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(2013-06-27 - 2013-06-27)
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Karth Mason The Giza Plains break into strange often unrecongizable new areas from time to time...these places not in originally when they were part of their original world.

One such place, the Mason Homestead was on a more temperate patch of land with mountains to the rear and the plains to the front of it. The position of the Gaza changed their weather seasons a bit...but the rainy season made things both more difficult and easier. Crop growth was happening at a amazing rate, once they figured out how to best manipulate the seasons...and of course, store the water for the dry season. Karth had helped in securing the extra wasn't anything FANCY...but water storage for the dry season made growing things then easier...and things like squashes and other drier climate vegetables were starting to take was still a work in progress.

Karth was standing on one of the fenses on the outer boarder of the homestead. He watched out to make sure no monsters got any good ideas...which seemed to happen all too frequently these days. Nothing too serious, and traps to deture the monsters were set around the place, with signs to warn people who were able to actually read.

The sight of Karth on the fense with a weed in his mouth was almost so steriotypical it would hurt, but Karth didn't care about your expectations.

The sword still rested on his belt, the pinion on his shirt, and the shovel, the most dangerous of all, laid against the fense.
Karth paid a visit some time ago to the Palamecian Troops while they were in the process of constructing the fort outside of their mountain path. Mostly to help further defend their territory for would be outsiders.

It was then this farm boy took some interest in Palamecia and one of theirs, in him. Ryven an officer within the Palamecia saw promise in the boy. Though she doubt he would ever truly welcome the darkness as many of their people have, but with appending war in the distance and they too soon having to assist by the orders of the Dark Knight, they would need more hands to protect their home.

So riding on horse back the female figure could be seen coming. The steed she rode had dark brown fur that was well groomed and taken care of. A few black armored plates along its body for protection, slight tufts of fur over its black hooves, and solid black mane and tail that was allowed to roam freely.

The female rider was in her own armor of light metal, but mostly leather with the assortments of daggers to one side and the sword on the other. The horse itself was trotting along at a rather calm pace.
Karth Mason Karth sees the Horseman (or is it woman) from the fense. He was already up on his feet...

The days of horsemen riding to the farm always brought bad news...but today, the Horse was at a trot. This was...not something he was used to, perhaps the ride is injured? From the distance, he realises that they are riding with Palamician colors...

He smiles, hey so they came...he walks to try and intercept the rider, taking the shovel with him and putting it over one shoulder. The Weed changes positions in his mouth as he calls out to the rider. "Hey there partner." He says, waving to the rider.

"Ain't you a sight, been thinkin' you weren't going to take us up on our hospotality." he says, with a friendly enough tone.

"I can get sis to throw us another plate on the dinner table." he says, still pretty happy about seeing some soldiers that probably won't burn their farm down. "Welcome to the Mason Homestead."

The Homestead itself is pretty large for a farm. Fields of vegitables, fields of cattle, and even a chocobo ranch.
It was actually just one. Ryven herself really. After all, there was no need to come with a full force of men. That and an officer alone was rather powerful, perhaps not by the level of their General, but they were not a group to be reckoned with. Actually some were even known to take fatal blows and get right back up.

The female lifts up her helm visor and gives Karth a warm smile, at least as warm as a military woman can give. "It is a pleasure to see you as well. I am sorry it has taken us so long to actually get back to you. Things have been-- rather busy as of late."

She then swings her leg over and steps down, taking the horse by the reigns the lead the steed, though she doesn't have to pull much. It seems the horse is highly obedient. "Is there a place I can tie my horse too and dinner would be much appreciated, but not needed."
Karth Mason Karth gives the lady a polite nod.

Trying not to look the part of a young fool taken by a pretty face.

"Uh y-yeah right. We can tie him up near the Chocobo stables. Seems to be the place they would go.." Horses are just like really large Chocobos, after all.

"Ain't no problem at all, ma'am...we're just happy to help our neighbors out...the plains ain't safe, that they sure aren't. Had to scare a giant turtle off the far last week, that I sure did. Tried eatin' one of those things once...the meat is way too tough. And gettin' that shell off ain't easy at all...took us a whole day."

Karth walks with her on the way up, leadin' away from the main house towards the Stables. They were all out in the pasture, a pole sticking out away from the main area where Chocobos are put before being saddled out. There were even two for food and one for water, the water one was just filled up, being the rainy season still.

"I don't right know reckon what he eats? I don't think it's what the birds eat." he says, there were a bunch of Yellow Chocobos...and a red one. A single red one, who seemed a bit long in the beak. "Ain't had much time to experience these 'horses' before ma'am." he says.

"And we're happy to share a bit of dinner with you, ma'am. Foods better when you share it with friends, that's what pa always said."
Ryven follows Karth to the stables. The horse seeming very calm, even those his ears are moving about a bit to all the sounds around them. Once they get to the pole, she ties up her horse, before gently petting the side of her steeds neck. "A large turtle you say? I have yet to see one. Would be interesting to fight indeed." She hrms softly. "If you have any hay. That would do fine."

She gives her steed a gentle pat on the neck, before she looks over to the Chocobos, examining with some curiosity as seeing such bird; though common on the roads; is a sight she never gets over. Though her eyes trail over to the oddly colored red chocobo with the longer beak. She raises her eye brow gently. "I thought most Chocobos were yellow.." She says softly before knitting her brows down slightly.

Puzzling thing to see.

Ryven then returns to her more normal features, as she looks over at Karth. "I suppose it is. Thank you then for your warm hospitality."
Karth Mason Karth moves to get the Hay wagon. He takes a pitchfork and puts a bit of hay in for the horse, "Okay, just like the cows. That's good t'here. Got plent'y of the stuff around here." he says, with a grin. He moves the wagon back, and comes back around again to see her staring at the red one, "Ha ha, they are usually yellow, however as you start breedin' them, sometimes you get odd bloodlines that manifest. There is a bunch of old stories about the Birds, but the most famous one is about the Gold Chocobo, the one bird that all Chocobos are decended from. Ya see...there was a gold Chobo made by the gods once, the fastest thing on land, air, and mountain. It could climb mountains, fly high across the sky...and on the land it was the fastest thing known to was loney, so the gods made a second one...a yellow Chocobo. From the pairin', Red and Black ones came, and the more predominate Yellow. The Black ones bein' able to cross rivers and streams, and Red bein' able to go over mountains and through the thickest jungles...a lot of Chocobo enthusiest try to breed the Gold Chocobo again..."

"Ain't even know if it's such a thin', but we do have the Red ones...that one there was my pa's...a bit old in the beak now, but he's basicly king of the pin...nasty little bugger too...if you see a red one in the wild don't take it lighty...they are mean sons of.."

"So stories asside, what brings you out all alone? Pa told me that soldiers only go out anywhere alone when it's really important...I hope that that there Alexandria's not causin' a ruckus.."
The female soldier follow Karth wants he starts to lead way. Noting the story to memory about the Chocobos and meeting a red one in the wild. It was something good to have on hand for knowledge. "Important? Somewhat." Ryven states with a calm demeanor.

Alexandria causing them trouble though? That was almost something she could laugh at inside, since they were allies with them and Baron. "And no. No trouble from Alexandria."

"I believe in our prior conversation, you were interested in joining with Palamecia's armed forces. Does that interest still hold?" She asks with a raised brow. "..also in the case of Palamecia. You should be more worried when there is more then one of us." She gives a wink. "We tend to travel in packs when we are out for important things. After all, strength comes from numbers and teamwork."
Karth Mason Karth listens...when she says those words, he frowns and raises a hand.

"Sorry could we not be talkin' about that near the home..?" He asks, and would like to lead her back away to the...uh...

Watering hole.

"Ya see, the reason I asked was because ma is.." he frowns, "She isn't well. The homestead makes enough to keep stable, but we're not rich folk. I've been goin' out trying to wrangle up money so she could get better treatment and all.."

"But if she knew I was joinin' the pa did before me.." he frowns, "She'd worry herself sicker."

But... "And yeah...I'd still be interested in joinin'..." Money and money, and Palamicia seems to be the only ones lookin' out for the misplaced people on the plains.

He grins a bit, "Pa told me that was pretty standard, the Northin' sky did so alot too, makin' the local fold reminded of their presence...even with the war with the southern' sky. Pa told me the solo folk tend to have important infomation, and it always pay's to be makin' sure they get to their destination."
Ryven gives a nod. "Very well then. We can discuss that at a later time." She says with a soft smile. "I do fully understand. Family is important and if your mother is will, I hate to see her become further sick." So she drops the subject for now.

"And yes. Those type of solo individuals. Those who travel with important information such as spies or assassins." Ryven gives a soft nod. "We have a few of those among us, but not as many in numbers."

"Do you know what your mother has or-- is that another subject that she be left untouched for now?"
Karth Mason "I am willin' to accept, ma'am...I can even come back with ya after dinner. Tell them that you all got a job for me..." he says, and looks back to the farm house, "I can tell my brother the truth, he can cover for me real well, he knows what I do and he approves." He continues.

"Pa just called them the Kings men and left it at that..." He says, and shakes his head, "No...I don't reckon we do know. We were tryin' to get some money together so we can get some smart folk from the big city with the strange religion to figure it out.." he shrugs, "Ain't got nothin' yet.." and he seems pretty neutral on that, "I appreciate you comin' yourself to make the seem like you know what you doin'. That one boy was gettin' pretty sassy with the arcadians. I dunno rightly reckon who would have came up winnin' that one, but it'd be bad for both sides if somethin' been done happenin' over some pride. Far as I can tell, you folk done right by me and mine."
"Perhaps our Emperor may know what plagues your mother." Ryven states placing her index knuckle up to her lips in silent thought. Her eyes narrowing slightly with a soft tinge of a red glow in them. "He is very wise and highly knowledgeable in mystic arts. Though to speak with him would require some work, as he and our general are both very busy men right now."

Ryven then lowers her hand. "And thank you and yes.. Rex is.. one of the other officers. He is a very stern individual and one who has actually been around longer then I, to be honest. His heart is in the right place, just our job has roughed up his kinder nature."

"I am just glad myself nothing came of it." The female officer tsks softly. "Its concerning enough we have to worry about technological differences. Archades is highly advance in technology while our only main line over theirs is just magic." And the darkness. The darkness play a huge part, but the less said about that, Ryven figures, the better. Since most people don't even like the concept of Darkness.

"Now then, shall we have some of that dinner. I am very anxious to meet your family."

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