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(2013-06-29 - 2013-06-29)
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Ramza Beoulve So it'd been a while since Fluorgis. He'd left Will Sherman and Emi to interrogate the assassin, as well.. he trusted them not to go overboard, and to get the information they required. Also because Ramza was a tad afraid that he /would/ have gone overboard had he been there. He didn't respond well to people who threatened that which he cared about.

The camp had been set up days ago, and they were lingering here perhaps longer than they should have. However his mind wasn't on the fact that they should be moving on.. it was on Fluorgis. How they were going to get the stone away. How they were going to defeat another Lucavi. How they were going to free Faruja. Each one of those tasks is hard enough on it's own.... all three at once. It was something that could almost be considered nigh-impossible. And while Ramza had a reputation for making the nigh-impossible and the impossible reality.. he still couldn't wrap his head around how they were going to accomplish this one.

He sat down in the shade of a tree, writing in a little leatherbound journal his observations on the situation in his own little personal code, idly jotting down a detail every now and then, but most of the time he was just staring off into the distance... lost in aimless thought.
Artemis Eurus Artemis knows Ramza's mind well enough. When he walks off with that journal of his he is off to do some heavy thinking that could certainly benefit from an excellent cup of tea. It is important to remind people of the small, good things, especially when everything ahead seems nigh impossible to overcome. Keeping hope alive is tantamount.

Artemis moves up behind Ramza with a steaming up of tea, the same oolong they had helped harvest up on Wuyi mountain. She extends the cup toward him with a gentle smile. "I thought you could use a cup of tea. Everything is improved with tea," she says, taking a seat across from him.

Artemis had been thinking about the same things, wondering over the problems and wondering what she might be able to do. What they could do. Of course, her mind is also on Louis. Seeing him always shook her, weakening the foundations of her resolve. Especially watching him buy ice cream for a small child.

Will had not sensed a zodiac stone.

She had begun to hope she could have blamed his madness on a demon.

Turns out, hope is a double edged blade.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza manages a smile which is wan, though passing cheerful, mostly for her sake. He sets the journal aside, taking the cup of tea. And then he repeats, not insincerely, "Everything is improved with tea.." He allows his nose to soak in the aroma, before he takes a small sip.

He's quiet for a time, and doesn't seem to be looking at her, "I wish I knew how we were going to manage this. Fortune will have to be with us as I don't see.. any other way we can triumph here."

He finally ventured a look her way, chuckling, "Then again, most of the time I make this up as I go, just don't tell anyone.. if they knew that everything was based on me improvising and adapting... well I don't know what they'd do." He offers a wink to her.
Artemis Eurus Artemis sits with we legs crossed indian style, resting her hands upon her knees as she sits straight in a meditative posture, nodding as he listens. "Aye, fortune will have to be with us. I will call on the gods for assistance, and we shall see who triumphs. We maybe have to do things in such a way...that may not be pleasing to us. We must be...resourceful," she replies.

Artemis takes a deep breath and looks upward, watching the wind rustle the leaves in the trees. Beautiful, tranquil. It lightens the weight of her heart.

"Let us make plans. We will figure this out."
Ramza Beoulve He gives Artemis a ruminative look, before taking another sip of tea. Another moment with his eyes closed as he savors the hot aromatic liquid within his mouth, before he opens them again to look at her.

His voice was quite calm when he spoke again, "I pray that we will have to do naught of the sort. And yet I know things will often work out otherwise."

He actually gives him a whimsical look, "The best laid plans are often useless... it is the planning, that is invaluable. Sometimes you have to trust in your people being able to adapt. We've trained them well. For now I'm just offering them the blueprints of the Cathedral. Letting them study all routes of egress, considering ways to cut off reinforcements..." A deep breath and a beat pause, "....considering how best to defeat an Archdemon while cutting off.. said reinforcements. It is best to keep things loose, flexible."
Artemis Eurus Artemis nods. "Plans can often go awry, but it is still important to have them. If nothing else, it will make us feel better, yes?" she offers with a small grin.

"Yes, I have studied the blueprints. I...have considers attempting infiltration. I can be quite stealthy if I must be--though what became of the thief you mentioned?"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza Beoulve considers that for a time, she hadn't really been in touch with Will on the subject of the Thief, "It's still under consideration but.. after what happened when Zack touched the Auracite... I don't /know/ what might occur if our intended thief does the same."

He's quiet for a time, "I'd really prefer not risking anyone but myself touching it at this point, but we'll think about it. As for plans.. infiltrating is difficult, as we'll need to find some way to sever it's control over Faruja once this.. Father Barnabus, takes on demonic form. We can perform infiltration during insertion but after that point it becomes.. potentially counterproductive. I don't know what sort of control the Lucavi hold over the stone when it's not in their possession, thus, it's an unknown factor."
Artemis Eurus Artemis considers, nodding. "There must be a way to handle the stone without becoming possessed by it..." she muses.

She then gives Ramza a look. "Are you saying you think I would fall prey to the temptation of the stone, Ramza?" she asks, sounding amused.

"Perhaps we might seek aid from the holy people of another faith? It sounds to me like the dissolving of this connection...well, it sounds like priest or priestess work."
Ramza Beoulve He is quiet for a time, taking another sip of tea, before asking in a mild tone, "Are you saying you wouldn't be tempted by the thought of having your father back? Your brother freed of his insanity? Because that is what the Lucavi would offer.. and unfortunately, they are likely capable of delivering it."

He looks upward, through the leaves of the tree branch which are dancing in the wind, shifting the light of the sun with every movement. "...We could try, but most faiths would be reluctant to go to war with them. I looked into the Yevonite summoners but.. they are most specialized in sending spirits that linger behind back to another plane. I don't know how their abilities will work with demons, but it is an interesting thought which I might try exploring..."
Artemis Eurus Artemis shakes her head. "No, Ramza. I know better. Anything they might offer me would be tainted. The gifts of a lucavi could never be trusted. They would never be what they seemed. I could ask for my father back and get his decayed body reanimated. I could ask for my brother's sanity only to have him turned into a vegetable. No, I am too old to believe in wishes like those without consequences," she replies.

Artemis sighs then, shrugging her shoulders lightly. "There are more than two religions in the worlds. Perhaps, what we need, is a keyblade," she offers.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza nods his head at that, "And I believe you. I'd believe any of you spoke true if you told me you were strong enough. Even so.. I don't wish to risk any of you in that manner. I risk everyone's lives daily, and I'm more than willing to do that..." There is a pause, before he states quietly, "...but none of you save myself and Zack know what it's like, fighting that sort of battle. I know that I am able to hold my own in that realm. The rest of you would have to learn on the fly."

His blonde locks shift, as he looks her way, "A keyblade is it? Do you know of a wielder? I'm not.. familiar with these weapons except that they look ridiculous and impractical."
Artemis Eurus Artemis nods. "Perhaps I am overconfident. There will be only one way to know, and we'd rather avoid the test," she replies.

"I have heard of a keyblade wielder, and with some effort I am sure that I can track him down. Would you like for me to try? I would have to leave you for a bit...which I obviously do not like, but if you were to promise me to stay as safe as possible....I believe it could be worth the risk. I have heard the keyblade has the ability to unlock people's hearts. Perhaps, if it can do that (whatever that means) it could work against the lucavi bond."
Ramza Beoulve "I'd rather avoid the test, yes."

He considers this for a time, before nodding, "If you can find one before.. the time comes, then I'd appreciate it. If nothing else, then the rumored.. powers, of the keyblade might give us a better chance of saving Faruja."
Artemis Eurus Artemis nods her agreement, moving forward to place herself in Ramza's lap, arms moving to wind around his shoulders before she presses a kiss to his lips. "I will make it my mission to find a keyblade wielder. I will begin the search tomorrow," she informs him.

"If I'm to be gone for a few days, I must assure that we have ample time together before I derpart..."
Ramza Beoulve He smiles, drawing her in closer as he wraps his arms around her. When she kisses him, he leans into it, before allowing them to part for a moment, "...Do be careful." It was unnecessary for him to say that, but he did it nevertheless...

A moment later he's returning the kiss with one of his own, and once they've parted again he manages a faint smile, which was passing playful, "I wholeheartedly agree. After all, we wouldn't want me to grow too clingy on your return, or... would we?"
Artemis Eurus Artemis laughs softly, reaching up to run her fingers through his hair as she returns his kiss, leaning against him as she does so. "I will be careful. I will /try/ to stay out of trouble. Tch, though I have a mind to hunt down that templar that wounded me and Emi," she mentions, narrowing her eyes slightly.

"Tch, clingy? I don't think that would be so terrible my love..." she adds then, kissing him again as a hand idly strokes his cheek.
Ramza Beoulve "Not without Will and myself, you won't. We have half a mind to let him know our displeasure." Ramza's smile fades for a few moments, before returning, a hand trailing down to the small of her back, "...Tsk. Are you sure? You've never /seen/ me clingy."
Artemis Eurus Artemis chuckles lowly, arching her back slightly at his touch. She will speak no more of Tyrin. If she comes across him she will fight him, one on one, as it should be.

"Oh I haven't? Well I am very interested to see what that must be like...perhaps I should withdraw and leave you wanting for a while, as an experiment."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza just sighs in a long-suffering way, "Must I truly put up with the whims of every would be scientist and their experiments? At least you're nowhere near as... vile as the Shinra woman. No, I would aver that you don't have a vile bone in your body.."

He trails his fingers down her side, "...just a capricious one, to torment me so."
Artemis Eurus Another laugh. "No, I am no true scientist, but I admit that you have me quite intrigued," she informs him, leaning down to press a kiss to his neck, followed by a small nibble.

"Capricious hmm? That I cannot deny. Tormenting you has become my favorite pass-time," she informs him with a wicked grin. "Come, let me steal you off to our tent, hmm?"
Ramza Beoulve Another long-suffering sigh, though it's clear that it's just a jest, "And what fresh torments await me? I suppose I should pray to Faram for release, but I don't have the heart..."

And then he lets her up, before following her back to the tent.

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