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(2013-06-29 - Now)
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Morrighan Alazne It's been about a day since Morrighan's meeting with Alma and Emi, and she was nowhere closer to finding out what happened to her, or who she was. ...But it seemed as if the girl had no real desire to know in the end. Her attentions were more focused on seeing all these new things that she had never seen before!

Still, she had said that she would speak to Isaac, so here she was. The dark elf stepped through the doors of Cloud Nine in a rather aimless amble, looking left and right as she did. The first time she came here, there was not much time afforded to looking around.

It seemed like Emi was not here this time. And it didn't seem to be planned either. "...Emi? ....Emi?" Morrighan called, slowly looking about as she took a couple more steps into the establishment. "...Not here?" ...Well, /now/ what was she supposed to do? ...Oh well, maybe a little exploring wouldn't hurt! And so the girl moved to approach the stairs leading up...
Avira It sounds like there's some commotion from upstairs once Morrighan walks in. Emi doesn't seem to be answering the calls of Morrighan-perhaps she isn't in right now? But it definitely sounds like somebody is coming from the upper rooms-and it sounds like they're coming FAST!

Thundering down the stairs is a harried-looking Avira, clearly ready to embark on some sort of adventure. Or, by the worried look on her face, she seems to be preparing to conduct a rescue of somebody. Maybe one of her VALKYRI was in trouble?

Poor Morrighan, though. The short-statured woman collides with Morrighan on the stairs, threatening to send them both to the bottom in a tangle of limbs. "Gaaaah!"
Morrighan Alazne Really, if she were herself, Morrighan would have stepped aside to avoid whoever was /thundering/ down the stairs like a bat out of hell...wait that made no sense. Let's run with it. But anyway, as she was now, she would up just staring upwards curiously and standing there...right up until the fated collision.

"Wha-Owowow!" She cried afterwards, ending up becoming the cushion for Avira. Meaning she was at the bottom. "...That hurt..." The elf mumbled out painfully, attempting to sit up after. "...Are you okay?" She asked, staring at Avira blankly. She wound up staring some more at the other and then tilting her head. ...Nope. Didn't recognize her one bit.

"...You're new...who are you?" She asked, leaning forward a bit in curiousity.
Avira Uncerimoniously, Avira flops onto her unfortunate victim. She groans, starting to pick herself up when she realizes her hand is on something soft and person-like beneath her. She finds herself staring into the face of a dark elf and quickly sits up. "Oh god! I'm sorry!" she blurts out, then promptly scrambles off of her. "Are you oka-"

She freezes and stares at Morrighan a little more closely. She knew what a dark elf was! She knew Morrighan. But this dark, this was someone else, she couldn't be Morrighan. She'd -never- ask if she was okay. She would greet her with an insult. Yet the resemblence...

"I'm Avira." she says after that long pause of awkwardness. "I'm with the Twilight Detective Agency. Um. Are you here to look for Mercade?" she stands up, offering the dark elf a hand up, "Who're you?"
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan just tilted her head the other way as Avira stared at her. She felt sort of, there was nothing she could remember. Maybe it was nothing. "Avira..." She murmured after, nodding slowly. Seemed like everyone had a name but her. Funny that. "Mercade? ...I don't think so...I was looking for Emi..." She replied after, staring at the offered hand in confusion.

She had no idea what the offering meant, and thus, continued to sit there and stare. Upon being asked for her own identity, the dark elf shook her head slowly. "I...don't have a name. If that's what you're asking." Because that's what people have meant when they've asked previously. "Or if I have one...I don't know it." Amending her previous answer, Morrighan slowly stared about from where she sat, taking in the surroundings some more like a curious child.
Avira "Oh. Emi's out right Archades I think? Investigating some kidnappings?" Wait, Maira was there too. Maybe she too was investigating the kidnappings?! It wouldn't surprise her and those of VALKYRI are categorically against kidnappings!

When her hand isn't responded to, Avira takes charge of matters and grasps Morrighan beneath one of her arms and pulls her up to her feet.

"You don't have a name?" Avira frowns with concern. Or doesn't remember it, from the sound of it. "Well everyone needs a name. After all, how are they going to get your attention? 'Hey you' only goes so far. Hmmmm. How about we call you..."

She considers. "...Kara? You seem like a Kara."
Morrighan Alazne "...Oh." Morrighan mumbled blankly. Archades was...that classist place she and Alma were mentioning previously. Not that she knew what classist meant. "...What does...kidnapping mean?" She sort of knew what investigation meant due to the meeting yesterday. Eyes widening just slightly in surprise, the dark elf found herself pulled back up to her feet.

She decided to just go with it and stood from there. "...I don't remember." She replied, shaking her head in confirmation. Emi and Alma told her that she really didn't need a name if she didn't want to, so...she never decided one. Her expression remaining blank, the girl watched as Avira deliberated on the matter. "...Kara? ...Why Kara?" Morrighan asked after, tilting her head slightly in curiosity.

"...I don't I really need a name?" She went on, fidgeting a bit with her skirt. The subject of taking a name seemed to bother her just a bit. At least more than usual. And she wasn't sure why...
Avira Avira looks shocked all the sudden. This dark elf...had no idea what kidnapping meant? She's about to ask if she was kidding but that wide-eyed, almost childlike look on her face fully suggests otherwise. "Kidnapping is when you take someone against their will. You know, like capturing a person. Except there's less official combat involved. Capture usually happens after a battle."

Why Kara, though. Why indeed. The scarred woman shrugs nonchalantly, "It's the first name that came to mind." she explains. "At least the first one that I didn't know belonged to someone else."

That question draws a frown upon her face, "Yeah, you kind of do. Like I said, what if someone needed to get your attention? Or mail you a letter? Or put your contact information in their ma belle phone book? Just straight up calling you 'dark elf' would be kind of racist."
Morrighan Alazne "...So kidnapping is bad then." She decided, nodding several times to herself as if some grand discovery has been made. "Don't get kidnapped, okay. And capturing happens after a fight...I get it." LEARNING. Still, she stared at Avira as she went on to explain the nuances of names and why she chose Kara. It was all very fascinating to the elf. Maybe.

"...Mail? Letter? ...What's a ma belle?" Oh dear lord. Morrighan wound up tilting her head slightly again as confusion began to take over. "...Phone book? ...And what does racist mean?" Wow, that was a lot of things this dark elf had no idea about. It was kind of sad, yet also kind of funny at the same time.

"...But...if I really need a name...I guess Kara will do."
Avira Dear Faram, whatever amnesia this woman has been hit with, it got her good. Especially to have erased the basic definitions of words from her brain. Mentally, Avira beats back this shock and resumes patience. "It's very bad and unpleasant. So yes, you've got it." But if anything, she's clearly a fast learner.

For one of those questions, Avira fishes out her ma belle from one of the pouches strapped to her belts. She flicks on the screen and passes it to Morrighan (or Kara, rather) to see. "This is a ma belle. It lets you communicate with people from afar."

She'll skip to another word that Morrighan will need to learn, "Racist means treating someone differently, usually in a bad way, because of what their race is."
Morrighan Alazne Taking the offered device, Morrighan...or rather, Kara, looked it over, cradling it in her hands as if it would break if she looked at it wrong. "'s so shiny and...shiny." Eloquent. Still, she held onto it for a bit longer before returning it. "But I don't have one of those, so I guess it doesn't matter."

The explanation on racism drew a slow blink from the girl who just stared at Avira blankly for several moments before replying. "...Race is what a person.../is/, right?" She then pointed to her ears, and then to Avira's. "Like these? ...Why does it matter what race is what?" She then went on to ask, not really seeming indignant over the subject, but rather, just curious. It seemed like the greater implications were lost on her.
Avira This dark elf must have some unconscious wisdom-Ma Belles are not hearty devices. They CAN easily break if mishandled. To see Morrighan/Kara treating it so delicately once she passes it over brings a bit of peace to her. "You might want to consider getting one if you have people you need to keep in touch with." Avira suggests, "I can show you how to use one if you do."

Avira takes her phone back.

Then she nods as this girl (woman? Avira has trouble guessing age with elves) adequately explains what race is. "That's right. Why does it matter? Honestly, I don't think it really should, but to some people it does. It could be jealousy or hate of a certain race's advantages or disadvantages." Seeking an example, Avira gestures at 'Kara's' ears since she herself seems pretty aware of them. "Like your ears. Or the color of your skin. Humes don't have pointed ears so they might treat you differently because of that. It sounds dumb, I know. It /is/ pretty dumb."
Morrighan Alazne "Um...I...don't really have anyone I need to talk to?" Kara replied, somewhat unsure of herself. "I mean...I don't...know..." Apparently finding it hard to articulate what she was trying to say, the elf wound up just leaving the subject by the wayside. Maybe she'd return to it later.

Listening to Avira's explanation regarding racism, the girl wound up just tilting her head the other way, adopting an even more confused expression. "...Huh? ...That doesn't make any sense at all...We all have the same insides, don't we? I don't think a few...body differences should..." Deciding not to bother any further, Kara straightened up and turned away.

"Well...Is someone named Isaac here?" She asked, turning her head a bit to give the shorter woman a look. "Emi told me that I should come here to talk to him about my...problem?" Ah, yes, the /problem/. Problem as in a Libra spell revealed absolutely nothing about her. No name, no memories, no details, nothing. Odd really.
Avira Avira watches Kara struggle through words with a hint of concern. It was actually kind of depressing to watch. Who was this girl who had no one to talk to? No one to care for? With this strange, childlike innocence about the most basic of concepts.

"Unfortunately, there are lots of things in life that don't make sense." Avira sighs. "That's one of them." So distasteful and confusing a subject, Kara seems ready to dump it and Avira doesn't mind oblidging.

"Isaac? Yeah, he works here, but I don't think he's in at the moment." Hm, if she was referred here by Emi, she has to check out okay, right? "He's pretty good at solving problems. Well, the lot of the TDA is, so you've come to the right place. Do you want to leave him a message?"
Morrighan Alazne "...Life is hard." Kara decided after several moments of deliberation, nodding to herself to cement her decision. "You get told one thing, and then something else comes and tells you makes no sense and it's confusing." Saying this, she managed something akin to pout from her generally blank face, puffing a cheek out childishly.

She was even less enthused to find out that Isaac was not around either. Slumping her shoulders slightly, Kara just shook her head. "Um...I don't have anything special to say to him...I think." Bringing her hands together, the dark elf turned to face Avira properly again. "I guess maybe you could tell him that I...was looking for him?"

Not much help really. Considering she had no point of reference for Isaac to look to in order to seek her out. "I guess I'll...come back some other...time?" Yeah, that made sense to her. She used those words correctly, she thought! "...Sorry for causing trouble though. You looked like you were going somewhere..."
Avira "Yeah, pretty much. But the alternative is dying which pretty much sucks." Not that Avira had experience in dying but she's pretty sure it 'sucks' so to speak. "So you just gotta deal with it."

The dejected look on Kara's face when she says Isaac isn't around earns a frown from Avira. "I can tell him that, of course. If you really wanted, you could stay here. This place is an inn too."

As for her rush, "Yes, I was hoping to get to Archades and help a friend of mine in trouble. sounds like she was able to hold her own. Good. I am proud of her for that."
Morrighan Alazne "Oh...dying is bad. ...I guess I have to live." She was told that much at least. The mention of the place being an Inn earns a couple slow blinks from Kara as she processed the fact. "...An inn is a place where people stay...temporarily, right?" Just making sure of her facts! "...I don't have though."

Because almost everything cost money, according to Emi. "So, I don't think I can stay here..." Her arms lowered back down to her sides as she stared off at nothing in particular. "I'll just...leave and come back some other time." Still, she bowed her head slightly in apology after. "Oh, so you were going to that Archades place too? ...Sorry for keeping you away then."

Apparently having come to some sort of decision, the dark elf turned and began to head for the front doors, ambling along at an aimless, lazy pace. "I should...probably...go?"
Avira "That's right." she confirms for Kara regarding the definition of an inn. But...Kara has no money. Avira frowns again.

What was up with this girl? "Well, do you at least have a place to stay? If not, I can put you up here for the night. It's no problem."

Avira puts her hands on her hips. "Well, I was, but I don't think I'll make it in time at this rate."
Morrighan Alazne Kara paused at that and then turned a bit in order to look at Avira. "Put me up? ...What does that mean? ...Are you going to hang me somewhere for a whole night?" A pause, and then she brought her hands together in something akin to a pleading motion, though her expression failed to follow through.

"...I don't want to be hung. Would you please reconsider the thought of hanging me?" One could almost hear 'The Network pleads shamelessly' after it. Still, it seemed she totally misconstrued Avira's goodwill, taking a step back warily in the process.

"...Is something bad happening at this Archades? Did someone topple the economy?" ...That was the worst thing she could think of based on everything she knew so far.
Avira "It means I would pay for you to stay in the inn. Since you have no money." Avira says, forcing patience into every cell of her body. It is a nigh Herculean struggle to not palm her face in exaspiration. "It has nothing to do with actually being hung so don't worry about it."

Her body language remains nonthreatening as a bonus even though it runs the risk of being ineffective. Can this elf understand body language? It is a mystery.

"From what I understand, there has been a bunch of kidnapping going on that's been happening during Heartless attacks. My best friend Maira went there to help out and found herself in the middile of one such attack."
Morrighan Alazne "...Oh." Kara deflated at that, looking vaguely relieved that she wasn't going to be hung or something crazy like that. "Okay then..." She turned to face Avira fully again and adopted an unsure expression as she asked. "Is it really okay though? ...People need money, right? Is there really enough to use on someone else?"

A valid question. What WERE the state of Avira's finances anyway? Reassured enough that nothing would happen, the elf relaxed a bit more and straightened up, listening to the shorter woman explain the situation in Archades. "...What's the point of kidnapping? ...You can't sell someone, or eat then, or anything like that...right?"

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