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(2013-06-30 - Now)
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Deelel Deelel had not been to China in some time, she had sought to get out and just explore there were many sources of inspiration she had to give it to the race that made her. They were very creative even long before they made the first computers. So here she was in Imperial city and she'd found that once again she was clad in strange clothing. A Kung-fu dress for those who would know it's embroidery work of a dragon glows a faint blue like Deelel's circuit line and she still bears the circuit like tattoos on he arms and legs as well. Either way seems to be in a very chipper mood as she's exploring the market place of this strange city. She takes in the people as they go about with interest an she's certainly getting ideas even with her strange foreign look she's not got into trouble yet thankfully.
Shadow Walking down the streets causes a few people to stare at Shadow and his beastly dog. It isn't that his wardrobe doesn't fit in-- it is more that it does fit in and it means something different to the people who live here. Some might consider him 'disturbing the peace' just by being here. Others just chalk it up to being another strange wanderer.

Currently the ninja is making his way to a job post-- some place where people would post odds and ends jobs that need done. On the way an old man with a cane pokes him, "You. You shoo!" Fearless old man, that. Shadow handles it the way a windshield handles rain-- he just walks past him. The old man waves his cane angrily-- to which a menacing bark from Interceptor quiets him up comically.
Zeke Zeke had actually been to china before the worlds went all Strange. He even liked it and so far as he was aware, at least in normal times, the Imperial City was forbidden to outsiders. Maybe this was lifted due to how things were. Maybe he didn't know the right of it.

At any rate here he was obviously a forgiener walking the streets. He spoke softly to those he wanted directiosn from, tipped well when he bought vendor fair (even though he suspected it was already overpriced due to his outsider status,) and he just took the whole thing seemingly in stride.

He looked from Old Man to Barking Dog then to Black Clad Ninja and shook his head before dropping several coins at the old Man's feet. No eye contact or even acknowledgment. Just a small something.

He had no clue what this ninja wanted. And he made no real secret he was following the man.
Deelel Deelel pause at the commotion that she's hearing, the old man is rather unhappy and she wonders for a moment just what is going on she looks over to see the old man being very brave with the puppy of doom. Pets was a user habit she actually got pretty well, given programs kept Bits for much the same reasons. She seems to be well heading for the Ninja and the captain whom she takes notice 9of now. She had seen Shadow before some time ago and was curious what brought him here. SO now Shadow has three tails.
Shadow And so they march! Shadow walks down the street. Behind Shadow is Interceptor. Behind Interceptor is Zeke. Behind Zeke is Deelel. Chibi march. 1. 2. 3. March.

They march across the screen from right to left. They march left to right. They march... without the ninja?

Chibi Shadow turns around and faces his dog. Interceptor barks with a 'Oh right. Turn around.' Interceptor turns around and they are out of Chibi mode again. Another bark goes to Zeke-- though Deelel gets mostly a tail wag. Shadow does the whole, "..." routeen. Awkward.
Zeke Zeke tipped his hat to the dog and smiled. "No worries pup. Just a curious seagul nothing more." Chipper voice. Nevermind the being wierded out over the chibi routine.

Then he did a quick turn since generally when the guy your'e following is a Master of Stealth Ninja Guy and they disappear they are either right behind you, or above you. "Oh c'mon no need for th' theatrics boyo."

This from the guy wearing a great floppy hat and billowy coat.
Izolde Danefield Izolde Danefield has made it a habit in her short time being around this new lands and subsequently, all of these new places to pick up souvenir's of places she'd traveled to and this one was no different; though the clothes were...quite plain this time around. She's wearing a basic white pleated robe with the innards of it having purple indentations in it, in addition to basic looking scandals and her ever present staff. She's got a knapsack that's attatched to her via a strap that goes diagonally over her chest.

As she walks she's constantly inspecting nearly everything at eye level or lower, passing the occaisional wave to the confused city dweller or even going so far as to touch a nearby wall's archetechture.

"Now if only humes were this creative normally. Well done, well done!"
Deelel Deelel gives a sheepish look at Shadow and his dog.

"Greetings, sorry I was admittedly curious. I'd not seen you and your companion for some time. She's almost shaking her hands in a non threatening way. She also looks at the dog, he is kinda cute for a user space grid bug. She's never quite got the thing on animals after all chaotic life was well? Still an concept she was getting used to. ^

That's when she catches wind of Izolde and pauses for a moment before commenting hopefully she's in ear shot.

"They tend to be very creative in general."

She looks back to Zeke and Shadow now.

"So...don't talk much I take it?"
Shadow Interceptor turns his head to the side and whines, 'Curious Seagul?' The dog looks up to Shadow, who apparently speaks dogese, "A bird." Interceptor barks happily. Birds! Oh he does like birds. Birds and squirrels. In fact he saw one justyesterdayandboyisheexcited. The otherwise large menacing dog spins around in excitement. Shadow shakes his head and returns his attention to the flashy pirate. The ninja's eyes seem more distant than annoyed-- but thats par for the course.

"Not often, no," replies Shadow to Deelel. He has the sort of voice that is bland-- easily lost in a crowd of noises. Interceptor is loud, however, and dashes after Izolde with a bark-- hopping around with great excitement. The ninja turns his head towards the canine and notes to Deelel and Zeke both, "Interceptor-- on the other hand, loves to talk lately."
Zeke Zeke chuckled at Shadow. "Just out and about mostly. Try finding a few new places to sell and trade with. Always liked this part of the world back home. Nice change of pace... at least until we started cocking it all up." There was a sad headshake at all those memories. Things history books from another place told him was done here. "But as for you? You seem rather... distinctive for someone trying to avoid attention." He reached into his coat and tossed Shadow a foil wrapped pack that smelled strongly of duck and spices. "Lady back that way sells good food."

Then an aside wave to Deelel. "Having a good time out lady?"
Izolde Danefield Izolde Danefield stops upon seeing a small mural on the side of one of the homes she was passing, resting her hands on her hips for the time being. Her tail is mostly obscured via the robes, but it does sway slowly from wide to side in rather complacent enjoyment.

"Even the everyday city dweller as the time to decorate their home with the pains and perils of artwork. Truly excellent! I wonder what"

She turns towards the source of the loud barking and notices Interceptor barreling towards her. She looks over the creature and stoops down a little bit when it comes close, her voice going softer than it usually was. "Awwwwwwww. Are you gonna say hi? Areyougonnasayhi? Whydontchacome'ereansayhicutie?"
Deelel Deelel says "Fair enough you seem focused on your work. I can respect that."

It's almost as if Shadow had found himself a directive and dedicated himself to it as much as a user could do so. So she can understand that given her origins and admittedly there's sympathy not fear or hate. TO be born with out knowing what you were to be? That's a special kind of hell to her kind one that perhaps their very creators will never fully understand.

She seems to be curious about Zeke for a moment "The flow of goods and information seems to be a very much common on any world even mine."

She pauses and gives in to the dog as well she'll end up trying to also pet the dog as well he's just too cute, right.

Deelel has also found the more adventured a user culture was the more often they just mass produced their items and she could see the logic still taking the time to add art was always a personal touch she liked. Then again she was made for art and music.
Shadow A hand reaches out to catch the foil wrapped pack. Shadow notes, "You have our thanks." There are a lot of ways to intone that. Sarcasm? Sincerity? For Shadow it is neither. Deelel might not be too far off from the mark as it comes off as procedural for this guy. For the time being, Shadow pockets the spiced duck before Interceptor starts thinking it is time for a snack. "I am not looking to blend in," he explains to Zeke, "I am looking for work-- and I will be on my way again." Its true having a ninja around unnerves a lot of people, but its not like he has another pair of not-black PJs laying around. Or does he?

Interceptor is all sorts of playful right now. He barks at Izolde and prances forward. Bark. Bark. Tail wag. Then when he is close enough he flops onto his back and asks for a tummy rub. Bark! 'Pet me!' Shadow looks over towards the dog before saying to Zeke, "I can't speak for the dog. He has his own agenda."
Zeke Zeke smiled warmly at Interceptor's antics. "Most dogs do. Got a terrier as ship's ratter. He does basically whatever he wants."

He kept his hands where Shadow could see them. Shadow could probably tell most of his apparent bulk was due to guns, knives, a sword, grenades, and a really horrible Tween Pop CD set to infinite loop at the touch of a button.

No need to give mr pajama man an excuse to heat up the Ninja/Pirate war.
Izolde Danefield Izolde Danefield kneels down in front of the dog, resting comfortably on her knees, reaching forwards to pull him a tad bit closer so that she can go after his ears.

"You are going to say hi? You are soooo cute, look at cha, just rollin around. If I had my house back I know just the thing for a big ol boy like you but you'll just have to settle for belly rubs!"

She courses her hands around the soft parts of his ears, where they connect to his head, and expertly messages them. She continues moving them down in a rhythmic pattern towards the canine's belly, eventually massaging certain parts of his chest, as if searching for something.

"Who's a good boy? Who'sagoodboy! I know it's been awhlie since my old job but most of ya got this spot that gets the leg goin...let's see if I can find it..."
Deelel Deelel says "It seems he knows his agenda."

She gives intercept some belly runs too he may be getting double attention for a moment. She looks over to Shadow nodding at his answer and smirks a little bit.

"Same for me I can't really hide too well off a world that's nothing like mine."

Her voice is a dead given away with the warble though user voice are a bit creepy to her really when she thinks about it to hard.

"Humm a purpose breed interesting."

She'll let Izolde have her fun with the dog she seems to know better what to do.

"So just what is your job now you seemed to have an eye for art."
Shadow Who is a good boy? Interceptor is! His tongue sticks out of the side of his mouth as he is petted. And-- yep-- there it is. His hing leg starts going like the 'right spot' is hit. Then he stops. When he is double teamed-- might as well consider this pup out for the count. Thats how you take down a haxdog.

Shadow ignores hsi canine for now. The ninja travels very light based on his person. There are bags of various curios on his belt-- but would be on the opposite spectrum of the pirate. Pirate v Ninja wars. Arrr. There is a sad truth that one day they will be met in mortal combat. It is the way of things-- like cats and dogs, or rather parrots and dogs. "Land or sea," Shadow asks Zeke about the ship. He thinks for a moment on what Deelel has said. Looking over to her, he nods his head in a slight cant, "Where is that? Your home." Origin might have been a better word.
Zeke "Carribean isles, though specifically Port Royal by way of a little fishing village out from England. I dunno how you take to th'sea but getting things from Place to place. Nice job really even if most people try stiffing me on contract fees." Zeke's tone was convrosational. "I've done a bit of caravan work too but t'nothin compared t'the sea." There was a soft grin. "After all I've seen this place back home, or at least one much like it it might as well be. These be good people with history and culture worth learning. Plus all th'tea in th'world comes from hereabouts. That alone makes this worth fighting for."
Izolde Danefield Izolde Danefield smiles contentedly when she finds the spot on Interceptor and starts rubbing it exclusively, with the occiasional scritch to the back of his head to make it all the better. She looks up towards Deelel at this point, nodding her head in her general direction.

"I heard what you said before, but I was a little distracted by this 'peccable pooch of pervacious pleasures. Are you three travelers like me or are you native to here? I have the greatest difficulties telling humes apart, so you must forgive me for my lack of knowledge. Are other dwellings in other lands similar to these?"

She turns her attention back to the dog after a moment, leaning over to look into his eyes, her voice turning soft again.

"Lookityoujusgoinspeedaflightwithdemlegs. You -are- a good boy!"
Deelel Deelel says "My home? To put it simply my world is strange, very strange. Though it's a world connected to another."

She's a bit evasive but some times it's a frame of reference thing or just not wanting to give away too much about herself. Either way she doesn't say much more about it she does seem to not hid the fact she's likely not human.

"Interesting, then again with your work you travel a lot. As for me I am a traveller. It's understandable. Some times, it depends I seen places like Manhattan with building that are dozens of stories tall and I hear tell of other places built on a large scale like that as well."
Shadow Interceptor barks a 'Yes I am!' He has melted into the attention and scritchering. Critical Hit. There is another bark as he lays on his back, tongue out his side, and looks up at his assailants. Woof!

"I am not native to this land," Shadow explains in his standard deadpan to Izo. A ninja of another world! Yet it is still not too far from the real thing.

"Merchantalism? An honest trade," the dark pj'd one tells Zeke. Shadow can't honestly say the same about his trade. "If it ever gets less than honest, I charge reasonable fees." Not really /that/ reasonable. 3000 gil for a couple fights is downright train robbery. It occurs to him that he didn't introduce himself, "Shadow."

"Through a portal?" Shadow asks Deelel. It sounds a lot like a different world he is familiar with. That world is more about mythical creatures, though.
Zeke Zeke smirked. "Well I have to say trade can get competetive, and given how toothy things can get." Shrug. Sometimes violence was sometimes needed. "I'll keep you in mind if I need a little extra...yea. IN the meantime safe journies."
Izolde Danefield Izolde Danefield blinks a the lack of an answer from the woman though she eventually shrugs. She rubs a hand up the underside of Interceptor's muzzle and eventually the scritchings cease, though she does give him one last headrub.

"I should prooobably let you get back to one of your owner, who is probably one of these three here. I'll give ya another belly rub if I see ya again, alright doggie?" She starts to push herself up to her normal standing height, looking between the three of them.

"Well aren't we all tall, dark and mysterious?"
Deelel Deelel says "It's not a bad job and hummm I see. I been to the islands it's an interesting place..."

"It sees your life is interesing and yes human cultures tend to be very old from my experiance."

"It's in the world of ruin, Archades if I recall the name right."

She leans back a little bit as the group seems to sttle into chatting.
Shadow Unfortunately by now Interceptor is out of DP (Dog Points). He lays on the ground until there is a well placed Phoenix down or chew toy to revive him.

"Likewise," Shadow returns the sentiments to Zeke. In an alternate reality they burned down two city blocks in an epic battle. In this reality China is safe. For now.

At first Shadow's eyes turn to Izolde. His head follows suit. "Yes," replies the man. ... ... ... Well you can't fault the ninja for being concise. He is tall, dark, and mysterious. It could be written on his epitaph somewhere. This causes Interceptor to whine, though. Perhaps it is exactly what the megamutt needed-- rolling onto his paw and padding back over to the dark man. Is that spiced duck? Interceptor starts to sniff out where this treat may be hidden. Meanwhile Shadow asks Izolde something, "Hume. I've heard that term before. Are the humans in your world different or is it more a cultural reference?" For Deelel-- he makes a note of that for later. He will have to look for it.
Zeke Indeed. That other world is thoroughly trashed in Epic Battle. Here? He tossed a chewtoy to the DP-less pooch of Death. Now that he isn't the center of the nInja's attention he's going to go back to eating from his own foil wrapped duck.
Izolde Danefield Izolde Danefield smiles towards the concise ninja when he speaks towards her, taking a look down towards the dog every now and again, but keeping her attention on his owner for now.

"It's the term for humans back where I come from. They generally are an interesting type, but since being sent to the Town of Traverse, I have found that humes are quite popular throughout many of these lands. The ones that live here are quite a bit different than the ones I'm accustomed to."
Deelel Deelel says "It is interesting thing i'll have to remeber it. Humans tend to be very varied and different worlds." She grins a little but then pauses for a moment. "I need to get going I'm afraid I have some things to tend to.

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