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Plastic Is Friend
(2013-06-25 - 2013-07-01)
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Beck has only been here for several days and so far the young program hasn't gotten into /to/ much trouble. Beyond the occasion sneak out since he has learned he can use the fire escape window to get out. He also doesn't roam very far after having a dog chase him in Central Park.

Though he has been asked to have someone with him. Beck doesn't seem to be very good at following orders or its perhaps just youth wanting to get out and explore the world. He felt caged in this Arcade and though he was poking at the laser, it was taking him time to figure out it worked.

Yet this is one of the few times Beck actually used the door and what happens? Beck comes back with a bag under one arm, another bag being held by his teeth and -- and a coffee pot box? Now how he got all this is the unknown part, however much was spent may only add up.

Oh and there was a cowboy hat on his head...

For whatever reason.
TRON TRON has been busy lately, reorganizing the Arcade and trying to figure out what needs to be (re)done post-attack. Too busy to keep up with the errant 'not-TRON' Beck.

The Security Program glances over towards the door, brown eyes keenly peering over the upper rims of his glasses to pierce Beck dead-on. He is in his black body-suit with no lines or circuits visible, only his face providing identification--other than the odd Frisbee-like silver Disc on his back.

"Beck." There is a sigh somewhere in the acknowledging greeting, even if he doesn't physically do so. "Dare I ask where you've been?"
"Mmm." Beck starts out realizing he has to now talk with a bag in his mouth, so he does so through gritted teeth. "..shapping?" He at last walks over to a table and places down the coffee pot, then the bag in his other arm, before taking the bag out of his mouth.

He rolls his tongue a few times, trying to get the taste of plastic out of his mouth before then taking off the cowboy hat. "I was watching the um, Television, and noticed ads for some of the stores around here. So I figured, why not!"

He then starts to root through the bags. "I mean, I am not in Argon City and I noticed all of your friends wear outer materials. Clothing, if I remember the word right, so I decided I would wear some as well!"

Beck then pauses and looks at the coffee pot. "..and that? I got to taste what they call coffee here and they showed me how to make it. It was pretty good, so I figure I would actually make my own."

Yep. The ever adapting program Beck, adapts quickly.
TRON TRON just watches Beck with a growing sense of disbelief, an eyebrow rising incrementally at each sentence. He almost dreads asking his next question, but feels compelled to. "...And who gave you the ability to purchase these items?"

He pushes his glasses to the top of his head and rubs his eyes wearily. Please don't tell him he'll have to pay someone back... Again.
Beck glances one way and then over to the other. How was he going to explain this? He wasn't really sure. "Well.. they have things called gift cards right?" He then looks at TRON. "So I found some place I could see some unneeded items from home too. They actually seem really ecstatic about getting their hands on it and gave me a ton of cash. I used the cash to put on a Mall Gift card?"

He tilts his head. "..I mean, there is nothing wrong with selling stuff to people outside is there?"
TRON TRON's eye twitches beneath his fingertips. "You... sold Gridspace items... to a store here in Manhattan...?" He really doesn't know how to react to this should it be true, but he wants to be sure he gets it right before launching into a full response.
Beck can hear it in the voice, or so he thinks he can hear it in the voice. That voice of 'You dun screwed up son'. He did what he did though so he could fit in. Not stand out in the crowd and keeping getting odd looks as he walked by.

After all, he was a stranger in a strange land. He was always taught to blend in and stay low, but he was hard to stay low when you were the only being with glowing lines. Not that he understood the need of layerings like people here did, but it was the custom so when in Pergos, do as the Pergos do, you know?

"I.." He glances off to the side with those brown eyes and then back at TRON. "I did, yes. Well. Just one really, but it had maybe two or three things in it. Stuff I probably should have gotten rid of some time ago, but never got a chance to pawn it off back home." He taps his fingers gently against his hip as he then looks over at the bags.

"I mean. I could take everything back, return the card, and go get the baton." he then whispers with grit teeth, "..hopefully.."
TRON TRON blinks, the impending tirade forgotten in light of new data. "Baton?" He tilts his head to the side. "What do you mean?" As far as he knows, a baton can only create a Light Cycle, but this one could rez multiple objects?

Is he hearing this right?

He's feeling that familiar grind of misunderstandings and miscommunications, like trying to explain digital technology to a person who comes from a non-technological background...
Beck apparently was saved by the sudden confusion and reminding himself once again that this TRON was not /his/ TRON. Which caused a tad bit a pain in the young program's face for a moment. "Oh. Right..." He said softly. "..right."

He then walked up to TRON, removing his own baton with a flip in the air and then catching it. He then hands it over to TRON. "This the baton I was using as the Renegade. It has a Light Cycle. Light Glider, and I /think/ a Small Light Jet." He raises an eye brow. "..I can't remember if you.. I mean... he.. took it out or not."
TRON An almost-audible crack pierces TRON's mind for a moment, reminded of the truth in an instant. It is purely psychological, but his expression blanks out for that moment. He manages a smile, but it is too painful to be honest. "I would not know," he admits quietly.

He walks over to the table, leaning back against it as he closely examines Beck's baton. "A Program I know has been building a baton that could rez different objects, but to see a complete one that could rez different vehicles..." He hands back the baton to Beck. "...At least, I assume those are vehicles. I've never heard of gliders or light jets on my Grid before."

There is an uncomfortable familiarity with the concept, though, one he can blame on the Other.

He hesitates for a moment, then pulls out a glowing blue cylindrical baton that only has silvery caps on each end. A drastic difference to the primarily-black-with-circuitry-lines version Beck owns. "This is a Light Cycle baton from my Grid." He motions for Beck to follow him as he walks towards the doors. "I'd let you hold it, but I somehow have a feeling you don't know how to activate and control one properly."
It seems suddenly TRON drops the whole, 'you sold what?' part of this, which causes Beck some silently relief. He nods his head gently and takes back his Baton, before attaching it back at his side. "They are vehicles yes. The Glider allows you to hang glide in the air while the Light Jet allows you to fly and fire light bolts at a target.. well.. at least CLU's forces do."

Beck then notices the baton TRON pulls out, he was about to ask who this program was working on this project until his eyes go wide at that baton. He seen archives of such batons but never actually /seen/ on up close and personal. He knew it was indeed old server tech, waaay before his time. He gives a quick nod and then follows TRON.

"Very possible, yeah. I mean, I never seen one like that before. Beyond, well, the Archives." He almost sounds like a little kid. "That has to be... I mean.. whoa." Beck wanted to touch pretty Baton. He wanted to get a good feel for what one even felt like. After all, data reading was one thing but actually /seeing/ one.
TRON TRON chuckles softly at Beck's wide-eyed anticipation, seeming to relax slightly as he walks. "If you're that awed by the baton, wait until you see what it rezzes."

He walks into the middle of the street, surprisingly empty considering the area, and looks at the baton with a rueful grin. "Well. Here goes." And with that, he grips the baton horizontally in front of him with both hands and his circuitry lines activate with a whitish-blue flash.

Visually-speaking, he is violently pulled forwards and down, his body curling as if about to go into the fetal position. At the same time, the blue-light wire frame of the bike appears around him, encasing him at the middle of the structure. There is then a blue flash of light with a high-pitched yet somehow almost midi-sounding whine, then a blue Game Grid Light Cycle stands on its two wheels in the middle of the street where TRON had been moments earlier.

The engine whines as it revs, sounding all the world like the Security Program is holding it back somehow. TRON's voice emits from somewhere behind the opaque black windshield, a slight distortion as if speaking over a radio. "So."
Beck walks outside with TRON, surprised by how quiet it was, but maybe that was because of the time? He does cross his arms over his chest, unsure of what TRON was going to show him. Yet when it happens, Beck stands there with his jaw going slightly slack to one side.

He just-- stares-- for a long time. His eyes not believe what he is seeing and his arms going from across his chest to down at his side. He takes a slow step forward. His hand reaching out slowly. Wanting to touch the Light Cycle in some fashion if disbelief his hand draws back.

"That is... you have.." He then starts to go from a face of disbelief, to one of smiling. A big shit eating smile over his face before he just places out his hands. "Holy frag, TRON! You have-- I can't believe /YOU/ have this!!"

"They don't even /MAKE/ these anymore." Beck just stares. His eyes wide. " how.. Can I?!" Dumb question, but hey. Doesn't hurt to ask.
TRON TRON understands Beck's surprise, at least logically with all the information at his disposal. He's only glad that Beck can't see him at the moment, strugging to reconcile two different data-streams to formulate a coherant response.

"This is the Light Cycle of my Grid." Fortunately, the 'radio' does not convey his mental state. "It seems my Grid is part of your Grid's history..."

The bike glows brightly for a moment, then derezzes as TRON is vaulted back to his feet with no apparent ill-effects. He seems somewhat amused, if his surface expression is to be believed. "If you think you can control it, I don't see why not. But if you break it, we'll see just how good of a mechanic you are."

He holds out one end of the Baton to Beck. "Just remember--both hands holding the baton will rez it, and you may experience disorientation in the process. Twisting back the right hand will keep it braked, but you'll need to hold it to keep it still. Do not twist forward the left hand, as that will activate the Jet Wall." He smirks a bit. "Easy, right?"
"Yeah. Sounds like-- typical Light Bike basics." Beck states his hand extending out for the baton, yet his hand pauses there. As if he was unsure, unsure if he should be doing this. Taking something like this and giving it a test spin.

Then if he does damage it, well, there is a point where if it becomes voxels then..

Beck's hand then pulls back. "I-- I can't. Not in good conscious." He sounds a little disappointed to admit that. "I know of the history of these bikes. They are faster then anything we have currently running and take an extreme amount of balance. There was-- something.. he tried to get me to do once during our training, I could never do."

Beck then shakes his head. " maybe until I am able to do that trick.. then maybe I know I wont damage your bike, but.. I don't trust myself.. not with.. not with something so rare.."
TRON TRON's expression becomes distant at Beck's response, too tired to be pained but too wide-eyed to be jaded. It's a complex look that is the sole indication of his churning, mix-mashed thoughts.

"There's more to it than that," he replies quietly, retracting his arm and staring down at the baton. "These batons are not for general use. They are... were... exclusively for use on the Light Cycle Game Grid by conscripts." He twirls the baton between his fingers as easily as if it was a Disc. "I stole this when I led the break-out from Quarantine. It'd be difficult to steal another one from under SARK's nose should something happen to this one."

He pats Beck's shoulder as he returns his baton to a hidden thigh-pouch on the right leg. "You made the right choice, Beck. Better to be cautious in the face of uncertainty than to be reckless in your own pride."

He cants his head back towards the Arcade. "Let's test that coffeemaker you bought. I'm also curious what kind of clothing you chose."
Beck remains quiet as TRON explains where the baton comes from and the dark history behind something that he could only once ever seen in system archives. He gives a soft nod as TRON pats his shoulder.

He turns to say something, but silence only finds his lips, before he gives a soft nod again, then at last talks. "...Thanks."

Beck stands there for a bit, staring at where TRON was and then looks down at his hands for a moment, before his eyes seem to loose light for a moment before he then lowers his hands, closing his eyes. His shoulders almost slumping, whispering words into the air. "..thanks.. for everything.."

Yet his thoughts snap around as he puts on a smile as TRON addresses the need to test the coffee pot and see the cloths. "Y-Yeah. Sure! I mean, they are probably nothing great. I had to get some help from one of the shop clerics really."

He explains as he goes to play catch up. "They are actually /really/ friendly." and he follows TRON back inside.

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