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The Forgotten
(2013-06-28 - 2013-06-28)
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Alma Hyral So Alma Hyral just went through Feige Abramson and Alberic Lux's volcano base of twisted horrors, experiencing sights and sounds that literally tested her sanity. As a result, she needed to get away from it all for a while..

As a night owl and an astronomer both, Traverse Town appealed to her in so many different ways that she found herself drawn here almost immediately. She walked through the cobbled streets at a slow pace, wearing her usual set of dowdy white mage robes with a red triangular trim. About half a block behind her were two men dressed in the uniforms of the Archadian military. They kept pace with her, but kept their distance. Their eyes mostly upon the girl, but on occasion falling upon anyone who came relatively close to her.

Every so often she'd stop to window shop at one of the various clothing stores, and yet she never went inside.. she just window shopped. The fashion impaired girl wouldn't know the first thing about shopping for clothing, but the longing was still there, as she looked at one particularly fashionable looking gown worn by a mannikin, adjusting her glasses.

It allowed her to shut out the images of twisted and warped girls in tubes, later shambling towards them with sharpened claws.. it let her shut out the memories of the corpses of nameless ciphers stacked like cordwood.. it gave her peace for a short time.
Morrighan Alazne On those same cobbled streets, there was another girl. Darkened skin and pointed ears marked her a dark elf. But she possessed absolutely none of the poise and attitude a dark elf usually seemed to be in possession of. Rather, she looked rather curious. Her gray eyes curiously scanning the streets and looking at any people or things that caught her interest.

She never kept her eyes on any one subject for too long before flitting off to look at something else. Eventually, the girl wound up standing right next to Alma, hands pressed against a window as she looked inside, eyeing the same fashionable looking gown that her current unintentional window shopping companion was focused on as well.

After a few moments, she spoke up. "...That looks hard to wear...why do people want things like that?" Apparently, she was speaking to Alma, considering there wasn't anyone else within reasonable speaking distance. "...And it looks....what's the" She paused for a bit as her mind attempted to locate the right word to use. "...expensive. ...Is that it?" She nodded to herself then and continued. Remembering Emi's explanation on economics.
Alma Hyral Fickle fortune had prevented Alma Hyral from ever having met Morrighan. It was only mere moments before she arrived to encounter Ophelia that Morrighan had departed from heckling Avira.

As the Dark Elf came to stand beside her, Alma didn't think of saying anything other than giving her a polite nod to her fellow window shopper, and offering a slightly shy greeting of, "Good evening.." in a soft voice. Though even she realized how strange a greetings that was, given that Traverse Town was always shrouded in eternal night. She'd never encountered a Dark Elf before, and did not even know what Morrighan's race was at a single glance.

That might have been the end of their interaction, as she was exceptionally shy around people she wasn't comfortable with... but then Morrighan starts to speak up, and she gives her a surprised look, which turns to incredulity. She listens to her for a while, then offers a smile to her, "It probably is incredibly uncomfortable. But sometimes.. people just want to look stylish. To impress a special someone, or to just to look classy for a special occasion."

She takes a look for a price tag, and not seeing one, eventually nods to her. "That's the right word. It's probably very expensive. Too expensive for me."

After a moment, she gives the woman a searching look, "But.. I can hardly be considered an expert. I mean, look at what I'm wearing? I've never been stylish myself. What I usually wear probably wouldn't be considered in vogue even in Baron." A short pause, "My name is Alma by the way, Alma Hyral. What's your name, Ma'am?"
Morrighan Alazne "...Stylish? Classy? ...Special someone?" The girl asked, finally looking away from the dress and directly at Alma. "...What do those words mean?" That question is followed by a slight tilt of the head. Seems she really didn't know after all. She paused to consider what the other girl had gone on to say after, only looking more confused for it.

"Vogue...Baron..." She didn't know what any of that was or meant. And the look on her face pretty much said it all without her having to ask yet again. Still, Alma had introduced herself. Another one of those 'names' that people were hung up on. "Alma...Hyral..." The elf nodded slowly, taking in the name. But once asked about her own, she merely shook her head.

"I don't...know." She replied, going on further after. "I don't think I...have a name to begin with." Well, that was troublesome. What kind of person had no name? But still, she claimed such, and really seemed like she didn't know. "...Are names really that important?"

She had asked Emi the same question before, but one thing this girl had learned was that different people offered different answers to the same question.

Alma Hyral At first, Alma wondered if the woman just hadn't mastered the language yet.. but that didn't seem to be correct, the words slid off her tongue far too easily. Her accent was flawless.

"It means.. beautiful, satisfying to the senses. In a way that people around you like because it's.. up to date or ahead of your time, in how society thinks you should look."

She looks rather bashful though on the subject of a special someone, "Uh.. and a special someone is.. someone you want to impress because you.. like them. Or perhaps love them."

More of a look at her.. she really.. there was something just off about her. Something that gave her the impression that something was wrong with her, though she couldn't evaluate it at a glance. Trying to diagnose what might be wrong with white magic might only cause problems. Still, she took a step closer, "Baron is a.. country. A nation. It's.. old-fashioned.." Sort of like her.

On the subject of names, she tilts her head to the side, giving her an inquisitive look, "Were you never given a name?" She ruminates over the question for a time, "..names are mostly important.. in that they can tell others a little of your history. Who you are, where you came from...what you want to be called, if you picked your own. Some are proud of their names, because of.. some long and austere family line. Others are shamed by their names and they discard them..." A beat pause, " the end, your name has whatever meaning you wish to attach to it. It's important only in how you wish to be perceived by others.. but people have a tendency to focus on the name, and little else... If you don't have a name, or want one, then no, it's not important at all. You are still whomever you are, and a name does not change that. But others might.. be put off by it."
Emi Dennou Speaking of having never really been given a name, Emi appears. She is working for Scrooge again, pushing around a sea salt ice cream cart. She spots Morrighan and Alma and smiles briefly before her neutral expression returns.

She pushes the cart onward and says, bluntly. "Alma," Pause. "You should buy her ice cream." Another pause. "And one for yourself and your guards while you are at it, The Network plants the seeds in your mind ruthlessly."

She bobs her head at Morrighan, smiling encouragingly.
Morrighan Alazne "Beautiful..." Well, she didn't know what that meant either! But basic collection of the way she used the words and the fact that it was being used to refer to clothing applied to the body gave her a general idea. It probaby meant that it would improve one's...looks? She nodded at that and let it be. "Like or love..."

There was a small pause at that as the elf tried to figure out what that meant. Soon, she decided to ask. "How do you know when or love someone then?" All of this was very confusing. People had so many rules and regulations that she just didn't understand. Not at first anyway.

. "So a name can be given...or it can be something one has from the start...a name can also be thrown away, or you can give yourself a name...That sounds complicated." Well, in any case, none of this name stuff really meant anything to her. At least, she didn't think so. It was just about then that Emi came by, pushing an ice cream cart. "Oh...hello?" That was the right word to use, yeah?

The mention of ice cream caused the girl to turn and look upon the cart curiously. "What cream?"
Alma Hyral Alma was surprised for only a moment when Emi showed up pushing an ice cream cart. But only for a moment, really, the Network selling icecream was actually one of the less confusing and/or surprising things she'd seen them do. After a moment's thought, she spoke something briefly on the linkpearl on her ear, and the two guards approached because.. /Hell yes/ Icecream! Following a little girl around the world usually kind of sucked as bodyguard duties went, but it was mitigated by the fact that Alma kept them well fed.

"Hey Emi, taking on more odd jobs again?" She watches the interaction between Morrighan and Emi briefly, before giving Emi an inquisitive look, "Have the two of you met?"

She stepped forward, produced the proper amount of munny for four cones, then handed Morrighan an ice cream cone, then her two guards when they arrived, before taking one herself. She then made a licking motion to the ice cream, to show Morrighan how to eat it. "It's food.. a dessert food. It's a little indulgence.. something you eat because it's just /good/ rather than just because you're hungry."

And then she went back to the previous questions, her tone growing bashful again once she spoke upon the subject of like or loving someone.. "Uh, well.. that depends. Everyone has something different that attracts them to another.. generally you.. want to be around them, for the sake of being around them. Because they make you feel good about yourself.... they make you happy. I'm not really good at describing love...but generally they say true love is when you're willing to give everything of yourself to a person even if you gain nothing in return."

She licks her ice cream cone, giving the subject of names more thought, "It's really more complicated than most people make it out to be.. just.. call yourself whatever you wish to be called, if you have no name.."

A moment later, while they're eating, she ventures to ask, "Are you hurt, by the way? Do you need someone to evaluate you?" She suspected a head injury.. but it could really be any sort of emotional trauma. She hoped it was the former as the latter would be very difficult to fix.
Emi Dennou Emi performs business. Maybe once this--well it's hard to tell dark elf age but Emi defaults to girl--is better situated, maybe she can see about finding her some work. With patient people.

"We have met," Emi says, bobbing her head at Morrighan. "Hello there." She considers how to answer this question. She has asked it herself. What is with her running into people learning to be people anyway? She suspects she may not be quite ready for that responsibility. But nonetheless...

"This one isn't sure she could tell you, but this one likes you, The Network is fairly confident." Sure there may not be much 'there' to like but she seems nice, and that goes for a lot! She hasn't laughed at her haughtily once either!

She puts the money away and thinks yes yes another good set of sales. Scrooge will be pleased. She lets Alma teach about ice cream thoug, she does not take any herself.

"This one thought the extra cash would be useful," She admits. "We have a new sister after all, now." She glances to Morrighan. "And perhaps a friend we would like to help?"
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan, as some would know her previously as, took the offered cone hesitantly, staring at the strange blue substance on top of it. ...This was food? It looks weird and ...unfood-like, as far as what she's seen has told her. Still, if they said it was food, then maybe it was. Nodding a bit, she took an experimental lick...and then immediately drew back in surprise.

"I-It's cold!" Apparently the 'ice' part of the name was lost on her as well. Ah well, you live and you learn. Supposedly anyway. "...But it's good." A small smile managed to find it's way onto her face as she took a couple more licks of the ice cream. Alma's guards were given a brief look of curiosity, as she had never seen that much armor on someone before.

Still, the novelty did not last and her eyes wound up back at her as the explanation on love began. "........" The response Alma got for her lesson on love and feelings was a completely blank stare. The whole just sailed casually over the dark elf's head. One could almost see question marks floating in the air above her. "That...doesn't make sense."

More talk of economics. The subject still confounded her at more complicated levels and she decided not to touch it for now. Maybe she'd understand more thoroughly some day. Emi's mention of 'friend to help' drew another blank stare from Morrighan. "...Help? Um..." She still wasn't sure what they were referring to. And if she even needed help. She felt fine, and Alma's question about being hurt was met with a shake of the head.

"...No. I feel...fine. Do I look hurt?" She asked, tilting her head slightly in curiousity as she asked Alma. Really, she wasn't bleeding anywhere, her body was perfectly healthy. "What does evaluate mean in this...situation?"
Alma Hyral "That's a good thought. I can't imagine what your living expenses must be like, with so many mouths to feed." Well she could, having come from a large family herself, but they had been.. wealthy, and she never had a chance to actually see what their expenses looked like. Morrighan's first(?) experience with ice cream raises a small giggle from the girl, but it wasn't condescending, it was more just a little bit of delight. It was like watching someone discover something amazing.

However, Morrighan's reaction to the explanation on love just makes her appear a little flustered, "Well.. really that sort of love is something everyone has to figure out for themselves. It's a.. confusing topic really." was incredibly confusing for her at least, and she wasn't even trying to rediscover what the word meant.

Morrighan's reaction to the topic caused her to regard her with a ruminative look, "I.. well no, you don't look hurt, but sometimes injuries are internal. Like a concussion." She debates it for a time, deciding that she didn't really want to frighten away the woman.. also she'd had some.. bad experiences lately with how her magic has interacted with others, so she was hesitant to press the issue, "If you're not feeling hurt, then you probably don't need me to give you a check up. I'd just be using my magic to try and scan, and diagnose if anything's wrong, then heal it, if there is something going on."
Emi Dennou "I wish my sisters would help more..." Emi sighs. At this point it seems like she may not be able to keep up. Luckily Heartless drop munny when slain so she can suppliment income that way, but that can't be a daily or even weekly thing.

"We are concerned that you may have lost your memory," Emi says, simply enough. She doesn't seem, to put it one way, to be 'simple' or anything like that, so she can't blame idiocy for this--because she doesn't really seem dumb in the first place. It seems more like first experiences. Still if this were merely amnesia, would she be this capable? It seems like she'd need hospital assistance just to survive.

So it's rough, what is going on is hard to discern.

Emi seems encouraged by the smile, however. She glances to the guards and said, "Ah, these are soldiers. They come from an Empire called Archades. ... I am not sure why they are here... Are you in danger still, Alma?" Maybe /she/ needs help even more than the dark elf.
Morrighan Alazne "Oh...I see..." She didn't really, but nonetheless, she said otherwise anyway. "Well, if you want to...and it doesn't hurt, then..okay." Morrighan replied, nodding slowly her assent to whatever evaluations and diagnosis' they wanted to perform. What's the worst that could happen anyway?

In the meantime, she continued to eat her ice cream. It really was good, and in due time, it was finished. "....." With nothing left to hold onto, her arm lowered back to her side as she glanced at Emi. "Lost my...memory?" The dark elf asked, looking away at that. She seemed to be lost in thought. "Memories..memories...." Nope. Nothing. Just one huge blank!

"I don't really..." And then a sigh. "...remember anything. Is that what this is?"
Alma Hyral "Oh? Why don't they take on side jobs?" ...Then she thinks it through with Umi practicing Paci-FIST in her mind, and cheerleading.. and generally.. yeah. Ami being relatively quiet and just patting animals.. Shida being Shida. Saitei being relatively newly free.. She could see why not. "Mm.. nevermind."

She nods in turn with Emi on the lost memory part. She was dancing around the issue really as people with emotional trauma might react badly to being pressed on certain subjects, certain things.. and people with amnesia caused by head injuries could be.. erratic, labile.

She gives Emi a sidelong look, then back at her guards who proceeded to give Alma a stern look. She turned back to face Emi, "Well.. I can't talk about everything, but yes. Archades is very concerned that the Murasame Corporation.. Feige Abramson, or Alberic Lux might.. try something. So I have a detail with me at most times."

"I don't think it will hurt you, no...and yes we're very concerned you may have lost your memory." When Morrighan assents, she hesitantly hands over her now half-eaten ice cream cone to one of her guards to hold. They don't seem that resentful. She steps forward, placing a hand tentatively, very lightly on Morrighan's wrist. Not grasping, but just a gentle touch. And then she casts her own world's version of a Libra spell on her.. attempting to discern if anything was wrong.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan did not offer any real meaningful reaction upon being touched and merely blinked slowly, watching Alma with a blank expression. Her spell would reveal to her however...

Absolutely nothing.

There was nothing there. Just a painfully empty black void. As if something were taken from it and now it was left abandoned. It was horribly offputting really. This girl looked healthy, she had no obvious scars or wounds, yet she expressed an almost child-like mindset, and professed to have no name at all.

If anything was clear, it was true that she had lost her memories, but the method by which they were lost did not seem to be anything like a simple bump of the head. It was something far more sinister. Something deliberate. The empty blackness almost seemed to communicate this fact simply by existing. Or rather to say, it's lack of existence.

"...Is something the matter?" The elf asked watching Alma with a faint look of curiousity.
Emi Dennou Emi says, "They do, sometimes, but it is not easy to obtain even part time jobs. This one has an excellent resume, and they cannot take jobs that I sometimes do lest they poorly influence my performance reviews." And that is... UNACCEPTABLE! UNAAACEEEPTAAABLLLEEE!

"...Alma," Emi warns. "Be careful. It may be amnesia through trauma." She doesn't want the girl to freak or anything. But as it turns out, it seems that she isn't freaking out at all. quite the opposite, really.

"...Understood." She says, regarding Alma's troubles, and that's it for the moment.
Alma Hyral The spell's information came as a slow trickle at first. Morrighan's name was etched out, as if there was nothing there.. that was expected. And then the rest of the information all came as a deluge of.. nothing. As if something terrifying had just /carved/ out all of the information from her, leaving /nothing/ behind. A dark void of nothing. A half-existence.

Her mind took some time to process that, as her hand fell away, trembling, before she gave Morrighan a look of complete horror. A moment later she was whispering in a very small voice that stammered out, "Oh s-sweet C-C-Cosma.... what h-happened to y-y-you?"

She took some deep calming breaths, looking towards Emi, before shaking her head, "T-This isn't.. s-something I can f-fix.. I d-don't know h-h-how it happened. But it's l-like.. her l-life.. it's been c-carved out of her..."
Morrighan Alazne ".......?" Alma's reaction only confused her further. "What's wrong? Why are you...?" Morrighan furrowed her brows, finding the reaction to whatever this girl had just done to be...suspect. Was there something on her face? She wound up rubbing her face to make sure. Maybe there was some leftover ice cream. But nope. Nothing at all.

Well now this was just all kinds of confusing. "What happened to me? ...I don't know. Did something happen to me...?" That came out as more of a general question to no one in particular. Her gaze gradually went upwards as she considered. Nothing came to mind however. "I don't...think so?"

The mention of her life being carved out just caused the elf to shake her head slowly. "I don't really get it. I'm...not dead." And then a brief pause. "...Am I?" She looked towards Alma and Emi for confirmation then.
Emi Dennou Emi listens to Alma's explanation, truth be told she doesn't really grok what that means either. What she can tell is that it seems that whatever took her memory was done purposefully.

"This one doesn't think you are dead..." She looks back to Morrighan. "...But what you were before whatever this was was done to you might be. This one admits she can't say this with certainty, however."

You can always get more ice cream! Emi will sell even under these circumstances. Maybe give a 'your soul got eaten' discount and frankly being able to call on THAT discount ain't easy.

This new relevation, however, forces her to reconsider that this may be a dark elf she knew before. After all, that would change anybody's personality."

She reaches into her pocket and withdraws a magnifying glass and holds it up to Morrighan.

Alma Hyral She takes some more time to compose herself with some calming breaths, before looking away from Emi back to Morrighan, "S-Something happened to you y-yes. I d-don't know what. I've n-never seen anything l-like this before."

She holds up a hand when she asks if she's dead, "P-Poor choice of words, I m-mean more that y-your memories of your life.. your e-existence before.. b-before recently are just gone. L-Like someone or s-something d-destroyed them or t-took them. I c-can't tell..."

She looks sidelong at Emi as she starts to examine her with a magnifying glass. "I um.. d-don't think you're g-going to find any c-clues w-with that Emi." ...For some reason she now had the image of Emi and her sisters rolling around in a van painted in psychodelic colors with the huge words 'The Mystery Machine' on it.. Riku introduced her to a lot of Manhattenite culture lately, so sue her!
Morrighan Alazne "Really? Well...okay." And she just accepted it like that. But she didn't seem all that broken up about it. So something bad happened to her? That She wasn't hurt or anything though. "...I wonder why someone would take those things though...did I do something bad?" Blinking slowly, Morrighan posed that question to the both of them, as if they even knew anything about it.

Emi staring at her through a magnifying glass gave the girl pause though as she stared back, adopting a blank expression throughout the entire process. "...What are you doing? What is that?" She then asked, raising a hand slightly to point to the magnifying glass.
Emi Dennou "It is a magnifying glass. It helps you find clues." Emi says before peering at Morrighan's chest with the magnifying glass, as if expecting to find something.

"Jinkies." She says, lowering the magnifying glass--wait did she say that or was it just Alma's imagination? Anyway, she looks towards Alma and says, "It is possible I knew her before." Wait was she able to tell via---"But this one isn't certain. This one also is uncertain how one could do something like that. The Network is only aware of a few people who could conceivably do something like that to someone. The Network suggests Isaac Hanlon to handle this matter, if she desires."

She looks back to Morrighan and adds, "I don't know if you did or not 'do something bad'. But if you don't care about regaining your past, The Network won't insist you look for it."
Alma Hyral Alma looks her over for a few long lingering moments, before finally coming to a decision, "I d-don't know if you did anything b-bad. I wish I knew why a-anyone would do this. If it's a p-punishment I can think of f-few worse."

Emi makes her suggestion, and she gives her a ruminative look before she turns back to Morrighan, "I-Isaac is p-probably a g-good idea but...t-there's also someone I k-know. He m-might be able to t-tell you more... His name is R-Riku, and he's my.."

Friend? Boyfriend? She had no idea, might as well use the safe word, "..f-friend. I can.. t-take you to him, in A-Archades.. as my g-guest. Or I can just s-send him here...y-your choice."
Morrighan Alazne Suddenly options. Not that Morrighan looked all that chipper about this turn of events. Still, that man had told her... 'You ain't gonna find anything out sittin' around on your arse. If you wanna to go out and see what the worlds've got to offer, be my guest. ...Just stay safe. In fact, hold on, I've got something you could use...'

Returning to reality, she nodded slowly. "Someone told me that I wouldn't learn anything sitting around this town and doing nothing..." Her empty gray eyes looked between Alma and Emi momentarily before she continued. "I think that I'd like to meet both of these people." She paused then, bringing a hand up to rub her chin thoughtfully. Probably learned that some someone too.

"...Maybe one and then the other? I don't want to...cause trouble. Causing trouble is bad, right?" At least that's what she was told. And in this case, that line of logic seemed to apply.
Emi Dennou Emi considers Archades. 95 percent human, 5 percent miscellaneous. Number of senators of other races: 0. Number of judges of other races: 0. Chances of this girl getting in trouble in Archades without even meaning to: Ehh, she'll go with 'middling'. She knows they are classist, she is fairly certain they are racist as well.

"The Network does not suggest going to Archades, though I won't protest meeting Riku. Isaac lives in this very city, however."

She glances to Alma and rather than mention her intiial concerns, she brings up other ones. "Archades is a classist society and, what's more, presently at war. The odds are high that it'll come under attack. And the people are at war with Alexandria are among those people I could see with the capability of doing this, The Network explains unnecessarily."
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral seems oblivious to the possible racism, given that the relief workers were given no instructions on discriminating between the races. She did notice there weren't many non-humans in the city, and none at all within the military, but she came from a world without any other real humanoid races so it didn't seem that strange to her.

She turns to Emi, and nods, she doesn't appear offended.. after all she was a newcomer to Archades, and she was very aware that the city was.. classist as well. The near total annihilation of the Upper City had done much towards.. balancing the classes all on it's own. Her voice sounded rather calm once more, as she speaks to Morrighan, "That may be for the best.. I'll send Riku here then, to see you. And it's not so much causing trouble.. as it is... attracting too much attention to yourself."
Morrighan Alazne The discussion regarding Archades leaves Morrighan lost. She had no idea what classist meant. Nor did she understand war. She decided to question this, as usual. "...War? that bad?" Considering that they spoke of it in a somber way, it must have been. At least she figured so. "....." But now she was kind of curious to see it herself. But it looked like that probably wouldn't be happening any time soon.

"I guess I'll...stay here a little longer then." The girl decided, looking towards Emi and nodding slowly. "This...Isaac person lives here, right?" May as well start with him then. But something Alma said caused her to look in that direction. "Attracting attention? ...How am I doing that?"

She really didn't notice it. The aimless wandering, the constant questioning, the lack of general knowledge...she thought it was normal.
Emi Dennou Emi is suspicious of evil empires. Gabranth hasn't turned into a literal hound yet, but it's probably only a matter of time.

"He lives in the TDA building I showed you yesterday." She says. "He has some experience with this sort of thing."
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral nods, when Morrighan asks if war is bad, "...It is a heartbreaking, soul-crushing thing. When nations war.. it is typically the innocents that suffer and die. It's.. terrible." Even her guards stop licking away at their ice cream to give Morrighan a somber look.

A moment's thought, and then she stated, "I.. recommend you stay with someone at all times. Someone you trust, to act as your guide. You're attracting attention by.. well.. everything you do right now. You don't know any better."

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