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(2013-06-29 - 2013-06-29)
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Tyrin Marius For a number of days now, many of the areas around Ivalice have been muttering a number of rumors. Most of them are quite interesting, outside the one about Tyrin Marius helping to reconstruct a burned down inn. Apparently, doing such within his full Church garb with silver armor made things stand out rather much. Of course, this is as close as he gets to scheming. In truth, he's paid coin to a number of gossips to wander around and try to make mention of where he is, in locales that the heretics might here. Artemis was a prideful woman, and the easiest way to confront her again might be simply to know he's somewhere away from the Church. Perhaps if the rumors was about him interrogating a family of innocents to death it'd be somewhat more catchy... but it's unlikely the New Zodiacs didn't take note of it, all the same.
It was true, though. An inn really had burned down, and he's spent a good four days working a few hours here and there. About four soldiers of the church have done nothing useful beyond loiter in the small town. It is nearly finished, and the latest Marius has taken to resting in the adjacent forest, drinking from a waterskin with the sound of the villagers barely audible in the distance. Perhaps he's approaching this wrong... in truth, Tyrin has no real idea how to track down and hunt people who aren't interested in being found. He is a reactive knight, or one who follows orders... Certainly, it is up to Artemis if and when she is to run into the man who battled her those many weeks ago!
Artemis Eurus Artemis was not hunting Tyrin. Indeed, she was actually hunting a boy named Sora, who according to her sources, had a keyblade. No luck thus far on that front, however rumors abounded about a certain Templar in the area. Indeed, the rumors would so prolific that Artemis sensed the man had encouraged them to be spread. Why would he do such a thing? Why, to lure a heretic, of course.

She laughed to herself when she reasoned this, and though it was clear he was perhaps hunting her specifically, she decided she would meet him none the less. From the town, she begins to track him toward the nearby forest, slinking through the underbrush slowly and confidently, a predator on the hunt. She is dressed in earth tone colors, her mask black. For a good while she crouches far enough away to not be seen by him, but close enough to observe. Though she did not wear her blue and gold armor, she is wearing studded leather, which is more protection than she'd had last time she face him.

Now, it was time to turn previous situation on its head. Artemis creeps forward silently until she is practically in his camp, then appears as if out of nowhere. "Good day Sir," she greets, hand on the hilt of her (new) blade.
Tyrin Marius It doesn't seem Tyrin is doing much to be vigilant; he's simply drawing heavy mouthfuls from his waterskin. The sweat visible upon him is certainly not an act. Construction isn't a simple task, especially when one is weighed down by full plate, shield and arms. But his hand is never free from the hilt of his blade, a modicum of readiness regardless of any situation. When a branch shifts nearby, eyes flit sidelong to find a familiar masked figure. "...Ah. You." Another long squirt of water follows. "I did not believe it would be easy to meet you again... could it be you desired vengeance?" He's not yet moving to stand, although his bearing is anything but friendly. "I spoke with your brother. LeBlue... were you truly in delusion, begging to be brought to him? It would have been a more certain death than I had intended for you..."
Artemis Eurus Artemis regards him, a small smile curving her lips. "Vengeance? Not for myself. For the other though, I will gladly take vengeance," she informs him, her voice casual, smooth.

When he speaks of Louis, Artemis laughs. "Yes, that was the intention. Fought him did you? He is a beautiful monster, is he not?" she asks, taking her own waterskin from her belt to take a sip. It's tea, of course. Her own blend of strong and bitter green tea.

"We fought, you prevailed, that is simple enough. But I offered you hospitality, you accepted it, then you fought. That...well, that was poorly done sir. Let us cut to the chase then," she replies, reaching back to pull a pin from her pocket and wind her braid up, pinning it in place so that it stays out of her way.

Artemis then unsheathes her katana and assumes a casual battle stance. "Let us see who the gods favor today."
Tyrin Marius "Vengeance? For who?" Tyrin can barely remember something about a bag-headed woman, but he didn't strike her down. Although at the mention of her brother, there's definitely a pause. "He fights like no other person I've encountered, yes." That seems to be all Tyrin has to offer on the encounter. Yet eyes fall on her new blade, considering it closely. It seems she's upped her arms, and came here fully vested for combat. "Do you think sharing salt and bread will save you from the Church? Do not be naive. I sat with you and shared words. That was not going to save you from justice. It was a fight of honor, entered with consent. Even if you weaseled from the repercussions, begging allies to bring you succor... I find that more reprehensible."
He moves to stand then, allowing his waterskin to drop to the ground. "LeBlue wished me to fight you a second time. Why would he do such? Did he wish for your defeat? Or... did he think this time, you would prevail?" A lazy rasp as the black and crimson mythril blade is drawn forth, shield shrugged off next and settled at his arm. "The answer to that question... is the reason I hoped you would come."
Artemis Eurus Artemis narrows her eyes beneath her mask. "You are a fool. There are the laws of men and the laws of the gods--but let us argue with our blades and not our words, hmm? I did not beg for help--I gave a message and the woman came to help me of her own accord. Yes, it is her a take vengeance for. You nearly killed her. Heh, I will not be the last who will come for you over that incident."

Artemis approaches then, feinting low before she changes her momentum and brings her katana up in an upward, vertical slash aimed for the gap in his plate by his armpit.
Tyrin Marius "Yes. I followed those laws. Then I challenged you to a duel. You accepted. Had you declined, and I struck your back... then I would be damned." Tyrin has no particular opinion on the rest -- he wasn't planning to let the interloper die, but being brutally wounded to unconsciousness is not the most gentle of deterrants. The quick strike goes true; he's never been defensively mobile, and the weapon sinks through chainmail, drawing out a heavily bleeding wound. But he's already striking downwards in his own rebuttal, aiming to tear through her shoulder before whipping up towards her face. "Am I truly such a villain, compared to some...?"
Artemis Eurus Artemis lets the blade take her shoulder, her armor absorbing a good bit of the damage. She leans to the side nimbly to avoid taking any hit to the face. "No, you are not so very vile. You are like most of your brethren; honorable but blind," she replies, striking again hopefully before he can fully recover his guard.

She moves in with both power and speed that he now ought to recognize as being quite similar to Louis, except that while Louis hits like an avalanche, Artemis hits like the rush of a strong river, flowing through each movement with grace and seeming ease.

The warrior attempts to slice at the elbow joint of his sword arm before she moves in, reverses her grip, bends her legs to drop low, and tries to slam the pommel of her sword into his groin before dancing back, drawing herself up into a crane stance.
Tyrin Marius Indeed, Tyrin can see the similarities. But he responds well, moving to bring up his own blade in kind. Great cracks of metal ring into the air, before he's struck with a great CLAAAANNGGGGG in his groin. That makes him stagger forward, sword lowering with a thoroughly pained grimace on his face. Almost falling to a knee, he still manages to catch himself. "Blind...? I wish to help the people. And that is what I do...!!" Suddenly he roars out, a great burst of ki warbling through the air before his sword dances up, striking twice towards Artemis before bringing down his weapon again in a raking slash aimed at her opposite shoulder. "It was you New Zodiacs... who brought forth my rage!!"
Artemis Eurus "I suppose that you do wish to protect the people, but what you don't see is the evil in your own Church. Tch, but I do hate to argue this. Do you know why I'm a heretic? Because Louis killed our father, almost killed me, then blamed our father's death on me. If you stand with him you stand against me and we need not worry about anything else," she replies.

She defends quickly, redirecting his first strike, turning from the other to minimize the damage before she counters with a quick slash that ultimately misses him.

Artemis lets out a roar of her own then, summoning her chi to bring her blade in in a diagonal slash from shoulder to hip, then back up again vertically, flowing seamlessly into a quick slash to his face, aimed for the eyes. "Your words mean nothing you know, because you would never care to SEE. But if I can take you, perhaps then you may," she replies.
Tyrin Marius "...Louis said you were the one who slayed his father, yes." Tyrin agrees readily, continuing the dance of steel with practiced grace. Shield and weapon moves from defense to offense in the same dance, before a brutal strike tears across his armor, cutting deep and ripping through his tabbard. His shield partly deflects the second, instead getting a tear through his forehead from Artemis' unrelenting onslaught. "What am I to believe... I can see the fervor within him. Was he born with that, or did his father's death create it? How am I to judge?! All I know... is of the crimes you stand accused...!!"
Suddenly Tyrin's stance spreads, and he exhales heavily a burst of visible air. His own chi roars up within him, muscles tensing heavily as his magic blade seems to grow denser. Familiar, mayhaps; this was the blow that shattered her own blade and lead to her defeat. Yet something still seems off about the heretic in this encounter, the surefire determination that lead him to challenge despite sharing food missing. An edge to his blade that has dulled. A vulnerability...? Hard to tell.
But either way, a single overhead blow roars through the air all the same, aiming to strike into Artemis with a great burst of force that would send the surrounding trees swaying away with cracks and shatters of wood!!
Artemis Eurus "A crime of which I am INNOCENT!" she shouts. "I loved my father! I loved my brother before he turned from the light for power! For ambition! He has become lost in the legend of himself!"

Artemis brings her blade up to block, but turns, taking the brunt of the attack on the guard rather than the blade, as well as her gauntlets. The strike cuts deeply, deeper than any other thus far. Blood splatters to the nearby trees and flows to the ground. Artemis keeps her blade held up however, the blood dripping from her elbow. She reaches down with one hand to wipe some of the blood onto her hand, reaching upward to smear the crimson liquid across her mask. "Odin, my bloody as sacrifice--and his," she breathes. A true heathen and blasphemer.

"No, I am no kinslayer. Not /YET/!" she roars, the thunder clap of her quick teleportation sounding, slamming into him with a series of swift, brutal cuts, then disappearing to appear again with another clap of thunder to his sword side to continue her attack, her green eyes glowing behind her mask with a ferocity that, apparently, runs in the family.
Tyrin Marius "...!!" Tyrin can see it now. The fire within Artemis; the smoldering furnace of determination. Such a vehement dismissal... could a lie empower her weapon so? It is indeed like Louis, this time around; the ferocity of one who loves battle and seethes bloodlust. Two things Tyrin has never held, and never desired. Someone of talent who took up the blade rather than the book out of obligation... indeed, for the second time he can see the vast gulf of his weakness. He can do little but try to survive the onslaught, and when it breaks he crashes down to hands and knees. His shield is heavily dented, and his armor scarred with those strikes... only his blade still shines, flawless as the day it was forged.
"I see." he offers then, through a cough of speckled blood. Slowly he gets back to his feet. It might seem he's defeated now, holding only his weapon with such an injury. Nothing further. Only his weapon shifting upwards, and a slow exhale. Pointing the shaking tip back towards Artemis. "But... I..." Nothing follows. But the song of his sword.
Lunging forward, he brutally strikes in a series of thrusts, before bringing it up and grasping the hilt with his other hand, slashing down in a brutal crescent aiming to drive Artemis back. "...No matter. You may get... your vengeance this day. But I... will not relinquish my sword...!!"
Artemis Eurus The strength of his sword is formidable, it is true, but the battle song is in her heart, the fire of her spirit burning like an inferno. Her limbs move, her nimble body turning masterfully into a backflip that avoids Tyrin's potentially fatal attack.

The swordswoman lands on her feet like a cat, running away and up the trunk of a nearby tree, propelling herself off it and back toward Tyrin in a charge, bringing her sword down on him in a brutal chop toward his sword arm.

She lands then and prepares to defend herself in case he's simply not done yet. "I don't want your bloody sword, man! You may keep the thing. I am not so vile as to take a family heirloom. "Yield then, and go about your work. I have further business to attend to. Send Louis my regard. I will be seeing him soon enough."
Tyrin Marius To the last, Tyrin is stubborn. He swiftly brings up his sword, but is unable to evade fully in time. Although he brings in a firm slash towards Artemis' side, her strike lands true. Cutting deep through his bicep, he staggers forward, grasping the side of a tree. Too heavy for his own remaining strength, he slides forward and thumps against it. Panting hard, he manages a somewhat awkward thump. "...What?" he finally mutters out. "I did not ask you for mercy, heretic. You've bested me..." He supports himself with the blade, eyes shifted towards Artemis. "I merely meant to return my sword to the Church. I ask nothing more."
Artemis Eurus "No, you did not ask for mercy--but I will give it none the less. Be my messenger and remember what I have said--and beware, the Zodiac Stones are in play," she says, flicking the blood from her blade in a whirl before she neatly sheaths it, the ringing sound of steel echoing.

"Keep up your public service Templar. Farewell," she says, then turns and disappears into the forest,

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