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(2013-06-26 - 2013-06-27)
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Marche Radiuju It's a fine day within Traverse Town. This nightly place is where the people tend to wander through the streets. This simple homely district is where a cafe shop lies. A post office is not too far from the location and shops are all about. The people seem to know each other and everyone is friendly.

Of course, there are various signs of surveilance equipment installed with circles of light about.

Marche is lost. He had been resting at Traverse Town since he was released by Ritz. He holds onto the book, trying to find something or someone. Familiar faces. Anything. He doesn't want to be found by the Judgemaster. That is definitely important.
Vespa On this fine day in Traverse down, the VALKARI maid is currenly sittng outside on a padio of the fine cafe enjoying a nice cup of tea and a plate of cookies.

"Your suppose d to dip them into the tea? I don't know about that Al.I like my cookies with a bit of crunch to them not soggy.", Vespa says seemingly taking to herself." ..and my tea would have crubs in it too!"
Myla Mason Myla Mason is strangely clad for event his world, though she's got a data pad like device in hand which she's going over over something on it. If one were to catch a glance of it. they would be looking at a list of some sort. She's going over things verbally too and she pots the battle 'maid'en of Valkyrie talking to wait her weapon? What's up with that also Marche meanwhile also gets her attention, that's not someone she knows, whom is that?

"Hello Vespa, any idea whom that guy is?"
Vespa "Oh hey there Myla.", she turns to look at whoever she was pointing at. "Hmm he looks a bit familar but I'm not sure who he is..", mabye she fought him or fought with him? She hmm thinking on it wondering where she seen him before. Of course he may have not met him at all!
Marche Radiuju Don't you know who this guy is? Are you guys daft?! It's Ramza Beoulve! It is the accursed Heretic whose picture is put up on all of the wanted signs! It is the man who is hunted by the church of Glabados---wait. Okay, so this NOT Ramza. Woops. Same situation!

Instead, the kid looks SIMILAR to Ramza, if quite younger. The young boy is wandering, looking over towards the individuals about. He cannot help but be under the watchful eye of two individuals. Inwardly, he winces, but he has to put a brave foot forward. In his situation, he has to be careful. At the same time, he needs to go in good faith. "Err... Hey." The tone is a bit awkward towards the two.
Vespa Ramza has a brother? Vespa doesn't really like Ramza. Not in the I kill you kind of way just the oh your really annoying way. Mabye that why he looks familar.

"OH hello.", the maid says. "Is there something we can help you with?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks at the Ramza like boy for a moment and seems to be friendly enough she's got a grin on her face a he says hello to her and Vespa.

"Greetings to you sir."

She puts her pad away and then hold out her hand a little bit.

"You seem to be a little lost."
Marche Radiuju Truth be told, Marche is a bit wary of the strangers. However, the boy does relax. This is a peaceful town. It is under surveillance as well. If anyone tries anything funny, the security should handle it, right?

Marche does, however, offer an uneasy smile, "I am a bit lost, yes. I am just trying to find a couple of people that I met." He considers, "Particularly, the Hobo King, if anyone has heard of him."
Vespa Hobo King? That has to be a nickname. Probably didn't give it to himself. "I don't know anyone by that name.. Does the Hobo King.", vespa almost snickers when she says that.. ".have another name?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "The Hobo King?"

She pauses for a moment she's heard the name clearly as she looks at Marshe over for a moment. She sizes the young man up for a moment longer and she considers is nature.

"I do know of him he's somewhere in this city actually."
Will Sherman "WHO DARES SUMMON THE KING OF HOBOTOPIA?!" Will says, coming from a corner.

"Oh hey, it's you." he points at Marche.

Marche Radiuju Marche furrows his eyebrows, then he frowns at Vespa, "I... I don't know. I only know him as the Hobo King. He was there to back me up when I arrived here." He rubs his forehead, "I was in the middle of getting apprehended by Prince Mewt and the Judgemaster." He grumbles, recalling that Mewt was beating him with a blunt object to take the book from him despite helping him in battle.

And when Myla mentions about the hobo being somewhere--

He shows up!

Marche jumps slightly, then he calms when Will finally acknowledges him. "Ah! Hobo King!" He smiles, "It is good to see you." His tension fades and the youth regards him, "Thank you again for sticking up for me." He lowers his head, "...Unfortunately, not many people have been willing to side with me on getting help."
Vespa "Did someone spike my tea?", Vepsa says seeing the Will come around the corner. She Watches at Marche And Will greet each other. will The Hobo King? Not surpised at all. " "Yes, this town does get crazyer every day Al." Vepsa isn't Will the Hobo King. No way. She also makes a note never to visit 'Hobotopa.' thought it sounds more like a state of mind than a place.
Will Sherman "You can call me Will Sherman...or just Will. My friends call me Will." Will continues, easy going as he can try to be. A lot is on the Hobo King's mind lately...

"No need to thank me, Just doin' what I thought is right. That's all we can do right?" Will says, with a grin and looks at Vespa. "Oh hey, from VALKRI right?" He asks, sorta remembers her. He turns back to Myla...didn't they meet once? He can't remember...

"From...Alexander Academy right? Right! We met on the beach." he grins, and then back towards Marche.

"Hmmm...Well, who have you asked? Maybe it's a matter of message and audience..."
Myla Mason Myla Mason nearly falls over when the Hobo King himself appears. She's taken aback bty his sudden apperance she looks at the king she looks at Marche looking very confused at this point in time what the heck is going on here. "Hello Will, you been pretty good to the surivors of my world it doesn't suprise me he'd help other people as well.
Marche Radiuju "Will it is," Marche regards the Hobo King. The young man looks over towards Vespa and Myla a moment later. However, his attention returns towards Will, who asks him about the audience, "...Well, one of them is a friend of mine who has been involved with the situation, Ritz." He rubs the back of his head, "She is the leader of Clan Ritz and she has an army of viera that are at her beck and call."

The memories of trying to avoid all of the Last Breaths was a nightmare.

"...Unfortunately, I had no proof to show Ritz that would have her believe me." He sigh, "But.. she let me escape instead of turning me in." He rubs his forehead, "...I guess it could be worse, Prince Mewt would be trying to apprehend me."
Will Sherman Will hmmms...

"Well, that just means that you haven't won her over yet, BUT she's thinking about it. I mean, if she did choose Mewt, then you'd be handed over to CAPTAIN LAW. I mean, seriously, Captain Law is his name I don't care what you say. The did is more hard about the law then Judge Constantine.." He shakes his head.

He grins back to Myla, "I help out all who need it, that's what being a detective means. You kids are something else though." He says, kids like he isn't one himself.

"Well...I guess then you gota somehow find proof or something...hmm.." he says...

"Maybe we should try and find King Mickey or Merlin to explain the things about the heartless and stuff. Like, We're pretty knowledgable on them, but they know more than we do...and really, it means nothing unless you get a Keyblade Weilder to help you."

"Mickey weilds a key. So does Sora."
Marche Radiuju "That is true," Marche admits. She did release him and not turn him over to CAPTAIN LAW! Judgemaster Cid would had definitely arrested him. That Judgemaster is very scary as well, so Marche is really wary about dealing with the man.

Esepcially considering that he took his sword and put laws against aiding him.

As Will offers some sort of recommendation, Marche blinks, "King Mickey or Merlin? They have more knowledge on the situation?" And then, the mention of a keyblader is brought into the mix.

"...Wait, Sora and key. Wasn't he the other kid that opened the hole that unleashed a VERY scary Heartless before he had to close it back?!"
Myla Mason Myla Mason is feeling a bit like she's missing something so she hangs back to listen a bit more she looks over to Will and grins "Thanks I'll take that as a compliment." She pauses at Will's comment but says nothing she won't force it for a moment "Keyblades, I heard of those they can restore ... lost worlds. I know we have had one helping us..."

"Merlin's around town you might be able to get ahold of him if he's not on vacation /again/ he loves his troptical worlds."

She looks at Marche for a moment "Yes that's the name of the only Keyblade user I'm aware of. Wait what did he do?!"
Will Sherman Will nods once!

"The Very same...though...I never saw a heartless THAT big..." Will that is...scary as crap.

"Oh uh...he didn't know that would happen...none of us did. Apparently behind this wall is just...MASSIVE heartless. I mean like...massive. Airship even."

Will shrugs. "Yeah, Merlin live in town, there is a tower where he sits around...he goes between friendly and pushy though." He nods... "And King Mickey is pretty wise. He's a bit harder to find."
Marche Radiuju Marche shudders at recollecting memories of the Heartless. "... That was definitely scary. After that battle against that one guy that you disliked so much, well.." Marche furrows his eyebrows, "I think it's safe to say that the massive Heartless should never leave that area. At all."

"Oh!" Marche blinks, "He does?! Great! I'll have to pay him a visit!" A bright smile occurs, but he frowns a bit more at the difficulty of getting a hold of Mickey.

"So, it looks like it'll be in my best interest to meet with Merlin." He muses, "Thanks Will, I appreciate the help!" He then looks at Myla, "I appreciate your help as well!"
Myla Mason Myla Mason is hearing tales of a huge heartless this is not something that makes her feel good at all. She listens and looks to them for a moment and she smiles a bit. "Glad to help another stray. It seems to happen far too often but if you can even get a small part of your home back it's a victory as Manhatan proved hope isn't lost. So don't worry about it!"
Will Sherman "...That guy was the mastermind behind the destruction of Manhattan." Will says, quiet...

"...Sorry if I was being's sort of something that is...hard to explain." he says, with a frown.

"Anytime. Well, I am off. Hobo Lad away!" He just walks back into another ally.

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