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Board of Education
(2013-06-29 - 2013-06-30)
Seloria and Souji meet in Luca to talk shop about a proposal to restore Alexander Academy. The not-so-fun parts.
Souji Murasame Souji, today, is in the prosperous city of Luca. The people of the port city are central to the World of Ruin, and thus it is important that Souji have a presence here. At the moment, that presence consists of him sitting at a seaside cafe, watching the news on a sphere.

The choice is also optimal for an extremely... waterphilic associate who expressed interest in talking to him. He's sure she'll show up eventually.

When she's done talking to fish.
Or dolphins.
Or whales.

Seloria Delacreaux Once a levitani, always a levitani.

Or, 'once Seloria, always Seloria'.

There is a clicking noise before a shadow is cast over the table, and Seloria appears. Contrary to popular opinions about Seloria never wearing anything but beachwear, Seloria has quite a large wardrobe. She is, after all, a seamstress.

In a pair of black professional pants and a green-colored top, She settles a jacket over the chair across the table as she settles into it, her green eyes deeply amused as she inclines her head, next putting a folder on the table.

"Hello, Murasame."
Souji Murasame Souji is, always and forever, in a suit. No one has yet found a way to get him out of one, with the sole exception of beachwear in the rare occasions one might have witnessed him swimming. He does not appear to enjoy doing it for some reason.

He quirks an eyebrow as he sees Seloria, whether surprise as the dress or something else it is uncertain. He deactivates the sphere he was watching and sets it aside, looking to Seloria and folding his hands. "Hello, Delacreaux." He pauses, nodding. "So you wanted to meet with me. What did you wish to speak about?" He asks.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria is perplexed on how to get Souji out of his suit so she can examine said suit. This is almost impossible. It may involve somehow getting high amounts of alcohol in his system and getting him laid.

As such, it will never, ever happen.

She tilts her head. "The first is our current contract; due to circumstances that have come up I find myself being unable to stick to one city and am going to take my craft on the road, whenever I settle down for a period of time longer than a few days."

"The second is the academy."
Souji Murasame Souji is not on the market. He drinks alcohol on a regular basis, however. Can Seloria figure out how to amp that up to a degree that will break through his personal control? Unlikely.

Souji shrugs at the first. "That is simple enough. I will have Odam adjust accordingly and simply issue you a stipend for your uses. It doesn't really matter to me how you use the money."

The mention of the academy causes him to tilt his head slightly. "Yes? What about the academy?" He asks.
Seloria Delacreaux Actually, quite probably, all it takes is a little bit of a science experiment. After all, as long as she writes it down, it's actual SCIENCE! and not just screwing around.

(In the three weeks or so Seloria actually attended Alexander Academy, she paid attention surprisingly well.)

Seloria nods. "I just wanted to make sure. I do not care about getting out of it, even /if/ Nik .. well, that's neither here nor there." She waves a hand.

She then flips open the notebook and spins it around neatly to come to a perfect stop right in front of him. The book starts off with what little paperwork of the Academy Seloria had on her, followed by a day or so worth of handwriting about everything she remembers.

Considering she literally had to go through the introductory ritual mere weeks before the World Fall, she remembers quite a bit.

She smiles slightly. "Are you serious about restarting the academy?"
Souji Standee "Dragonius is Dragonius. Despite my condolences regarding your relationship with him, my association with you is professional, not personal." Souji replies simply. "You may continue it as long as you wish."

His eyes move down to look over the notebook, considering what he sees there. Basic information. Memories. Important ones. He turns a couple pages, considering what he sees there, and then he looks back up to Seloria. "I am. Why do you ask?"
Seloria Delacreaux "I don't think 'condolences' are what I need, most of the time." Seloria says, dryly. "Especially with Nik. However..." She narrows her eyes at him as he asks why she asks.

"You're not going to be able to do it alone. You know this. I know this. I also know that there are quite a few of the students that still remain alive and active i nthis world of ruin that do not wish to see the academy come back to light. They don't hold happy memories of it -"

"Or they just hated it, in general."

Or they didn't even attend Academy, if Selly remembers Alma's story right.

"How are you going to deal with this?"
Souji Standee "We have our differences." Souji says dryly, in the understatement of the century.

He then leans back in his chair, folding his hands as Seloria makes her assertion. "You are, of course correct. The Zaibatsu cannot do this alone." Or rather, it would be a /tremendous/ waste of resources to do so. "Students often do not understand the discipline required of a proper school. We cannot force them to attend or contribute even if it would be in their best interests to do so. There will, however, be other students who will join from all over the World of Ruin, allowing them to gain a proper education and give them a place in the world."

Souji shrugs. "In short, it doesn't really mattter."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria snorts.

"No, really?"

However, she listens to him, then nods. "I... can understand where you're coming from. Compared to most of you, I have a very unique situation in regards to the academy; but I tell you this - it's a lot harder than you might realize trying to come up with lessons. School plans. Don't forget rooming assignments either -"

"After all, the last thing we'd need is a Helena standin ending up in a room with a Almalike."
Souji Standee Souji grimaces. "Very true. We don't need that level of... incompatibility between classmates." He nods to Seloria. "Thankfully, it's not something I need to deal with. The actual operation of the school is not something I am going to be involved in. To have that kind of control would be a level of influence that some among the class finds... objectionable, do they not?"

Souji sighs, and shakes his head. "But all of this will be the duty of the chosen headmaster and his organizational staff, would it not? Are you saying you have suggestions in this regard?"
Seloria Delacreaux "Or a Souji and a Nik-" Seloria's green eyes sparkle in amusement. "After all, we would like the residence halls and the academy to remain standing, yes? I am under that presumption. After all, it might get too expensive otherwise."

She listens to him sigh, and arches an eyebrow.

"You mean in terms to who the headmaster should be, or in regards to how this should work?"
Souji Standee Souji does not comment about how long the dorm would remain standing if Souji was assigned the same room as Niklas.

"I am in fact open to all of your suggestions." Souji replies. "I have no experience with the administrative levels of school organization. It will not be the same as running a corporation." He rubs his chin, thinking about the situation. "Do you have a full proposal for how you believe this should be set up?"
Seloria Delacreaux The dorm wouldn't be standing the instant they found out. It's just ... one of those things!

Seloria shakes her head. "Not yet. Give me some time and I can prepare something; I understand that it might be a bit biased towards magical skills, but I will try to make sure everything else is also represented fairly. Need to talk to Soan, I think." She frowns.
Souji Standee "I know Soan is preparing something as well. Perhaps you can work together to make a unified work of it. I have the resources, you have the desire. We can make them work together." Souji says. "You can create a unified curriculum. We also need to find someone who is going to run the place. I can't run the Academy, I have other demands on my time."
Seloria Delacreaux "I'm fairly sure I already know someone who, while not liked by all, has enough non-academy based self-lead learning to be able to be a good teacher and guide for the other teachers, and also has some actual Alexander Academy experience to be able to provide a richly well-rounded experience for the students."

Seloria says this thoughtfully.

"To be frank, I note, you wouldn't be a good headmaster. You've got other things to concentrate on and enough people just... don't like you. Sorry?"
Souji Standee Souji taps on the table. Seloria knows this is one of Souji's signs that he's getting impatient. "I've already established that I'm not going to be the headmaster, nor do I want to be. I am also /well/ aware that some people do not appreciate the way in which I am delivering my products and services. If you want to say something about who you think should be running the school, tell me. I want to know what you want to see. You don't need to sugar coat it for me."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria grins at Souji, standing back up, wobbling slightly in her heels. Yes, she's wearing heels. No you cannot know where she got them from, she's not sure herself. Grabbing her jacket off of the back of the chair, she informs him,

"I'm going to do it."
Souji Standee "You."

Souji pauses, thinking. And then he doubletakes. "You. You want to run the school." He stops again, as he tries to process this in his head.
Seloria Delacreaux "Yup~!"

"Ask Helena what she thinks, and let me know. I'll get to work on the plan~" Seloria chirps.
Souji Standee Souji is quiet for a moment. Maybe he's actually taking up Seloria on her recommendation. He frowns for a moment.

"Fine. I don't have any better candidates at the moment. We're going to need to open the position for applications, but we'll see if you can get through the process."
Seloria Delacreaux "Deal. I'll get back with you later, Murasame."

Then Seloria walks off. She manages to only trip once in her heels.

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