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(2013-07-03 - Now)
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Faruja Senra The bar in Fluorgis is as hopping as ever in this late night, hovering just beyond 8 o'clock. Songs are sung, tales are told, and people grumble their concerns over hefty amounts of ale. Even a bard is on duty, playing music in a local flavor.

Rumors fly about, as well, one wizened old man in the corner harumfing. An empty seat sits before him, and he slams down his empty glass. "Hmph! Dagnabit, where /is/ that boy? Always in 'ere 'bout now. Stupid, grubby golden-armored git, with his fancy spear and slinky tail!"

A nearby patron turns, peering at the old man. "You're going daft, old Bert! Faruja's been in that Cathedral. Prayin' all night or somethin'. It's like his little miracle knocked out all the taste for booze."
Deelel Deelel had spent the last while with Shiki hunting Ivo. For there was some wrath coming his way over 'Kara'. Either way somehow he managed to evade Deelel and Shiki in their hunt for him. There has been no luck, and the basic could seriously use some energy. She'd been thankful that the fact that 'food' was able to be processed by her body. In the end, she chalked it up to the magic that sometimes changed her appearance to be less disruptive o the various world she's been at as she sipped at her drink she listened for a moment to the patron and an eyebrow went up. Faruja did enjoy his booze but never did he drink so much he was like an addict to the semi toxic substance. SO she wasn't sure what was up with that, still it sounded odd to her.

"Really? He has no more interest in drink?"
Faruja Senra The old man hmph's, turning to Deel, scowling. "Weird, eh, whippersnapper? Nice boy, even with the stick up 'is butt like the rest of 'em. Maybe a little less firmly lodged, eh? Actually comin' down to talk with an old man. Guess he's prayin' to his god or somethin' that he's always goin' on about."

One of the other patrons shakes his head. "He ain't the only one. Buncha people been going there, starin' at that weird chalice. It's strange. Never seen so many just start...gettin' religious! Like old sam. Ever since they healed his leg with that weird chalice, he started prayin' all day. Said he sold his business, gave it all to that preacher...Father Barnaby?"

"Father Barnabus."

"Right, weird."
Deelel Deelel says "It was one of the things where he relaxed a bit. Yes, I fought along side him before against some of the wildlife. I'd have been killed if not for him. He pushed me out of the way without thinking about it. We had to make the sand worm cough him up."

She listens for a moment and she pauses for a moment "I know of the Chalice and understand Religion but it's strange for so many to as you put it. Find it all at once,"

Deelel was fairly religious for a program all things considered it's just she's met her gods and she cares for them, is thankful they made her kinds yet? They are so lost without her people. After a certain point she's understood how dependant upon the systems in which her kind live in.

"Something strange is going on here. I was also at the attack when the Chalice was revealed."

Something wasn't wright it sounded almost ... viral for lack of a better term.
Faruja Senra The old man laughs, reaching over to slap Deel on the back. "Ahh, now /that/ sounds like him! Not a bit of brain in that head, but he's brave as 'ell."

The patrons and the Old Man ponder Deel's words. "Yeah. I don't like it. But I ain't going near that weird chalice, if it gets me infected with the religion." The younger man spits.

Walking up, a burly man exits from behind the bar, peering at Deel. "Hey, you! You know the rat, right? Here. Give this to 'im! At that Cathedral. He's late on his tab, been weeks now!"
Deelel Deelel says "He's a good man honestly. I been in it's presence before but was not effected."

That may be due to her nature as a species that doesn't exist on it's origin world. She tilts her head a little bit. "...Faruja not paying up what he owes? That's strange, but I'll do so."

Okay the alarm bells are hitting alert Klaxons at this point. She takes a deep breath.

"There is something strange given the nature of the assassins, it seemed like another group of heretics were trying to stop them. The more I hear the stranger this becomes."
Faruja Senra The civvies shrug, the old man shaking his head. "I'm tellin' ya, somethin's weird about the whole lot! There's always been kooks around, but...these one's are differen'! Kid, go down there and give that boy a whippin'! That ain't like him at all! Gettin' his head up the clouds! I can't make no sense of it either, whippersnapper!"
Deelel Deelel says "I have to agree there were some other matters about the state of the Chalice."

The strange man there they found ahead of the Templar who followed them up. She wonders just how deep this goes and something clearly is warping people's minds. Being devour is one thing, paying respects to your creator or creator sis good. Yet something seems to be twisting that here.

"How to wake him up, I may need to go speak to some others."
Faruja Senra The old man rubs his chin, long white beard swaying. "Mmm...dunno, kid. Maybe go talk to some kinda alchemist, or...I dunno, a wizard! Not like anyone'd believe ya. Don't get it. Nobody questions those weirdos! Freaky bunch, if ya ask me."

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