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Heretic Barfight
(2013-06-27 - 2013-06-27)
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Louis LeBlue Mysidia's bar is... well, a lot bigger than it used to be, thanks to the city's collapse with Gariland. Soldier march the streets here and there, but things are generally fairly... jolly around. Temple Knight off duty, Louis LeBlue, isn't too entertained by some of the things this city brings. Heretics roam too close to their holy city of Mullonde. But what's more...


This city is rife with it, and it is something that has caused the man to just... well... drink!

The man slams a bottle down onto the table, empty. "Bring me more, wench!" He demands, making a jolly motion towards one of the bar-maids that might be considered lewd. Around the table are a few of the Church's fellow templars. Over the past two hours, Louis has been telling them story after story of his deeds before the merger of the World of Ruin. Some of them were actually there, and end up actually supporting Louis' claims.

"So, I ran back away from them, and they all followed me in a line. I turned around, and with my halberd out, I just charged them. Pop! Pop! Pop! One by one, I skewered them onto by blade, until finally, /TEN/ heretics were impaled on it, and their blood was dripping down my hand. It was a glorious day! Nothing their little 'White Mage' could do, but scream and be dragged off by the Inquisitor."
Tyrin Marius Similarly off duty is another Knight of the Church's inner sanctum; he has intended to speak with Louis for some time, but having never placed it as an immediate concern allowed time to lapse without haste. When word that some of the faithful were to head to Mysidia, he took stock of the immediate needs and found them lacking. Not alone, but as good a time as any... Tyrin has kept to himself generally, speaking only with his peers when assigned to the same duties.
Having lingered near the door for some time, Tyrin finally rolls his shoulders and approaches the table with listless footsteps, great weight of his armor likely drawing attention before he arrives. "Ser LeBlue. May I join?" he wonders, tone deferential. He's still dressed to the nines in his silvered armor and tabbard, free hand loosely resting against the hilt of his distinctive crimson blade. "This is the first time our recreation has properly aligned..." A shifting glance takes in the others present, but with a much more distanced air.
Louis LeBlue A twosome of people at the table notice Tyrin before Louis does, turning their heads his way. Louis follows the same a little later and /actually recognizes/ Tyrin. Not because Tyrin as a whole is incredibly recognizable short of being tall and a 'pretty boy', but because of the story that binds these two, without Tyrin even knowing it.

Tyrin had been the one to break Artemis' blade, and because of it, Louis had gone through a lot of jumps and hoops to grant Artemis a new blade without her noticing just /who/ gave it to her. Still, no need for Tyrin to know this.

"Sure! Sure! Join us, join us!" Louis answers boisterously, slapping the table with the flat of his hand. "Another beer, for the young man here!" He declares loudly. So... after Tyrin sits down, Louis leans over along the table, looking firmly at Tyrin. "What can I do for you, young man? An authograph?"
Tyrin Marius Indeed, Louis will notice that Tyrin returns the look of familiarity; one that was certainly not born from any comraderie, despite them being of similar rank within the Church. He remains subdued, head dipping before he shifts to settle in a free seat, sweeping away his excess cloak and keeping his sword uninterred. Not a man to drop his guard, regardless of location or company. "An autograph, Ser LeBlue? I would say I am the more distinguished. We're both prodigies, but my bloodline kneeled with the first when Ajora fell, and swore upon this very blade." A pat to the hilt of his weapon follows. Not too surprising something of it's caliber broke Artemis' weapon; Tyrin has not an ounce of magic within him, but the destruction of enemy equipment so they cannot resist being shackled has always been a Marius trait. "I trust your war against the fires of heresy have been fruitful...?"
Louis LeBlue "Hah! The honor and distinguishment of a person is not the least measured by his family name or its history. Only the one who wields the blade." Louis points out, grinning widely. This man amuses him. The little 'pat' on the hilt draws Louis' attention only for a moment, before he looks back towards Tyrin. Artemis' new blade is new, but more importantly - has far more layers than the one she used before. Tyrin will have far more trouble 'breaking' her blade than before.

"But - to answer your question - yes. They are always fruitful when /I/ take the stage." The drinks arrive, and Louis quickly snakes an arm around one of the women and drags her onto his arm. "Hey, why don't you stay for a bit." - This is followed by the man being given a quick and loud slap from the girl - a HMMPFFF! - and her storming off.

The entire table laughs, and Louis just laughs along.
Tyrin Marius "Very true, Ser LeBlue. You've a more distinguished combat history then I. I've only truly got one battle with a highly rated heretic in single combat under my belt... I've done nothing to seek glory." Taking the mug of beer, there's a pause and silence at the little exchange with the bar wench. He is the only one who does not laugh. Quite a serious expression, really... clearly not approving! "I have heard you are like a man possessed on the battlefield, LeBlue. Perhaps we should spar at some point. It is difficult for me to find suitable opponents." Little arrogance there; although the intention appears far from purely martial...
Louis LeBlue Tyrin doesn't laugh. This amuses Louis. You'd think someone like him would get irritated, but he just smiles. After all, Tyrin is 'just a human'. He can't expect him to be amused by this. This 'playing' with the human food that runs around, clueless of being at the whims of far greater beings.

"Hardly possessed. I just revel in the delight of battle." Louis points out, laying one arm about his chest and drinking the pint he'd just received with the other. Tyrin by now has received the beer that Louis had ordered for him. "Spar you say? You and me?" Louis looks at Tyrin with doubt on his expression. Like he's not sure if Tyrin is even worth it.

"What handicap?" He then desires to know. "Should I keep a hand behind my back?"
Tyrin Marius There's no doubt that Tyrin is a thoroughly mundane individual. Many of his station are able to channel Holy powers, or other specialized long ranged sword techniques. He has none; and more importantly, his father was 'removed' by the Church after a very negative response to being inducted into the true secrets and purposes; choosing death over personal power without hesitation to preserve the honor of his inherited name. But Tyrin has been much more carefully raised in the years that followed...
A slow swallow is done without much enthusiasm, beer set down thereafter. Likely done out of courtesy, rather than any love of alcohol. "Yes...? It seems many have a love for battle. There is no fault in that, inherently..." Although what comes next is the closest to getting some sort of rise out of Tyrin. A furrowed brow and ripple of tension, before he smiles anew. "Whatever restrictions Ser LeBlue wishes to take. I would only desire you to be careful. Rescinding a handicap, or even worse getting injured as a result..." He allows the rest to be unsaid. "But we are comrades in the holy war regardless. I assure you... I lack nothing in personal hatred for those who sin." After a moment, he takes another longer drink of alcohol. "It is simply that killing them will satisfy only myself. Bringing them to justice... satisfies the pride and honor due to my father."
Louis LeBlue Louis would need to do some investigation into Tyrin's family line if he really wanted to comment on some of the things mentioned during this little dialogue between the two of them. "Of course. One can't just war without something worth fighting for." Louis points out, and slams down another bottle of booze before he gets up and pulls up the massive Halberd he'd stabbed into the floor of the establishment.

"Well, let's go then. I'll only use one arm." The man grins widely. "I rather not declare I don't need to move - against someone who uses a blade like that." He glances at Tyrin's scabbard for a mere moment, before he throws a pouch of Gil onto the table. "That'll be plenty for our drinks and the hospitality granted to us here." And it is, probably double the amount in fact.

The other soldiers get up, grinning and smiling at Tyrin. This they had to see. "Let's leave this city and do this outside. I don't want any children getting underfoot." Louis declares.
Tyrin Marius "I consider myself an able warrior, but have not yet had the honor of seeing you with my own eyes in combat." Tyrin offers simply. Probably the most he's liable to boast of his own abilities. Even his defeat of Artemis, something most any knight who calls themselves an expert on physical abilities would take great pride in, was not reported to anyone save those above him. The rumors were left to their own devices. " you say." Another swig of beer, leaving about half the mug, follows. Despite Louis paying for the whole table with extra, he places his own gil to cover the beer beside his mug without comment before moving to stride towards the exit. Only one arm...? Tyrin is unsure which of them is underestimating the other, but that much should be revealed in short order...
Louis LeBlue "We will see." Louis answers Tyrin. But honestly, he isn't truly underestimating Tyrin. He defeated Artemis - and he knows his sister to be an amazing swordswoman. If he manages to defeat Tyrin with just one arm - he believes to be facing him at the 'level' that Artemis is at. And more importantly, that something must have gone wrong in that battle besides just... a fight of skill.

When they finally come out into the Dias Plains, Louis moves one hand to his back and then firmly grips the halberd with his right hand. He slowly points it towards Tyrin and loudly proclaims; "COME AT ME WITH ALL YOU HAVE, Tyrin Marius! YOU STAND BEFORE THE GREAT LOUIS LEBLUE! I WILL ACCEPT NOTHING LESS THAN YOUR BEST!"
Tyrin Marius Solemnly, Tyrin strides through the grass to opposite Louis. Notably, there seems to be a wide berth given with the remaining soldiers who have come to watch. Enough to speak in relative private, if there was a mind. Nothing of the sort begins from the onset, however. Brushing his cape once more, the hilt of his blade is pulled out. "Worry not, Ser LeBlue." Slowly he draws forth his weapon; a Mythril-woven blade of steel that is nearly crimson black, obviously densely imbued with magic. "Unlike you, I fight every battle wholeheartedly." His Glabados-sigiled shield is brought off next, before he takes a defensive stance; shifting so the blade, rather then the shield, is facing Louis...
Louis LeBlue "I will have you swallow those words, young man." Louis answers Tyrin, before he kicks off and rushes straight for Tyrin like an oncoming TRUCK. The man doesn't stop, the Halberd comes forwards. In a ways, this looks like nothing less than some foolish man who has never held a weapon.

But deep within, there is that sudden 'Killer Instinct' suddenly aimed towards Tyrin. Louis' toned muscles don't tremble the least as that Halberd gets pushed forwards straight for Tyrin's chest, right between the 'gap' where a sword would have a difficult time deflecting it, and a Shield might have to move so far that it'd cover Tyrin's sight for a moment. Is this just luck... or...?
Tyrin Marius Keen eyes watch Louis' every motion as he moves forward. There's a looseness to Tyrin's own, despite his large arms and armor the other Knight does not hold himself with the rigidity of a sheer brawler. And indeed, much is learned in this simple motion. A snap of his blade downwards, a shift of shield, and the point of that halberd tears through a vulnerable spot on the side of his breastplate. Blood splatters the grass and flows heavily, but there's not much of a reaction. Beyond his attack; snapping his blade in two brutal strikes, one towards Louis' knee and the other his throat, shimmering with destructive power transient of the purely physical realm -- before he suddenly roars, a great burst of ki that warbles the air and sends grass flitting about in the air violently. "...I see. You have what I could never learn; the honed instinct of killing intent and a love of battle..."
Louis LeBlue Louis' own skill shines. He doesn't just let Tyrin get to him. He lets go of the Halberd and slaps the back end down with his hand, leaving it in the air for just a moment as Tyrin's hand comes up to strike, and then suddenly /steps/ on the spear, forcing it to SLAP down towards the ground, threatening to carve along Tyrin's chest, before the man ducks down and grabs the spear again and /sweeps/ for Tyrin's legs with the flat of the pole.

The ki and physical burst of Tyrin's shoots over and past Louis. "A love for battle indeed can not be learned. But killing intent can!" The man then suddenly draws back and then starts stabbing towards Tyrin in a rapid fashion - not to strike him, but to strike the points where his weapons are held on him; leather straps to cut his armor, his hands and anything that might cover them to divest his weapon - his chins to unravel his boots...
Tyrin Marius Well, things are certainly going south for Tyrin quickly. He has never met such a fierce opponent; he is like a kitten compared to the brutality of Louis' long-practiced maneuvers, a man of great skill but no passion, carefully honing his edge through drills and practice rather then the battlefield. Compared to Artemis, who was a more traditional fighter outside her brute power and unarmed strikes...!
A slash rips through the tabard, baring silver armor and a crimson line deep within. The following onslaught batters his shield aside from a readied position, knocking him off-balance. Every blow lands true... although even as his left greave crashes to the ground and his breastplate half-falls from his shoulders, Tyrin does not falter in the slightest on the grip of his sword and shield. "...!! I see..." He can see clearly the difference, and it is not in build, arms, or likely even training...
Tyrin brings up his blade, and eyes narrow. In a heartbeat, it is like he transforms, stepping from the shadows. An incredible presence seethes through him, weapon seeming to swirl with ambient energy. "I shall come at you with the intent to kill... Ser LeBlue...!!" This is almost certainly the Tyrin that Artemis faced; a much more daunting opponent, perhaps.
His maneuver is simple and precise. Rushing forward, stamping hard enough the ground cracks beneath an armored boot, he brings the Marius Blade to the air. And then strikes down, every ounce of will, ferocity, technique and power settled with raw intent of slashing Louis from between the eyes down across chest and belly, as if trying to perfectly bisect him...!! A great whirl of kinetic energy blasts out in all directions, sending his tattered cape whirling in the air!
Louis LeBlue Louis has passion, but he hides it in this little squabble. This is nothing but a spar after all - not that you'd be able to tell from his killing intent. His strikes are skilled, practiced, fast, and lack no sense of power. And this is with this man using only one hand. Tyrin might notice that he has a blade on his right side - the same side that the hand with which he is wielding the Halberd is on. Normally, he'd be using that weapon as well?

Then, finally, Louis feels the killing intent coming from Tyrin and forrows his brow. He plants his feet tightly into the ground and juts out his chest, and wears this immense frown on his face, placing his halberd quickly in front of his face - stopping the man from cutting the flesh there, but the sword still rends across his chest.

A red gash appears, and blood soon trickles down from him - a kinetic blast also following behind Louis. Yet... he stands unmoving, looking down at Tyrin, grinning like a wild beast. "I hope that wasn't the best you had." The man asks Tyrin, taking a step towards him, trying to 'overshadow' him with his mere presence.

Depending on just how trained Tyrin's senses are, he might feel like Louis just struck! And again! And again! His killing intent violent, powerful. Yet the man hasn't lifted a single hand!
Tyrin Marius In the aftermath of the assault, Tyrin simply stands there, sword still poised upwards. His eyes are a touch wide, the first show of outward emotion; even when striking with all his force, he retained the same composed mask. It was that very attack which shattered Artemis' blade and would have slain her, if the Knight had not intervened with medical aide... and still Louis stands tall, as if finally drawing blood merely invigorated him.
And then, the blade whirls through the air, tip pressing into the sheath before Tyrin smoothly slides it home. "I admit my defeat, Ser LeBlue. That was indeed my best. To endure it with your handicap... the rumors and tales do you no justice. You would be a terrifying enemy, indeed." More privately, Louis is one of only two men Tyrin would admit to being his better; the second his father, long dead...
Louis LeBlue Louis looks down at Tyrin, just waiting, and he's just gripping his spear in order to truly strike when Tyrin suddenly admits defeat by sheathing his blade. "Then you understand." Louis answers Tyrin, looking at his blade for a moment. "You have a long way to go, but you have all of the foundation to advance."

Still... how did this man defeat Artemis? Was it her blade simply now being good enough? Or is there something he is not seeing at this moment? Perhaps if he'd push him... push him further to the brink.

No, he shouldn't. He might break the man. "You need experience." Louis declares. "I heard Artemis found a new blade. I request that you go out and challenge her to a duel." He may be showing his hand a bit here...
Tyrin Marius "I have pride, even if I do not have arrogance." Tyrin states mildly. Well, if he has any of the latter, he keeps it close to his chest. Some time is spent making a simple repair to his breastplate before hefting up his greave. Although mentioning that particular heretic... "Ah... I'm afraid I do not know where she would be. Had I the location of any heretic, then the Church would be provided, assuming I could not take them in personally." There's certainly a close appraisal done. 'Take me to Louis, my brother.' The mutterings of a girl on the brink of death. But certainly no lie. "Do you think things would be different...? How I fight against an ally and how I fight bringing in a heretic are completely different. I considered our prior duel... conclusive. Not only did I subdue her, but I nearly defeated her backup as well. If I won again..." No words come further. Simply a solemn stare towards LeBlue.
Louis LeBlue "If you won again, you would be showing that she learned nothing from your encounter, and deserves to be eradicated." Louis answers Tyrin with a firmness to his voice. "I am not asking you to literally hunt her down. But if you see her - engage her. If I am there - keep her off of me, so I can finally kill that blasted /Beoulve/."

The man pulls his halberd from the ground and pulls it over his shoulder. "Anyhow, I am heading back inside. This little struggle made me hungry. And I hear the White Mages of Mysidia are awfully cute." Grin grin.
Tyrin Marius For long moments Tyrin is silent, simply remaining where he is; hand pressed to his side where the opening slice is only now beginning to clot. Unsurprisingly he makes no move to follow Louis, but he does offer one last question. "Were you to try and find a heretic like Artemis, where might you go...?" A question phrased enirely innocently, but with the obvious undertone -- if Louis had a mind, he has no doubt he could find her quickly... if he doesn't already know where she might be.
Louis LeBlue Louis has no idea where Artemis is right now. But when Tyrin asks him where to find a heretic like Artemis specifically, he turns for a moment. "Far away from Mullonde. I am certain that you are aware that she is my sister. Her weakness is tea." He declares, before he turns again and continues right along into the city. "But more importantly, I believe she can be found wherever Ramza can be found."
Tyrin Marius Well, Louis certainly destroyed the subtlety, but Tyrin cared nothing for that. "Yes. When she fell unconscious, her only request was to be brought to you." Certainly a carelessly damning remark, depending. Although Tyrin had not passed that on to anyone else in the Church; he has no meaningful doubts about Louis' loyalties after all, even still. With that, he turns to stride towards the city proper, although from a different direction -- word that Tyrin lost to a one-handed LeBlue is certain to go around the ranks, and he'd rather ignore that while he can...
Louis LeBlue "Careless of her." He answers Tyrin. "I would have killed her." He sounds so incredibly cold as he says this, just walking further along to the city. "Very careless of her. Though I rather have Ramza's head on a slab." There's no way that, in the way Louis refers to her, one might think anything other than what he says. He wants her dead. "She killed my father, after all. And has tried to pin it on me. But what can you expect, from a Heretic."
Tyrin Marius "Yes. I believe you would have. That is why I did not speak of it to others. Blood is no sin, no more than it is a strength... you've shown me my greatest weakness, Ser LeBlue. For that, I am truly grateful." That he also lost his father to a heretic, though... perhaps they are more alike than anticipated. But he offers nothing more then a brief pause, continuing on. "All I expect from them is to burn...!"

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