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(2013-06-27 - 2013-07-19)
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Faruja Senra Ever since his imprisonment, the TDA's captive has been nothing if not stoic. The would-be assassin in question is an unremarkable looking young man, with black hair and features that can best be described as bland at best. The sort of face that blends into crowds without anyone giving him much notice. Trussed up in a chair within a back office of the TDA, he hasn't made much attempt at escaping either. As far as captives go, he's been good, if not particularly revealing so far about just whom he's working for.

There /is/ one thing remarkable is a tattoo on the man's left foot; only revealed due to the healing of an injury to his leg in the battle. It is of a black falcon, and otherwise unremarkable.
Will Sherman Will enters the room with the Assassin.

He even brings a plate of food. It has left over pizza on it as he sits down and puts it on a nearby table. Will is already eating a slice.

"Sup." He asks the man, "So I-we- wanted to ask you some questions. Mind if we have a rap session? You know, as opposed to just throwing you in a cell forever, or god help you to the Church. They want your blood man...though I can't blame them."
Faruja Senra The Assassin looks up, the plate of food stared at. His stomach grumbles, the worst of betrayals! A small breath escapes him, the man concentrating on playing the part of 'unflappable prisoner'. Both Emi and Will receive looks; Umi, a moment later. Good Cop, Dumb Cop, Hobocop.

At least he doesn't comment, or perhaps doesn't notice Emi's murmuring. His full attention rests on Will for the moment. "I ain't telling you a damn thing." Should either have attempted to do so prior, he'd have said the exact same thing, like some sort of mantra. But the man pauses. It's a big world. And these two seem like /goody-goody's/. He's not so sure about Umi.

"....But what the hell, I'm bored anyway. What?"
Will Sherman "Look." Will says, being direct, "I don't care. I got enough off of you to start...BUT...maybe you might wana rethink your not telling me anything. You see, your boss, is being manipulated."

"Or he's playing you all for suckers. Because he and the Priest are in on it. I think he thinks the Priest is gona give him some good <GOOSEHONK> to fake an assassination. Oh I'm sure you were trying to be real about it, but he was counting on that to perform that little miracle. Your friend, leader, whatever, is at the Priests beck and call...and let me tell you somethin'."

"It's going to get you all damned pretty fast. Cuz that wasn't a miracle you saw."
Faruja Senra The Assassin stares at Will for a long time after the Hobo King speaks. Biting his cheek, he attempts to look tough, but the simple, direct manner of Will Sherman is persuasive. Finally, he opens his mouth to speak...

DENNOU INTERRUPT! The man jumps in his seat, making the entire chair bounce. He squints, and slowly turns to the two. Gulp.

"Fine, I'll talk. Just don't let that crazy lady get near me!"

Slump. The 'tough, stoic' assassin looks depressed more than afraid, perhaps even resigned. "Doesn't matter, I'm gonna die anyway. I don't know about all that...the Boss wouldn't sell himself to some Priest. Bunch of robe-wearing, wailing idiots with their shiney-armored knights. We were told to kill 'em all." A pause.

"...The Boss said the old guy was his."

"The Black Falcons...first they take you back, then they kill whoever captured you. /Then/ they cut you up, starting with your ink. I'm dead meat. Like the dirty hobo said, I'm screwed no matter what."

He chuckles bitterly. "Dont know about being damned. Don't care about the little Priest's lightshow. Probably some damn trick anyway! And even if it ain't...did it all for the money. Boss paid good."
Will Sherman "Well, you ain't screwed if you help us." Will says, sitting on the chair, "You see, I am more than just a hobo. I am, WILLIAM SHERMAN, KING OF THE HOBOS." And the legend of the hobo king IS spreading.

He gives Emi a grin as she takes Umi to the back. Umi did her job and he is going to buy her a large ice cream sundae later. Will eats another slice of pizza.

"Well, at least help yourself to some." he says, and nods once to Emi, it's a good question.

"Well, he did. can tell me where he is, or at least lead me to him...or hell, even give me something he owned...I can do the rest. He's being played like a fiddle, and thinks he's playin' you guys. You might say all that, but these eyes.." he points at them, "They don't lie."
Faruja Senra Assassin Guy (henceforth known as Bob), takes a slice of pizza. He turns away from Will, as his attempts at imagining the man on a throne of trashcans and with a cardboard crown almost has him laughing. It'd ruin the tough guy image.

"You two really think you can...aww, hell, ain't like they can kill me twice or anything." Nom. Bob likes pizza.

The man rubs the side of his head. "Don't know much. Always called him Boss, or Razor. Liked to cut up...nevermind. Well, there /is/ our hideout. But the Boss ain't stupid. Little warehouse over in Fluorgis. Bet it's cleaned out, now that the damn Church is after us."

A shrug. He turns to Emi, crossing his legs as much as he's able. He seems a bit relieved now that Umi's in the closet. "What're you gonna do about that? Some Hobo...Hobo /King/ and a weird pair of kids gonna save me from an assassin's guild? Better be more to you than ya look."

Reaching into his clothes, he pulls out a coin. One side is blank, the other is etched with a little razor blade. "The Boss gave me this when I joined. Something about a good luck charm. Don't know how it'd help."
Will Sherman Will snatches the coin away from the man and looks for something...strings...anything he can follow...BUT if he doesn't find anything, he can give it to Hati.

He also gives it a good look over.

"Yeah, by the way, if you forgotten about how I was grabbin' the strings of your guys and stuff? That was the least of what I can do." he says with a grin. "But hey, don't think I am'll be surprising to you when I do stuff."

Gona buy her a BIG sundae.

"Also, we got guys with a gun and a guy who nosells everything to help too."
Faruja Senra There are strings aplenty, though mostly neutral, and the occasional white. They all travel off into the distance. So too do several strings connect to him in turn. Unfortunately, it seems none of the holders of Bob's strings are nearby. "...What the hell /was/ that any...nevermind, don't want to know. Just give me some booze and a smoke." He mutters something about freaky hobo royalty under his breath.

The coin is unremarkable, however, upon closer examination there are faint etchings on the 'blank' side. It would take an extremely good eye, or a magnification device to tell just what they might be. At least Will now has something belonging to the man, and a nickname.

Bob perks up slightly. "Guns huh? I can understand guns." His odds seem to have improved slightly..

Emi gets a laugh out of Bob. "Think I can borrow some?"

The man considers...and his eyes light up. "It ain't much, but...back at the hideout, the Boss kept this picture. Looked like the side of a mountain...or maybe the inside of a cave, dunno. Had a big, blue crystal. Nice and shiney-like."
Will Sherman Will frowns, looking at Emi.

He hands her the coin, pointing at the back. He can't make it out, His sight on simple things like tiny marks isn't actually very good..he can make it out, but STRINGS. They are sometimes a hinderance.

He looks back at the guy, and he asks a question.

A) No.
B) Hell No.

> B.

"Hell no." Will says, "You get to wait until you get in jail. We'll make sure you don't get killed before you had proper justice. This ain't a free ride to getting scott free. But you can at least live to see yourself out of jail someday."

"Hmm...sounds interesting.." he wil have to ask aroudn about the cave. The crystal...that was familar.
Faruja Senra Bob sighs. "<Goosehonk>." No free rides for Assassin Guy.

It's very faint, but the image of a man can be seen, nondescript given how worn-away the etchings are. An object is in the man's hand; a staff of some sort. Below, the letter 'A'. Nothing else is visible.

"At least I'll be in one piece. Heard some stories about those 'Ajorans'. They ain't nice to outsiders." He huffs. "Boss said we'd be protected. I was an idiot." Bob frowns.
Will Sherman Will nods once. He stands up, and holds a hand out for Emi.

Are you going to leave him hangin'?
Will Sherman You left Will Hangin'.

Will siiighs, but Emi was still a little sis to him. "Lets get sundaes." he says with a grin.

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