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In The Darkness Bind Them
(2013-06-26 - 2013-06-26)
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Helena Celba The Phantom Forest...

There is a sense of foreboading in these great woods. Here, the underworld and the real world are closer...somehow. It's hard to explain, but wisps haunt the forest, mostly harmless unless provoked, they stay close to the tops of the trees, giving soft illumination to the forest bottom. The forest is anchient...oaks and other types standing for time immormorial. It stretches tall above you making the bottom of the forest untouched by light that isn't from the wisps.

Regret is a common feeling...those who linger in this world tend to because of their desire to change the world again, to relive their lives...a second chance...

However, you can not overcome death. Delay it, trick it...but it eventually comes for all things.

Walking into the forest is damp, cool...deary.

However, deeper, one can hear the screach of something active. It seems one such spirit has twisted itself on it's own misery into something...terrible. Some great sin committed agaisnt it, murdered ignobily...

It desires something...release...revenge. It does not care what it gets.

For now, it is far off, and you have a ritual to perform.

On the other end of your radios or Ma Belle's...

"Hiiii! I am Helena! I am going to walk you through this ritual. Here are a list of very simple instructions!" she chirps. These are fairly simple, draw a circle with salt, light some candles. Add some blood, and essences...chant some words.

"Now a warning! We don't have a specific arcane could grab a weak one, or a strong could grab any close by spectre! This is sort of uncharted for me!"
Artyom W. Valodjn It's been a while since he's been here.

Then, he had been under the protection of a great spirit that had temporarily taken up residence in these woods. Its massive metaphysical presence quashed the lesser souls that remain tethered to the mortal realms. Now, it's... Different. Significantly so. The air is thick with negative energy- so pugnant that he can actually smell it wafting between the trees. A terrible entity screams in the distance- a blood curdling, toe curling scream.

A nightmare lurks here- bound to the land.

It is that which Artyom W. Valodjn and his intrepid companions hunt.

The Titan trudges through the woods, his Ma Belle chirping into one ear. He is wearing his usual attire- thick leathers and sheets of grey stone protect his body, while ancient ritual wards defend his soul. A pack hangs from his back, heavy with lanterns, oil, and a strange array of crystals and mirrors- candles made from special wax, satchels of salt...

Stone stakes, with runes carved in spirals along their length, like little portable cairns.

He has a plan for this spirit- hopefully he has a chance to enact it before it decides to attack.
Kim Possible Swinging into the area is Kim Possible, using her grappling hook to make her way into the area not unlike a certain jungle man who loves swinging into places like this too. Except Tarzan probably never had (or will ever have access to) the amazing gadgets that Kim Possible has access to. Except that in a place like this, Kim isn't quite swinging into the area. She's approached it like that, but once she gets to the actual forest, her overall demeanor begins to shift quite a bit.

"This place is totally uncool," Kim comments as she looks around with a slight hint of unease. "Of course, Ron would probably be freaking out right now, so I suppose it could be worse." She sighs as she begins to walk into the forest, looking around occasionally as she tries to sense any potential dangers that might come at her. Between what's supposedly going on here and the fact it's a creepy place as is, Kim's looking a bit uneasy.
Serah Farron Serah Farron took up the Murasame's request to hunt ghosts... what's the worse that could happen? Beside being afraid of people draped in bedsheets with eyes cut out.

Obviously, she's never met real ghosts before either.

But she needed the money for supplies, and who knows, the land of the dead might hold some clue for finding Cocoon too. She rubs at the bandaged arm a bit, still thinking about that clock thicking away, although it doesn't seem to be progressing very fast at least. She hms, looking at Helena's instructions, a bit dubiously "... Are you sure that's going to work?" She doesn't sound convinced. She wonders if her magic would be of any use around here... there are so living monsters at least, but ghosts? Hard to say. "Are we trying to capture one, or kill... err... can you even kill something already dead?"
Faruja Senra Faruja Senra is here, along with Artyom and his fellow Church-sorts. The Templar's usual solution to unquiet spirits is rather simple: pure holy force until the spirit in question decides to pipe down and do as the Lord commands them. A ritual isn't really his thing. But if the Inquisitor and Artyom want it, that's what they'll get. He's along for the ride, and /obviously/ there's nothing Heretical about a ritual if an inquisitor's along.

Right? Right!
Shadow The dark clad ninja is present amongst the team. The request was made-- an offer of money was on the table-- and Shadow went wordlessly along his way with his mega mutt in tow. It is the same cycle. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

This place holds quite a bit of history for the assassin. It is where he, in a way, died-- and where someone close to him did literally. It makes Interceptor, usually a perky and righteous pup, as somber as his dark chum. The beast whines. Shadow eyes him as if to say 'A job is a job.' And the job sounds plenty risky-- with plenty of coin at the end of it.

"Rumors are spirits of the dead pass through here to the other side," Shadow asides to Kim's comment of uncoolatude. "If you believe rumors." Totally helping the creepy factor of this place with the oh-shrouded-one's deadpan commentary.
Ophelia The sense of deep soulful sorrow permeates the very core of this place, intermingling with an ominous foreboding, a feeling that something terrible and tragic has happened here in the past and will happen again, an endless cycle of death and suffering doomed to repeat for all eternity. Whether that is true or not, the woods certainly have an oppressive atmosphere that seems to sap all pretense of joy and cheer from the very air.

At the ragged edge of withered and gnarled trees that marked the edge of this cursed land, Ophelia had hesistated. It was not the strange cloak of darkness or the lingering taste of death that gave her pause, for she herself is a physical embodiment of both of these things, but rather the utter abscence of life that caused her legs to grow still. No, even more than that, she could feel the wrongness of this place.

The veil that seperates the world of the living from that of the dead is a powerful and nigh impenetrable barrier to the likes of mortals. Certain black arts can breach its defenses to draw the angry souls of the damned into the material plane for a time but their residence is always unnatural and lacked permanence. It would seem that in this dark place, something had happened to make that cease to be true.

Whatever the cause of this phenomenon, Ophelia is not one to be so easily cowed, especially not infront of others where her pride is on the line. Her unease has been made perfectly clear the entire trip, however, as she has been berrating Faruja almost unceasingly since the moment they set foot into the forest. The fact that nothing has come forth to attack them thus or even bothered to show a hint that might prove these foreboding sensations have merit is putting her on edge.

It is only the occasional horrific screeches from the unseen menace that causes her to let up for a few moments, her gaze drifting around them through the blighted copses and rotting trees with the intensity of a feral predator.

"I wish that they would but show themselves so that I may speed along their passage!" The Inquisitor hisses through gritted teeth at the man in black. "I grow weary of jumping at shadows and wind."
Minerva Minerva had been here the mark had good money really and she was looking for an actual challenge. She needed to keep sharp with the threats targeting a friend as of late. So she was seeking to push herself get stronger and be better prepared. She followed the Titan born man, looking kind of comical beside him given her own height but she carried herself.

She does look to Faruja and is about to say something when Shadow speaks up.

"It's a matter of fact. I have comrades who have seen train here."

Minerva makes a unhappy grunt.

"Such a heretical thing as it may be it does exist but with the broken nature of the world it would be worse if the dead were unable to move on."
Helena Celba There is a wail.

A horrible scream...the world seems to slow down for you all as the ritual seems to PULL on something, drawling something to it. SOmething powerful, something /OLD/. Something mad beyond years...tortured...insane.

A ghostly white woman sits in the center...apparently it counts as a Shade, but her lips are too pale, her skin is nearly alabaster, her hair is sickly white, and her eyes are sunken and the pupils red.

She WAILS again, and you can feel your SOULS threatening to rip themselves from your bodies...only your strong will keeps them in check, your determination as you realize just what this is...

There are four small circles of the ritual circle, enough for a foot to be put inside, once inside, something draws from your life essence to strengthen the takes focus to not lose control, but it also puts you within range of the Banshee.

Who is up first?!
Serah Farron Serah Farron plugs her ears in defense, but it doens't seem to help! The wailing comes out of nowhere, she wasn't expecting it, her first reflex was to block out the sound, but its like its resonating straight through her still. She feels herself weakened, if only for a moment, before, strengthning herself up again. She felt something like this before... when the claw of a heartless, for barely a moment, had wrapped an icy grip around her heart, and was ready to rip it clean out of her body. Its similar to this feeling. Its not something she wanted to experience again! but there it is.

She doesn't know how to handle a ghost... but fortunatly she's not alone. She can offer support to those around her. "What is that!" She summons her magic, spreading a veil of protection over the companions.
Faruja Senra What is this fly buzzing in his ear? Oh, right, it's his Inquisitor's voice droning on and on about faults, his personality, and darn near everything else she can come up with. He'll give her one thing, she's good at coming up with reasons to yell at him. Faruja's muzzle is a line, the Templar trembling and radiating anger. Literally, in this case: holy light spills off of him from his growing irritation and rage, the Burmecian practically stomping along. At least it's helped keep his mind off from just how /horrid/ this place feels.

As they approach the ritual area, and the great Banshee wails, the young Templar feels the light of his very soul flutter, the ghostly woman's abilities trying to rip away his very being. Having already died and fled his body once, he's in no hurry to do it again, if he can help it. Body tensing, he forces his burning Light back in, gasping with effort as the wail ends.

"MY SOUL BELONGS TO MYSELF, HOLY FARAM, AND SAINT AJORA THY UNHOLY SPIRIT! GO TO THE LORD AND FACE THY RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT!" Someone is rather upset about the whole soul-sucking thing. The Templar thrusts his spear, and holy crescents and lightning descend upon the great creature. That done, he steps within the circle, starting to chant as he was instructed.

The rat's good at not dieing, usually. Better than the Inquisitor trying it! "Lady Inquisitor, Ser Valodjn, Sers and Dames, a prayer or two may be necessary, if one finds the time." He has a feeling this ritual may not exactly be good for his health.
Kim Possible Kim Possible squeezes her eyes shut and clamps her hands over her ears, and even then it barely makes a difference. "What is that?! It's worse than the way my brothers wake me up on Saturdays!" Kim exclaims loudly. She breathes deeply, trying not to go insane from that horrible noise. And then things get worse when it feels someone... or someTHING is trying to tear something out of her, like her heart or even her soul.

"No, I can do this!" Kim says as she absorbs the magic from her nearby ally. She then looks to Serah and yells, "We can do this, don't give up!" Hopefully the others will hear it too.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom should have been prepared for this. This is the Phantom Forest- there are, in this place, phantoms. That is in fact the entire point! But this is not the kind of spirit he was expecting. He winces at the creature's dreadful wail, his ears ringing at the tremendous acoustic onslaught.

"Gh--" he grunts, staggering back, one foot falling into the ritual circle. It blazes with magic, surging with arcane might. But it's not the only thing glowing. "Rise," Artyom rumbles, "Earth."

One hand grasps at the amulet dangling from his chest. Emerald light pours across his body and the surrounding earth. Great sheets of granite and crystal build along his body, encasing him in a coccoon of earthen might.

It throbs, pulsing with tremendous, tectonic force. A crack splits it down the middle before it shatters, falling apart in great, crumbling boulders, revealing a figure within, armored, with a single, tremendous stone blade gripped in his hands.

"Come," Artyom rumbles, his eyes burning beneath his armor, "I will recieve your hatred."
Shadow That is a terrible noise. Behind all the dark clothes, there is a human. That human winces his eyes at the cacophany. Shadow otherwise holds a great deal of posture.

The man lacks any great words of courage, for courage is not one of his virtues. Dilligence-- perhaps-- and it is through that virtue that he skitters across the battlefield towards one of the farther circles. Sliding to a stop, his foot rests in one of the binding circles as a series of enchantments make their effect onto the party. In effect he wants to stand alone-- behind the creature-- where a coward would be.
Then there is a sharp whistle-- and a bark from Interceptor. If the creature is going to have to pick targets-- the ninja plans to split its attention up. Know what helps that idea? Shurikens. Lots of little metal poison tipped shards that are ripped towards the banshee. If he missed that might be foolish-- but in truth he arcs them carefully upwards. It might give someone a haircut if he misses, but does a ninja ever miss?
Ophelia Ophelia spins to face the magic circle as the ritual hits a new phase, a hand flying to the handle of her primary blade. There is a sharp hiss as she draws the polished steel from its casing, acting purely on reflexes honed by decades of practice, but the motion dies before more than an inch of the deadly weapon can be pulled free as she finally sets her eyes on the source of the mysterious screams.

She winces at Faruja's extraordinarily loud decrying of the spirit's existence, further grinding her teeth in even more annoyance. "The only prayers I shall be offering are going to be that my ears no longer suffer from your lack of self-control, Templar." Honestly, the way these two fight, you'd think they were married.

Despite her protest, Ophelia releases her grip on the killing blade at her side and instead draws one of the other half dozen or so katana attached to her back. Soft gentle light gathers around the exposed metal as it comes free of its sheathe and the slender woman holds the artifact over her head, calling out the ancient words to free the dormant spirit within.

"Innocent sword, slash evils and protect! Kiyomori!"

A ball of ethereal green fire erupts into the sky, spinning madly like some possessed disco ball. Waves of pure energy wash out across the battlefield and settle upon a few individuals, wrapping their delicate mortal shells in protective power.

"Hmph. Do not think to make a habit of requesting such boons," Ophelia adds as she slides the weapon back into place.
Minerva Minerva has her skills while she's a fighter she has learned some things about the other duties of those of her school does she knows enough she can help with the ritual but it will take her a moment to prepare. She feels the terror of the banshee but manages to steel herself as the moves to one of the ritual circles to enter she knows something is going to draw off her to seal it but she's got a lot to burn given the nature of her abilities She steps in and prepares even as she's protected by some of her allies. She also likewise prepares herself for what's to come focusing her Charka

There's a pouring of light over her body but now she's in the ritual but can they hold for enough to bind this creature? she also sees Faruja is going off pretty heavily and she adds to it.

"Nay, you shall not claim mine nor the souls of anyone else who stands before you! We will bring you to heel!"
Helena Celba ROUNDS LEFT: 4

The ritual starts to advance...drawing on the life force of those who place their foot in.


The Spear of the Templar strikes the incomporial creature forced into a more comporial form. She screatches, painfully as she agonizes over the pain of her life...more pain, more is just so SAD. Shuriken's rain down, finding themselves inbeding into the Banshee's body, but she is a's hard to tell just how much pain you are inflicting because she is ALWAYS Wailing! However, the ritual IS working...

The teamwork of the group is already starting to show, many people working together as one, covering and healing and buffing each other. Those, however, with their foot in the barrier fueling it can hear something scratch at the back of their minds...doubt, fear...anxiety. The thing starts to sing, as those fears come to life, aiming to blind them with self doubt.

Then it tries to rise up, before sending a stream of fire at each one, followed by a strike from a suddenly forming tail, aiming to make each one suffer as it has...

"There will be no more suffering once I have eaten your souls...only silence...let me bring PEACE to you.."
Faruja Senra The look Faruja flashes Minerva, in the wake of his superior's insults, is nothing short of joyful. He could hug the woman, if it weren't for the fact he has a ritual to see to. He does key up his radio briefly.

"/Self-control/, M'Lady? Merely telling the wretched spirit to see itself to the Lord where it belongs! One must do these sorts of exorcisms properly! 'Tis in the VOLUME and RIGHTEOUS PASSION, you see!" Yells the rat. For emphasis and demonstration to their less holy of charges, of course. Definitely /not/ to further grind the Inquisitor's gears. It's not like Hati's rubbing off on him or anything!

Then, Samurai-blade power protects him. "I assure thee, I shan't be a burden!" Then he's chanting, because he's sure she's about to tell him otherwise.

As for the rest? Faruja inwardly smiles. The entire group seems competent, or better! He'll have to keep a few of these faces in mind for future tasks. Particularly that black-clad one. And as always, Artyom manages to make him feel more at ease, with his earthen-powers and might. Horrible heathen or not, Artyom W. Valodjn is just a /good guy/. And the Templar can respect that.

Faruja would normally have something to say about the Banshee's words, but there is fire. Before his mind's eye, yellow and black faces stare beneath wide brimmed hats. Beady-eyed heartless sink in their teeth upon his flesh. Then the Black Mages of Alexandria raise their hands.

Faruja /screams/ as he's light aflame, dropping to a knee. His spear drops from his grasp, as he's once again forced to experience his greatest nightmare. The smell of his own burning flesh, and he can hear the screams of his comrades as they're devoured alive...

The doubt passes, even if the fire remains. Quickly, the Templar heals himself, banishing the flames. Even amidst his phobic panic, he mumbles and gibbers the words of the ritual, the action giving him just enough presence of mind to pick up his weapon.
Serah Farron Serah Farron isn't ready to let herself go to that kind of peace "Your peace is one that we could never return from, pain and suffering is also what makes us stronger!" She puts a foot in the circle, offering part of her energies to the ceremony. She winces... between the banshee wailing and this, the circle of magi is actually the more pleasant of the two, oddly enough.

To complete it, she blankets more of her companions, wanting to get everyone protected from damage as much as she can muster.
Artyom W. Valodjn Flames buffet at the stone colossus, a tail rakes against its armor. From within, the very fuel of its soul is slowly eaten away, but still Artyom stands, as ever. He waits, stance firm, in the ritual circle- at the point closest to the Banshee. Such action could be called brave- or stupid. Artyom calls it 'strategic.'

Nobody /else/ has armor made of granite, crystal and spiritual wards, do they?

"Hmph. There is much to be said for self control, Faruja. Passion can be a tool- or it can make you its tool. True strength--" Artyom rumbles, slipping forward to drive his massive weapon into the shade's side. The runes etched upon its length burn brightly, transforming physical strength to spiritual force.

"--Comes from control over what power one posseses, not simply its ownership!"

He takes a step forward, not leaving the confines of his circle. Artyom twists, bringing his weapon in a devastating arc. His massive musculature guides its momentum to rise overhead and then fall in a cataclysmic cascade of stone right into the Banshee's skull.
Minerva Minerva says "The Darkness of the heartless have not claimed mine! HOW COULD YOU!?"

She's then not able to evade the attack and she's hurt pretty notable by the powers of the Banshee she's on fire yet she does not panic. She focuses attempting to put the fire out and purge her body of any influence that should not be there she also knows this is only going to get harder. She looks at Faruja for a moment and would laugh for a moment but she can' she's too busy trying to focus with the ritual the elements are her friends even the light and dark can be touched. She knows she'll never be a master of any but she has her uses here, even as she says "Passion must be focused into a suitable tool or weapon for the task at hand my dear Templar!"

She plants her feet in a better stance as she prepares for the next phase of the ritual.
Shadow There is a brief exhale of breath to the banshee's words as Shadow hears them. His resolve differs-- as a part of him is silent and wishes for peace. It is this sad resonation that allows him to falter-- to fail to properly evade the attack that alights his garb and claws at his constitution. That one hurt-- even Interceptor whines as the two are struck off of the ritual circle. The dog looks at Shadow. Shadow looks back to remind him that 'he isnt a hero, he is doing a job'.

The battle starts to become more of a haze to the ninja as he takes a moment to get back to his feet. A pair of small orbs are produced in his off hand, a fresh set of shurikens in the other. A small hail of projectiles launch from the man's station-- ripping through the air and set for the banshee's person.
Ophelia Ophelia runs a hand through her immaculately combed hair in annoyance at her subordinate's staunch refusal to use proper volume levels but she lets it go for the time being. There's a ghost that needs to be laid to rest.

"Just... kill the damn thing, would you kindly, hmm?"

The Inquisitor launches into action herself. Moving with incredible grace and speed, she dashes at the fell spirit, her blade tracing a silver flash through the air as she moves past it. Whirling about, Ophelia swings the katana at the air before her, as if attacking an invisible foe.

"Legendary sword that kills freely! Ashura!"

Purple fire explodes along the length of the blade as it slices downwards and phantom cuts suddenly assail the banshee from a dozen different directions as the bound spirit of her weapon rages against its containment in that brief moment of freedom.
Kim Possible Meanwhile, Kim has decided that enough is enough for now. She decides to attempt to directly engage the Banshee, even if it may not be a solid being. Kim is the type who can do just about anything, give or take, and she's about to show that a Banshee is not something that Kim is afraid of.

"Let's do this!" Kim yells as she swings at the Banshee using her grappling hook, followed by a swift kick and then an uppercut to finish things up a bit.
Helena Celba The ritual advances! Three Rounds remain!

The creature continues to WAIL that repeatedly assaults your ears. It is painful, not just to the ears, but to the soul as well. However, Ophelia is safe, it is unlikely she ever had one.

Artyom and Faruja take the mantle, trying to protect their allies while suffering the front of the creature's attacks. She screams, balefully so as Art swings his massive tool, and not that one ladies, aiming to cause it pain...but it passes right through, causing it to reform a moment later...but it DOES set up...

Ophelia, who unleashes a serious of well placed strikes, aiming to take advantage of her allies distractions. The thing SCREAMS in agony, it was more than just a solid was hurt, and it Balefully looked at her..but it was unable to strike.

Kim gets in and dirty with it, but trying to trip this thing...was hard. It was simply floating off the ground, and lacked actual legs. It was a ghost.

5tMore Shuriken's and TRICKY ninja smoke cause more issues for the Banshee, who was forced to deal with things it was immune to for a long wails, wanting YOUR SOUL...

But you are tricky ninja and pulled your left foot out. Shake it all about.

The Wail continues to pull at those who put their feet in, eating away at their strength of self...wanting nothing more to draw them into the cold embrace of the abyss...

Then it hits the ground, as chunks of the earth itself move to rip up, aiming to strike into the defenders before it... DOUBLE CASTS THIS!

It can cast magic. Ooooooh shi-
Faruja Senra "Happily, Lady Inquisitor." Both Artyom and Minerva get swift nods. He really /could/ use a few lessons in self control, when confronted by such things. Not that he'll admit it in front of Ophelia.

Faruja feels icy chill envelope him, as the Banshee literally tries to yank away his soul. Despite the shivers, he'll take that over the fire, which still hurts far more than the chill of the grave ever could. Blatantly ignoring the Banshee's efforts, he shrugs them off. Then it uses magic, something far more substancial. His holy spear spins, the chucnks of earth deflected away from him, and hopefully away from his allies! Not yet willing to leave the circle, he thrusts his blade, chanting!

"Armor shan't help the heart stay sharp! Shellburst Stab!" If it worked once, do it again: Faruja glows, and down rain the cutting purple spirals of Shellburst Stab, the ratling then working on his chanting. Seems he's pulling double duty today!
Serah Farron Serah Farron should have known that those ghosts can talk, but they don't listen to what you have to say. They are going to need to keep at it, hopefully to banish that ghost from existence for good. She keeps her foot inside of the circle, continuing with her magical chanting. She has more magic that her friends can benefit from. She can't attack very well like this, but she makes sure her companions won't die either. Let's hope its enough to handle that ghost at least.
Artyom W. Valodjn Among the 'bad ideas' of the world, 'attempting to hit a Titan geomancer with Earth Magic' is probably mong one of the worst. Even as Artyom's spirit is sapped by the arcane ritual, and his focus turns to maintaining his strength of will, he still manages to endure the spectre's tremendous arcane power. It breaks against his armored body, sheets of stone slamming into his chest, bruising his flesh even as it is subverted, the magic adding to the protective energies surrounding him.

Artyom grunts, taking in a breath. He focuses his mind, turning thought into power. The stone and gemstone hide doubles upon itself, glowing with primal, earthen light. "I said," Artyom spits to the Banshee, "Give me your all. Your hatred- your rage- I am the Last Fragment of the Great Mountain. I will endure it!"
Minerva Minerva is still not focusing on fighting there are others who an do that today she just has to endure the ritual itself and then? Endure whatever the Banshee throws at her which she seems to be doing quite well at the least until the next wave of attacks. She feels the wail, the power is terrible, even more horrible it's wanting to draw her into the cold of the abyss but she manages to resist the force of it then comes the magi she's slammed into by the chucks of the earth itself. The Earth is turning on her but she stands her ground even with now several telling injuries and she focuses on staying up and keeping in the ritual going. She focus her own energies to again attempt to purge what she can from the foul touch of the Banshee and hopefully maintain the ritual.
Shadow There are no sharp words for the ninja as he approaches. A surge of something he sorely needed washes over him from a new ally-- strength amidst a dread foe in a battleground dear to his history. Shadow looks to Interceptor, who barks, and the two are off into the fray. The twigs and foilage barely acknowledges the man's weight as his blade is finally removed from it's sheath.

Dashing in, a metallic blur graces towards the banshee as Shadow closes in. For all that posturing, it was just a distraction for a heavier attack. Not from the ninja-- but from the dog-- who bark-snarl-tackle-woofs (that is the technical term) immediately afterwards. Misdirection. The final attack comes from all the patience of earlier-- waiting and finding a weakness to exploit. Finding the closest thing to this possible, the assassin seems to blurr from one side of his opponent to the other, with his blade barely making a move. T Foes such as this unearthly creature are too epic for your typical one-hit ninja slashering-- but it still has quite a sting to it!
Ophelia Ophelia smirks proudly as her attacks clearly cause the spectre pain. Well, more pain. Since it's a being that only exists to suffer, she considers that a pretty decent accomplishement in her current state. It seems to still have some fight left in it, however.

"Hmph. You should know that persistence is only a virtue when your deeds have merit, foul thing. Your time in this world has been spent. Begone!"

She attacks again, her body becoming a streak of crimson and gold in the darkness of the evil forest. Multi-hued light engulfs the small woman's body like an aura, kaleidoscopic energy streaming behind her in a chaotic pattern. The light shifts and transforms even as it drifts away like mist, taking on the form of brilliant butterflies that burst into splotches of bright color in the air.

The Inquisitor's blade proves to be the source of this strange insanity and as she drives it into the ghost, slashing mercilessly down and then up in a V pattern, the energy condenses and erupts into a massive burst of the illusionary bugs.

"Nihilistic sky, inhale magic power! Osafune!"

Perhaps if she can drain some of its spirit, it will make the attempt to drag it into whatever form of containment this ritual intends. She may not be practiced in the dark arts but Ophelia can tell this magic is not designed to set this tortured soul free. That suits her just fine. The weak exist to be used by the strong.
Kim Possible Kim takes a moment to catch her breath after the last attack. She's overdone it and is taking a moment to regain composure and keep an eye on things for the time being.

The Banshee continues to wail! Agony is it's life, and the ritual starts to show signs of binding! Chains start to appear on the Banshee, spectral for now, but they are starting to restrict...

The ritual advances, the spirit now struck here a bit more is mad, raging out at those who would bound this did not know her suffering...her anguish.

It becomes a shade for a moment, trying to shake off the bounds of the attack. Faruja's stab hits nothing at all, it's eyes glowing on him...oh the sights he will see...

Ophelia moves in, the blade, however, meets no resistance...the blade trying to strike at something that simply is not existing...however if anyone COULD do it, her skill set is the best for this.

Shadow moves from behind, using his ninja tricks to confuse...but taking advantage of Ophilia's strike is fruitless, it continues to be a shade...

However, it has to materialize to attack.

When it does so, the chains also appear. It start to sing...a sad song, a powerful song...of anchient kings and brutal politics...

And of a sad woman, forced to be sacrificed for a man's rise to power.... her and her child slain.

The song finishes, with a terrible WAIL, aiming to once more draw upon the souls of those around it...

However, they are stronger than that, the Wail finishes, as a powerful comet falls on the ritualites...aiming to give them SUFFERING for their crimes against her.
Faruja Senra Oh snap! That thing can cause meteors to fall to the earth! What /is/ this banshee, some kind of chocobo?

Thankfully, the solid wall of holy runes and earthen armor that is Artyom takes the hit for the diminutive Templar. Faruja winces, only a good solid chug of discipline keeping him from healing the man. Healing later, killing now! As it stands, he has to focus to not give in to pity, at her song, and at what he sees in her eyes. The Templar mutters a prayer for her.

Then, he speeds her on her way to Faram, thrusting his spear. Columns of heavenly light descend as Holy Explosion seeks to ravage the area, ruining foliage, ground, and hopefully Banshee alike. After that?

~Mysterious Ritual Chanting <GOOSEHONK>~
Serah Farron Serah Farron steps out of the circle this time, the comet attack crashing down on her, and making her fall backward and down, off her feet, with a loud cry as it seems to burn up with the explosion. Fortunatly, it doesn't last too long either, just enough to make it painful. She groans as she moves back to her feet slowly "Come on Serah, you're tougher than this..." She winces though. That was rather harsh. And she wasn't the only hurt one. Some of them are in worse shape than she is.

She raises a hand up, channeling the curative energies this time, spreading it over the group as much as she can to help everyone get back on their feet, and heopfully get a better attack than she could. She puts a feet back into the circle again, and sends the green magic on people around her.
Kim Possible Now that Kim's caught her breath, she decides it's time to get back into the battle. She pulls out what looks like a lipstick, but it's actually a miniature laser, and then aims it at the banshee. "Let's see how this looks on you!" Kim says as she fires a few shots.
Shadow That was unexpected. Shadow slips to the other side of the banshee when he realizes-- that should be much more expected. It is a banshee. Really the point is to seal the thing-- so the ninja slides back to a circle to add to the binding ritual. That silver bullet was blown-- time to observe for another one. As he stands there, he pulls a small paper talisman out-- pressing it to an invisible point in front of him as it disolves. A haze surrounds him-- making his physical form difficult to determine as well as dampen the effect the whole thing has on his soul.
Ophelia A hiss of frustration escapes the Inquisitor as her magnificent attack strikes nothing but the ethereal image of something that isn't truly there. Damned ghosts and their immaterialization. She could do something about this if she could summon up her full powers - nothing can resist the call of a cursed one's blood. Since she doesn't have that option, they'll just have to keep slicing.

The hail of meteors causes Ophelia to halt long enough to glance up and recognize the threat. Throwing herself forward, she lands in an acrobatic roll and flips back to her feet well clear of the danger zone. "Quite the obstinate one," she frowns.

Wary of yet more magic, the young vampire stays at at distance, drawing forth another blade to hold it high over her head. "Heaven's Cloud!" Her shout brings forth a cloud of thick blue mist that sinks into the ground, slender tendrils of smoke seeking out and wrapping about the banshee in an effort to bind her to the material world.
Minerva Minerva is very lucky to have the support she does with this task or things would be a hell of a lot worse for her when all things were said and done as Serah Farron continues to support her with magic others attack the terrible creature they are there to hunt. They just need to hang on a bit longer before the creature can be bound and rendered no longer a threat to them.

She then comes under assault the terrible power of the Banshee is clear she channels her own Charka as the song starts she moves to start to chain her her. She listens to the song she wonders about but even if it's true she can not let it continue to rampage but she may attempt to look into it. Either way she does not let it even touch her and forces it away with shear will power.

"I will not submit top the likes of you!"
Artyom W. Valodjn Sympathy for those who have suffered- pity towards victims of the world's injustice- these are not signs of weakness. Sorrow descends upon Artyom's heart. His lips turn downward into a mournful frown. The song washes across his mind, conjuring images- terrible, mournful memories. A woman used as nothing more than a tool- her child brought to death by the cruel machinations beyond her control.

The comet descends, dark and great. Artyom is still--

There's a thunderous crash. A cataclysmic explosion of shadow and utter /nightmare-stuff/ that whirls and blazes all around the granite knight as he endures not one- but two strikes of those devastating meteors.

For a moment, vanished into that miasma, it seems the Titan has at last met his end.

And then, there is light. Golden eyes flash in the gloom. Viridian brilliance pours through the cracks in the Geoid Guard's armor, warring with the darkness enveloping it. Magic peels away a layer of evil force, lifting some of the weight from his soul. "I--"

Artyom grunts, stepping out of the ritual circle. Emerald brilliance twists and burns all around. The trees- the land- all begins to turn to crystal. "I am sorry," he says, grim and mournful. "For all that you have suffered. For all that you must yet endure. Forgive me."

He lunges forward--

And plunges his massive sword into the creature's heart. Spines launch from the armor's back, driving into the land around the ritual circle, creating an even larger formation. Terrestrial energies whirl about the sword as it presses further, into the earth itself.

Crystal erupts from the point of impact. Growing higher, stronger- with every passing moment, it builds, taller and taller, the cairn circle drawing the spectre's unnatural energies into the many facets of that massive gemstone. "I will do all that I must! I have given my word, and thus I will make this known! The sin of your death- of your child's- will not be in vain. Justice will be done. By the name of Valodjn--"

"It shall--" He steps forward, once more swinging his weapon in a tremendous, devastating arc, shattering the crystal tower into thousands of shards! "Be done!"

Emeralds rain from the heavens, transforming into motes of light that surge into Artyom's body, rejuvinating his will. "To the best of my ability, it shall be done."
Helena Celba The Banshee's wail is enough to kill some of the strongest foes...the Dark Commet is a bit rude.

However, this is a part of seasoned adventurers, willing and able to complete the ritual.

Because the ritual timer is on one.

They have to survive just a little bit longer, then they chains will be complete, and the Banshee will be sent to Helena for...SCIENCE!

However, a turn can be a long time.

Ophelia leads the way, the sword aiming to cut more than just the physical form of the ghost...however, once more it hides in it's incomporal state...

However, the blade is more than what it expects, the magic behind her technique FORCES her into the real world.

It looks shocked.

Faruja's spear catches it, causing it agony as it cries out, as Kim levels a LAZOR at it, searing parts of it's ectoplasma away. Art comes to seal the deal, using the very power of the /EARTH/ itself to entomb the Creature, before smashing it back into the earth where it shall /sleep/.

However, it rises once more, not defeated yet...cowed...scared...but NOT defeated.

Then the Ghost does something that every dick move boss does.

It casts Mimic Three times.

Three Dark Comets fall to the earth, aiming to obliterate the remaining party members who seek to complete the ritual.
Serah Farron This time, the shimmering magic shield that she cast over herself comes to the rescue, repelling and pushing the explosive damage of the comet behind her, leaving the healing magic unharmed. The banshee is still approaching. But everyone is also wounded. She has to make sure everyone stays alive through this, outside of soul ripping screams at least. She spreads the healing magic over more people, helping them stay up on their feet.
Shadow And there is the opening. Last he is going to get. It is hard to tell with the already ambient doom-feel of the atmosphere-- but a tension grows that 'marks' the banshee for death. It is already dead, but thats just how Shadow's little trick works.

The ninja zips from one side of the battlefield to the other-- turning about face and zipping back. The motion itself is slight for Shadow-- as it isnt the first time he used it this battle. Interceptor provides moral support by barking at the Banshee.
Faruja Senra Oh, look, more meteors! The Banshee proves to be a formidable, and ruthless opponent indeed! This time he doesn't get a saving by Artyom. Faruja has to deal with the falling dark rocks himself! Incanting, he quickly throws of a Protect spell, only to have it slammed into by the falling comet.

Green magical energy shrouds, then cracks, the Burmecian thrusting his blade as it gives way. A burst of holy-magical-stabbing bursts the rock into bits.

There bits do a good job of stabbing through his armor, the Burmecian now looking somewhat akin to a rock-filled pincushion. He drops to his knees, only for the sweet power of Sarah's healing to help him get back up. A few words, and a white swirl of energy fills the air near the Banshee...

ROARRRRR! The white form of Arista the holy wyvern fades into existance. Turning to the incorporeal creature, the great beast decides to find out just what unquiet spirits taste like. TEEETH!!!

As for Faruja? He does more crazy chanting.
Ophelia More dark magic keeps Ophelia at bay and she's silently glad she chose to remain distant from the magicl circle as the banshee seems to be focusing her hatred on the people who are acting as the pillars to anchor it in place. That makes perfect sense, really, if those four fall then the ritual will be undone and it will be free to escape or wreck further havoc.

Fortunately, it seems that they need hold out only a little longer. The hum of power from the glowing lines of salt on the ground is almost palpable to her supernatural senses. She makes a mental note to watch her step around the energetic young necromancer in the future; she has no desire to end up as slave to yet another mortal.

"Alas but your time has come to an end, creature." Ophelia struts towards the banshee as the dark meteors rain down upon the others, her hair fluttering in the resulting blasts. "Come now, let us finish this."

Ophelia launches into a final attack, knowing that regardless of the result the ritual should see the ghost contained within a few moments. Right now, she's just letting loose to have fun. A second katana is drawn from the sheathe on the opposite side of her waist and a blood red glow engulfs the twin demon blades as she lays into the hapless spirit.

Dozens of slashes carve through the air as the Inquisitor unleashes a dazzling display of acrobatic skill. Her blades move in tandem, filling the the night with streams of arterial red, the katana in her hands sharing her desire to unleash pain.
Artyom W. Valodjn Clearly, Artyom misjudged this Banshee.

He was not aware that monsters could take job levels in Mime.

"Mnn," the Geoid Guard grunts. Even that much strength wasn't quite enough to bring her to rest. Then, he would have to push a little further- make do with straining himself a bit more.

Of course, this time, when the Dark Meteors come down, Artyom is ready for them.

"CHESUTOH!" Comes the roar, as Artyom lurches and cleaves the meteors aimed in his direction in twine. Dark flames burn without heat along the forest floor as Artyom channels more of his strength into maintaining the ritual- but not without making the effort to perform one last feat of strength. "Be still, spirit," he rumbles, bringing his blade to bare one more time. The remnants of his Titanic ritual gather around the weapon's (extraordinarily blunt) cutting edge, causing it to burn with tectonic force.

And then, he drives forward, plunging his weapon one last time into the creature's heart.

Ophelia might remember something very, very important about Artyom- something that says a lot about him coming this far into these woods.

That something is--
Kim Possible Kim realizes that something has to be done, and that she has to be the last one to take part in this whole thing. It's risky, but Kim knows that if she doesn't do something, things will really go to heck. She rushes to the last remaining spot and takes a deep breath. "If I make it through this, I'll never complain about babysitting my brothers again," Kim comments as she steps into the circle, praying that this isn't a mistake.
Minerva Minerva has to hang on, there's only a little more time and soon he banshee will be bound and no longer able to do this. To say this is an easy feat would be a like. She has no idea what Helena's plans are after all Helena's played her cards well for whatever her SCIENCE will entail. She does however seem to be preparing for the worst of it and it's a good thing she can as well the Banshee mimics everything as the dark comets fall and she's caught in the blast of one of them there's pain, there's burning she falters for a moment but force herself back into her stance as she fights to hang in just long enough to finish the ritual!
Helena Celba Rounds: 0.

The Banshee wails again, as the chains start to finish...

Shadow Dives in, going for the GOLD...

She starts to shift back into the incomporial form...the dagger only nicking it as she shifts staring balefully at him.

Ophelia and Faruja work in unison, Wyvern and Sword aiming to drive her out...but she luckily remains untargetable.

However, Art's HATRED OF GHOSTS breaks her from the incomporial state...or really, the Ritual completing did.

Art beats her down, but it is too late.

She does not release anything for them.

The chains grow strong, binding her to the ground as she screams and wails...but the chains wrap around her face, her mouth, binding her...

And then VANISH.

The ritual completes.

There is nothing, sound no chains...nothing.

Though uh...the sound of the fight might attract other restless spirits.

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