, It would go aw--HGHK! Too late.


...And that was how Lord Ochu found himself in this demeaning position.

Sanel is hugging onto the creature until Alma and the company move closer. His visible eye gazes at the guards accompanying---"Almmy~!" The boy beams---until she has a harsh glare at him.

Sanel already shrinks back as comical tears come out of his eyes, hugging the monster TIGHTER! *SQUEAK* "B-but... Sanel and ChuChu are friends! ChuChu stuck around Sanel when all of the creatures ran away."

At the sight of the vieran judge, Sanel's visible eye lights up with glee, almost tempted to put the monster down in favoring for loving and squeezing the life out of the judge, "BunBun~!" And then there is the man o his chocobo. Knobby is gazed over, the urge to hug it rising. However, Sanel does notice more and more people arriving and nearing him. "...Many people." That single eye narrows, "...Take ChuChu from Sanel?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron jumps off the caravan... she has no idea what to do about this... She hopes the others know, because she's utterly confused, and speechless. She's watching the Ochu turning all sorts of colors except for green as its getting squeezed like that. She stratches her head at it too. Well... Ochu isn't harming anyone at least "... Are we supposed to take care of the Ochu, or the boy scaring all of the monsters away?" She asks to the cloests adventurer.
Alma Hyral Alma actually rubs a hand against her forehead as the boy reacts badly, her voice becoming more gentle, "Sanel. I'm not cross with you. It's good to see you again. I just would like to see Chuchu safe.. safely away from here."

Even if it would be more them saving the monster from Sanel. "Are you hungry? I could make you something..."

Her guards are still looking at Alma like she has indeed, lost her mind.

She looks sidelong to the others, "Let's.. let's see if I can talk him down.." She murmurs.
Montag Montag is having the terrible thought this kid may be the result of something the R&D division might have done. He just is a bit agape for a moment and he tilts his head looking at the kid and stares. Whatever this kid it it shouldn't have the monster. Hell Montag is feeling sorry for the darn thing. Given they might have a use for it alive? Also leaving it with this kid might be even too inhumane for the Shinra as a whole.

Still others are speaking and perhaps better able to handle it such as Vepsa he'll let one of the many battle maids of Valkyri do the talking for now. He totally thinks they are all crazy battle Maids who do cleaning when they are not hunting things.
Evja 'BunBun'

The Viera cringes at that, like a dog who was trained to cringe when someone raised their hand from repeated beatings. Seemingly this one was used to Sanel in some fashion or another(Breath-taking hugs, literally).

Was this seriously going on? Negotiating with Sanel over this beast? Sigh.

"At least it is not a Malboro." Evja mumbles softly, mostly to herself, before tapping the chocobo with a foot to keep it walking towards where Sanel was. Might as well let the others handle this. Oddly enough, Evja was certain if the beast lashed out, Sanel would be the first to whack the crap out of it.
Sanel Tears swell up along that single eye, and then anger is seeping in. However, the defensive barrier is vaguely quelled as the young maid approaches him. Sanel slowly starts to calm down. After all, Sanel is weak against cute faces. "...Sanel doesn't want ChuChu hurt, Pink Axey."

0Vespa has earned the pet name [Pink Axey].

If the creature could, it would debate that in pain. However, the eyes fall over towards Alma, who takes a more gentle tone with the boy.


Sanel is starting to calm down and is starting to put the creature down. "Sanel miss his Almmy. Sanel wants to protect his Almmy because Sanel likes Almmy." However, his attention falls towards Locke, who kneels to his level. Sanel gazes at the taller man who had kneeled to his very level. He tilts his head to the side, nodding. "Nnn! Sanel would like mi---"

Suddenly, a tiny little leafer is springing along, hissing. The vorpal bunny glares around until----...

Its eyes meet Sanel's single eye.

It is gone. It quickly hops away while on that leaf.

"MiniBun! Come back---!" Sanel's attention deficiency gets the best of him.

...And Sanel is gone. Just like that.

By this time, the massive monster is slowly rumbling to life. It's grumble is heard, the tentacles waving about as the beast sniffs around. Lord Ochu, the majestic creature, had its pride kicked pretty hard and ended up the plaything of That Thing!

It notices that there are many people around. However, it feels about to ensure that the boy is not around.

...Oh thank Ochu, It's no longer around.

Back to these people. The fury of the beast is likely enough to push the group to a distance from it as the tentacles flail everywhere. It bellows out a warcry.


It's not happy at all.
Vespa Yes Vespa plan is working! Pink Axy?? She hope the rest of VALKRI never hear that one,S he never live it down. Then out of no where kid got distrated by a new pet. "Ah kid wait!",and off he goes. she turns hearing the creature starting to wake up. "Not good!", she starts to back up putting her axe out in front of her ready for combat. It's shout rattles Vespa's eardrum. "Great..."
Locke Cole Locke cranes his head back, blinking as the beast is released. He squints against the roar, deciding the best course of action is to take a handful of steps back rather then risk being the closest to the rather perturbed beastie.
Serah Farron Serah Farron eeeps as the Ochu just roars out. Oh, its definitely not happy. Now it looks more like the problem that the warrant was about. She has the reflex of hiding behind the caravan! Hey, its big, she's a small girl, don't judge her.

"Okay, that answers the questio... I think?" She doesn't know, but its scary enough now! The boy... might just be confused...? Or a beastmaster? She doesn't know, but he's clearly the less dangerous of the two right now.

Still gotta wonder what really scared the other monsters away though.
Alma Hyral The adolescent girl was literally facepalming, though her cheeks had taken on a scarlet flush from Sanel's proclamation. "Sanel, I'm glad you're safe but you really ought to get over here.. we can discuss that later..."

And then... he's off after the leafer. Double facepalm.

And then the Ochu was roaring in anger, at them. If she had a third hand, she'd be facepalming with that one too.

She speaks to her two guards. "Just spread out, take cover, and get ready for suppressing fire. His Honor Gabranth would be upset if I risked your lives needlessly." The two do just that, spreading out and taking cover from what's sure to be the monster's wrath.

Alma on the other hand just begins to glow with a yellow corona which puts off a soft radiance throughout the area. Then gravity around her shifts, and she's spiralling upward a good twenty feet to get a better view of what they have to work with here. Being a white mage with a good range of mobility did have it's advantages.

Then she's looking around at the other seemingly dumbfounded adventurers, wondering why absolutely noone is attacking. That Ochu looked /really/ upset there.
Montag Montag seems to have made the right call or he thinks. He's very glad he didn't say anything at all then he pauses seeing a leafer. Oh heck he's heard about these things. He knows about these things they will devour someone like some sort of shark. There's no time to worry about that there are a whole lot more as the beast is freaking out.

there is tentacles going everywhere okay he's raising his rifle and preparing this is going to come to a bid damn fight. As much sympathy as he has for the beast he's got no plans to die for it ot get mauled for it's sake. He might stop short of killing it though. Cause seriously that kid creeps the hell out of him.
Serah Farron If the battle is going to start, Serah rather stay on the sidelines... She was pushed into the fight yesterday and she ended up on her face in the grass. Dirtnaps are not a good night when people are tossing spells and using swords around. But from the sidelines... she can still protect the teammates, casting enhancing spells. So that's what she does. A shimmering shield of light, in blue and green, surrounding Locke and Evja.
Evja "Poor Thing." That's all Evja could say regarding the leafer before leaning forward and covering his helmet with two hands near the ear area as if he was in pain. Loud noises didn't settle too well with Viera, nor particularly foul smells. Thankfully someone had the foresight to start casting defensive magics and, picking out the Judge as one of the targets, Evja turned a bit atop the chocobo to nod towards Serah and stare a moment as if she was familiar before turning and jumping high into the air.

A dragoons training obvious for those who have knowledge in such, Evja was perhaps attempting to act as a distraction to the beast, making it look up at her while she began to glow golden in the air.
Sanel What kept the monster placated(in fear) was now gone. Sanel ran off to chase a new pet that suddenly stole his attention.

Meanwhile, Lord Ochu is starting to grumble, looking very displeased over the various adventurers. A hiss is erupting from its throat, the pink, leafy monster lifts its poisonous tendrils up and it waves around. Its feelers move about, trying to get a feel of the presence of people around.

The adventurers who invade ITS territory will suffer.

As such, its tendrils are whipping out and about, seeking to swing across towards the adventurers who stand within its path. The poisonous vine seeks to knock the group of adventurers into the air.

Those guard will be chow as well!
Alma Hyral Luckily her guards have taken cover behind rocks and manage to avoid the worst of it. One of them coughs from the seeds dispersed their way. A vine whip catches Alma off-guard, and she swings her trajectory upwards to try and miss the brunt of it, but it still strikes her with enough force to raise welts and contusions.

Her guards start firing with the Magitek rifles. A volley of suppressing fire mars the side of the Ochu. Alma on the other hand, places a hand above her head. A sigil forms in the place where her palm strikes. A tiny swirling orb of radiance begins to appear, which gradually grows, becoming what looked like a tiny star. Little flares of holy energy cascaded off it's surface as it continued to grow, and she looked down at /Chuchu/ with a serenity which seemed to contradict this dire situation.

Polaris. Effulgent guide of the Northern skies...

She lowers a hand, and the orb is cast at the Ochu. It reaction holding it together collapses into critical mass, and explodes into a pyre of burning luminescence which is remarkably well controlled.
Vespa Lord Ochu tendris lash about Vespa does her best to block most of them with her axe but a few get through and find herself in the air. "Let go of me!",she says swinng her massive axe at the tendrils and tires to get back down on the ground.
Serah Farron hiding behind the caravan was apparently a good idea. The attack went right over her harmlessly, while she could concentre her magic to protect more people from the lashes. Its a group effort alright! She's a good healer. Must be the pink.
Montag Montag is a very mobile fighter and he's now air born thankfully he's in the liar now and he's not even bothered as the hip mounted grapples fire and he's already moving along as he does hit he's already lining up his rifle.

He takes aim for a moment long even as he moves before firing off a trio of bursts before swings on as he tries to keep from staying still if that thing hits it's not going to be very fun for him and he doesn't intend to lose his pay on a medical bills or healers.
Sanel Suppressing fire from the guards manage to do the job of keeping the monster at bay. Lord Ochu was becoming rather agitated. Each pellet-like shots has it twitching repeatedly from the soldiers, causing the monster to pedal away, giving Alma ample time to drop down a burst of holy energy, which explodes into pyre.

The monster does not scream. It does not give out the cry. It is above those humans! It is above them all! The Lord Ochu, in its anger, insead screeches out its warcry to the dwellers of the forest.

Vespa's axe manages to cut through one of the tentacles. In a horrid reaction, the beast gives off a howling screech now. Its limb!

And then, there is their other member going into hiding and healing. And then the creature gets three bursts of volleys from the ShinRa guard.

It screechs in annoyance, seeking to cause the bodies to shudder. This will give it ample time for its vines to snap out towards the group, seeking to smack against them. Not long after that, a multitude of vines are cracking at the group, seeking to smack against them pretty hard.
Serah Farron Even hiding behing the caravan apparently doesn't protect her from the vines sticking out of the ground! That's a sneaky Ochu, really! She eeks, and jumps more in sight of it, since there was no hiding from it anyway. It probably can smell her. Or feel her. Or just attracted by the pink. Either way, she's gotten closer to the group, and uses her magic to heal up her comrades this time "Don't give up, I've got your back!"
Alma Hyral Lord Ochu screeches out it's warcry, which was rather terrible to her ears. Even in her current state, she winced beside herself, covering her ears. That gave it the opening it needed to strike her with the vines... She was knocked downward, dipping in her trajectory. Before rising up again.

Serah's healing spell washes over her, and she looks sidelong at her, smiling despite herself. She nodded her head in thanks to the woman, before turning her efforts back to the creature.

The two soldiers began to charge up their rifles, firing more powerful overload shots at the dread Lord Ochu. Magitek blaster bursts that exploded when they struck Lord Ochu.

Alma on the other hand... begins to move, very fast. Time out.

All around the sky, seventeen sigils began to appear. One at a time, as she passed by each section of the air as a yellow blur, zipping around in a seemingly chaotic pattern.

When it was finished, they all joined with dancing lines of energy, creating a constellation known as Draco.

Draco Bahamut, Guardian of the Infinite Clouds..

Dread Lord Ochu? Meet Draco Bahamut, King of the Dragons in his Celestial form. A construct of animated light. A translucent blue outline of a dragon forms over the seventeen stars. An animated sinewy, and powerful looking dragon which moved in an entirely lifelike manner. All seventeen of the stars which made up it's internal skeleton twisting and moving with it, in time. Each of it's fangs and talons were small razors of white light, to contrast it's otherwise blue form, these clamp down on dread Lord Ochu in a quite physical manner, causing burns rather than actual lacerations, as it grappled with it, wings beating furiously.

....bring swift judgement.
Vespa Ow. Ow. Ow! Those vines hurt, and Vepsa in the air, again. Why does this keep happening?!?! "I said let go so let go!", she says swing her axe hopeing to cut a few more of the vines. Oh and someone summmond a dragon. Neat.
Montag Montag is trying to help the guard he lived this lives for a long time. AS he keeps moving he's going to try to keep moving he does not like fighting in flat terrain like this, however? He does notice some tree's just close enough and his grapple fires off even as he's caught by the beasts latest world of pain he manages a shot but it does not do much good.

The grapple whines as it pulls him in and he's now perched on a large branch. he's got the range he needs and fires a few quick shots more trying to test the range before he does something bigger and badder.
Sanel The vines are cut by the massive axe of the woman, causing the creature to screech in paina gain. Another vine rears back, ready to strangle the maid.

The Dread Lord Ochu lifts up. It 'see' the presence of the celestial summons. As the construct of animated light manifests and then it comes down with those fangs, the massive jaws of light strike down and sink into the beast causing it to roar in pain. It attempts to reel away and use its most dreaded attack.


Lord Ochu is asleep.

That's right. He is asleep.

And Montag gets a few good shots in.

It takes up.

It becomes angry. And then it jumps up into the air and starts stomping on the ground. It keeps striking down on the earth that begins shuddering the ground. Those few trees about are starting to collapse, seeking to knock Alma and a few others down on the ground and into the shuddering earth.
Serah Farron Serah Farron goes wide eyed when the Ochu gets angry. Apparently it needed that nap, because it wakes up very cranky! She keeps giving her verbal encouragements, as she jumps on top of the caravan, narrowly evading the vines and seed bombs throw her way. No, the Ochu isn't going to get a taste of pink today.

Instead, its going to get more of a lash back from her companions, as she keeps layering the benefic effects on them. She seems to be well talented in this kind of magic too, maybe she just has a gentle and loving personality.
Alma Hyral She manages to avoid the worst of the onslaught, by dipping down, and lowering herself beside the Dread Lord Ochu. The Celestial Construct of Bahamut persists, remaining near Dread Lord Ochu. Before it unleashes a breath of scathing luminescence from its maw, in the form of white fire. Then each of the stars wink out and it vanishes.

Stand back. An order mostly to her guards, but also to anyone else. She concentrates... And distortions appear within the air. Little tears of multicolored light, like the ambient light in the area were being filtered through a prism.

A moment later, Alma and the Dread Lord Ochu are encased in a white cube of perfect dimensions. A hundred feet in width, length, and depth. Noone from the outside can see exactly what happens inside of it... It only lasts about ten seconds perhaps.

Until the cube shatters. And Lord Ochu, if he managed to get caught within it.. well let's just say he doesn't look like he had the most wonderful experience in the world.
Vespa "<GOOSHONK!>", Vespa says as Ochu goes up then comes down slamming into the earth and knocking her down to ground. She surpised she didn't break anything. She gets back "Okay Al we are ending this!", she bring her massive axe up gripping it tight with both her hands as it starts to glow with a dark aura.

"Die.", she says and brings it down on Lord Ochu cutting the air in two and posisbly Lord Ochu as well.
Sanel All considering the fact that Lord Ochu was asleep, he was getting some good naps in. However, between the boy making its life hell and these strangers invading his territory, he plans to show everyone why he rules this area. That lashing, he sought to make sure everyone was in pain. If not fallen.

Then it will nap!

However, crush stupid humans first.

Vespa had channeled her axe over to hack the thing into two. However, she will find that, while the creature was vulnerable to the axe's blade, she will find that the monstrosity is more sturdy than expected.

And yet, what soon sets it off? Well, Alma and the Dread Lord Ochu are encased in that white cube. It is a large, expansive cube. It sleeps... Sleeps.


The Lord Ochu undergoes the most unpleasant experience. It crashes to the ground with a large thud, fallen unconscous. It is wounded, but it is alive.

The strangest thing, however, is that some device activates on it. The fallen creature is fizzling, before it suddenly blinks out of existence. It looks like someone used a transporting device on it.

The field is left empty, save for all of the creatures that are slowly returning to the plains....

Alma Hyral Alma reappers outside of the cube as Dread Lord Ochu is transported away. The corona around her dims, then fades away almost instantly. She stumbles, then sags down to a seated position, her breath heaving. She looks.. tired. Perhaps diminished, in some way.

Her expression was abstracted, distant, and unfocused, her affect flat. Her two guards approached her now that the battle was over, their rifles hoisted over their shoulders again.

She didn't look like she was going to be rising anytime soon from that seated position, even to congratulate the others on their victory.
Vespa Vespa pants catching her breath as the monsters disapears to wherever is being sent to. "Well that takes care of that..", she leans against her axe. "Good job Al.", she looks around to everyone else. "Good job to you all as well. I'm so taking a nice long bath when I get home.."
Serah Farron Serah Farron moves down from her perched point when the Ochu goes down, phewing. Well, that went well enough. Most people are in good shape it seems, none seriously hurt... save for the Ochu. Maybe Sanel would be too happy about it, but its alive at least. She moves over to put a hand on Alma's shoulder 'Are you alright?" She asks concerndly as she doesn't seem to be moving much..."
Alma Hyral The guards were typically rather wary of people approaching their charge. But they'd seen that Serah was a healer, and they too were concerned. They didn't harry her. Instead they just watched carefully. Alma doesn't appear all that injured. Several parts of her robes were lined with green where the Vines had whipped into her.

Serah places a hand upon Alma's shoulder. And she doesn't move.. She doesn't respond to the stimulus. Not at first, until about a minute later when she looks back up at Serah. "Oh um..."

A wan smile appearing upon her visage as she looked up at her, and began to allow herself to rise, dusting off the lower skirts of her white mage robes. "...I'm fine. Thank you. Is anyone hurt? I can help tend to the injuries.."
Vespa Vespa pants catching her breath as the monsters disapears to wherever is being sent to. "Well that takes care of that..", she leans against her axe. "Good job Al.", she looks around to everyone else. "Good job to you all as well. I'm so taking a nice long bath when I get home.. I'll be okay with some rest.."
Montag Montag has a high powered round loaded, the sort he used against the monster heartless when it attacked Goug. He lowers his weapon seeing the battle is over and adjusts his shades a little bit as he hops down from the tree.

"Not bad we got it down alive. I'm going to be able to grab that bike I been eyeing and we didn?t lose anyone. I call that an S rank op."

This scene contained 44 poses. The players who were present were: Locke Cole, Vespa, Sanel, Montag, Evja, Serah Farron, Alma Hyral