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(2013-06-27 - Now)
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Emi Dennou Emi is in a good mood. She has recently found herself with a new sister, one whose circumstances are rather complicated, but one she not just feels fondly of--but one she's determined to feel fondly of. The Network never feels alone, but they do--at times--feel lonely.

But that's not the current circumstances. She has come to Wildkat Cafe to get some beverages for her sisters. She tends to be the one handling finances. The Network ever hums in her mind, but physically speaking--she's the only 'Dennou' present.
Morrighan Alazne The Girl with No Name was wandering Traverse Town as usual, now dressed far more appropriately. Her gray eyes wander the streets, taking in various sights and watching people laugh, joke, and debate with one another. She looked through shop windows and examined whatever objects she saw.

Eventually, she comes to a stop in front of the Wildkat Cafe. It was not a place she recognized. But nonetheless, she found herself curious...and there were people behind her wanting to go in. And so the girl stepped inside, arms hanging loosely at her side as she aimlessly looked about with no clear goal in mind.
Emi Dennou Emi is not really used to dark elves. In fact, she only knows of three and all have been rather distinctive. She doesn't notice The Girl With No Name immediately, turning to look towards her as she collects her cocoas. She blinks, in surprise. She is confused upon sight. The Network's memory is computational, she seems familiar and also utterly unfamiliar. She is still coming to grips with the strange mental incongruity when she resolves to table the subject for the moment.

"Hello there," Emi says experimentally. "Are you..." Pause. She has known dark elves to be rather proud, but she goes ahead anyway. "--hungry? Just exploring?, The Network inquires puzzlingly."
Morrighan Alazne Said girl with no name blinks upon hearing someone apparently addressing her. She turned to looked towards Emi, tearing her eyes away from the various drinking making mechanisms that had caught her attention previously. ".....?" The question is met with silence, as the girl slowly pointed to herself, then looked around to make sure she wasn't mistaking things.

Once it became clear that Emi was talking to her, the girl spoke up in a rather quiet voice. "I...don't know." A pause as she thought about it. "I don't think I'm...hungry...?" She said, ending it somewhat questioningly, and looked away then, taking in the sights of the cafe before going on. "...I was just...curious." She nodded than, affirming her supposed reasons for being here. "...Do I have to be...hungry to be here?"
Emi Dennou Emi rather quickly deduces that there is no way this is Morrighan or, in fact, Valos though that's a bit more obvious and she isn't even Rosemarie. She realizes why this girl seems so familiar, though, this was likely not too far off from the sort of person The Network was when they originally arrived in Manhattan.

She smiles, trying to be reassuring. "No--it's alright--you don't have to be. I was just wondering." She hasn't gotten her drinks yet, but she does step out of line, having paid for them.

She offers a hand, "This one is Emi, what's your name?--The Network is pleased with themselves at the natural flow of conversation they're managing."
Morrighan Alazne The girl just stared at Emi's offered hand blankly, not quite sure what she was supposed to do with it. After several seconds of silence, she spoke up again, never taking the offered hand out of confusion. "Um...I don't know." She answered, shaking her head slowly. "A name....I don't think I..."

A pause as she looked off elsewhere again, staring at something interesting that passed by. "...have a name." The distraction gone, the girl turned to look back to Emi, furrowing her brows in what would seem to be slight worry. "...Should I have a name?" Another pause as she seemed to be thinking heavily upon something or another.

"What is a name anyhow? ...Is it important to have? ...I don't understand."
Emi Dennou Emi holds her hand out patiently. She leaves it there, forgetting about it for the moment.

Emi isn't too troubled by the lack of a name. Really, what are names but tools for convenience. If she hasn't had need of one until now, she thinks it's rather reasonable for her to not have one. But it's strange, she /should/ have one judging from what she knows about people who aren't The Network.

"This one didn't have a name for quite some time either. He chose names for the purposes of convenience and identification. If you don't want a name, this one would be a bit hypocritical in insisting you take one."

She tilts her head curiously. "Names are, to explain further, words provided or chosen for the purposes of identification. Sometimes there may be something in which the past is honored through repeated use of a name or names."
Morrighan Alazne She never did take Emi's hand, having forgotten about it as well. " that's a name? I see...I think I sort of get it." The girl mumbled, nodding slowly. "Then I don't think I have a name at all." A pause, and then she added. "...I can't think of one and nothing comes to mind...I guess that's it."

And a slow shrug from her. "...What do people do here?" She went to ask after, watching as the line eventually began to change as people ordered , took their things and paid, being replaced by new customers.

"Why do they hand over those...things...and then something else?" Lord, did she not understand basic economics?
Emi Dennou "You don't need a name." Emi says. "If you do wish to be called something, however, we will."

Emi is excited to talk about basic economics. She doesn't look excited, she looks blank, but believe me--she's thrilled.

"Well, sometimes people need something someone else has. For most levels of a developed world, not everyone can provide the necessities of survival for themselves. Originally, people would barter one good for another. Like perhaps I needed two chickens but had an extra cow, I could trade the cow for two chickens, see? However as an economic model, this was rather inefficient, especially as goods began covering different fields beyond basic survival. Luxury goods in particular. As time went on, currency became a concept. It started as coinage, since the idea was that the metal in the coins had a certain worth. This 'worth' could be translated into other goods. It complexified the system but allowed individuals to more readily obtain goods they needed--or desired. However with time even coinage became less of a worthy currency. The value of what a coin was was ephemeral and, in a sense, burdensome. And since there were a limited amount of precious metals, the concept of currency as a shared illusion of worth came to be. This led to paper currency. Paper, naturally, was not worth much in of itself but via /agreeing/ that the paper was worth something, 'money' became far easier to stabilize. Of course at one point, worth was limited by paper as well and this led to currency, banking--well this one is oversimplifying."

Emi's beverages arrive. She offers one of the cocoas to Nameless Dark Elf.

"Economies are truly a fascinating concept. I am so happy to get to experience many jobs and earn my own money." Emi beams, by this point she's practically radiant.

"Of course," She adds. "I am offering this to you for free.
Morrighan Alazne Emi's supposedly oversimplified explanation on the matter of economics caused the girl's head to eventually start spinning....figuratively. zShe got some parts of it, but the rest just confused her. At least initially. Once it was complete, the confused looking dark elf blinked slowly a couple times as she processed the information.

"So...basically...when someone wants something...they give some of this 'currency' and then get what they wanted in return? Does everything cost the same?" She asked, making sure she understood. Taking the offered drink, she looked down into it curiously. "...What is this? And what does 'free' mean?"
Emi Dennou "If someone is willing to 'sell'. Currency is neutral, but sometimes there are objects precious enough that no amount of it will suffice for payment. Purchasing is still typically a two way street." Emi says.

Wow, Emi thinks, this is obviously not any dark elf she knew before. It's like in some ways she's a newborn. In fact considering her age, it flat out seems impossible for her to not know some of these things. Emi supposes it could be--amnesia? Or maybe she is not as old as she appears?

"It's a beverage. Cocoa. It's a bit hot," Emi says. "But you can drink it--for sustenance, energy, taste." Emi hefts up the carrier.

"Free is when you can obtain something for no currency at all. Usually it is an act of charity or--" Emi hesitates. "Part of some package deal or scam. In this instance, I am asking for nothing in return."
Morrighan Alazne "Ohhhh...." She nodded then and raised the cup to her mouth, taking a sip without heeding the warning. "BLEH!" Crying out after, she sputtered and stuck out her tongue as it stung from the hot liquid. "That hurt! Is that what hot is?" Luckily, she managed to not drop the whole thing onto the ground. That would have been a problem for sure.

Emi's explanation regarding free drew a confused look once again. "So...some things cost 'currency'...some things cost none...and some things can't be bought? ...That's confusing."
Emi Dennou Emi opens her mouth. She blinks twice. This is a bit beyond Dennoufication, in fact. Maybe because memories and knowledge were fed to them. Perhaps if it hadn't been they, too, would be confused by 'hot'.

"Yes, if you blow on it, it is easier to drink." She says. "In moderation, cocoa is very delicious, The Network expresses their personal experience."

She smiles apologetically. " a bit complex. Do you have somewhere to stay? If you need is our job to provide aid, The Network clarifies they enjoy their 'job'."
Morrighan Alazne "Um, okay...I'll do that." Begins to blow on the surface a bit before trying again. She managed to not burn herself this time and smiles a bit at her success. "This is...good." Nods once and then blows again before taking another sip. She listened to Emi meanwhile, something about 'work'

"Help? ...Ah...somewhere to stay?" The nameless girl paused her drinking to stare at the Dennou for a moment. "...What does that mean? ...I don't think I have that." And then she shook her head again. "...I don't know if I" She used the word, unsure of herself before asking. "...Do I need help?"
Emi Dennou "Glad you like it." Emi says simply enough. "Food is generally useful, as are beverages. Some sacrifice utility for sensation, such as 'deliciousness'." Emi explains.

Sounds like whatever it is, it's been rough. "Yes..." She murmurs. "A place to stay. To take shelter from the elements from and also, perhaps, have a comfortable bed. Deppending on levels of permanence it could also be called a 'home'."

She rubs at her forehead thoughtfully. "I couldn't tell you for you...but I can lead you to where we work, and if you decide that, perhaps, you do require help--or even just someone to talk with--you can go there again."

She smiles. "How does that sound?"
Morrighan Alazne "Oh..." The girl nodded slowly in understanding to Emi's explanation regarding food and shelter. "So food is...useful and...a place to stay can be a home..." She didn't totally get it, but the basics were understood for now. "Okay." That said, she drank the rest of her cocoa, having cooled it down enough to not bother blowing anymore.

"...I think I will go. I'm...curious." That and she really had nothing else to do. Or rather, there was nothing that she remembered she should be doing at the moment. "Where is it?"
Emi Dennou Emi walks in with Umi a moment after. Umi is here to be dumb cop. Emi is here to be smart cop. Does that make Will good cop? Nevertheless, usually assassins with black falcon tattoos have black falcon tattoos for a reason.

"Hello there." She bobs her head to the man otherwise, and glances to Will.

She murmurs, "Assassins would only get tattoos as a symbol of solidarity and as a method to prevent them from leaving the group." She says. "In criminal trades, you generally don't want markings."
Emi Dennou Emi is quiet at first, letting Will have her peace beyond her quick aside to Will Sherman. Umi slams her hands on a nearby table, however.

"You'll tell me the truth! And nothing but the truth! Or so help me--the commissioner won't have to hear anything about i--yeaakk!"

Emi is pulling Umi away and guiding her towards the room's closet. "Sshh.."
"Aw but--"

Emi turns back to the assassin. "You were captured. How do your comrades typically treat those who have been captured, should they be ... rescued?"
Emi Dennou Emi nods onoce. She is hesitant to guarantee safety against the League of Shadows, but she doesn't like allowing people to die either. Not like this, anyway. She listens to what he has to say so far. This doesn't corraborate so far. It is, however distinctly, possibly a coincidence they simply took advantage of--but that would be unfortunate. IT would not get them the leverage they need.

Umi points at her eyes, then the assassin's, then her own again before Emi finally shoves her into the closet, closing the door behind her.

She looks apologetically at the poor guy. "We will taking whatever pains to keep you safe." Emi says. "I am not one to make guarantees, but odds certainly improve, The Network suspects."

She hmms for a moment. Can Will just read this guy's lines back to the boss? Well probably not without dragging him around, it'd probably be hard to follow a string through several worlds. She really doesn't quite grok how that power works, honestly.
Emi Dennou This 'Boss' doesn't seem very genuine. Even if Faruja's soul wasn't at stake here, it sounds like a good idea to shut these assassins down. Emi is not really a bleeding heart, but she says, "Well," with some thought. "Will is more than what he looks. This one couldn't say whether they themselves are more than what they appear, but The Network has, if nothing else, numbers. And electromagnetic warfare. Metal is not especially something that concerns us, typically."
5rOf course they can still get carved up, but she doesn't mind appearing a bit more confident than the reality. "Will is also very lucky."
Emi Dennou Emi takes the coin and peers at the etchings. She runs her finger over the etchings, briefly, and then draws out a small magnifying glass to peer down at it. She is patient, but ruthless, in her investigation.

"Not a church jail." She says. "You should appreciate that. We will go to the city."

Big blue crystal? Crystals are always nefarious, Emi thinks.
Emi Dennou Emi tilts her head at Will's hand.

And then she reaches forward and--

--politely shakes Will's hand.

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