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(2013-06-29 - 2013-06-29)
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Stormfall The city of Archades -- Dateline, Lower Archades

The lower Archadians are still struggling to return some semblance of normalcy to their lives. Most of the city is powered now and most city services have been restored but the hardest hit to morale has been the recent rash of kidanppings.

Children have been stolen from their homes in both the upper and lower archadian households, slicing across faction and class lines as the numbers slowly rose.

Heartless activity has been almost more rampant than the looting, which has started to taper off as the security and surveillance net tightens around the city once more. Refugee camps have been a common target of these hit and run attacks and several days after concentrated attacks, a kidnapping always takes place in the area.

As the attacks seem to be progressively in a blatant spiral pattern, with forces spread off to several possible targets in the path of the attacks. The relief camp here has been evacuated, leaving an empty and desolate encampment looming in the pre-dusk gloom of approaching evening. A scouring wind blows through the city, still hot and harsh from the heat of the day. This is the third night after the last sequence of attacks on this sector of the city.

Trouble is sure to be here soon.

..Lots of trouble.
Souji Murasame The Murasame Zaibatsu is here to assist Archades with their... issues... as a sign of goodwill.

Many signs of such have been necessary of late with their... certain mutual issues. The heir of the corporation has taken the field himself, standing among those preparing to meet the Heartless. He has not spoken as of yet, staring into the distance of the Archadean ruins. Perhaps he sees something there.

Perhaps not. Regardless, his hand never strays far from the hilt of the blade he carries at his side.
Negaduck There is a whole lot of chaos going on. There are children that have been stolen from their homes all overthe Archaian households, Heartless activity has significantly risen. The security has beem rampant and they haveupped teir game. While the security and surveillance has tighten their hold along the city, there is only one thing to say about the Archades security.

0Challenge Accepted

Enter Negaduck, who is on the roof of a building with a pair of binoculars. He stars down at the city like a hawk, watching, waiting.

"The security think that they can handle me, eh?" He grins, "Time to do some lootin' and recruitin'."

Of course, Negaduck is not alone.
Maira After her little adventure with Alma and the others, Maira had decided to stick with them for a bit and come to Archades. It was not a city she knew overly well, but it was the site of a lot of trouble as of late and the mage thought perhaps she might be of some use down in lower Archades. Having grown up in the slums herself, she had a great deal of interest in helping those the rest of the world would happily forget about.

Maira sits on the doorstep to an extremely modest home with an older woman, her husband, and two of her grandchildren. One of the grandchildren has gone missing. It was from these kind and distressed people that Maira learns about the kidnappings and Heartless activity. The young woman reaches forward to take the old woman by the hand, giving it a gentle, comforting squeeze. "I'll do whatever I can to find her. I have some resources I think I could use to be of assistance. Until then though, you should stay in--keep the kids inside, alright? I feel...something is going to happen," she says, her voice solemn.

The old woman nods, thanks her, then shuffles the children inside. The old man looks to Maira, then places himself in front of the door with a kitchen knife in his hands, determined to do what he could. It was no use urging him inside, so she simply hands him a couple of health potions in case they ran into trouble. "Stay safe," she calls, then pulls the hood of her dark cloak up over her head and begins moving, her expression one of determination and concern.


Setzer Gabbiani Archadia is in peril... No wait, that didn't come out right. He couldn't care less about Archadia. Actually, that is a lie. He cares enough about that city. And he cares about the children. And children stolen from their households? The gambler would get ot the bottom of this.

So he strides through Lower Archadia, the wind making his gold-trimmed-coat and his hair sway epically in the empty place. His hands are already clutching his trusty deck of cards. How that thing never runs out, we may never know.

Setzer doesn't care either. Especially now. Now, he's hoping to place a bet that will end with Heartless being sent packing.
Kyra Hyral Unforgivable.

There are lines. Lines that Kyra will not cross. Lines that, beyond that, she cannot rationalize or make excuses for. Such was the case in crimes perpetuated against defenseless children.

Kyra has become a well-known figure in the refugee camps lately when she is in the city. Not only did she have some, although hard on her, white magic to spare, her various mixtures and potions have brought relief when needed. Her aid is by no means painless but it works. On top of that, she had been getting quite a bit of practice driving off Heartless, though in most cases it is in the form of support provided to squads of guards fighting them instead of engaging them directly. Kyra was pretty much a back row kind of girl.

Catching on quickly to patterns, Kyra has packed up her basic aid materials as dusk approaches, switching to a different load-out entirely. Very patiently, she checks her various guns and mixtures to make sure they are all in working shape and proper order. It's not unlike witnessing an action hero preparing to invade a heavily-armed island filled with guards that cannot aim.
Malicia "Ugh. What a dive." Malicia is not too far behind Negaduck, looking down on the city as though its inhabitants are mere insects. "I find it hard to believe these people have anything of value worth stealing."

But, then again, sometimes the best surprises were found in the most unexpected places. And really, what villain could ever pass up the chance to do a bit of burning and pillaging?

Emphasis on the burning. Malicia wonders what roasted Moogle tastes like...
Ryusei Isshiki ( Battle preparations BGM, to set the mood right!)

Ryusei had promised Alma that she would do anything to help the people of Archades in this, their moment of crisis. And so, when the alarms sounded, announcing an incoming wave of Heartless getting ready to charge into the city, she didn't think about it twice. With diligence, she ran towards the frontline and joined the many other people gathering there, preparing to fight the shadow.

She doesn't recognize most of the faces. She doesn't know their names, nor their stories. But she doesn't care. These people are fighting for their homes, and she's gonna give her all to help them out. She promised a friend that she would.
David Xanatos
David Xanatos is not in Archades. He is, in fact, in Traverse Town, working in his new Traverse offices (still under construction.) However, Archades is still high on his list of things he's paying attention to. Specifically, he's been working on a rapid-response system to Heartless attacks, and has needed a testing ground for it.

Given the reports he's heard Archades has been having, he knew it was the perfect testing ground for the system.

He placed some agents though Archades some time ago whose orders were to observe, wait for a major incursion and then sound an alarm. They weren't to attempt to assist or to try and work out patterns, targets or motives. Xanatos isn't trying to prove his ability to outwit this enemy in one particular battle, but perfect an ability to quickly respond to any attack, and for that he /has/ to be surprised by the attack when it comes.

Still, as Xanatos sits at his desk doing paperwork for the construction, he finds himself looking at his reports from Archades more and more often, checking and re-checking the status of his response team. He can feel it'll be soon now. Very soon.
Myla Mason Myla Mason had just finished fishing in the desert some time ago, it has been good fishing far more treasure than she expected also some darn good fish. Now she'd made her way to Archades given the nature of their group as honestly she was looking for somewhere else other than transverse town and she'd been very curious about this nation for some time now the rumours of missing children had come her way and it didn't sit to well with the Levitani at all. She'd been poking about the rumours not to mention reports of heartless there?s be more and more of them it was sooner or later she'd be able to run into them and she was about to find this might be the start of something much bigger than even what it looks like!


Emi wakes up from her strange dream, having a strange urge to go to Archades and deal with its problem of the week. She has Umi harass Will into coming along because they HAVE A GUT FEELING that some chicanery is happening in Archades. (hero point spent on 'GOT A FEELING THERE'S A CASE HERE').

She makes her way into Lower Archades. She has brought along gear, both Umi and Emi have their goggles on, and Umi is carrying her assault rifle (she named it: Tickles!).

"I have performed some questioning." She tells Will. "There seems to be an issue with kidnapping in the area. The Network cannot say whether Alexandria or Baron is responsible but--this is similar to how matters went down in Fluorgis, Heartless and monsters cause trouble for some time before the proper invasion begins."

"I don't know who they are. I don't know what they want. If they're looking for ransom, I'll tell them I don't have any money. But what I do have is a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long--"

"You haven't had a long anything." Emi says.

"--a very long career." Umi continues. "Skills that make me a nightmare for people and/or monsters like them. If they let the kids go, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for them, I will not pursue them--"

"You will anyway." Emi says.

"--You're ruining the mood, Emi." Umi frowns.
Merlock A large bird of prey with a thin moustache in two strands flaps through the air. Occasionally cawing, the huge bird keeps an eye on what is going on below. Children being kidnapped? Heartless swarming everywhere? Looting? Knowing the lay of the land and knowing your enemy are both key tools for directing troops. These Heartless may not be under his control but as the bird lands upon a convenient perch -- even if it is some ways distant from the actual activity -- the true identity of the large beast wearing a green talisman about his neck is revealed as a glowing magical aura of emerald energy ripples and surges over him, giving him a far more 'humanoid' shape... Even if Merlock is by no means human. The immortal sorcerer runs a hand through his bushy gray beard thoughtfully. He has a minion on the street gathering information as well, but...

"...Where //is// he? He was supposed to make sure I could find him!" Merlock grouses.

Meanwhile, a much smaller and scrawnier canine man of some kind in desert-appropriate clothing is busy tip-toeing through the area, keeping an eye out for anything important, and keeping his other eye out for anything that looks valuable. If he finds the former, he remembers it for later. If he finds the former, he stuffs it in his turban or shirt or pants also for later. Dijon is not exactly a great minion.
Will Sherman Will is walking with Emi and Umi, with a look around as they walk.

In reality, Will had been looking into this...maybe because of Riku, and Cirra. They are his friends, and Arcades DID come to the aid of Manhattan during it's time of need...which might be their turn now because with the heartless activity up...perhaps they are looking for Arcades' World heart in all the chaos.

He just thought of that...


Umi walks up to Will, "Hey will wana come with us to Arcadia?"

Will looks at Umi, with a picture of Arcadia in his hand trying to find a pattern in the Kidnappings...he blinks at her as if she has something on her face, then answers.. "Yes."


"I think they are looking for the World Heart." Will suddenly says, looking at Emi, "I'd fit with how Shadow Lords do things...manipuate one country to do the hard work, then use heartless to sniff around while there is lots of chaos...and of course make more heartless."

Will frowns, "I think we need to put an end to this quick, and maybe talk to the Judges with what we have.."
Stormfall It's starts with one.

In many cases, it always starts with one.

A single shadow raises itself from the ground just enough for the slick of darkness that is it's body to become slightly distuinguished from the rest of the regular shadows being cast by the somewhat tumbled down and abandoned wreck of what used to be a shopfront. It has been gutted by fire and looters of a less maniacal nature.

After the first pair of yellow eyes comes several more, then a dozen, then another.. small nocturnes with their twisted wizard hats. Their much bigger and more dangerous cousins the Wizards in much floppier hats and magical staves glowing with dark arcane energies.

A cluster of search and hover ghosts pour out of a dark portal, swirly yellow eyes and crooked smiles wide as they pour down the sides of buildings and slink along the floor like plumes of dark smoke.

Wherever you are. Walking along a street. Waiting and watching. On the frontline and the spear of the oncoming attack. There they are... and there are a LOT of them. And then suddenly there are a LOT more as portals open up in the walls. In the ruins-- It's a Flash Mob, Heartless style.

Ryusei finds several Shadows leaping out at them from an alley.

Kyra finds her action hero loadout disrupted by a pair of Wizards casting Fire and Wind spells in her general area.

Setzer is assailed by several small swarms of Nocturnes flinging chilling Ice spells.

Myla finds herself assailed by a combination of shadows and Hover ghosts, one of which is trying to /lick/ her from behind with a ghastly cackle.

Negaduck and Malicia find that security, such as it is, is still no match of shadow lord ingenuity, tact (and a large chainsaw and or crowbar) and the first couple of houses go pretty decently. Some of them, even the better looking ones are empty. Others filled only with the whimpering and the cowering wretches. There's none of the really GOOD stuff though. A disappointing start. Dijon does not find anything tasty or valuable just yet. Although later.. he might need a bigger turban.

WIll, Emi and Umi are assailed by Wizards who, while being full of ham, also cast Fireball. So much Fireball.

Wave 1: Not so Friendly Ghosts.
Will Sherman Will finds a clue!

He bends down to pick up a Gil...


Will manages to somehow avoid the majority of the fireball because it washes over his back, singing his clothes and causing his back to smoke a bit. He looks up, feeling warm and blinks. He looks at the Ghost, and then towards Umi and Emi and frowns. "YOU ARE NOT VERY FRIENDLY!" he says towards the heartless, with a large frown. He is also a heartless, he decides and moves to touch both Umi and Emi on the shoulder. He fiddles with their strings for a moment, and then pulls his hand back.

"You two alright?" He asks, as his hands still seem to be connected to strings for a moment, "That should help us all." he says, with a grin.

"Lets kick some hamfilled wizzard <GOOSEHONK>." he says, "And make sure to make action flick references whenever you can Umi."
Negaduck "They better, they better," Negaduck responds to Malicia, "--if they know what's good for them."

Security is thankfully no match for Negaduck's ingenuity. Sure, Negaduck COULD go hack happy, but there are times when you need to prove your worth as a criminal. In fact, Negaduck does show his ingenuity by reaching into his pocket to procure a large rifle looking ray gun. There are a few prongs at the front.

"Ohoho! Now then, with the security about, we'll approach this a more tactful way."

The laser disintigrates the entrance.

First few houses go decently, but the better-looking houses turn up empty.



Negaduck growls with annoyance. "WHAT?!" He turns at the wretch of people, cowering before him. "You do not have any good stuff! What sort of rich people are you?! This is pathetic! This is worthless!"

He snarls, but then he taps his chin, "But you know, I have an idea." He kneels in front of the little boy, holding out a small lollipop. "Here ya go, kid."

The little boy kneels takes the candy, that hopeful, elated look fills his eyes. As the boy leans to take one lick---


"Okay, nice mood over," Negaduck has a sadistic grin on his face.

As the boy WAILS with his spirit crushed, the family takes the child and hugs him close, cowering before the criminal.

"We need to rob a few more places. There's GOT to be a more lucrative stand. A mansion. SOMETHING!"
David Xanatos
"Tell the magical team to move up their timetable, Owen. If their research isn't yielding any tangible results they should table and move on to the next batch o--" Xanatos is cut off from his administration when a red light flashes on his computer screen. Then another, and two more, then six in rapid succession.

"Well, I guess we got our signal," Xanatos comments dryly as he looks up to his assistant Owen, standing as he usually does to the side of David's desk. "So it would seem, Mr. Xanatos."

David pushes aside his paperwork and focuses on his computer again. Without any input from him, a wing of Steel Clan mechs have powered up, received targeting data and launched from a nondescript warehouse near a portal close to the target. The machines have been specially fitted with single-burn boosters to get them to their target quickly, and as soon as they are in the air, they fire the boosters and accelerate rapidly to the portal leading to hotspot located via Xanatos's spotters.

"Response team is away," Xanatos comments to nobody in particular. "Now let's see if they're able to accomplish anything."
Archades has been investigating on what has been happening. Just as much as Gabranth has put a good deal of his time in reviewing reports given to him by his judges not only on this matter, but also over the corporation they are getting medical supplies from. The most recent of reports though..

With those images...

He isn't a very happy Judge Magister.

However with a meeting soon in call, he decide to personally go to Drace's office to not only check on the female Judge Magister due to the missing of Larsa-- and no leads what so ever-- but to also give her the paper regarding the meeting.

He knocks on the door. "Your honor, Drace." He says calmly, and then gets nothing. He goes to knock again, only to hear her voice beside him.

"You seem a bit distracted more the normal, your honor." Gabranth turns his head to face her; to face Drace; and just stares at her as she stands in her more casual clothing leaning against the wall. He just stares at her, before she walks over to him and then snatches the paper from his hands, before moving to then unlock her door. "..also don't you know it is very rude to stare at a woman? I thought you were taught better then that, Your honor."

Gabranth stays frozen for a moment before he stiffens his shoulders up. "I was simply surprised to see you out of your armor, Judge Magister Drace. That is all and yes-- that letter is for you. Regarding the call I am putting forth for as many Judges and Judge Magisters we can get."

Drace gives a nod before she turns to face him. Resting her head against the door for a moment in silent though. "I will see what I can do, your honor. You know. One day. Maybe you should try to not be so..." She pauses and shakes her head. "Oh nevermind, I forget whom I speak too. Good day, Your honor."

Gabranth just stands there and watches the door close. He just stands there and then takes a step back. He places up his hand as he gets ready to knock again, however then suddenly his pear lights up with suddenly communication.

Those blue eyes suddenly turn gold as he turns to look out the window, before he growls lowly. " if I don't have enough problems.." Then he takes off to head for Lower Archades. This could take him a bit.

Meanwhile however Archadian troops are on the move swiftly to defend from the waves of heartless coming in. Including all the Judges who command these troops. They would do what they can to defend the people; even if it means giving their lives.

They have already lost enough.

They will not loose more.
Maira Maira has been hunted by the Heartless for a good while now, and it is getting pretty darn old. Not that they had a care for how she felt about the matter of course. She couldn't change it. What she /could/ change was her reaction. This time, she was going to hunt /them/.

Because of her heart, she senses the darkness keenly as the Heartless appears, and she is ready for them. She evades a strike that merely glances her, lashing out with a circle of fire the surrounds her, blasting outward to keep the Heartless at bay. The cloak remains, as if she were trying to disguise herself--which is silly really, it probably won't help, and in time it's likely just to burn away anyway.

Maira's eyes scan the area. With some many heartless, there is likely to be a shadow lord or two lurking nearby. She spots others in the streets being attacked by the Heartless and frowns deeply. A few are familiar to her. "Emi, Umi! Will!" she calls, waving to them before she extends her protective magic to include them, the glowing flame descending to send a warm aura or protection over them. "Be careful!" she calls, then begins to shuffle some scared non-combats inside the nearby buildings.
Ryusei Isshiki Ryusei barely has any time to react when a Bucketload Of Goons appears out of nowhere and charges at her with no other intent than beat the everliving crud out of her. They start to pile down on her like an angry mob, their claws rending, their talons scratching, their hands... Groping her?

There was a limit to what she could accePERVEEEEEEEEEEEEERTS!" A pair of huge serpents made of pure energy exploded from her hands and made a whirlwind in the center of the mob of Heartless, blasting them away from her. Ryusei proceeded to carve a path through the tsunami of Heartless, intent on reuniting with other people. She would have no chance against so many if she was alone. "Get out of my way, disgusting regiment of ink blots! There's people in need of help, I have better things to do than waste time with you!"
Malicia "Shut that brat up, or I'll do it for you!" Malicia brandishes a flaming fist in the parents' face. "That horrible noise is going to give me a migraine!"

Suddenly, an idea occurs to her. "I imagine that in a city like this, they keep their most valuable possessions close to them. Perhaps even /on/ then." Looming over the family her golden eyes flicker mischieviously. Finally they settle on the mother, and in one quick movement she swipes out at the woman's neck. When she pulls back, she's holding a small, shiny locket.

"Please, no!" The mother pleades. "That's a family heirloom. It's barely worth anything on the market, but it has great sentimental value to me. Please... don't take it."

"Is that so?" Malicia croons darkly. She dangles the jewelry in front of the woman, allowing her once last sad gaze before the demonness places it around her neck.

"What can I say? I'm a sucker for sentimentality."
Setzer Gabbiani The first clue that something is wrong is that the wind doesn't seem to blow the same way as it did a moment ago.

And that's when Setzer finds himself in a interesting situation, in the Chinese sense of the word... wait, where did that China come from? Jumping to the side, he almost avoids all the ice shards... but still gets hit by one, his coat now filled with small ice crystals. He's also a fast thinker. Even as he landed, a rock that was on the graound was already finind his way towards the nearest... ghost's head.

And hit it. A rock hit a ghost. How's that for intangible, eh?
Negaduck Negaduck chinrubs at Malicia's maliciousness towards the sentimental values of the necklace, "I like your style, Malicia. I like it a lot." He has a maniacal grin, "Let's pain this town red while the do-gooders are likely around dealing with the Heartless."
Souji Murasame It comes like a tide. The blackness comes, striking out at the defenders and looking to consume them all in a simple wave of destruction. Shadows and Nocturnes and ghosts, the massive wave strikes out. Souji is among them. He turns, eyes narrowing as he sees the mob incoming. "Murasame. It is time to feed."

With a swift motion, Souji draws the ancestral blade of the Murasame Family, the crimson runes on the dark weapon throbbing with a deep hunger. "Come. Show me your power." Souji says simply to the oncoming wave.

They show him. There is an abrupt impact as Souji is struck from all sides, and he falls back, attempting to gain a moment's respite from the deadly wave tactics of the Heartless. He slashes one. Two more appear. This is the way of the Heartless.

"ENOUGH!" Souji calls out, an explosive wave of air roaring outwards to scatter the Heartless around him and buy him a critical moment.

A moment later he is slashing through the Heartless near Kyra, diving amongst them with his weapon leaving crimson traces in the air. Lightning shears through the path as he strikes, leaving crackling St. Elmo's Fire washing outwards to consume what it can.

He dives past Ryusei, lashing outwards with another brutal cut. "Somehow, I doubt that, Isshiki." He says dryly. He whips his blade forward, sending another blast of lightning cascading forward. "Hyral. Isshiki. Let's support each other and crush these Heartless."
Kyra Hyral Kyra takes stock of the others here as she checks her regular gun for the third time. There were a few familiar faces-that Maira person, for example, she's certain she's met somewhere before. A healer and extremely powerful fire mage. Good, but not somebody she could 'get behind' in a literal sense.

Her thoughts are interrupted-as is her preparation-as a fire blast of magic mixed with wind knocks her sideways ont the ground, her gun clattering out of her grip. Her head slams against the ground roughly and she groans. "Curses, I must pay more attention..." she gropes for her gun with one hand, the other one reaching for her /second/ gun. The second gun is of the syringe-tipped variety with a remedy-type concoction already slotted into the chamber.

Quickly, Kyra scoops up her first gun and stuffs it away into one of the holsters criss-crossing her hips. The syringe is pressed up against her skin, breaking into a vein with expert practice. Kyra inhales, pushes it down entirely, and quickly rolls up to her feet.

Just as she does, she sees Souji blur past her, cleaving through the wizard-type heartless that were harassing her. There's no surprise on her face to find the samurai here and in response to him, she calls back, "Let it be done!"

A second remedy is slotted into the gun. Another dial is turned, swapping it from simple syringe to straight-up dart gun mode. Very carefully, she aims at Souji. "Incoming!" she warns so the very fast teenager doesn't accidentally dodge it.
Myla Mason Myla Mason pauses at the shadow she feels a sense of dread she knows what it likely is and in second it proves what it is there's a bit of chill after her past experience as cut as the heartless she can't get the memory of some things out of he mind even as she's going for her pistols. Heartless are coming ghost heartless? Then she's freaking slurped by a heartless from behind it feels bad she feels kinda violated.

She's also hurt pretty badly by the other heartless that come for her and she's already moving to attack her pistols do not fire no she turns about and tries to shove something into the ghost heartless mouth and then throw some other things at the others. She's not even sure what the heck these chaotic magical devices will do but hopefully they will taste terrible and get her off the slurp menu forever.

She's aware of some allies and friends are here and other people whom she does not know are responding to the assault. Wait was that Negaduck? yes it is and the are other but it seems hopefully there are troops on the way as there's so many heartless here they could use the back up.

"Watch it Kyra! Ryusei they are ... gods these things are disgusting I got slurped like I was a Popsicle!"

Also sudden Souji sighting what's this?
Emi Dennou Fireballs! Yipes! Emi lashes out with her hand, electrifying the area--but is far too slow to avoid the fireball blast that slams into her. Luckily for her, Maira was in the area and she manages to summon a glowing wave fire on her too. DOUBLE ON FIRE? Maira's magic makes the current fireball consuming Emi a lot more friendly. And also nonpainful. And also she isn't melting, somehow. Fire magic can be weird sometimes but Emi can't complain since she has healing lightning herself.

"Thank you, Maira. THe Network is pleased to see you again and will inquire as to personal details at a later time." She smiles at her.

Will runs strings over Umi's body. Or something like that. Either way, the effect seems to be beneficial because she manages to roll away from the fireball heading towards her. "Woops." She says, cricking her neck. "Let's get these dirtbags! I'm getting too old for this, The Network quotes another movie."

"That's specifically from a movie?" Emi asks as Umi opens fire with her assault rifle--Emi elects to supplement this with electric bursts for the wizardly heartless assaulting them. They have their hands full at the moment with Heartless and don't immediately notice looting, though they'll probably notice soon!
Ryusei Isshiki Ryusei is taking her sweet time just punching and kicking and blasting through the mountain of Heartless, pushing any that leap towards her with a well-placed backhand, when, of all people, Souji comes to help her, quickly followed by Kyra, Alma's sister.

"I have to admit it, you couldn't have chosen a better moment to show up, Murasame." She then chuckles at the whole contrived coincidence. "But I also have to admit that your help is very welcome right now. The more we are, the less chances they have of eating us."

Cracking her knuckles, Ryusei redoubles her efforts. "Let's get to business! Strike true! 0SOUHARYU!" Dashing forward, she throws two more pairs of energy serpents at the bunch of mooks, before adopting a combative stance and channeling energy through her body. The air around her bursts with fury, and Ryu charges forwards, leaving afterimages before her as she lands rapid flurries of strikes, one after another, sending mooks flying.

Then, after one final leaKYOSHIN! KYOGEKI KEN!"
Bucket O'goons Hamfilled Wizardry will not be easily denied!

The circle of fire keeps the heartless at bay but it's also a bright light that draws their attention. There is a very creepy feeling of something watching behind those many eyes and studying her. There is a cry from inside the house as she helps shuffle non-combatants out of the frontlines and a massive CRASH as something in an upper floor falls down with a heavy thud. Then, the sound of a scream.

Archadian troops are assailed by shadows who fall in waves to gunfire but, like any good zombie horde, simply seem to keep coming through the dark vapor of their brethren to close to melee range.

Ryusei plows through the heartless perv-wave. The serpents tunnel through the mob, shredding shadows and battering a path through the narrow streets. More shadows pile into the narrow avenues, piling themselves up into tall and menacing waves full of many yellow eyes and claws. A rapid flurry of strikes plows through one heartless after another.

Meanwhile, Souji and the murasame rip through the heartless swarm. Fire washes outwards to consume while crimson traces are left in the air as the heartless fall in streamers of dark vapor.

Further meanwhile: A gambler throws a rock at a heartless. It goes BONK and looks really confused, swirly eyes turning towards him. Several search ghosts lunge at him while the other heartless pull back like a dark tide and recoalesce while the one who licked Myla explodes as a gun is stuck into it's gaping maw and it is no more. Several other magical devices are thrown into the mass and there are several small explosions.
% Shadow claws burst up from the walls and floor attempting to slash at anyone close. Because no action movie is good without proper one liners or explosions. The electric bursts plow into the heartless, popping them like soap bubbles. One. Two.. three and more. A wizard hat drifts down to the ground to disappear in munny and green health orbs.

However., There are more wizards. Any airborne Attack Round: Heartless! Wave 2: Shadow Soup!
Malicia Malicia pauses to cock a non-existent ear in the direction of the open window, where she can hear the war-cry of 'PERRRRRRVERT!' and what is no doubt an all-out brawl against the Heartless. "You're right." She says to Negaduck. "It sounds like they're already here."

Her lips pull back to reveal a fanged smile as she beckons at the Shadow Lord to lead the way.
Setzer Gabbiani The gambler's eyes narrow as the Heartless vanish. He could feel the bluff, and he reacts accordingly.
With disdain. 'Amateurs.' Setzer then takes off to the air, just in time to see more heartless trying his luck on him. Grinning, the gambler flicks whis wrist, letting... something fall to the space between his thumb and his pointer, just before he throws the object with a flourish.

Darts. And the Heartless just became the target. Have fun!
Will Sherman Will gets tossled with electricty. Electrical stuff is hard to dodge...even with luck. There aren't any large metal things near by...or Tom.

Which is LIKE a large metal thing. The metal is in his head, it is why his head is so thick.

Will looks sizzled, frowning as he looks towards Umi!

"Bat!" he calls out and leaps up, aiming to catch the Bat that HOPEFULLY starts throwing up at him. He reaches up...grabbing it, and aims to SMASH a wizard heartless down. He lands right next to it. Taps the bat once...

Yes, he saw that Malicia...but first thing's first.

"HOME RUN!" he says, and swings the bat after pointing the end of it towards Negaduck.
Souji Murasame "Mason! Watch yourself!" Souji calls to the machinist. Kyra gives him a healing injection, and Souji straightens, feeling the clinging power of Darkness debliitating him lessen.

"Whatever you believe of my reputation, Isshiki, I have my own reasons for my actions." He is caught be a ghost and drawn upwards, being licked by the creature. This causes him to reel backwards, moments before the bombardment of the Heartless Wizards ensues, cascading lightning, fire, and ice shaowering down over him. He forms a magical barrier, hexagonal energy plates forming aroung him, but it is too little to prevent the assault. Souji is forced backwards, blood staining his suit and sweat rolling down his face... And then the claws come, striking from all directions once more. Souji cleaves through the first, but the second and others lash into him, drawing painful wounds across his body.

"This enemy cannoy be fought alone." He looks to the others here. "Who sent these beasts, or if they are preying on their own volition, I do not know, but these are the same beings who destroyed our world."

He brings his weapon to bear. "Vengeance calls." He says, simply, before drawing his hand across his blade. "Sword art... Aurora Wave!" He lashes out with repeated strikes, the Murasame Blade leaving gleaming arcs of multicolored, crackling light that hammers into the mass of Heartless. All he can do is keep fighting!
Myla Mason Myla Mason has had enough of her own weapons going she's managed to do something she thinks to them she can never tell with this darn things however. There's too many of them to hold back and comes the magic it's not fun it's rather shocking and Myla's left not only harmed but with some frizzy hair on top of the pain. She pulls a small bottle out of a pouch and downs the content before opening fire with her pistols.

"This is really how you breast want to play today!"

It didn't help there were also tentacles smacking her about earlier either she is not a happy girl, she is so not a happy girl as she fires spell round after spell round into the swarm of heartless before her.

Will is notices as is another stranger who would be Setzer yet there are too many for any one person to handle. Souji has a point there and additionally the things that ate their world? Ain't going to get much mercy, less so for those that wilfully control them.

She keeps firing rounds changing elements as she's preloaded the clip to never have the same type of round in a row in case something ends up being immune to the spell shots. Also damn Ryusei certainly can unload a good deal of pain without the need for guns like Myla does she's frankly impressed buy any comment will have to wait until they have handled this situation.
Maira Maira smiles brightly to Emi in response. "Likewise Emi! Take care!" she replies, closing a door to a building behind some fleeing people before she turns once more to face the Heartless.

It would appear there are a couple of weird looking ducks looting, the darkness radiating from them both. Maira's eyes widen. Could they be Shadow Lords? ...As ridiculous as that may be? Unfortunately, she cannot deal with that just now because she is being absolutely swarmed with Heartless. Maira lets out a scream--of ANGER! She lashes out with her fire, infused with the Light of her heart to rip through the darkness.

When Maira hears a loud thud from inside followed by a scream, Maira rushes through the door to find out what happened and protect the people inside she'd promised to protect! And she would, even if that meant being a better target than they were. "HEY!" she cries, an aura of bright light erupting around her. "Leave these people ALONE!"
Kyra Hyral "Tch! They're so many, no wonder they seem to be getting their hands on children." Kyra scowls with disgust, running along to keep up with both Souji and Ryusei. She's pretty swift on her feet so despite their respective speeds, she's easily able to keep up. Not only that, but she seems pretty adept at reloading and resupplying on the run. "We must hack through as many as possible-AUGH!"

A lightning bolt strikes Kyra in the back, knocking her flat on her face forward. This time, at least, she seems to keep ahold of her weapons. Shuddering, she picks herself up again and keeps going, eager to stay close to her other current party members.

"Ryusei!" seems Kyra's picked up her name from somewhere. Likely their little radio channel! "I'm going to hit you up! Hold still for a second!" Kyra reaches down into her messenger bag and pulls something out that turns out to be yet...another gun. This one is much heftier and, after shaking it which unfolds a telescoping barrel, much longer. "I promise this won't hurt that much!"

That is a lie. This particular model launches high-velocity hi-potion rounds that break apart upon impact. The impact does break skin a little, which is actually the point, though given the nature of the potion contained within the wound quickly heals, followed by a significant portion of other damage done to Ryusei.
The Judge Magister moves through the city quickly as he can. He even uses his dark runes to quickly move him along. Leaping up on one of the floating cars, before jumping off and heading down to a building roof top.

From there he can see the heartless. His cape gently moves in the wind as he narrows his helm slightly. Observing it all. He can hear the cries of the people. See the gun fire. Many fighting to protect the people from the heartless.

Yet his attention turns as he spots two individuals not far from Will's location. Soon the Judge Magister pulls out the Highway Star and the Chaos Blade. He runs along the roof top before he suddenly leaps down right at the two oddities of his world.

The one was a massive cleaving swipe for them both, before followed in with a quick strike from the smaller Highway Star. No words were spoken. He was in no mood for words.
Ryusei Isshiki The martial artist is finding herself overwhelmed. She keeps carving through more and more Heartless, but they just keep coming and coming and coming! And what's worse, this time, they flail tentacles at her.

"What the heck's wrong with you guys?" Says Ryusei as the tentacles wrap around her limbs, pining her in the air before starting to lash at her. Some of the images and sounds, however, have to be covered with <GOOSEHONK BRAND RELAX-O-VISION>, due to the nature of what's going on right now.

When Kyra tells her that she's gonna hit her up and hold still for a second, she just shouts. "These things have me pinned up with tentacles! Not much moving I can do right now!" The bunch of injections were nailed on her back, their payload discharging into her body, pumping her with energy.

With that infusion of power, Ryusei manages to free herself from this horrendous act of perversion against her person by letting out a roar of anger and throwing her arms forward, shooting yet another pair of Souharyu that tore the tentacles away. Grabbing one of the disintegrating tentacles, she flings herself against one of them, aiming her foot right to its face, then spinning in place and slamming her other foot on the same spot and propelling it downwards. She followed by throwing yet another pair of Souharyu at a Heartless nearby.
Negaduck "Just as I figured," Negaduck rolls his eyes, sighing at the sound of battle. "Ordinarily, I would not mind joining in and causing mayhem for the do-gooders, but we have an opportunistic situation to take advantage of." That fanged smile is returnedtowards Malicia as she beckons for him to lead.

Negaduck is making his way out of the village.

... Just in time to see Will prep for a homerun smack of the Wizard Heartless his way. "YOU!" Negaduck exclaims as both eyes widen before he gives a maniacal grin. With a twirl, Negaduck is no longer in his fedora and jacket but is instead wearing a tennis outfit; a red shirt and shorts while wielding a tennis racquet.

"So you want to serve?! Take---" WHAM! Negaduck's face is smacked pretty hard with the Heartless and he is sent flying across the house, landing at the wall. "Oh ho.... that grinds my gears." He growls pushing himself off before he looks at a familiar face.

Why hello there, Maira.


Negaduck whips out a chainsaw, "...This is getting good. I will finish what that nitwit Baigan should had started!"

And then, a quick swipe from Gabranth comes to interrupt his attempt to go Archades Chainsaw Massacre on a couple of familiar faces. The slash rips open the shirt. ...And rips the shirt entirely. The tennis shirt falls off, revealing Negaduck's DUCK CHEST!


He growls, spinning around to switch back to his original attire complete with the red fedora and yellow jacket. "Malicia, let's make waste of these losers."

A bazooka is pointed right at Gabranth and Will, "Click. Click. BOOM!"

A heavy explosion bursts from the launcher, the shell aiming to explode at both Will and Gabranth.
Emi Dennou "Bat!" Umi shouts, throwing a LIL SLUGGER style golden bat towards Will, it's even bent at the angle, mysteriously. She spins around and--

gets swiped by some Heartless Claws in the side. "Tchh!!" She hisses, running back to try and get some cover. Unfortunately, the cover she chooses is a wall that grows a shadow claw that swipes her. "Ugh! This isn't fair!"

"Umi..." She says. "...The green orbs."

She turns and nods once to Umi, who nods back and then--

--they run around, magnetizing munny balls to them and collecting everything while using the green balls to heal themselves. HA HA HA! Eat on this heartless!

"Will!" Umi shouts. "Do some teamwork thing with me, like I don't know--uh..."

She frowns. "Knock a heartless this way?"
David Xanatos
The boosters on the Steel Clan robots run out of fuel just as the machines reach the main part of the city, and each robot discards the boosters. With luck they can be recovered later, but for now they're just extra, unnecessary bulk. The machines lower their cursing altitude in response however. Without the extra speed, they're vulnerable above the skyline.

Xanatos, meanwhile, makes some notes, and then sends a quick text message to one of his agents in the area to attempt recovery of those boosters. They aren't too expensive, but hey, waste not, want not.

While being lower down does make them less of a target, it also brings them closer to danger, and the machines are immediately beset by claws that erupt out of the walls of the building they pass. They shadowy assault manages to deal some good damage to several of the wing, but they keep flying on, following programed assault patterns. Xanatos is monitoring the situation, but he wants to be 'hands-off' as far as the actual test goes. No point in running an experiment and then mucking with it halfway through.

The machines do have their own combat programming though, and it's quite effective on its on. The machines fan out into a delta wing, with the three most forward machines leveling particle blasts into the crowd of heartless, while the rear machines sweep low and conduct quick strafing blows. One of the machines in particular scans Negaduck and flags him as a priority threat, and directs a particularly focused assault against his support people: Malicia.
Bucket O'goons Reaction command: Batter up!

The wizard heartless goes flying to crash through a window and land almost at the feet of the evil looting duo. It has very swirly eyes. As it pulls itself up, it /CRACKS/ almost in half with a weird jerking spasm that looks extremely unpleasant and would require the services of a chiropractor to put back together.

The heartless advances on Negaduck's back while he's turned towards Gabranth, raising it's staff and taking a swing at Negaduck's head, flaming scepter leaving a trail of fire, then ice, then thunder in it's wake as the wand spasms and malfunctions(?).

The game is darts, gentlemen. And like a bunch of lawn dart flamingoes the heartless look tacky and decorative as they explode one after another. Myla vaporizes a couple of tentaclaws who are getting entirely too fresh. They flop around uselessly before turning to ash.

In the midst of it all, a much larger Heartless and a smaller group of shadows and nocturnes emerges from the ruined shop where the invasion started. The large heartless which carries a large glassed in lantern with it starts to float towards the first series of houses closest to it. Picture reference: Illuminator

Inside the upper story building is a second Illuminator already trying to herd a struggling child into the lantern. They reach behind the table where they have taken refuge and pull them struggling and kicking from their hiding place. It turns abruptly to face Maira. It blinks it's solid yellow eyes once and then it rocks backwards with a massive moan as the light strikes it. It drops the child who scrambles to the other side of the room. The illuminator reaches out a massive claw for Maira to try and snatch her up.

Ryusei's attacks against all that is wrong and completely indecent seem to be going strong, the shadow flash mob being booted in the head and disintegrated by the energy snakes. The seething horde of heartless starts to break apart in places, their numbers thinning appreciably enough for wizards and hover ghosts and shadows to be found now only in scattered groups that merge and break apart like drops of oil on paper.

Heartless Action Event: Illuminating Circumstances. Prevent the Heartless from capturing NPC group, Archadian Children and returning to ruined shopkeep portal.
Malicia Malicia is following along with Negaduck, about to ask about their next plan of action when a human leaps down in front of them, wordlessly swinging a weapon. But she catches on quickly and dodges out of the way. "Fool!" She taunts him.

Suddenly Negaduck has switched outfits, which causes the demonness to do a double-take. "What?! How did you even manage--" Aaaaand now his shirt has been ripped open.

Hubba hubba.

Gawking shamelessly at the Shadow Lord, she doesn't even register the machines that have locked on to her.


The force hits her so hard she's thrown sky-high, mildly stunned. Regaining her wits, her let's out an enraged screech and lashes outward.
Maira Maira is not about to let these children be snapped up under her watch. No <goosehonk>ing way. "You will have to go through me!" she yells in defiance at the Heartless, who then replies; "okay!" and reaches for her.

Maira screams then in alarm as the Illuminator tries to shove her into the lantern instead of the child. Alright, sure, but the child probably isn't exploding with fire and holy light.

The princess of heart ignites, her form wreathed in flames, the cloak she wore simply burning to ashes in a flash. "Run!" she yells to the children and their guardians, then turns the full fury of her righteous wrath on the Heartless trying to take her, the light of Holy shining from the windows.
Will Sherman Will finds himself flying through the air, avoiding the bazooka shot aimed to BLAST him to death!

Will flies, getting SICK AIR TIME, as he rolls himself into a ball and performs the legendary...

0YOUTH ROLL to avoid claws, magical attack, and various heartless shennanigans. Will, however, ends the legendary move a bit earily, being blasted to the ground by Malicia's fireball? It didn't seem to hurt him, he feels slightly tired though. He is on the ground though. He blinks, looks at himself...looks at her, blinks.

However, he has a bat!

A heartless runs by him. and he swings the bat, aiming to SEND it on it's way...right to Emi and Umi!


And then he looks at Malicia. He wiggles his fingers...

And then decks her in the face with the other hand. He also tries to steal the necklass back.
Setzer Gabbiani Setzer feels it. Something is doing... something to him. He can feel the things around him. But he doesn't care. Not when there's children at stake because some heartless decided to sneak off while everybody was fighting the good fight.

"Oh no you don't! Not on my watch!" the gambler says, wall jumping like one of those balls, trying to approach the heartless. "Let me show you my hand! Here, take a look!" he said, throwing first a sickly green chip, followed by a dozen or so of red ones, before finishing with an Ace in his sleeve. Literally.

Because if you have to do it, then hit fast and hit hard.
The Judge Magister suddenly conjures up a rune of darkness and blasts it forward smashing into the rocket which explodes in the air as Negaduck attempts to counter-attack. "You will do no such thing. I am head Judge Magister of Archades. Your sentence is death." The Judge Magister states as he points his blade at Negaduck.

"I will save you the details as to why." Gabranth states very calmly. Then suddenly magic fire ball. The Judge Magister raises up his sword in defense. The fireball impacts and brings him down to almost his knee for a moment. Those gold eyes glowing from behind the shadows of his helm.

He then comes at them both once more with another quick slash of only this time his Highway Sword. Keeping his Chaos blade at ready.
Souji Murasame Souji comes cleaving through the battlefield with constant waves of energy lashing from his sword in scything crescent blasts. The Heartless strike down towards him, spiking towards the ground, when he lashes his weapon upwards, the impact radiating outwards...

Time, for him, seems to slow as he moves with practiced precision. He slashes forwards, blurring through a cluster of Heartless and tentacles, moments before everything speeds up again, the Heartless blowing up in a cascade of lightning and crimson. A gash opens across his cheek, drawn there by one of the HEartless assaults, and he reaches up to touch it, looking down at the blood with a curious expression.

His expression darkens, then, as crimson power wreaths around his hand and lashes out towards the Heartless, attempting to bind them towards the ground with dark powers of his own.

The blade hungers.
Emi Dennou "Thanks!" Umi shouts, jumping into the air, spinning once and landing on the heartless, sliding one foot forward as she glides through the air, like some sort of Air Surfer. "Ha ha ha, Emi! Emi! I'm flying!"

"You're not flying!" Emi shouts back. "You're falling with style!" She gets clobbered away by the Heartless, tumbling across the ground--though--and she spins across the ground for a few moments before Umi calls back down to her, "Let's do that thing!"

Emi nods, "Understood. The Network will attempt this technique."

She rolls up to her feet and then reaches into her pocket, withdrawing the money she had collected by running around earlier and flinging them up into the air towards Umi.

Umi charges up electromagnetically as she fans her hands forward, catching the munny electromagnetically before calling out, "SECRET LIMIT BREAK!"

Suddenly the munny bursts away from her at near super-sonic speeds, ripping into Heartless all over the place, each one like a tiny railgun as it plows through Heartless left and right!

"SUPER GIL RAIN <Goosehonk>!!!" Umi laughs like a pirate before crashing into a nearby trashbin because, again, she was only falling with style.
Kyra Hyral "They're thinning out! Good!" Kyra announces, scouting around from her...presumably safer position. No. It's not safer, really. Just as she turns her attention towards the ruined shop front, a search ghost grabs her upper arms from behind and actually lifts her off the ground. A yelp escapes her and she squirms hard enough that the Heartless drops her!

...which is actually part of the problem. She lands hard.

"There!" she calls out, pointing at the shop front to Souji and Ryusei, "Look at that thing! It's leading those other Heartless!" Her free hand gestures at the Illuminator.

Scrambling, she quickly reloads the hi-potion rifle and takes aim at Ryusei again, "And don't make me bust out Life!"
Negaduck "I'm a hit, aren't I?" Negaduck winks. Then, he looks towards one of the gargoyle machines, particularly, the Steel Clan, as they make their presence known.

"...Tsch. Figures Xanatos would show up to intrude on the fu---" Oh hey, unfortunately, Malicia is attacked. Negaduck winces for a moment, but then he turns to see that the heartless advance at him. "YOU DARE ATTACK ME, NUMBER TWO-SIXTY FIVE?!" Negaduck brings his hand out, manifesting a trashcan to deflect the blow.

However, he reaches over towards one of those creatures, "Here is a lesson for you of what happens."



And thus, Negaduck is going to use that particular Heartless that /dared/ raise its staff at him and attach it to a rope.


People have avoided his munitions, Negaduck is going to have to take this physically. Gabranth decides to declare for Negaduck's sentence to be death. When the sword swings at his chest, Negaduck fails to guard against it with the flail and is instead, slashed with it. That slash hacks against Negaduck and releases a tear on his jacket.

"...Not if you die first."

Negaduck tosses a ball toward Gabranth.

"Don't blink." Why?

Suddenly, Negaduck's in a Monster Truck. That's right. Negaduck is in a massive monster truck and boy does he look angry at the judge. "You'll die first." Negaduck trains all of his sights on the judge, bringing the monster truck's engine to roar as it races off. He activates a jump button, bringing the weapon into the air.

And... Negaduck is landing on top of the truck's hood.


That Heartless flail? Negaduck is smacking the hell out of the machine, and then he rises the weapon up. And then he slams down on it, seeking to explode Gabranth where he stands. The impact will unleash a devastating explosion.
David Xanatos
The attack from Malicia forces the wing of Steel Clan mechs to the ground, one of the mechs taking some damage across one wing as they land. The mechs spread out a little as the lead recalculates their tactical position. The Shadow Lord's position is unknown, so the steel clan units reform into a wing and, as one, take off back into the air.

The mechs form into a claw formation, with four robots taking point in front while the rest form a web behind them. The formation flies off into the sky and swoop around, not moving to attack, but instead positioning themselves to make a full attack run.

Xanatos looks at the combat data, pursing his lips a bit. "We're going to have to work on target prioritization. Owen, remind me to write Shadow Lord contact protocols."
Myla Mason Myla Mason is continuing to lay down what punishment she can, even as the heartless come down upon her she reduces several of the heartless to little more than wisps and soon there is nothing of those beast that got far too fresh with her. She's had those things handled even as those more powerful than her go after a pair of shadow lords that are making use of the heartless attack. It's more likely they caused it in the first place when she thinks about it for a second but there's still too many and she notices something Wait what was that she holsters her pistol and draws her cutlass from it's scabbard across her back it's blade humms with electrical energy as she moves to follow up after the heartless she saw she also hears clearly children. There is no time to waste as she moves, bolting into the building and trying to make her way to the next floor.

She hears Maira's words and one of the last of the Levitani lets out a cry as she keeps her cutlass ready.

"You will not have them, I will send you back to darkness from which you all came!"

She starts chanting and her cutlass is encased in a blade of living water and she then descends upon the heartless with all the fury she can manage there's a lot of power and anger behind each strike. Every fight with the heartless is a personal thing to her. With them targeting kits it's even more so.


The strikes continue and hopefully Maria will be able to help the kids get the heck out of here.
Ryusei Isshiki Ryusei pants for air angrily, not relenting on her pummeling of the Heartless Horde, more and more creatures vanishing and coming back to the darkness from where they came from. She starts smiling as she sees the horde diminishing little by little. Their efforts were paying out, the city would stand for one more day.

When suddenly a vile force of Darkness appears behind her and grabs her with its vile claws, trying to put her inside a cage on its tail! She has only enough time to place her hands tightly on the ends of the cage to avoid getting plunged into it.

After some minutes of struggling against the persistent Heartless, Ryusei manages to pull herself away, landing on the ground and looking at the various similar Heartless that are entering into the houses and snatching defenseless children into their cages. So THESE were the ones who were kidnapping the children, after all!

This fills her with rage! 0LOTS AND LOTS OF RAGE!. She already held a grudge against the Heartless for destroying her world, but doing THIS as well? It was beyond evil. It was MONSTROUS! And Ryusei would not allow this as long as she was breathing. "Okay... You asked for it, you mother<goosehonk>ing <goosehonk>s!" Closing her eyes and focusing her body and mind into complete unity, Earth energy started flowing into her body, coincidentally mixing with the power injections from Kyra nailing themselves on her body once again and discharging much needed healing fluid into her...


"ARMS OF THE SKY-BREAKING MOUNTAIN! EXTREME TECHNIQUE!" As power flowed through her, her veins turned a brilliant orange, like rivers of lave flowing inside the body and covering it completely. They became visible through her skin as the pink haired martial artist roared in fury.

"0FLY! SOUHARYU! Throwing her arms to the sky, a pair of fiery, golden Souharyu flew from her hands, then spiraled around her and confluxed into a single one which nestled Ryusei on its mouth. Ryusei then flew at vertigo speeds, roaring like a savage beast and beating the everliving <goosehonk> out of every Heartless that stood in her. Each impact leaving enormous shockwaves.

In a moment she was over there. Now over there! And now right over there! Ryusei was moving with such speed that it was almost impossible to follow her with your eyes! For the finisher, Ryusei leaped into the sky, rising her fist, then roared the name of her final technique as she flew down onto the ground with the force and speed of a meteorite.


The raging impact turned the bunch of Heartless into a smoking crater.
Malicia "KAPOW!"

This was not Malicia's day. Will's fist connected square with her face and she stumbled back, holding her bill. Her expression of shock quickly melted into seething rage that boiled over.

"How DARE you hit a lady. I'm going to flay you alive, you bald mutant monkey!"

Or not. Because suddenly she was sliced from behind by Gabranth. Now it was HER turn to deal with a torn-up outfit. Fortunately, due to the magic of a PG-13 rating, her dress remained mostly intact. Not so much for Malicia herself, who dropped to her knees dazed.
Merlock Merlock decides he's a bit too noticeable up here and he can't see Dijon anywhere, so it's time to relocate. All the amazing fighting and firepower being thrown around and the Heartless seemingly getting pulverized just now is totally not a factor.

Dijon will just have to fend for himself, because Merlock has turned back into an eagle and is out of there!
Bucket O'goons The illuminator has this problem. It is supposed to trap light. So. Light is something it traps.

The windows go black and a sickening miasma begins to fill the lantern as Maira gets roughly stuffed inside. The light of righteous wrath burns through the miasma and boils off the shadow. The glass starts to crack more and more quickly as the holy light pours through the chinks in it's armor.

It /explodes/ in jagged spaces of dark metal, glass and vapor, freeing Maira from the prison. Every single shard turns into another shadow in the wake of the explosion though.. and all those shadows are simultaniously looking straight at Maira.

And then the <Goosehonk> gets Meta.

Munny bursts away from the legionettes at super-sonic speeds, exploding entire clouds of heartless and felling entire swathes of the remaining forces with the power of munny and Mcguyver Action.


Never mind. The power of a great deal of wrath from multiple quarters. Some of them stylish and corporate, energy waves plowing through heartless like a scythe through fields of wheat-eating squids. .. Wait. (Assorted sounds in the background. Hammering. A few rattling noises) --The Narrator apologizes for the disturbance. Emi's Metaness broke the description machine.

At last, there is only rage and roaring energy serpents against the might of giant columns of heartless. The falling star SMACKS into the base of the pillar, reducing the heartless and part of the street to a smoking crater. However-- the giant tower of heartless still stands, wobbling back and forth -- until it starts to topple very slowly and like a jenga pile, collapses down almost right on top of Ryusei, all the heartless turning to smoke before they get anywhere close to the raging fighter.

The last vestiges of the heartless assault retreat from the region. The one remaining Illuminator halts in it's task and disappears through a dark portal along with the remainders of it's minions. A chilling echoey voice bellows from inside the dark lantern as a thick and choking miasma fills it. It's a cheated scream of rage and frustration. If there was to be a cliche here. Something along the lines of 'I'll get you next time gadget!' Then there is a definite sense of that in the retreat of the heartless and the wordless mental broadcasting of dreadful ire.

And then everything is quiet.
Gabranth glares at Negaduck. What an annoying creature. Then suddenly the duck man is now with a Monster Truck. The Judge Magister crouches down.

He stands ready. His eyes focused as he watches the machine start to drive. However not only was he watching the monster truck, but also keeping an eye on Negaduck. He pretty much was ignore Negaduck's ally for now. He would get to her in a moment.

Then as Negaduck fires, the Judge Magister suddenly runs right at the Monster Truck. The explosion rocks the area and Gabranth slides right under the vehicle. He then comes out the other side, before suddenly making a hard turn, and sheathing his swords. He runs right up the side of a building sideways. Each step has a dark rune right under his foot, before he jumps off, impacts a run and then lands onto of a roof.

Now he has Negaduck perfectly in his sights, including his friend. "Welcome to Archades." Gabranth says lowly as he places out his hand. Suddenly the very shadows seem to come to live around them, there own shadow created by their neck line starts to squeeze their necks.

If it takes hold he then lifts them both into the air for a moment. "You should think twice before attack my city. Perhaps you have not heard." The squeeze becomes harder now should it continue to hold. "I am the law of this land. What I say, is the will of Solidor and it shall be done."

This is a perfect chance for someone else who has been fighting these two. A perfect chance indeed.

How well can the dark knight Judge Magister and a hobo work together? Lets find out.
Will Sherman Will is suddenly running something over his fingers...back and forth, back and forth...

He is holding the Necklace she stole, back and forth over his fingers, before he slides it onto his neck.

He looks back towards Umi, and he sniffs once...she is such a great brings a tear to his eye. He turns back to Malicia... "Yes, I shouldn't hit a lady...good thing you are /not/ a lady." he says, and dives RIGHT TOWARDS her aiming to aim a SINGLE punch towards her...

She can see strings...these are normally invisible. They are strings of fate, what connects her to the world around her friends and the darkness and beyond.

Will litterally tries to ERASE those strings, tear through them in a single powerful strike aiming to not just punch her /PHYSICALLY/ but metaphysically too!

He walks away from her, explosions no doubt ringing out as he starts walking towards Negaduck...

Who is being forced choked in the air. He too, glows as he brings his hand down, aiming to repeatedly strike Negaduck in the back. "Kidney punch! Kidney punch! And pauuuuuuuse..."

"FATE PUNCH!" he says performing the same strike twice on Negaduck.

"Give it up Negaduck, you can't beat us. We have the power of Justice, Love, the law, and GIANT <GOOSEHONK>ing metal Gargoyles on our side. Also a baseball bat."
David Xanatos
The Steel Clan robots return to formation and move in to attack the Heartless again, particle beams and missiles raining from the sky as they sweep down. However, they barely have time to begin engaging before another red marker flashes on Xanatos's computer.

Xanatos selects it, enhances, and sure enough, one of the Steel Clan machines has reacquired the Shadow Lord. " seems we found one of the people on the list. Owen, where does this one rank?"

Owen, without even looking at whatever 'list' Xanatos is talking about, responds, "Seventeen, I believe."

"Hmm," Xanatos says evenly. "Well, we did make the list for a reason." He reaches over to his computer, presses a button, and commands, "Steel wing, stop assault. Prioritize shadow lord and reengage, maximum firepower."

Immediately, all the Steel Clan robots stop in mid-air, turn, and sweep as one towards Negaduck. They briefly charge their weapons as they swoop into range, and then once they're there, they unleash doom from the sky. Rockets and particle beams fire heavily from the sky in massive numbers.

No, more than that.

Even MORE.

Yeah, /that/ many.
Souji Murasame Souji prepares to bind his enemies before him and then strike...

When the combined power of the defending forces crash into the army. Souji holds the thrumming, hungry blade as the remaining Heartless are scattered to the winds for mow, anc he pauses, considering the situation.

Perhaps, other potential targets.

And he shakes his head. "We are done here." He inverts the blade and sheathes it, the Murasame Blade having to be content with what it has taken already.

He walks to the midst of the victorious heroes, looking over the battlefield. "The Heartless are driven away..." He pauses. "For the time being. Is everyone all right?" Souji pulls a potion vial from his suit and drinks it in a smooth motion, letting the healing power reinvigorate him.
Malicia "ENOUGH!" She was like a wild animal, cornered and about to be caged. Her eyes were glowing bright yellow now, and her hair lit up into a bright, wild flame.

Oh, she was not happy. Not happy at all.

Maira Maira is grateful for a little back up in the form of Myla, for as she bursts out of the lantern and shatters the miasa, all the shadows turn and stare directly at her, yellow eyes filled with hunger.

Maira gulps, but she's still glowing like firework and ready to light them up. The children need her help though, and thus she lets Myla take over for a few while she shuffles the children down the stairs, casting a healing spell over them to soothe any of their injuries. "Shhh shhh its alright, it'll be alright," she assures the children, looking over her shoulder only to see the Illuminator opening a portal to escape, the Heartless withdrawing. "YES!" she says. She avoided getting kidnapped again! Victory! She's not completely hopeless!

Maira rushes out and guards the people who run to another building. The Heartless are leaving, but it might not be over yet!

Maira comes down and looks about, searching for the injured.

Then, she spots Negaduck. He'd yelled about Baigan. He remembered her. Really? After so long? BAH! "That guy wasted a perfectly good donut, okay!?" she retorts, then throws a fireball in his direction.

Suddenly, the steel gargoyles catch Maira's attention. She gawks. WHOA. Whoa now! What is this!? "Gargoyles!?"
Setzer Gabbiani "Hahaha! Looks like you are out of the game now." Setzer laughed, seeing the Heartless fall for good. His laughs, however, quickly dissapeared as he remembered why he was going there at full speed. The children. "They're safe, thank the stars." he breathed in relief. Looks like the heroes won this game. Good.

Jumping down, the gambler hears a swordsman's question. "Some scratches, but pain is fleeting. There might be others worse than I'm faring right now."
Emi Dennou Umi hangs upside down in the trash bin, and uses electromagnetics to hop her trash bin around towards Emi. Emi herself uses the opportunity to walk over and tug on Umi's legs, trying to pull her out. This is /all very difficult/, strangely enough, because Umi is really wedged in there and Emi doesn't have much leverage.

"Hopefully this will encourage them to consider our worlds regarding the Black Mages..." Emi murmurs to herself.
Myla Mason Myla Mason lowers her blade as the savage attack is finished she banishes the water and sheathes it back across her back even as the Heartless meets their end she looks to the children her expression changing from ranging force of anger to one much more compassionate.

"It's going to be okay, just keep hidden until it's safe there's till more fighting to be done."

With that Myla is gone racing out of the building at this point as she's got a duck hunt to carry out. She's not even thinking about the Mummy she's picked up that was never her concern all right. She now is moving out and she sees Negaduck has not fled yet, she looks to him for a moment.

"Don't think I have forgotten about you."

She pulls her pistol and fires several flare shots at the most fowl villain to ever come from the world of Duckberg and Saint Canard.
Ryusei Isshiki As the smokes settles out of the crater, Ryusei gets up and walks out of it, dusting herself off and panting for air madly. "Ha... Ha... Wow... We annihilated them!" Despite the thorough beating she had taken, she felt full of life!

Of course, her body's opinion was different. The moment she made a few steps towards Souji, Ryusei found herself wobbling and hissing in pain. "Ah... It seems that those tentacles lashed a bit too much on my left leg. The pain is coming up right about now." The Isshiki heiress laughed lightly, and leaned back against a wall to rest. "Apart of that little inconvenience, I am doing fine. Even better, knowing that the children are doing fine, as well."
Kyra Hyral Kyra lowers her rifle and lets out a long breath as she sees the Heartless vanish. She's quick to advance, lowering the barrel of her gun to the ground as she moves. Even encumbered with as much gear as she carries, she has no trouble moving, likely due to some creative application of magic.

"Nice job there, Ryusei." Kyra compliments with a grun, letting the barrel of her rifle slot back into its shorter state. "Pretty impressive moves you have there." She grins and gives her classmate a two-fingered salute.

Turning, her eyes fall upon Souji and linger. Swallowing, she walks to him, but hesitates as she hears the sound of fighting still throughout the city. Those fascinating-looking Steel Clan gargoyles seem to still be after something!
Negaduck Negaduck wanted to drop a monster truck at Gabranth. In fact, Negaduck wanted to ATOMIZE Gabranth to feel good about destroying /someone/. However, it was not meant to be. As the Judge Magister runs right at the Monster Truck...


As Negaduck charged, Gabranth slid underneath the vehicle. Negaduck is no longer in the vehicle. And yet, when he attempts to use the shadow created to strangle him... Negaduck's aura becomes darker as his eyes become gray as a sneer erupts.


Gabranth will feel the resistance of his hold, before Negaduck's hand clutches out to squeeze at his neck.


Unfortuntely for the dastardly mallard, he is so distracted by his rage at Gabranth that he gets SO MANY KIDNEY PUNCHES!

"OW OW BADNESS OW OW OW!" And.... two strikes at his back, sending him hunching over with a glare. "Grrrrrrr.....!" Negaduck turns to face Will, and then the snarls, "I will not be defeat by the likes of you! I am---"

The sound of whistles become louder as Negaduck turns to see a barrge of rockets and particle beams.

"Uh oh."

There is a thunderous explosion. The blast factor is pretty intense that one would need a pair of shades to shield the eyes. The smoke clears, leaving Negaduck charred. "HA! I CAN TAKE MORE THAN THAT!"

Insert the fireball from Maira and the flare shots to start impacting against Negaduck. The erosion of flames ignite and combust together.

For a brief moment, Negaduck looks like Peking Duck. GET 'EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT!

"...On second thought.."


Negaduck is running towards Malicia, swooping over to scoop an arm around the partner-in-crime. And the Shadow Portal manifests around him and her before it disappears.

...Why did Negaduck take her along with him instead of abandoning her?

...She has his motorcycle keys, and his keys to his arsenal stash.
Malicia As the two deadly ducks made for a hasty retreat, Malicia paused only to snarl at Will. "YOU." She sneered. "This isn't over. I am going to hunt you down, strangle you with those strings, and cook you for dinner!"

Cue the classic vengeful shaking of a fist as they exit, stage left.

Just wait until she looked in the mirror and saw the horrendous black eye she was sporting.
Will Sherman Will yawns, looking not threatened at all at Malicia.

"Bye!" he says, and then looks back towards Gabranth.

He holds out a hand, awaiting a hi-five, because they just TOTALLY drove off two shadow lords.

He just smiles like this: :D :D :D.

Are you going to leave him hanging?
Maira Then Negaduck proclaims himself a Shadow Lorn, gets absolutely slammed with attention of the very painful and burning variety. Maira winces. That had to hurt.

Speaking of hurt, she's bleeding and bruised, but surprisingly? Surprisingly alright. And unkidnapped!

Maira jumps up and does a ballerina twirl of absolutely delight, laughing. "Hahah! No kidnapping me today! Eat THAT you buttheads!" she yells at the retreating Shadow forces. It is a personal victory for her. Even better? She doesn't think any children were taken tonight.

Maira starts passing out potions and healing, though she is making her way toward one of the steel gargoyles because she is extremely curious. She stop before one and looks up, wide-eyed. "Hi!" she greets with a smile.
Gabranth almost gets darkness chocked by Negaduck, until will Inturrpts. The Judge Magister then glances over the area, correcting his cloak a bit, then rolling his shoulders as he watches the Shadow Lords leave along with the heartless.

The city was protected, not just by the Archadian might.. but by outsiders as well. Then Will looks for a high five. "You fight with a rather impressive display." He says to Will. He looks at the hand, then at Will. He glances away, but he does give the man a good high five.

He does take notice of the machines in the air. They were impressive for what they were. Mechanoids was something Archadians lacked, though one day they will figure it out. After all, they had Airships that were highly advance compared to many worlds out in Ruin. Perhaps only two cities rivaled their technology power.

However once it was done. The Judge Magister turned about and started to make his way back to some of his soldiers and the Judges. Mostly to talk things over. He would reward the people later.
Will Sherman !Will Totally thinks Gabranth is Super Cool!

Will totes gets a Hi-Five!

"Well, I might do that, but it's something I don't like to use. Hi, I'm Will Sherman, King of the Hobos." He says, and gives the Judge a Thumbs up!

"Also, uh, we might have a thing you might wana know. But you know, when there is less chaos?"
Souji Murasame "If that's all it takes, Isshiki..." Souji says, rolling his shoulders. He looks away. "Don't die." He focuses then on Kyra approaching him, and he nods. "Kyra Hyral." He says, respectfully. "Are you all right?"
Kyra Hyral "Actually, no, not really." Kyra frowns, slipping a vial out of one of her bandolier slots. She pops the cork off of it with a thumb and downs the contents. "Those swarms were pretty rough on me. I wish..." she trails off. Kamon wasn't here. She didn't need to bring that up with Souji. "...I was able to evade them a little bit better.
Ryusei Isshiki Ryusei chuckles. "It takes more than a bit of pain on a leg to kill a member of the Isshiki bloodline, Murasame. Plus, admit it. If I died, you would grieve about it. You still haven't killed your heart completely, after all."

She smiles at Kyra and giggles. "My mother made sure that those techniques were branded with fire in my brain. But nevertheless, my leet fighting magics were not as rad as your healing. It was what kept me standing up in the end!" Ignoring the pain on her leg, she walks towards Kyra and looks at her carefully... "You don't look very well. We should go back home and rest. We've been in for a wild night."
Myla Mason Myla Mason lowers her weapon as Negaduck gets away before she can reload another shot she shrugs she'll get him another time as she puts her weapons back in their holsters and looks back to Maira for a moment then adept the potion and chugs it down. It's no replacement for proper healing but it will do for now and she looks over to Will and smirks.

"So the hobo king strikes again for defending the innocent, huh?"

She was going to say something to Gabranth for a moment then realizes he's going to be drowning in paper work about this fight. She doesn't envy him at all and she will catch up with him later. She'll go to help with the clean up and perhaps see what the local food is like afterwards.
Souji Murasame "Would I?" Souji asks of Ryusei. Is he joking? Can you tell? "Regardless, the Academy will need you when it is reestablished, Isshiki."

He looks back to Kyra. "Their tactics are troublesome. Crude, but effective, considering their nature. If you wish..," He pauses, looking between the pair. "You both may come to the Ame-no-Torifune for rest and recuperation if you wish."
Kyra Hyral Kyra has nothing to say about Ryusei's words towards Souji but she does cringe about it on the inside. "Well yes, I definitely need some rest." she agrees before turning her attention back to Souji. It lingers for a few moments before she eventually nods. "Sure, I'll board the Ame-no-Torifune for a while." she needed a break from this place before it burned her out on charity.
Ryusei Isshiki Ryusei sighs. "You're going with Murasame?" The pinkette martial artist remains silent for a moment, as if considering if she really wanted to tag along with Souji for longer than was strictly necessary. Ultimately, she decided that she would at the very least make sure that nothing happens to Alma's sister. "I will tag along with you for a while. When you are feeling fine, I will go back to Archades and check out on Alma. I promised her I would do anything I could to make the life of the Archadians better, and that is a promise I intend to fulfill." She says with a gentle smile.

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