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(2013-07-02 - 2013-07-19)
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Mercade Alexander Welcome back to the stage of history!

Or you can settle for the Twilight Detective Agency's main office in Manhattan, wherein the door just slammed open. Mercade is carrying two armfuls of ice cream and ice cream accessories. One cone is like 5 times the size of the others. You can guess which one belongs to Will. "HEY GUYS!" Mercade calls. "ICE CREAM'S HERE!"
Emi Dennou The Dennous have all come to celebrate? Celebrate. Celebrate what? Freedom.

Emi and Imi are the last to arrive. They make their way along and Emi stops outside, noting a young woman passing by. Emi slows, stops, turns her head to look after her, and then says, "Excuse me."

The young lady turns, she has dyed hair and blue eyes. "Yes?"

This one is wondering...did you want to kiss me?"

"What!? No!"

"What if this one mentions she's a detective?"

One dipsmooch later, Emi walks in, wiping off lipstick from her cheek, along with Imi. They nod to the other Dennous.

"This is a dangerous power." She tells Mercade.
Will Sherman Will has had seen better days, he is still pretty hurt, his arm still tied up in a sling to help heal. He heals pretty well, but he needs time.

" cream." he says, with a smile and stands up from loafing on the couch. He takes the massive cone. He can barely hold it himself!
Mercade Alexander "Extremely dangerous." Mercade nods. "Remember to only use it for good." He pauses. "Mostly." He pauses again. "And watch out for anyone who smells like lilacs and trouble. That usually means they're going to be a troublesome dame, which usually means you're going to get caught up in a web of intrigue and betrayal. Those are really hard on the clothing budget." Mercade begins passing out ice cream cones to the Dennous.

He considers for a moment. "Do you all taste ice cream when one eats it?" He asks, offhandedly.

Will gets passed delicious ice cream. "Hopefully this helps, Will." He says. It will. Everything Will eats just continues to fuel the Hobo Engine.
Emi Dennou Emi says, "This one will do her best." She pauses along the same interval as Mercade. "...Mostly." Dennous collect ice cream gradually, Imi--naturally--is a bit shyer today than normal, a bit quieter, but they all manage to keep friendly.

Umi is holding the pogo stick with her free hand, a big unsure how to handle that.

"We all remember the taste. Not quite the same, The Network suspects."
Will Sherman Will nods, "I think it will.." he says, with a nod... "Maybe." he says. They saw some stuff, they really did...some things were revealed...but...

The fact that the Dennou's are here, freed...happy again. That was worth the price, he thinks. Plus ice cream.

He sits back down, and grins at Umi, "Just set it down for a bit. We can mess with that later."
Mercade Alexander "That's pretty fascinating." Mercade replies, thinking. He heads to the kitchen to put the extra cones in the freezer, where they won't melt before the others get here.

He checks mentally if they all got the same flavor or not. "Probably not. But hey, it just means you get to eat more ice cream, right?" He grins. "So are you all..." He looks between those present. "Are you all doing all right? I'm kind of concerned about you guys, considering all that's happened."
Emi Dennou Umi is going to set dat pogo stick down carefully to the side, but she fumbles it at the last, best hope for peace--rather, fumbles it at the last possible moment and it clatters to the ground. What was's hard to process all at once, even for The Network, but they imagine the others are having a worse time.

"We'll be alright. We are more worried about Isaac." Emi says. "He is on...vacation, yes?"

Imi smiles a bit, "Thank you for saving me. It's...embarrassing, haha..."
Will Sherman "Don't worry about it." Will says, smiling at Imi, "We're here for you girls, I'm sure it'll be your turn soon to pull Mercade out of the jaws of a sand beast." he says with a grin. He eats contently for a few moments...

Will stares at Umi. "It's alright, I've dropped that things like a million times. It's sturdy as whoa."
Mercade Alexander Mercade shrugs. "He's... yes. On vacation." As 'on vacation' as going into his room and not coming out or answering anyone gets. "Don't be embarassed. We all need help occasionally, Imi. There's no shame in getting a helping hand sometimes."

He then squints at Will. "Sand beasts? Are you going to drag me into the goddamn desert again, Will?" Mercade /hates/ deserts.
Emi Dennou Umi laughs awkwardly. "Haha, ha, haha, ha... yes, haha, it is probably okI? Yes, haha."

Imi says, "aww...well he doesn't have to throw himself into a sand beast just so we can pull him out." She licks lightly at her ice cream. "..It's not just that. We may have been...responsible in our own way, for what happened to Isaac. We also revealed his secrets...and we knew of them--well some of them--we are sorry for not telling you, but we thought it was his tale to tell..."

Emi nods. "Don't need a reason to help someone ... or except help, it is understood intellectually, of course..."

This scene contained 11 poses. The players who were present were: Will Sherman, Mercade Alexander, Emi Dennou