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(2013-06-29 - Now)
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Deelel If Manhattan had one thing going for it outside of the Arcade it was the road network, it was a very difference sort of chaotic set up than the grid Deelel has been starting to remember as her home. She'd accepted the world of users was run down at times, dirty but she was starting to see there might be an order to all the chaos here though it kept escaping her. What she couldn't deny was how beautiful it was, it was haunting pretty in an alien way. She's started to wonder was her world mimicking theirs on some level or was it the other way around?

She wasn't sure but here she is at the docks sitting on a stack of shipping crates that were bound for some city that's still in the darkness she's not sure if they been looted or not but she didn't care as she took things in. Unlike TRON and some other programs she always didn't hide her nature, she just looked a bit strange. As one lady she knew thought she was from a stupidly high tech world. The people who lived near the arcade had got used to the chipper lady just being a bit strange and likely a refugee from another world so she didn't think too much of it. As she looked out on the water she humms a bit attempting to sort out some new song but she may be distracted before long as a local hot dog vendor is setting up shop and the smell of food is being carried on the wind.
Beck has escaped from the Arcade. Yet again. No this time he actually went to go find Deelel to mostly check up on her. This lead the program actually to the docks of Manhattan where he was jogging along easily enough until he found her on the peer.

Beck then brought a smirk on his face with his brows narrowing as he started to slowly sneak up on her. Each step very careful with a grin getting wider and wider on his face. He then at the last minute jumps right behind Deelel and does one thing.


Someone has been watching late night horror movies.
Deelel Deelel had been lost in thought just enjoying herself she'd knew Beck would need time to get used to things. She figured he'd be all right but he'd need time to adapt to this world. All basics really would need such time she just has no idea how rapidly Beck's ability to adapt is. She's suddenly got something behind going raar she lets out a surprised cry at her unknown assailant before she nearly loses her balance on the crates she was sitting on she looks down at the water which she barely scrambles away from falling into.

"What in the world...Beck??"

She seems to really not like water from the look she gave whens he nearly fell in and she seems to calm down.

"Greetings Program, you seem to be as bad as I am for wanting to explore."
Beck shrugs his shoulders gently. "What can I say. I like to get into trouble." He chuckles softly and then smirks. "You should have seen the look on your face!"

The male program then hops up with ease to take a seat next to her before looking down into the water. "This place kinda reminds me of home, really. Much like these docks. I almost expect to open my eyes after some down time and find myself with my friends looking down at me... before getting told I am lazy or I am late again."

He places his hands together and shrugs softly. "..doesn't help that laser is also giving me trouble."
Deelel Deelel says "I have a talent for it as well and it must have been priceless."

She laughs a little bit thinking of what she had to look like.

"Yes it does, it kinda of reminds me of my own as well. Just I'd been dialled back for so long on another grid that it's still taking a while for me to sort out all my memories now I'm actually whole again. Sometimes It think about almost like that people I have only started to remember things about it."

She frowns about the laser for a moment and grimaces.

"I wish I could help but that tech is a bit beyond me other than following the plans and putting it together."
"Its fine." Beck says with a hand wave. "I'll get it figured out. I just have to adjust my methods of work with this places... stuff." he hrms. "..what is strange is.. I can work on all types of normal things with my tool, but if I go to this places stuff.. I can't. I don't get it."

Beck then goes to stand up. "But I do know one thing that has remained the same." he suddenly takes a step back and then jumps right off the crate into the water.
Deelel Deelel says "Yes all their technology is based off materials they pull out of the environment and process it. Everything is here it's interesting but it's so much of a pain to work with at times. Wait what are you doing!"

There's the rational water is fine here, hell water is fine on your home grid Deelel, but there he goes into the water. The old sea of simulation, she lets out a cry.

'BECK!' He can hear her voice echoing down below the waters surface. Instead he just swims downward, not coming up yet. Just staying down low. The water here was-- slightly different. It had a texture to it unlike his home and unlike that lake.

He stayed down there for a minute at least, before coming back up breaking the surface, and then just grinning up at Deelel, "What? The water is fine!" He then splashes some of it up at her. "You must come from one of the locked cities away from the simulation."
Deelel Deelel it catches up with her that Beck is fine she looks at Beck for a moment and calms down for the most part. She looks sheepish now if she was human oh lord she's be blushing right now. Thankfully this girl has no blood to worry about doing that too.

"Kinda of it's more I got stuck on one and was in backwards compatibility mode. I couldn't access most of my memories till I was ... fixed a while ago. The water on my home grid was fine too just it's hard to get over not liking it from my time on TRON's..."

She pauses. for a moment and realizes she's never told him where she's from also she is splashed. The basic yelps as she loses her balance tottering in to the water.

"I was from a city called..."

SPLASH! She may know the water's fine but swimming skills? She doesn't have much in the way of those!
Beck has to quickly dive under water before Deelel crashes into the water, he sadly misses her trying to explain where she is from. He also realizes when he surfaces, well, there is probably a problem. His eyes narrow faintly as there is a flicker of color in his pupils.

The young male program then gets a worried look on his face, before he swims to where Deelel is and hooks his arm around her, "Take it easy. Easy. I got you." He looks around for a moment, while trying to keep them both surface, before he leads her over to a rope ladder on the peer itself. "..Well if you were around water, then you must have never spent much time in it.." He says with a playful, strained grin. "..Now take a hold of the rope and pull yourself back up. Just becareful, its hard to sometimes adjust to the difference."
Deelel Deelel is not so much in danger of drowning like a human would be right? Thankfully she does not fight him as he helps her get her hooked up and manages to get her. It doesn't take long to get them to the surface thankfully she doesn't panic as they get to the surface she looks over at the ladder and nods to Beck.

"Right, its just I never spent much time down by the docks. I was normally too busy with my work. Remember I?m a muliti media program. If I wasn't doing some project or out for a ride? I was likely at the games park. It also doesn't help I have fresh memory of the ENCOM OS own sea."

Makes he way up with the rope and starts to carefully make her way up.

"Thanks, I'm really sorry about that. I know a human whose a cargo captain. He's expressed dismay about my fear of water."

She's getting over it now but well even for a program emotions are not a logical thing, right?

"Sorry as I was now where was I?"

Alsop Deelel tries to ignore the fact she's drenched with water, it's a strange feeling really and it's not horrible at all, just strange.
Beck climbs up and then rolls his shoulders a bit, before twisting side to side for a moment, mostly to knock out a few kinks. "Uuuh." He glances up and hrms. "I think you were about to maybe say where you were from?"
Deelel Deelel shakes her self off a little bit as she gets some more of the water out and she nods.

"That's right, and you know the water wasn't ... that bad. As for where I'm from the system I was from was commonly called the grid and I was from a outlying city known as Argon. It was a port town, but as I said I was always too busy to go actually swimming."

She smiles a little bit, "I dunno what happened but I fell through some sort of portal ended up on ENCOM OS and I got locked at a lower bit rate till few weeks ago. It's hard sorting out so many memories all at once.
Beck listens to her for a bit and as soon as she says 'Argon' his eye brows rise up and he waves his hands a bit. "Wait, wait. Hold up. You said you from Argon?" He stares at her in disbelief for a bit. "Ha-hahahha."

Beck then places his hand on his forehead and just, starts cracking up laughing before he walks a few feet away down the dock a bit, before he turns to face her. "I mean, wow.. hahaa.. I can't believe.. I mean.. seriously? /Your/ from Argon?"
Deelel Deelel blinks several times in confusion for a moment.

"Yes I am from Argon. It's a wonder really..." She peers at Beck for a moment and looks really hard at him for a moment as she thinks about it.

"Yes, I am. Try me, I recall the games park, the garage that had honestly the best light cycles on the grid. The train network and the club I worked at perfectly? For user's sake I recall the docks! Why ... are you going to tell me your from Argon?"
Beck ahems softly, "Actually. Yes. Yes I am." He tries to not grin like a loon. "I work for Abel-- well-- did for for Abel, but I work at his Garage. I am not the /best/ mechanic, but I do know how to do some stuff.. though since my other job.. I have gotten a hang of a few things."

Beck then crosses his arms over his chest as he looks out over the water. "..Though.. you wouldn't like what it has become.. and I don't even know what the state of things are now.." He then lowers his arms and starts to walk away.
Deelel Deelel says "Really? That's ... I don't even want to try to crunch the numbers on the odds of this."

Still a bit of home right that's a good thing but thing it's something that makes her smile for a moment she feels a lot less alone in the world. It basically been her and TRON for the longest time after all. Still Beck seems a bit concerned and she's not sure if she wants to press for a moment. She looks at Beck with a expression of concern for the other program.

"Beck...something terrible has happened to the Grid hasn't it."

She closes her eyes for a moment. She takes a deep breath and she moves to grab him.

"Hey don't go, where there's life there's hope. I seen ... the people of these worlds pull back an entire world the very one we are in now from the darkness that had consumed it. Whatever has happened there is always hope Beck. If that's one thing I learned from the Users there is always come with me. I want to show you something it might cheer you up! It's a form of food called a hot dog!"
Beck blinks as Deelel takes a hold of his arm and smiles softly. "Oh trust me Deelel. Hope is something I understand completely, after all. My other job on the Grid, I am known as the Renegade. The one that stands up against CLU's oppression to free the grid from his rule. To do what I do, you need allot of hope."

Beck then glances off to the distance. "Maybe another day, Deelel. I really need to get back and continue my homework on the laser. I'm starting to get worried about my friends... when.. I left.. bad things happened, really bad things. Argon could be in danger, along with my friends."

"The Grid there needs the Renegade, even if they think..." He doesn't even finish. "..Its a long story, but seriously, maybe after I do some research?"
Deelel Deelel nods to Beck for a moment "I see then you have been fighting as hard as any of us in this world then."

She smiles a bit, nodding in understanding with Beck.

"Come on I?ll give you a ride then. I'm pretty sure you never got to go for a spin in one of these just hang on to me."

Once beck does that she'll rezze her old ENCOM cycle and take off at fairly high speed with a whoop heading back to the Arcade.

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