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(2013-06-27 - 2013-06-27)
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Locke Cole Locke is slouched at the bar, a stein set in front of him no doubt filled with the heady strong beer that the pub smells faintly of. His blue coat has been removed, tossed over the counter next to him. The bar is nearly empty, a quiet hour between the miner's longshifts.
Deelel Outside there is a strange whine of what might be an engine then it suddenly cuts off.

A strange looking lady walks into the pub she looks somewhat strange with her clothing and the glowing blue tattoos n her arm but she seems friendly enough as she looks about and is taking in the bar for a moment. Before she moves to sit down at it near Locke.
Locke Cole Locke lifts his stein to his lips just as Deelel sits next to him, nodding at her before looking away. There is a pause in his breath, pulling the mug from his face and blinking. Once, twice, three times. Finally, squinting, he looks back to the Lady Blue. One final blink and he nods again. "You're not from Narshe, are you?" Vaguely amused, probably because the answer is obvious.
Deelel Deelel voice is a bit strange it has a faint warble to it.

"Hello and no I'm not. I'm from Manhattan."

It's a higher tech place devoid of magic so far as anyone knows in general. She makes herself comfortable as she looks Locke over for a moment.

"I'm Deelel and you are?"

This scene contained 4 poses. The players who were present were: Locke Cole, Deelel