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(2013-06-28 - Now)
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Saitei Dennou Such of you as know of her origin wouldn't be much surprised that Saitei Dennou is acting like someone recovering from a deathly injury; she gets, out, sure, maybe for a block or two to do a little shopping or have a coffee, but mostly she's been sitting around her apartment or the TDA offices. The town seems a little too familiar with her, when she knows she's never seen these people or places in her admittedly brief life.

Right now, as it might be most evenings, she's up in the residents' lounge, with a tolerably large pot of french-pressed coffee and... an almanac? It's an almanac. Who knows. She isn't so much reading as pointing here eyes at it while she sips coffee, anyways.
Emi Dennou Emi wanted to get Saitei something nice. Luckily there are many things one can PURCHASE with MONEY in order to obtain NICE THINGS. She can't afford anything too expensive however because trying to earn money for what is it 7 people now is kind of hard. If she hadn't saved up cash thanks to Fluorgis City of Free Money for a while there, she'd probably be in a lot more trouble.

So she got Saitei a RED scarf.

She steps inside, carrying a plastic bag and, shortly after, noticing Saitei.

"Hello, sis, the Network attempts a casual abbreviation."

She looks at the coffee, then up at Saitei.

"This one obtained an item for your possible use though if it is disliked it can be returned for a refund provided the packaging is not opened."
Saitei Dennou /This/ one sets her almanac and coffee aside even as Emi is making her greetings; perhaps she heard her on the stairs or something. Saitei accepts the package, and needs only give it the most cursory of examinations. "It matches, doesn't it?" Her hair is tied back with red cloth that could've been cut from the same bolt. "It's good, it's good."

She says it, but the extra Dennou seems a little flat today. Distracted, maybe. "...there's only one cup, isn't there. This one didn't expect a visitor." She frowns, and after a moment's though, refills her own cup and offers it to Emi. "You've been out, how was it? This one confesses," with some degree of weary embarrassment, "she hasn't even seen the stairs today."
Emi Dennou Emi was thinking about 'matching' with that, for proper christmas dennou flavoring. Of course it's not july yet so she can't have a pre-christmas christmas either. Maybe she should have found something more outlandish, Emi reflects---or it's about cups. Either way, she says, "It's alright." She takes a look around the room to see if anybody else might be around, listening in, that sort of thing. She wants to know if this area is PRIVACY_SECURE or not. She peers very carefully for stray hobos.

She turns back and accepts the cup, not wanting to be rude. "Thank you." She says. "This one had work today. The Network will have to help this one with jobs or this one will have to cut spending further." She is thinking, of course, particularly of Ami who is practically a hikikimori at this rate.

What's that? Oh yes. "the Network requests you hold that thought."

She walks off for a moment.
There's a whirrclick noise.
Then Emi returns, holding up her cellphone--and revealing a DIGITAL PHOTO of the stairs.

"This one hopes this helps." She says.
Saitei Dennou The security of this room against any form of electronic eavesdropping can be virtually guaranteed; against purely physical methods, Saitei really has to wonder why Emi bothers. But then, she lived her entire life under cameras and in labs, and has few illusions about secrets and privacy.

She blinks at Emi's phone. "They... haven't moved, then. That's good." Must be Network humour. She slides over a bit on the couch, though, in the hopes that Emi will stop flitting about the place. "The Network could probably extract some work from this useless one if it comes to that. Can't hide out forever." She says it but she looks like she's really hoping she can.

"It's like, she doesn't even know whose money she's been spending, this one. Probably yours." She would've waved it off airily if Emi hadn't just been complaining about freeloaders and tight cash literally in front of her that second.
Emi Dennou Emi, as deadpan as ever, says, "If them, they won't move." Emi thinks she is hilarious, though there's this faint twitch up on her lips.

She doesn't say Saitei is not useless...not because she thinks she is, quite the contrary--but she doesn't think saying 'you are not useless' is not helpful when it comes to those who feel useless. The best cure, she believes, is to give them something to do.

"If you feel useless, when you feel better, we can bring you to the Traverse Temp Agency. You can get work from there. Then you won't feel that way, most likely." She approaches, sitting down near Saitei. She has a good rep with the agency, finding something for her shouldn't be tough. The jobs may not be glamorous but, well.

She likely handles the bulk but if things get tight, she'll borrow--Dennous are not known for shame--"Everyone needs help starting out. Don't worry about it or, if you are determined to worry about it, you can pay us back one day. You do not have to, though."

She can't help but feel closer to 'at peace' around her. Maybe it is because it is an avenue of companionship that is like The Network but isn't. In a way, that's closer to being family than the other Dennous who, while somewhat different, also have the trait of 'basically being Emi too'.
Saitei Dennou Saitei, for her part, has been working very hard to day on feeling 'nothing', at least as it pertains to the Network. It's hard work, and she isn't sure she's ready to explore the possibilities in feeling 'some' of what Dennous are feeling, or even just 'knowing what Emi is feeling', beyond an exceedingly amateur analysis of body language.

You can't read a Dennou that way, anyway-- well, no, you can usually read Saitei that way. She's practically large print bold underlined. You can't read the /Network/ that way.

"A tool should be used," that's the worst Dennou's reply to the entire line of inquiry. She seems satisfied with her implied tool-hood, but having terminated that discussion, has now forced herself to open a new one. When Emi isn't using it actively, she reclaims her coffee cup; you can't expect her to think with out it. "A Dennou wonders, actually, what the Agency is using her sisters for. Why."
Emi Dennou Emi opens her mouth to protest toolhood and all, but she is not very good at this. Less than a year ago she would have said the same. She wishes Will were around, briefly, so he can be all good at this sort of thing. Still, she'll give it a solid go, right? Right. Emi has only managed to drink about half a cup but she gives the cup back to Saitei in spite of this because, well, it seems reasonable to share cups of coffee to her.

"We go to the temp agency to make money. They help us find work. Or, well, they used to. Now The Network is capable of finding work on their own and has established connections, particularly in Traverse Town, in order to be a reliable service amongst numerous low-paying industries. Like selling ice cream," She explains. "The Network was doing that today for a duck named Scrooge, earlier."

She smiles fondly while thinking of the miserly ol' duck.
Saitei Dennou Saitei lacks the necessary referent to laugh about attempting to extract money from Scrooge; ice cream sales sounds... just... so blissfully mundane, though~ She lacks referents for everything, anyways; she's just been faking it until she can find out what that thing you just mentioned is and how she should feel about it. "This one is probably competent for work of that sort, she expects."

That almanac, there on the table, that was part of her continuing effort; nobody's going to /actually/ want any of the stuff out of it, but now she knows what /kinds/ of questions there are. Sort of. "And, the Network's connections... is the Network 'connected' to that squad that raided Dr. Abramson's lab?" As though that were a perfectly reasonable question to ask over coffee.
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou works hard for meager pay and, perhaps most importantly, is competent. She is Scrooge's /ideal/ worker. Though really, Emi's desire to work and enjoyment of work is no doubt just as part of her conditioning as it would be for Saitei. Emi had to develop a desire for moolah, however, and so in some ways the conditioning backfired by allowing Emi income away from the labs but, well, let's face it--they probably didn't think The Network would get anywhere near that point.

Emi considers the question. "Well, Will and Max--we're rather close to them." Emi admits. "We know Alma and have met Soan. We don't know the--Dragoon Man--however. The Network supposes that, at least for the most part, the answer to that is...yes?"
Saitei Dennou Sai strains to retain her grip on that delicious enmity she had for the ragged assembly who drove the Doctor from her home and precipitated her own deployment, her abandonment to what was obviously meant to be a grim fate. Emi, however, is, as she said, rather close to Will and Max, emotionally, and also rather close to Saitei, physically, and she can only fight it so far.

Certainly, anyways, though she may appear to experience some intense conflict over them, she faults Emi for none of it. The Network are her comrades, they're her /sisters/, one of them might be her /mother/ depending on how precisely you count such things. While they might do wrong, this isn't it. Saitei spends several moments visibly deciding what she's going to feel about all that.

"...This one will see as much of them as she likes, then, she thinks. Don't worry about that," she hastens to add, and makes an attempt to hide behind coffee.

naps. She sleeps very restfully. She has no cares in the world. Life is wonderful. Science is wonderful. Evil science is wonderful. Just the other day she was horrible to Morrighan so she's basically feeling great! Feige is not a picky scientist. She just loves the process as any good (evil) scientist should.

'Mother-Sister' unfortunately isn't around right now. She's still in the grips of the aforementioned mad scientist. But Emi is at least sister-y.

Emi isn't especially attached to the Alexander Academy peeps but she seems to at least have a general positive impression of them. She smiles and says, "Alright," and then--

wait, where'd Saitei go? Emi tilts her head one way, then the other. Oh! She's behind th coffee. Well okay, she's just craning her head to try and see the face but ultimately gets up.

"Do you want food too? There may be leftovers in the fridge, The Network supposes, though The Network is wondering if you have any particular dietary requirements that you would like us to know about."
Saitei Dennou The Network keeps asking its questions like that and Saitei finds herself wondering if she should be avoiding contractions too while she's at it. The tone and flow of her speech might be a bit more natural than the Networked set's, although she still doesn't know who the first person is it seems. Her expression, what view Emi can catch of it, seems almost a little hopeful, despite her sour remarks.

"This one ate whatever along with the rest of the staff, when she was healthy." A vaguely affirmative gesture suggests that this includes now. "There's no pizza, this one expresses a certainty, but she could handle a sandwich or something maybe, sure." Smile. And then, rise to follow. Got to clean the pot out when you're done, so it's ready for next time. Very important.

Emi does not provide answers with how she feels Saitei should talk. She may in fact not be thinking about how Saitei should talk. She is gradually noticing the use of pronouns, but well--The Network sometimes isn't perfectly consistent either. In fact that may be what makes it so noticeable.

"This one will make a sandwich then." Emi says. Will, when he's the All-Devourer, seems to prefer things like pizza, ice cream, and unhealthy item #12 which, she supposes since he is about 90 percent immortal, is just fine. Dennous need nutrients, however, beyond what pizza and soda provide.

Though pizza and soda are delicious, The Network is fully aware of this, though soda makes them feel a bit burpy so they tend to go for more natural beverages. Ice cream is, naturally, a bit of a guilty pleasure.

She rummages around gathering materials--such as WHEAT BREAD.

"The Network further inquires if manageable. We don't want to be troublesome."
Saitei Dennou /Unhealthy Item #12/. If she knew you were thinking about it Saitei would be duty-boud to find and consume some, but she doesn't. She probably will anyways, though. If she could handle the crowds, she might've been exploring the bar possibilities downstairs already.

"The feedback?" Yeah, that. "It... might be that this one can stop listening. With effort. There's been an attempt even as you're talking, even." Not entirely successful, but it's a start. It seems like she doesn't really want to discuss it, and you probably can't blame her; it isn't just /like/ discussing her innermost feelings, it literally is that. But Emi's in a far worse position, isn't she? And if they all think for a second, none of them really have any secrets on that score.

She's followed Emi into the kitchen while she fails to answer, but even if she doesn't like it, they all need to know what's going on, right? She continues, after a deep breath. "The Network shouldn't worry; there is no way to stop the transmission, or mask it, externally. This one was there while a vast range of methods were tried." Some of those must have been unpleasant, somehow. "Do not spends yourselves on it, /this/ one will be frustrated either way.

"And anyways, with the..." Blot "...filter removed, you're all much more agreeable."
Emi Dennou Secret Dennou Desire: Drinking like a true Private Eye! One day she'll drink an alcoholic beverage in a smokey room but hopefully not too smokey because it'll make her cough and feel sick.

"You should be able to." Emi says with some thought. "Sometimes we shut each other out. The Network is referring to her fellow one--Umi--typically."

She is quiet for a few moments before adding, "She thinks a lot, The Network says."

"Hey!" Umi shouts from upstairs. "I heard that!"

"She heard that." Emi explains.

She thinks for a moment and glances back to Saitei. "That's good to hear. It would be difficult for us..." She cuts herself off, and then--as worried as ever. "We...never wished to cause you pain. We worry--worried that you hated us, The Network admits sheepishly."
Saitei Dennou Should she? Emi knows better than her, probably. "The Network should understand where 'shutting it out' was not actually a design imperative, but as a clone, this one supposes that ability stands to reason." Gives her a headache, though, or something does. Saitei refuses to consider that two pots of coffee are in any way involved. Coffee was the tool of choice around the labs, after all; drunk techs and guards are the opposite of what you want.

She didn't Hear That, except that Emi spoke it, but she did hear the spark of annoyance from upstairs, almost drowned out by Emi's smothering worry and doubt. Saitei reaches out to lay a hand on Emi's shoulder in an effort to forestall that, but it takes her a moment to fish her words out of the storm. "It's not your fault. Saitei Dennou is not your fault. The laboratories weren't your fault either, this one adds to the list." Moderate your tone, please. "She doesn't know you to hate you, but from what she's seen so far this one thinks you're pretty alright."
Emi Dennou Emi thinks so. She is no neurologist, but she figures if the actual Network can manage it from time to time (evne if it's in the sense of going 'na na na na' and plugging your ears), then it should be at least a level easier for Saitei. Emi may not have heard the 'I heard that!' either, but she heard it cleanly in her head.

Emi listens. In truth, she'd rather there be a Saitei Dennou then to be an absence there, and that makes matters a bit weird, because she has to both be thankful that she was made and unhappy that Feige was involved. It's a bit of a paradox of thought.

"...Thank you. Understood. This one will attempt to stem their insecurities. We appreciate--"

She looks down at the hand and--surprise surprise--it actually does stem that considerably.

"...We appreciate your candidness. Truly." She says. "And we appreciate you. The Network will try and believe your words."
Saitei Dennou A moment is shared. But it's no time for moments, it's time for sandwiches! Saitei Dennou has been thoroughly trained in their proper construction, even from exceedingly marginal materials, and even for a thirty second canvassing of the fridge and tables, these materials are hardly marginal. Confident that nothing further really needs to be said, she assembles a sandwich of some sort.

Yeah, it'd probably be good if she ate more, Emi can probably even tell. Saitei eats some, then, while Emi's outpouring of kindness settles, and waits for another one of those Things She Wanted To Ask to bubble up. Nothing, though. "It'd be good if this one was introduced to the rest of you some time. There are five, right?"

Hugs her pillow tightly. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS FORGET ABOUT HER???

"...Six." Emi says. "Certainly, though, they would like to." Perhaps after monday when all six are actually accounted for.

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