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(2013-07-01 - Now)
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Garnet Archades had been on high alert ever since the attack from Alexandria. They had pretty much declared themselves enemies of Archades and possibly allies with the heartless as well. People were still recovering from the damage dealt by the dark eidolons who had attacked that fateful nights, and many more were still injured by the assault.

A lone white mage had wandered the streets, offering help as much as she could. However as the day wore on, she grew tired and weary, and increasingly more fearful as she wandered through the streets alone, lost, and confronting danger at every turn.

After a long day's work of treating the injured, the girl known only as 'Dagger' in this guise, made the long trek back to the inn..Unfortunately, she had taken a wrong turn and found herself in a dingy alleyway..Unbeknownst to her, gold creepy eyes followed her every movement, shadowing her path way through the alley, their black bodies trembling with excitement and hunger for her pure heart..
Beatrix And here she was again. The general that is. After the attack, Alexandria all pulled back, with their deeds done. All but one. Draped in a cloak to ge incognito, the general came back for two reasons.

The first being reconnaissance. She thought that this attack on Archades was rather gratituous, useless... and unplanned. A whim, if you can say. She never was consulted on the strategic value of attacking a remote nation like this. And to be popped up with it only moments before the attack. Even if her loyalty is flawless, this... was starting to stretch it thin. Why was she following the orders of that man, and not the queen directly? She has no idea. But its not making her happy.

The second reason... was the figure she saw during the attack. The only other she knows that could summon Bahamut, the princess. She must have been in town when it happened, so she came back looking for her. She had to try to hide herself, because there is a downside to being a world faous general...
Myla Mason Myla Mason style of dress would be considered strange just about anywhere in the world of ruin or Phantasia save where the Al Bhed live her clothing is strange and looks like it's made to just be thrown off with great ease either way she was wandering the city once more and seeing where she could help. She was out fixing little things for the citizens. Still every little bit helped right? She found herself happy being useful perhaps the only real happiness she'd had since the day her world died. As for Beatrix and Garnet Myla's strange nature of dress would be very hard to ignore.
Garnet Truth be told, Dagger was pretty exhausted, too exhausted from healing eople to fight, even if she wanted to. Perhaps that is why she ignored her better instincts and set through the alleyway, determined to make it back to the inn as quickly as possible. Someone had mentionned a short cut this way, right?

Unfortunately, she doesnt even notice the heartless as they gather around her, sealing off the exit, closing in from all sides. Not until they are practically on top of her, that is..Eyes widenned, she backs up, pulling out her magic rod - not that it would do much good against so many - and prepares herself for a battle..

The heartless are faster, rushing in at her from all angles, zapping her with bolts of lightning and fire. Dagger is not fast enough this time, still sapped from all that healing.

A scream and cry for help is all that she manages to utter, before one of them casts a sleep spell on her, causing her to slip into unconscioussness..
Beatrix Was it chance, or instincts, or the fact that she change her bedsheets after an accident, but the scream didn't go unheard by the general. There wasn't a single hesitation, Save the Queen, finally serving its namesake, was drawn immediately, as she rushes into the alleyway. It doesn't matter who or what is going on, the black figure gets met with the blade, slicing right through it to release the princess from their clutches.

There has been times where the general has been angry, but this goes beyond all of those times. Noone touches the princess on her watch. "Go back to the darkness from whence you came!"
Myla Mason Myla Mason lets out a cry of surprise as more heartless appear? They are back again already? She doesn't get a chance for names or anything else. She's going for her pistols and already opening fire on the heartless.

"This just doesn't end. We need to hold them off till the guard arrives!"

The local military had upped patrols in the lower city due to how broken down it had become and so there was hope they would get backup at some point. Her eyes dart about as she tries to see if this is just a random attack or if there is someone here directing the creatures.
Garnet Dagger lays unconcious on the ground as heartless swarm about her. They're about to rip her delicious heart out and swallow it, before the two would-be heroes interrupt their 'meal'. Rumbling in that non-comprehensible, animalist way of theirs, the mage-looking heartless swarm the newcomers, assaulting them with bolts of dark energy and fireballs. They seem pretty quick, many of them managing to deflect Beatrix's strikes, although many more are lightly bruised and stunned temporarily by Myla's strikes.

Still, there are so many of them. Can they possibly reach the unconscious girl before the hearless do?
Beatrix Beatrix wanted them off the princess, so wether or not they got hurt is secondary. Doesn't mean she's not going to try to poke those glowy eyes out. The dark bolts get dextly deflected by her sword, batting them away like a paddle with a ball. Her eye gleams, tossing the cloak aside to take her battle stance "I do not expect you to understand words, even if you did, no mercy would be offered." Gripping the sword with two hands, she sends waves of magical energies toward the dark monsters, to make them explode on contact.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is just moving in now even s she's caught and hurt, it's not too bad she's not bleeding. Well not yet, and well she's getting closer she needs to assail these things a bit harder and so away she goes as she turns on a noise blaster sending a horrible wrenching pulse of sound at the heartless while hopefully given the other warrior whose going after them.

"That is a good attitude towards these creatures and any who would presume to use them!"

Beatrix has won a few points with Myla already.
Garnet The darned heartless continue to swam about the two heroines, seeming quite fast, but not overly powerful. Beatrix manages to deflect their attacks but they dart out of Myla's range quite easily, continuing to toss bolts of energy at them both.
Beatrix Beatrix looks over to Myla who came to the rescue. She nods a bit in reply. Only people that are insane could give mercy or trust to these creatres, and even more those that can call them or manipulate them. Save The Queen gleams even with the lesser lighting of the alleyway, slashing at the heartless to keep them away. She's standing right next to the princess, the most stalwart of shields. "None shall get any closer while I live." That's an invitation of course, but also the plain truth.
Myla Mason Myla Mason sees there's quite a few of them here mostly fodder but it will not be long before some of the patrols do find their way here. Meanwhile she continues to strike but this time she's holsters her pistols and pulled a cutlass off her back which she dives into the thick of the heartless hacking and slashing as she goes she's petty into the tick of them.

"The guard should be here soon! We just need to hold a little longer!"
Garnet The heartless do seem quite resiliant. Even as many of them fall, others arrive to take their place. Perhaps it is simply that they are particularly interested in this particularly pure heart, that they will not back away easily. Their crowds are thinning considerably however, and Dagger begins to stir as heartless still swarm around her.

"No...Let me go!" She murmurs as she manages to summon a ball of holy energy to rain down upon the nearest ones..Before slipping into unconsciousness again..

The others continue to swarm the two heroes in earnest now, determined to do away with them before reinforcements arrive. They continue to fly at them with their little wands and dark bolts, attempting to pierce and blast them to bits!
Beatrix The general hmphs quite loudly at that. "We have no need for the guards. This is my battle, my task, my oath. As long as I have Save The Queen, there shall be no harm befalling the princess!" She says without a care for who is listening. The General is at the top of her pride and strength, she could take on an entire army when she's like that.

Her sword starts glowing, charging with holy energies, a pure white color that dissipates the darkness of the alley. And then, a step. A single stride, which makes her lean forward, the sword slashing from left to her right, diagonally from low to high, releasing the holy power in an arc in front of her, to make the shadowy monsters disapear under the guidance of the light.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "This ain't your country."

Myla points out before she's staring to not shoot but she's chanting in a strange language and it's clear what's happening here as she turns the water in the air against the heartless intend to not drown them no crush them or otherwise slice them as she forces it into a keen edge, she's just aiming to cut them down without much mercy.

Also in the distance a patrol of guards can be seen double timing it also some sort of hover unit has joined them. Their response time is pretty quick all things considered, though it will be a bit before they arrive though.

Myla meanwhile continues to basically make use of one of the most comment elements in the world and the heartless are not met with unrelenting force from her water. Also the fact one of her world's Gods have hacked the radio and everyone on the channel is going nuts only makes her life even more interesting.
Garnet The combined might of the two heroines is enough to defeat the remaining heartless. Not even a single one remains behind, although a lot of munny and hp balls burst onto the ground, many of them attracted by hungry rats if Beatrix and Myla do not make a grab for them first.

Exhausted, Dagger remains unconscious, her energy spent, upon the ground of the dingy alleyway. Hardly fitting for a princess really..

Then of course the noise is bound to attract the Archadean guards, and they are there in a flash, landing by the entrance of the alleyway, shining lights into the darkenned area. "Who goes there?" They bark, searching the area for stray heartless, or any other signs of a struggle. A few stray heartless do get spotted and they make quick work of them. It wont be long before they catch sight of the infamous general of Alexandria, and even Dagger is bound to be recognized, even in her peasant attire.
Beatrix Beatrix doesn't have much time after the heartless disapear. She reaches down for the princess at her feet, while sheathing up the sword. The cloak is left behind "It is not our nation, that is why we cannot stay here either. Thank you for your help." She says simply, and with the princess in her arms, she aims to flee the scene. They can't be seen here, it doesn't matter the reason behind their presence, it would most likely lead to alot of troubles.
Myla Mason Myla Mason lowers her weapon and look about as the solider arrive this is good, this is very good. However once they catch sight of Beatrix given their orders about finding out the fate of one of the missing members of the royal family. Its going to get very crazy at this point. Myla is unaware of of just who Beatrix is at this point and one could only guess what way she'll go given her comments and attitude she's very likely to side with the guards. When one think about it.

"We had heartless here I think they are all gone. Then again you can never know."

Then she realize that Beatrix has bolted with the girl who was assaulted.

"Wait what just happened here?!"
Garnet The guards arrive a moment too late it seems. Fortunately there are no more heartless threatenning the city. Still, the guards peer after Beatrix, one of them recognizing the famed general. "General Beatrix! Traitor of Alexandria! Halt!"

One or two start to run after her although she's proving to be quite fast. The other two guards pause by Myla. "What happened here, miss? That woman is a wanted criminal and enemy of the state! She is the famed General Beatrix, who led the Alexandrian army in an unprovoked attack against Archades! Did she summon heartless here?"
Beatrix Beatrix doesn't stop for anything of course. She's going to have a talk with the princess once they are out of range of anything. She hears the pursuit, but she's already lenghts ahead, keeping the pace she should manage to avoid them with relative ease at least. Staying in Archades is a very bad idea.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "No she was attacked like I was. I was just lending my skills as an engineer to help the people here. Wait that's General Beatrix?!"

Myla face palms at this but also while she wasn't hurt too badly some of her injuries are wearing on her it would likely harm her more if she chased after the she needs to get it looked at.

"I'm sorry I can't do more but whomever it was she was thankful the heartless were stopped from consuming the girl they attacked."
Garnet The guards frown at Myla. "Indeed, that is the infamous traitor, General Beatrix. The one who spearheaded the attack on Archades. she is considered armed and dangerous! Should you meet her again, be wary!"

The other guard pauses, peering at her slight wounds, "Need you help, miss?" he seems to be somewhat knowledgable of cure spells as he already has a spell on his lips as he examines her more obvious injuries.

Fortunately it seems Beatrix has outrun the guards and they turn back to join Myla and the other guards, breathing a bit heavily, "She ran away with a girl. I wonder who she was? Did you get a good look at the girl?"
Beatrix The run took her out of the main area, but not out of danger. Archades is practically built atop of a cloud, it would be hard to escape through normal means. And she doesn't have the blank mage portals. If there was one thing that was handy about them, as much as she hates to admit...

Also, she's uncloaked, could be discovered at any moment. But she at least ran out of the nearest limits, they have more chances of being seen from inside the walls. Outside, it will be a bit harder. She sets the princess down, and keeps a watch on the surroundings, ready to move out if any company shows itself.
Garnet As Myla engages the guards, Beatrix successfuly manages to flee the scene with an unconscious Garnet in tow. Indeed, it'll be difficult to flee the city in the clouds without finding proper transportation first, unless Beatrix happens to know the secret passageways into the lower archades.

For now however, they are safe, and Garnet, should Beatrix examine her, seems to be more or less unharmed, save for a few scratches and bruises from the heartless. Mostly however she just seems really exhausted. And a bit dusty and shoddy in those worn out peasant clothes.

How very unfitting for a princess!
Beatrix Beatrix is just glad the princess is unharmed for the most part. The rest, nothing that cannot be healed with magic or potions. She kneels next to the princess, starting to spread her own curing magic from her hands and into the princess, until she wakes up. She keeps a solid eye on the surroundings, making sure they were not pursued. She's not afraid of a few guards, but unecessary strife should be avoided while she has the princess around her.
Zidane Well, what's a thief to do with a war going on?

Zidane is bounding through the lower level of Archades, having been tipped off somehow that Garnet and Beatrix were making their run for it in the confusion. And with one thing or another, he really wanted to see Garnet again... even if it meant helping out Beatrix in the process. The gentleman thief lept and grabbed a pole with his tail, swinging himself up into a window, searching fast before things get too bad down here. Or even worse.
Garnet 'Dagger' as she is known in this guise - and really, who would mistake her for a princess right now? - Slowly stirs back to consciousness as Beatrix watches over her. It's been a harrowing few weeks, hiding around Archades, attempting to avoid the guards with no idea where she was going or how to get out of here - even where to flee to. Of course she'd be exhausted, but by now, the young princess has had at least some rest, and Beatrix's magic really does re-energize her tired, worn out body.

She yawns and sighs, stretching a bit as her dark lashed eyes flutter open, peering around. "Mmm, where am I? What has happened..?" The girl murmurs, before spying Beatrix. The sight of the cold general who seemingly spearheaded the attack against Archades causes her to frown slightly, although Dagger knows that there is good in Beatrix as well.

"General Beatrix, what is going on? How did you get here...Is...Is Kuja here too?" She tenses at that dreadful thought, fearing for a moment that Beatrix might have come to take her back yet again to Alexandria.
Beatrix Beatrix loosk relieved, a bit softer when the princess wakes up. She shakes her head at the question though "No, he is not here. I came of my own when I had the feeling you were here, after the last attack." She helps the princess sit up, against a rock more comfortably, and then standing back up. She crosses her arms, looking alot more frumpy now as she talks some more "... I cannot stand that man. There is something odd going on with him. His presence around the castle is like poison."
Zidane The monkey thief has made it up to a line of balconies and flower boxes, and is scampering along them quickly, his golden tail flicking here and there to keep his balance. He doesn't know exactly where they are, and has not much to go on, but he swears he'll find her...

He adjusts his cuffs a bit on a ledge, surveying the area... he's trying to find a hint of Dagger and Beatrix, but in all the dirt and grime, plus the low light, it's tough. "Ugg... where are you?" He asks the wind, his face a mask of fear and worry. Good thing she's not here to see it, a part of him thinks
Garnet Dagger seems relieved that Kuja is not there and she smiles faintly up at Beatrix, nodding. "Please, do not send me back to Alexandria. After what he did here...Attacking these people unprovoked. Surely you can see that this is wrong?" Peering up skywards from her position near the gates, she could have sworn she saw a flash of a...Monkey Tail?

"Huh? Zidane?" No...That couldn't be him..Could it?
Beatrix Even the mighty general can miss the proximity of the monkey thief. She sighs at Garnet's words too "... I have no orders to bring you back. In fact, I have the feeling that they prefered you were gone now. That is why I feel something is odd. That man is pulling strings, having a hand in matters that he wouldn't." She stands proudly "I am loyal to Alexandria, but not to that man. He is no part of it, and I do not know how, but has been manipulating every decision made recently, and none of them are for the benefit of the nation."

When Garnet notes the tail... the General walks over... and reaches out, giving a tug on the tail "Stop hiding, monkey."
Zidane Well, that was easy.

Zidane gives a yelp as his tail is tugged, and he falls backwards into the room. He blinks up at the General, a hand already itching for his dagger... before he sees 'Dagger' herself, leaning against a rock, and freezes. Well, that was /really/ easy then.

He slides over, rolling away from Beatrix, whom he barely gives a nod to. "Garnet... you /are/ alright. That's... that's great." He breaks into a wide smile. "You okay to move? Come on, we gotta move. 'm here to get you out. Again." He chuckles just a bit at that. "Just wish I had more backup this time..."
Garnet Dagger sighs and shakes her head as she slowly climbs to her feet, wiping the dust off her worn yellow jumpsuit as best as she can. "I cannot believe that mother would not even miss her only daughter. This is ridiculous..Kuja could have killed me! Does she not even care?" Of course she had no desires to run back hom any time soon.

"It is strange however, that he was so determined to capture me and bring me back, and now he could not care less, either. I wonder what mother would think if he accidently killed me.." As for being loyal to Alexandria, Dagger sighs, "Of course, I agree with you. I wish to protect Alexandria and stop this madness. It will not be long now before Archades declares war on Alexandria. That is why, I wish to speak to the leaders of this nation and try and convince them that Alexandria is not the enemy.."

Then Zidane appears and Dagger's eyes widen. "Zidane! I am so glad you are alright!" without thinking, she rushes towards him, attempting to hug him if he will let her. However, when he talks about sneaking out she shakes her head, letting go quickly. "No, I cannot leave until I speak with the leaders of this nation. I must explain to them that their enemy is NOT Alexandria, but Kuja.."
Beatrix Beatrix doesn't stop, not even getting in the way of the two. She has other things to worry about. Its not like she can't grab his monkey tail again if he went too far. "... It might not be that easy either. But if that's what you want to do, then I shall assist you with it. I cannot identify myself as part of Alexandria as long as that man is all but ruling."

She shakes her head "We risk big by staying here, and even attempting this... but they might listen to reason. But I am a liability staying here, best I can do is distract them at this point. I am literally seen as the detroyer of this town.
Zidane He hugs her, a little gobsmacked but pleased, but she lets go quickly. He glances between her and Beatrix, a worried little flick of his tail indicating that it's not what he wanted to hear.

"Well... if you /insist/, but it's dangerous, ya know? But... well, I"m here for you now. I won't go till you go." He nods, resolved, and glances towards Beatrix... he's still not quite happy being around her, obviously
Garnet Dagger shakes her head. "It may be too dangeorus for you to make yourself known in public just yet, Beatrix. Perhaps it would be wiser at least initially, if you claimed to be a guard, or even a lady in waiting. I...I have not thought of this at length, but I am certain that they would treat a princess less harshly than a war general."

She looks the general up and down and smiles, "But, we WILL need a better disguise for you..As for Zidane, I suppose he is not quite so notorious. Even if it may be risky, I am determined to at least try. Afterall, if we do nothing, Archades may well declare war on Alexandria. I..Must let him know that we mean peace. And if mother continues this, then.." She sighs, "Perhaps we shall have to..Dethrone her." Thats a last resort though, and one she is reluctant to venture.
Beatrix Beatrix sighs again, and flips her hair, a gesture she seems to do so often too. "If it persists like this, I may be in my duties to do so. A knight's oath is not the sovereign but to the nation. They are given the duty to protect, but the task to remove them should they act against the nation's populace. Up to now, I was unquestioning about Her Majesty's orders. But more and more, it does not seem that it is her will anymore, but Kuja's. The Queen does not speak to me directly anymore. Something is afoot."

She shakes her head "I do not thing her majesty is acting for the good of the nation at the moment. We are making enemies without reason. Everytime, I hear that it was to foil and preempt plans of them striking us. What I saw while attacking the different nations... did not feel like they were enemies. They were defending themselves, like we would defend Alexandria. We were not in their sights."
Zidane Zidane nodded along, because while the thought of treason was hard for the Princess and the General to deal with, he was a criminal, and thus had no real love for the law, or those at the top of it. He knew the Queen was an evil piece of work, and was looking forward to teaching her a leason... maybe not kill her, but definately pay her back for making Dagger's life hell.

He streached out, arms above his head, cracking his knuckles at the same time. "Well, what are we waiting for then? Let's head out and find someone to talk to, and try to reason with them... but if it doesn't work, we flee, alright?" He looks right into Dagger's eyes, a little plea in there.
Garnet Dagger nods, looking more and more disturbed. "It does indeed seem that we are greeted with coldness and disgust at every turn. Our once mighty and beloved nation has quickly become as hated and villainous as the heartless. And that is the other thing, why are we using heartless when our army is already strong on its own? Furthermore, why do we need those creepy black mage dolls? I do not like this, but we need to stop this somehow, even if it is to let people know that not all Alexandrians are with Kuja. Especially Alexandria's general..."

But, what to do about the queen? They seem to be going in circles. Not even Regent Cid had anything helpful to do but hide her.

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