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What Happens Outside Agrabah...
(2013-07-02 - 2013-07-02)
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Merlock The City of Agrabah... A city of mystery... Enchantment... And Heartless waylaying anyone who dares get too close or stray too far from the city walls! ...Not exactly the sort of thing the Agrabah Tourism Board wants to advertise. Despite caravans frequently being attacked and lone travellers likewise being accosted for their supplies and personal belongings (though they're frequently not taken unless they include relics, ancient texts, or magic items), people continue making the dangerous trip. In many cases it's simply because people have already started across the desert and just DON'T KNOW that the danger of Heartless attacks exists yet!

One caravan is just leaving the city, however, even knowing the danger. This caravan might have something special in-store for any Heartless who attack. Perhaps someone is guarding it. Perhaps the caravan itself is just a fake -- a lure meant to distract or trap or otherwise trick the Desert Raiders. High above in the sky, a large bird circles. It's probably just a vulture. Nothing to worry about. Certainly not a socerer or anything. Hahaha.


The time of day is 'afternoon', which is not normally a good time to travelling across the desert, given it's so stupidly-hot, but those in the caravan seem to be dressed to the environment and keeping hydrated adequately enough.

Agrabah is still within sight to the north.
Tifa Lockhart In spite of her feelings about it, the barmaid went all the way into the desert. For what? Well, drinks mostly, trying to furnish her bars with drinks from everywhere. But there was also a bit of an escort job. She moves with the caravan, just a few steps behind it, on top of her bright red chocobo. The chocobo's saddle is lined up with the various bottles she found that seemed interesting. Creating lines of trade and commerce helps out in the long run.

As for the escort job, the caravan was going to move through dangerous territories... which she had to use as well, so really, it wasn't a big deal. Safety in numbers they say? Well, the caravan might be safer with her around. Wether she's safer with the caravan is to be proven yet.
Malicia Malicia is right at home with the intense heat of the midday desert. She walks with a slight spring in her step, keeping close to the outside walls of the city.

She knows that while the city of Agrabah itself is not the wealthiest, there lays a palace inside filled with riches. Not to mention the rumors of treasure stashed away somewhere deep within a cave in the desert.

But as tempting as it might be, today she has come here with a different purpose. Having joined forces with the Shadow Lord Negaduck, she is on a mission to investigate the Heartless attacks in the area, and to find out who, if anyone, is behind them.

Spying the caravan as it leaves the city, Malicia trails behind at a safe distance. She doesn't know who may be safe-guarding it, but knows this could be the opportunity she is looking for.
Desert Cities. Ulharisk likes Desert cities. Mostly cause being what he is, Draconians can handle the intense heat rather easily and even more so if he was in his dragon form; but that takes up to much energy and he doesn't want to eat VALKYRI out of their home. Cause he can do it!

So the Draconian finds himself wondering the desert to a place he has never been before. To a city he has never seen before either until now. Thankfully he may fit in with how he dress and the cape gently moving in the breeze of the hot wind. His dark tan scale-like skin perhaps being though the most stand out feature.

Including his clawed fingers and toes. Then there was the elf-ish like ears and those draconic like violet eyes. Though, surely in such a place. He wouldn't get to many looks right? Yet he wasn't to the city yet. So he will find out eventually.

But what he does catch in the distance is a caravan heading off to somewhere. Hey. Maybe he could get a lift! Would beat walking and maybe he could offer them up some assistance, if they don't already have enough assistance.

So the young draconian makes his way toward the Caravan in an easy jog like pace. After all, even if he didn't make it to the city, maybe he could get a chance to see some other new, neat place.
Merlock The caravan continues along. Trudge trudge trudge through the burning sand. (Sand: It's everywhere! Get used to it!) The sun beats down on everyone. The air is stagnant, and any time there is any wind it's hot, full of dust and sand, and not at all soothing. It's not until Agrabah's walls are out of sight that the Desert Raiders appear. Just, suddenly dozens of bursts of shadowy mist appear and resolve into Bandit Heartless! There also seem to be slightly different Bandits among them, with long, white scarves with the Heartless Emblem embroidered upon them. They waste no time in charging at the wagons, but they don't seem to bother attacking any of the people driving the wagons, riding camels alongside, walking on the ground, or similar. Though such people are scared -- and for good reason -- they do as they have heard works, and just... Don't fight back.

As long as they show no aggression, the Heartless leave them alone. At worst they might get slightly roughed up by having personal belongings gone through. Ulharisk heading towards the caravan can probably see what's getting on for the most part, though he is likely just far enough away that the Heartless aren't aware of him. Tifa's chocobo is treated the same as a camel. Ignored unless hostile action is taken. Malicia following behind is in a similar position to Ulharisk. Close enough to act if she chooses too, but far enough away the Heartless don't seem to notice.

Some foolish guard does attempt to defend the wagon he is guarding when the Heartless charge in. The Bandit he attacks leaps backwards, evading the attacks, while two other Heartless immediately react by lunging in from the sides and striking the man to the ground with their own scimitars.

That's fairly well-coordinated for Heartless, isn't it? Infact... Just with a quick glance, those familiar with Heartless attacks would get the feeling that these Desert Raiders are behaving far too intelligently for basic Emblem Heartless. The Bandits with the scarves seem to be at the center of all this, as the other Bandits move alongside them, following their lead.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart has seen many kinds of heartless since she got here... and these seem odd. Coordinated attacks? Well she knows that they work in packs, but often combine attacks, but this seems like a rather large group, more than usual at least. She moves her chocobo toward the front, giving her warnings "Watch out, there might be a Shadow Lord nearby." She turns her chocobo around, observing the movements. They are being ignored... but for what reason exactly? Are these heartless attacking the city?
Ulharisk was just jogging until he saw the heartless and then his eyes narrowed before he suddenly starts to run now. A blue run appears under his feet as he whispers words and suddenly he seems to just 'dash' to the location in an almost blur of speed.

He marks the air with a blue flame, creating another rune, before smashing his hand through the very rune he created as he runs. In his hand starts to form a blue metal rod that flames move down from each end before it creates his Glaive.

Even at the quicken speed, it will take him a bit to get there. But the Guardian is on the move and he will do what he must to defend those people!
Malicia "Well, isn't that interesting..." Malicia is closing in from the rear, watching closely as the Heartless work together. Surely a sign of a Shadow Lord nearby? But who is pulling the strings on these puppets?

"Wh--HEY" A blur flashes past her, and she barely catches the glimpse of a rather strange-looking human. Were those claws?

The she-duck decides this is the perfect excuse to get in close and takes off after him. Surely, as far as anyone else was concerned, she was just another eager hero ready to help defend these innocent travelers.
Merlock There doesn't seem to be any visible Shadow Lord present (or at least not that is easily identifiable as such). The Heartless set to tearing through the wagons, dumping crates, breaking jars, emptying sacks, and so on. They don't seem to be trying to ruin what's being transported so much as find something no matter where it may be hidden. Scrolls, books, stone tablets, these are gathered and run off with -- though the Heartless don't vanish immediately with them, seeming to be trying to get to some fixed distance away before they can 'poof out'.

When Ulharisk comes charging in while casting magic and summoning weapons, that seems like a sufficiently hostile action that several Bandits turn when a Bandit Leader takes notice and directs them to respond appropriately. This mostly seems to involve five of them charging to meet the Guardian in a 'wedge formation', and then attacking if they can get close enough in a series of dazzling scimitar slashes.

Malicia is given a similar treatment, with a Bandit Leader and a trio of lesser Bandits running towards her, until they get close enough (or attempt to become such) that, admist slashes of their blades, they attempt to land blows upon the she-duck!
Tifa Lockhart Being ignored is one thing, but when they start ransacking the caravan instead... this is where she gets in. The chocobo is a red blur as she moves to cut the fleeing path of the heartless bandits, what you could call a 'driveby' kick to the face to have them scramble and drop their loot. Before they can get back on their feet, the barmaid is standing there, in front of them, tightning her gloves "And where do you think YOU'RE going?"

She moves into her battle stance, ready to pick them up. Their individual strength is nothing to worry about, but their numbers can be worrying.
Malicia "You want to play, do you?" Malicia sneers at the Bandit leader and his minions. The force of their attacks pushes her backwards in the sand but she holds her ground, throwing out her arms to defend herself. She sees an opening and leaps forward, aiming right for the leader.
Ulharisk doesn't have to to react correctly when suddenly the swords come swinging in. He attempts to deflect and avoid them, however he just, isn't, quick enough. The blades cut into his clothing and into his scaled like skin.

He lets out a slight low rumble of a growl as he then suddenly sweeps his Glaive around in a high circle, then a low circle, then a quick cleaving sweeps in attempt to give himself some room from these bandits.
Merlock Tifa successfully cuts the Bandits off, and though the one she performs her drive-by kicking on tries to duck out of the way, it still gets smashed in the head and hurled to the ground, where it vanishes in a burst of inky blackness. It leaves behind a box full of scrolls -- maps of some kind? The others are also carrying things, but seem to not know whether to continue their escape attempt or to put down their stuff and fight. Eventually, the Bandit Leader coordinating the group decides to attack on its own, spinning around with arms and dual scimitars at its sides. Sand is kicked up and turned into a swirling mini-tornado that both scours what it hits and potentially reduces visibility!

Malicia's attacks cause the Bandits to try to leap back out of the way, but at least two of them are a bit too slow and get struck right in their //faces//. They seem dazed by this, and fail to follow after the other Bandits who continue putting distance between themselves and their opponents. The Bandit Leader of this group ALSO performs a maneuver like the one near Tifa does. Spinning around, making sand fly, and slashing with scimitars. Because Malicia's attacks were both damaging and knocked the two Bandits senseless, they are unable to get out of the way and get caught up in their own Leader's attack and subsequently destroyed!

Seems the Leaders are the only smart ones, with the others just doing as they're told -- even if the communication appears to be silent.

Ulharisk's glaive chops one Bandit in half and sends another flying backwards. Two other Bandits catch the airborne one in their arms and set it down, as the Leader of that group also begins performing the same maneuver as the other two. Spinning, blades, and sand cyclones. The looting of the wagons has slowed down to a crawl now that the three Leaders are all occupied directing the battle and fighting personally.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart can't get out of the way of the whirlwind of scimitars. But she doesn't seem bothered or scared either. She takes the hit in, sending a punch of a her own flying toward the bandit leader's head, but it ducks out out of the way. These are pretty nimble it seems. But that doesn't deter her either. She can take a few hits after all, she's a tough girl.

"It'd be better if you just lay down instead, the result is as clear as a nose in the face." Speaking of nose, that's what the bandit gets aimed for immediately, her 1-2-1 combo striking it, and then leaning forward int he motion, she grabs the heartless by the legs, suplexing it into her own piledriver. Let's see if it likes that.
Ulharisk attempts to flip back, avoiding the swinging of swords, but its the cyclone of sand that gets him and spins him up into the air for a moment. He corrects himself with a flip before landing back down on the sandy ground once more.

He twirls his Glaive and then narrows his eyes as they glow for a moment. "You will not get away with this!" He barks out at the bandits at last with his slightly tenor British voice. He then suddenly places the Glaive in front of him which glows a soft blue in color along the whole length as the red runs flare up brightly.

Soon the bandits very essence is yanked out of him, replenishing his own, before he suddenly sweeps the Glaive cutting off the source of the draw and attempting to knock the bandits back if they tried to get in to close during it.
Malicia The blowback from the mini-tornado is whipping Malicia's hair to and fro and she has to shield her eyes. "HEY. WATCH THE HAIR!" She shrieks at the Heartless. She has quickly lost patience and decides it's time to try and lure out whoever may be behind this looting session.
Merlock Tifa's attacks seem to be effective -- but it's always just a scant inch or less that the moves are dodged by. The Bandit Leader turns its head and the fist goes right by its wrapped-up face. When its legs are grabbed, it flips upside-down and grabs hold of Tifa's own legs in turn, so that when she tries to slam it into the ground it is the one on top instead of the one getting rammed into the sand. Then it just flicks its wrists out and a pair of scimitars appear in its hands once more. It raises them over its head... And then swings them outwards, not down at Tifa! This may provide an opportunity to get out of there, but something to consider is that sword movement causes the sand to rise up into a dune and start rolling at high speed across the battlefield, heading towards the others!

The Bandit Leader that Ulharisk strikes out at, along with the other Bandits nearby, do not fare very well. The Leader's health/integrity/whatever Heartless have is rather low, despite its form not showing signs of pain or injury. Its movements speak volumes, however, as it staggers unsteadily. The lesser Bandits were tossed into the air and destroyed outright. The other Bandits around the Leader just resort to a more straightforward tactic of 'mill around aimlessly' while their Leader is recovering. These Heartless seem even more inept than usual when they don't have a Leader actively giving them silent orders.

Malicia's firey ring of power is leapt over by the Bandit Leader, using its superior agility to 'ride' any potential shockwave or thermal updraft and land a distance away. Then it dodges aside as a stream of fire comes at it, other Bandits around likewise performing a nimble evasion they probably normally couldn't.

The dune that Tifa's Leader is on finally swings around and reaches Ulharisk, then continues on after trying to ram him, and goes for Malicia too! If this attempt to get all the heroes (or 'heroes' in one person's case) in the same general location is at all successful, then something unpleasant happens. All the Bandits left gather around the Leader that isn't dazed and stumbling around. Then, under that lone Leader's direction, they all charge forward slashing their scimitars in a veritable wall of blades, each one carried upon a small sand dune of its own to increase its speed!

Meanwhile, the wagon drivers have decided to turn the caravan around and head back towards Agrabah rather than risk getting caught in all the fighting.
Ulharisk wasn't expecting to get rammed over and goes flying back with the impact. Rolling around in the sand before, forcing himself up. He then dashes right for the Bandit leader as he raises up his Glaive.

He then leaps into the air and slams it down, before making several quick swings with the weapon. Attempting to try and catch the Bandit leader in each of these and trying to slice up as much as he can of the man. After all, it was Shadow Lords and the Heartless who destroyed his world.

He has a bone to pick with them. A very /big/ bone to pick with them really.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart gets thrown off her feet with the rise of the sanddune. Nothing to please the martial artist, that usually has better balance than that. But her attacks not hitting isn't making her in a better mood either. She flips back to her feet, and then takes a wide stance, one hand in front of her, spread opne, as if she was aiming toward the bandit leader, focusing while her right fist is starting to store energy, starting to glow even.

And then she moves. Fast as lightning once focused, she releases her glowing punch straight at the bandit's face, explosive ki released, which doesn't seem to hurt her even in the middle of it, sending the heartless flying backward. A bit of a 'zip' and the barmaid disapears from sight, using her speed to get behind the heartless before it even touches ground. She kicks it upward powerfully.

Another speedy movement, and she appears ABOVE the airborned heartless. Her arms grab around its waist, and then drives him toward the ground head first, in what will likely be very painful from this height.
Malicia Malicia tries to stand her ground but the wall of blades collides and the sharp pain hits her. Cursing aloud she makes a risky move and dives straight into the dunes the Heartless are riding atop.
&r Ugh. She was going to have sand in her feathers for WEEKS.

Buried beneath the sand her body is tossed and turned and thrown every which way with the wave. Finally the torrent comes to a rest as she passes under the onslaught.

There is silence for a moment and then finally, her head pops out from a small hill of sand, and she splutters and spits. Shaking her head like a wet dog, she tries to regain her senses and composure.

In the meantime, her eyes scan the desert trying to find the source behind these Heartless.
Merlock Ulharisk's attacks are incredibly dangerous looking, and though Heartless have no real emotions, they do have a degree of self-preservation -- or at least these ones day, possibly as a result of whomever their master is. Thus as the Guardian slashes down at the unusual Emblem Heartless, it just barely manages to get out of the way through virtue of knowing to dodge things instead of just let them land. The follow up slashes all come quite close, one of them even taking off the top half of the Heartless's turban. These Bandit Leaders... Though seemingly only superficially different from normal Bandits, they are far too dangerous. Too clever. Too skilled. Hopefully there's only these three, because if there's lots of them like there are the other Heartless... Agrabah could be in serious danger from an organized assault.

No one on the ground, but as Malicia looks around, she may notice the large bird of prey that has been circling in the sky the entire time. Other than being large, there's not a lot about it that may seem odd from down there. Though... Is that eagle wearing a talisman of some kind around its neck? The sunlight seems to gleam off SOMETHING green at least. That might be a sign of who is behind this. The dazed Bandit Leader who was struck before regains his senses but seems to either lose track of Malicia or leave her alone since she has stopped fighting. Dropped maps and stone tablets and a strange curving dagger with an ugly gemstone in the hilt are all snatched up by the Bandits under that Leader's direction, seemingly resuming their mission. Knowing when to stop wasting time fighting, do what one has to, and get out. That's something else that Heartless don't normally seem to have the wits for.

Tifa's movements are blindlingly fast. The fist that heads at the Leader's face is only avoided because it leapt backwards at the same time that she struck. Even so, the released energy causes a shockwave that washes over the Heartless variant, making it seem like it was caught in a sudden tornado-strength blast of wind! As the martial artist then appears behind the Bandit Leader, it turns over in mid-air and blocks the kick with two scimitars crossed over each other in an x-block. The momentum is still enough that it remains a foot or so above the air when Tifa leaps up into the air and comes back down trying to slam it into the ground! It couldn't see her coming from above. She was too fast, and no matter how skilled the Bandit Leader, this Heartless does not have eyes in the back of its head. Maybe it's Tifa's shadow growing larger on the ground.

Maybe that's it.

But the response is still too fast -- too perfect a reaction for the attack being used given that it wasn't actually seen. It swings one scimitar, slashing into the ground below it and generating momentum it uses to spin and roll through the air and out of the way of the attack. Tifa slams down, creating a crater in the desert where the Heartless was a moment before with her strength.

The caravan is fleeing even as one of the groups of Bandits tries to loot it. The Leader facing off against Tifa throws one of its scimitars -- seemingly at Tifa -- but it missed by a wide margin. Meanwhile, a different similar is thrown by the one facing Ulrahisk from the opposite direction. Each Bandit Leader catches the other Leader's thrown sword. Then they cross them over each other, rapidly striking them together and producing a loud, metallic clanging. Sparks fly. Then the two zip and dash very quickly around the battlefield, trailing high 'walls' of sand behind them. They keep doing this, dashing, slashing in passing occasionally, but mostly just creating shockwaves of sand and force all over the battlefield to keep the defenders off-balance.
Ulharisk uses his Glaive to flip over the one massive sand wave. Then he comes down and swings his Glaive around the Heartless around him. Before he flips over the next shock-wave and then the next. He then lands down in a crouch, before suddenly dashing at the bandit group.

He would speak. He would tell them may Mit'ir and Xur'shio have mercy upon them all. But that be a waste of breath upon these creatures. Instead Ulharisk lets his faithful Glaive do the talking for him. The Glaive spins around, slashing over and over again. Attempting to catch the enemy in its wake of swings and strikes.
Malicia Like a magpie, Malicia is keen to all things shiny and this seemingly normal bird is no exception. The green glint catches her eye, but the avian is too far above for her to make out any detail.

Surely a mere scavenger was not responsible for these powerful Heartless.

Pulling herself from the sands, Malicia decides that if she wants to get ANYTHING beneficial from this foray, she needs to work fast and head for the caravans before they're safely inside the walls of the city. But as soon as she approaches, the bandit leaders are there and blocking her way.

Time to clear a path. She makes a beeline for one of the leaders and waits until one is close enough to the ground for her to grasp on and throw him into the wall.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart crashes down in the sand, but she was in control of her flight... just too bad that the heartless she was trying to catch didn't follow for it. But in the time she was lifting herself out of her selfmade crater, the bandits mounted a counterattack, which takes her by surprise admist the sandcloud that surrounds her. She coughs, and the rushing attacks slice through her, leaving some severe marks over her skin. That isn't good at all. Why is she always down on her luck with these monsters, she has no idea. She's not training hard enough?

But she doesn't give up either, wether its a single punch or kick, it could be the difference in a fight, she doesn't have troubles pounding these monsters into oblivion at least, while she holds back on most living creatures... heartless gets the full of her strength.

Although right now, the tank is nearly empty.
Merlock Ulharisk's attacks are only just barely blocked by those flashing scimitars. The lesser Bandits seem to dance around forming a circle about the two warriors to prevent an escape. Tifa's attacks are likewise blocked by a Leader's blades, but the massive strength she uses is such that it takes the other Bandits leaping into 'switch out' -- and they fare far less well, getting tosses through the air before rolling back to their feet and coming back to try again. Malicia's struggle with the Bandit Leader is a contest of strength -- a sort of wrestling match as it tries to fight her back and she tries to show it the fine art of eating sand. The caravan is already heading away fast enough that Agrabah is starting to come into sight for them. The Heartless harassing them hesitate, their orders keeping them from pursuing and their Leaders not nearby enough to give new orders.

Then this draining battle with foes of unreasonable -- supernatural -- skill is drawn to a close. Though Heartless just plain SHOULDN'T be this good at fighting, at least three of them are. And the one who commands them makes himself known. There is a rushing of air, the sound of large wing beats, and a giant eagle with a moustache and a talisman about his neck descends from the sky. Even as he lands, a green glow radiates from the bird and surges over his body -- altering his shape from beast to some sort of wolf man in a cloak and hood.

He is very tall and has very sharp-looking teeth. The Bandit Leaders, and the lesser Bandits all cease their fighting and vanish in poofs of dark mist. Though dressed rather darkly, the shapeshifter does not make any hostile movement. Instead he simply says, "I apologize for not stepping in sooner..." He bows slightly at the waist as he stands there. Even leaning forward he probably looms over everyone here. "I am Merlock, the Magnificent. I was waiting to see if the Heartless would find a certain object amongst these wagons. It seems that they did not, and ending this conflict before there were any..." The sorcerers looks around at the slightly battered combatants. "...//Serious// losses seemed more of a priority."
Malicia Yes, /perfect/. This is exactly what Malicia had been hoping for.

Stepping forward, the demoness' tail swishes back and forth curiously. "Greetings, Merlock." She begins smoothly. "I take it you are a Shadow Lord, yes?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart moves back into a stance after her attacks seem to only blow more sand, not much trace of them showing on the bandits... until they vanish suddenly. What just happened exactly?

The answer appears shorting after. She frowns toward the man "Are you saying that you're the one that sent these heartless?" She speaks out quite defiantly too. Anyone who uses the heartless are Shadow Lord, evils, or simply insane. Those creatures of darkness have no other reason of existence, and manipulating them is very risky.

She looks at Malicia... great, they know each other.
Ulharisk narrows his eyes as suddenly the man behind all this appears. He then points his Glaive tip in his direction. "So you are the one behind the heartless!" The Draconian being Capitan Obvious. "If you think you can find whatever you are trying to find, you wont get far. By my great ancestor's name and by the power of Xur'shio, I will see to that!"

The Draconian's eyes glow gently. "Now leave here, servant of Whe'ir, before my Glaive finds your withered heart."
Merlock Merlock looks down upon Malicia (perhaps in more ways than one, given his squinting) and says, "I am indeed. And //you// are?" When the wolf is addressed by Tifa, he glances towards her briefly and then to Ulharisk. "Yes, yes. I am behind these Heartless. However, I am beginning to think that what I am searching for will require OTHER means to find, so you need not worry either of yourselves about these caravans. Not that it would matter if you do, based on your performance. My //enhanced// Heartless have finally had a test run against formidable opponents, and have proven themselves more than capable."

The bearded wolf man then turns his attention on Malicia once more and says, "This is not the place to have such discussions, however. I am certain we will meet again." Then darkness seems to just spread up from his feet and the tip of his cloak, until it completely engulfs him, and he just vanishes into a shadow that ceases to exist moments later.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart rubs her upper arm, where she got some of the more serious cuts, although she's not mortally injured either. She just needs a few potions to spruce herself up, but now that danger is gone, she's not in any immediate rush either... She just stares at the figure disapears before she can answer up... not that it matters. He wasn't really interested in the answer. She sighs, and turns back toward the city, going to meet with the caravan. She whistles her chocobo back, who sprints back over with a happy 'kweh~'. Its a smart chocobo, enough to understand at all. She nods to Ulharisk... but gets a bit weary of Malicia now.
Malicia Malicia rolls her eyes at Ulhraisk. Ugh. Heroes. Always with the melodramatic speeches. These do-gooders are all the same, no matter the dimension.

She frowns at Merlock's departure. So many questions she had, particularly about these powerful and well-organized Heartless. Clearly, this Shadow Lord has quite a knack for pulling the strings.

"Well, so much for that." She says airily. Raising her arms behind her head casually she turns to glance at Tifa and Ulhrarisk. For a moment she sizes them up, deciding whether she can take advantage of their battle-worn state and finish them off. However she finally decides against it, deciding it would be best to leave the two and return to Hollow Bastion.
Ulharisk goes to go after the Shadow Lord, but by the time he does, the 'man' has vanishes and he swings his Glaive at the sand in his own frustration. "..Damnit!"

He then turns to look at Tifa and the other who is leaving, so his violet eyes fall on Tifa for now. "..You alright?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart moves back on her chocobo, nodding to Ulharisk "I'll be fine, thanks for the help." She smiless, brushing some hair out of her eyes "Nothing a few potions and a shower can't fix."
Ulharisk gives her a nod and smile. He then notes the Chocobo and wonders if the red bird would become skittish due to his dragon background. "You, uh, heading to a city? Do you think I could get a lift?" He gives her a bit of a sheepish smile, before walking up carefully and placing out his hand. "My name is Ulharisk. Part of Valkyri."

The Glaive itself is already vanishing in a flicker of blue light.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to Ulharisk, and points to the spot behind her "Sure, I was heading back toward Traverse Town, and then toward Goug. Hop on."
"Thanks!" Ulharisk gives her a smile and does so. He wont talk her ear off, so no worries there, but if she does strike up a conversation. He will do his best to hold one. He is still learning some of the words of this world. Like sun is day and so on.

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