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(2013-06-25 - 2013-07-19)
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Saitei Dennou Here in the offices and apartments of the Twilight Detective Agency, Legion (mark two) has been hidden, or been hiding, for these past days or weeks or months or don't ask her does she look like a clock to you. If they were waiting for her to recover, well, they're going to have to refine their definition a bit; she's up and about, and even responding if you talk to her sometimes, though you may have regretted it.

From someone's closet she's stolen a long-sleeved tee in patterned black and white, and a sort of hilariously large red ribbon to tie her long green hair back. Despite these efforts, it frizzes out a bit in the constant squirming static that surrounds her.

Knowing better than to address anything electronic, she is instead devouring Mercade's extensive library, and also his extensive cookies.
Emi Dennou Remember, you can always blame Will Sherman for eating Mercade Alexander's cookies. Will might even assume he ate the cookies himself. In fact, really, the trick may be simply getting to them before Will rather than through any act of espionage.

Emi Dennou is more interested in Mercade's library, however, not in devouring the books or anything but through reading them. She sliiinks towards the door leading into Mercade's office and then slooooowly pokes her head to look inside.


Umi stands out front. She may be in this position to help be an 'in' for those that might otherwise have trouble. Or she's just practicing her sweet kung fu moves in the air where she won't break anything. that's also a possibility.
Will Sherman "Boo." Comes a familar voice behind Emi.

Will is standing RIGHT THERE, RIGHT BEHIND HER, with a handfull of..

His player checks something...


Severa pizza boxes, Will walks in, not even giving any craps with the pizza boxes, "Wassup!" he says, "I got food. I imagine you might wana start getting some before I do." Will is at least friendly, he tends to con green to anyone who is Dennou.
Alma Hyral So Alma Hyral was fashion impaired.

She admitted it. It was the first step towards recovery. But after last night she was too embarassed to go to Seloria for something so mundane... So she decided to go to the next best(?) group of individuals(?) for shopping advice, the Dennous. Also because it would help her take her mind off the lost village with people frozen between the grains of the hour glass by frighteningly powerful Chaos Magic. Maybe she'd ask Will if he'd be willing to go there later.. maybe his Eyes would see something they couldn't.

For right now, she was dressed in her typical dowdy white mage robes.. so maybe she really was still in denial that there was an actual problem. As she walks up to the stairwell to the second floor of the TDA building, she knocks on the wall lightly, before walking up the stairs. When she makes it upstairs, she greets Umi cheerfully. She now appeared to have high enough Dennou rep to not only con green, but to see the faceplates over their heads. "Hey Umi. Uh. Not practicing Paci-FIST, are you?"

Hearing the voices in the next room, she peers into the library while chatting idly with Umi. "Hey Will, that smells pretty good. Hey Emi, Hey..." She kind of freezes as her gaze falls upon the elephant in the room, namely Legion-BLOT.
Saitei Dennou That's harsh, that really is, to call her an elephant. She's only a little taller than Emi. She sorts her new visitors quietly, visibly, and sets her text aside. "Friends." It's a greeting, it's not just a word she threw up; she even manages to smile. At Will and Emi, mostly. She sees you there, though, Alma, don't you worry. Or stop worrying.

"And food that isn't sugar! This one could do with some." But not so desperately as to go get it; it's still being held at the center of a devastating Will-storm, and an Alma front moving in on its heels.

She really isn't part of the Network; she only receives a very specific kind of transmission, but it's certainly specific enough to tell her which White Mage just stepped into the office. She sees you, Alma. She does.
Emi Dennou Emi does not act shocked because, well, Umi likely saw him while she was practicing her PACI-FIST techniques. "Hello Will," Emi says. "The Network is happy to see you are well (and bringing food)." She steps aside for him and then nods towards Saitei. Of course Emi might not actually know she is 'Saitei' at the moment, though she does smile at 'Friends'.

"You found clothes." She says, steppig inside, though she is always a bit worried she might affect Saitei negatively with her own emotions so, well, she considers her own mood--well okay, she's doing pretty well so that's good. "Will can be rather thoughtful."


"This one is totally practicing PACI-FIST." She tells Alma. "Hooh! Hah! The Network has slain another opponent, but respects their honor...shedding a single tear." Umi does not actually shed a single tear. She does NOT warn Alma, naturally.
Will Sherman Will sets the stack of pizza boxes down, and grabs the top one. He sits down and grins at Saitei.

"Wassup? You seem to be up and about! That's good. I'm glad you've recovered...we were worried there for a time." he says, and also aware that he had to wrestle liquid darkness out of her. That was distrubing...but he's sort of used to this crap by now. He starts eating...well, less eating and more inhaling.

"I'm happy to bring food, food is best when shared between friends...especially if you don't have much of it." Will says to Emi, and notices her...thoughtfulness or learyness when considering the new Dennou...hmm...

"Hey Alma!" he says, waving towards the White mage. Today is a popular day, but he focues back on saitei, "How are you feeling?"
Alma Hyral Alma still does not believe that Umi understands exactly what a Pacifist is. Nor does she think that the explanation will fall upon anything but deaf ears. So she manages a cheerful smile, "Um. Maybe you should just.. disable them, just to show them you're the superior fighter, rather than killing them."

She offers a wan smile to Will, "Mind if I have a slice?" She takes a deep breath, closing her eyes, before offering the same smile to Legion-BLOT. "So um. It's good to meet you under better circumstances. How are you feeling? What should I call you now? I wasn't very fond of both of Feige's names for you..." ...and also I hope you don't talk about how I look while /naked/ again, hold a grudge for the yelling match we had or try and kill me again, but she leaves all of those totally unspoken.
Saitei Dennou Dennous are good at 'unspoken', you know, but perhaps this one is as unhappy with previous circumstances as the rest of you are. "This one found lots of clothes, thank you." Simplest concerns first. She knows all about her sisters. She knows way more about her sisters than she wants, sometimes, even. If it seems like she's ignoring them, it's unfortunately because she's trying to, but she should still be polite.

Someone told her that, she thinks.

"This is as good as this one gets, she allows," she allows. "But," she stands-- thin as a rail, even in an Ami-sized outfit-- and bows to her rescuers. "Thank you. Both of you. Each of you." There's more to it than that, but it's not properly formatted yet.

She sits, so as not to look down on Alma, and addresses hers, the hardest question, last. "...'Legion' is accurate. 'Dennou' would be alright, too, this one thinks..." She searches her memory. "...there was once, 'Dennou' recalls, that Dr. Abramson called her... Sai? Saito-- no. Sai/tei/. Saitei." There's no changing her mind, now. Saitei extends a slim-fingered hand to Alma. "This one is Saitei."
Emi Dennou "Well," Umi says. "If we can, I guess." The Dennous are practical when it comes to practical application of violence and Umi's no exception. Not really bloodthirsty but there are limits as to what they're willing to do for the safety of their enemies.

Dennous are good at unspoken. They're perhaps not so good at names. Honestly you can just look at half their names and just see how lazy they were in coming up with them. But they were still getting used to the concept of designation by that point.

Emi smiles, "Hello Saitei, then." Emi is pretty sure she doesn't want to be seen as part of the 'network' but she does seem to regard her fellow clone fondly all the same. There's still some hesitance due to uncertainty of what Saitei wants herself.

"If there's anything we can do for you--we would be happy to." Well unless she wants her to axe Alma right now but really that thought doesn't even occur to Emi, what would the odds be of that? Evne if of course she would be honorbound to do that if asked right? Don't worry Alma! :D :D :D

"Will," Emi says, reaching to take some pizza slices for herself and Umi. "We did not thank you properly either, yet. Thank you for saving her." She looks over to him and smiles. "We'll figure out something nice for you. From us. This one explains perhaps a touch too much."

"This one doesn't mind." Umi says from outside. "But I must finish my intense training regimen first, The Network has grown fond of the 'pizza' food."
Will Sherman Will grins and points to the pile of pizza, which is there for all.

"Help yourselves!" he says, with a happy good lucky tone and sits back on a couch.

He listens to the naming, and he nods was as good of a name as any...Will, who is named after a general of the civil war can never talk about other people's names...then again, he didn't name himself. His first family did... "Sounds like a nice name, any idea what it means?" Usually the Dennou's named themselves turned out mostly alright, but it at least pays to know why she named herself that!

"Aww, I was just doing what anyone would have done Emi, don't mention it. I'm just happy she', to make her own way in life, where ever it leads her."

"Though if you go back to Feige I will be extremely unhappy and bust down like a million Volcano Lairs to make you see how bad of an idea that is. But you know, I think you can pretty much figure that one out, right?"
Alma Hyral She'd nod at Umi, "That's all I ask Umi." Alma wasn't really as practical about the application of lethal force. Idealism!

When Legion BLOT states her new chosen name, her nametag appears to update for Alma, and she walks across the room, closer to her, "Saitei it is then." She extends a hand forward, though there is a bit of hesitation. Probably because in the back of her mind she knows that Saitei isn't just an electromaster but had a built in engine that gave her some mastery of time magic. The thought of her suddenly being electrocuted in a manner which allows her to experience the agony for a thousand years does occur to her. But she does take her hand, shaking it lightly.

The thought of Emi actually doing that to her never crosses her mind. :D :D :D

Once that's finished, she walks over to the Pizza, surprised there's anything left after Will got close to it. Still she takes a slice, and begins to eat at it, a little bit of gooey cheese trailing down to her hand, which she then tries to gather up to prevent it from dripping everywhere, her cheer vanishing. "Yeah.. about that Will, we're actually going back to the Volcano Lair in a few days.. unfinished business."
Saitei Dennou Saitei shudders at the mention of a return to the Volcano Lair. "Dennou will finish her business /here/ thank you all kindly." She might be recovered physically-- that's a big might-- but mentally, emotionally-- whatever a Dennou does for emotions-- it doesn't seem like you should expect much just yet.

"Dr. Abramson is gone from the labs, a-anyways."

A pause of a moment or so. "That's why you're going, Dennou eventually realizes."

Will, bearer of pizzas, is not forgotten, merely postponed. "Dennou thinks you would have to ask Dr. Abramson. She doesn't know that it means anything." The hint of an edge creeps into her voice. "Should it mean something? It means 'Saitei' now." Her fingers strike her own chest, hard enough to be audible.
Emi Dennou Umi smiles at Alma like one might smile at a pet. The Network remains oblivious to the assumptions Alma is making. Almassumptions.

Emi doesn't seem too thrilled at the idea of going to the volcano base either. "Good luck with that." She says. Look while she may be a detective sheh as some choices you know about what she elects to investigate. What she expects to be found in the volcano lair is 'nothing good'. What 'nothing good' is isn't a terribly major concern for her right now. She may, of course, be entirely wrong about this. It could be something she MUST know.

"This one was wondering--" Emi bobs her head at Will in acknowledgement before balancing her pizza carefully to look back to Saitei.

"We are willing to be family, if you want. We understand if you would prefer to stay away. For the times we hurt you-- We are very sorry."

She bows her head.

She keeps it lowered for a moment before munch. She takes a small bite of the pizza. Hey. It smells good. :(.
Will Sherman Will listens to Saitei, and nod once.

That is fair, it is imporant to have idenity.

"Nope. It doesn't have to mean anything. If it is the name you want, then it is yours." Will smiles at Saitei, "That is all that matters. Idenity is only what we give ourselves. It is important to have." He grins, "Trust me...oh boy trust me on that one."

" want to go back?" Will doesn't look too happy about that... "I..." he looks away, "...Maybe to give the girls a final resting place." he says, sighing, all those dead Dennou' was a sight that shook him.

He looks at Emi, and smiles softly at her, she wants to make this work...and Will respects that. He encourages it even...but he wonders if she will accept it? Maybe...maybe not...he would understand if Saitei didn't want to...she might have to find herself first, to define herself by something that isn't a Dennou...

Will is silent, he just watches.
Alma Hyral Alma's expression softens somewhat, perhaps after seeing Saitei's physical reaction to them. "...she's gone. Yes. That's why we're going.. we were in a bad state, so we weren't able to..." /Failure/ /Failure/ /Failure/ /Failure/ bodies of very familiar looking girls all in tanks on a twisted golf course. Her already decidedly pale skin turns ashen as she remembers each of them breaking out of the tanks in their new Heartless/Empty/MAD SCIENCE forms. " f-finish all that we n-needed to.." She gives Will a short nod at his comment, on giving the girls a final resting place.

/Scritch Scritch ... Scritch Scritch/ She thought she heard it in the walls of the TDA building even now. She shuddered momentarily, before catching herself, and focusing on the pizza once more.

She falls silent, managing a bit more of a cheerful smile as Emi offers to make this work, and for Saitei to become family with her.
Saitei Dennou Bodies of her sisters in jars beside her, operating theaters like abattoirs lining the halls she walks. Her own half-made form spilling from a tank like spoiled seafood.

And those are not even the bad memories, for Saitei. "What do you need to do, then this Dennou asks?" The bite is still in her tone, but she fights to look softly on Alma.
Emi Dennou Emi can't wring her hands so she has Umi do it for her. Instead she munches her pizza slice. It refuels both spirit and stomach.

"Hya! Off goes your head!" Umi shouts from outside. "Pick it up so our battle may continue! Ha ha ha! The Network is so generous!"

Emi doesn't seem terribly disturbed by Dead Dennous though, of course, she's pretty used to Dead Dennous. The fact that these Dennous were never alive almost make it not worth worrying about.

"Are you okay, Alma? The Network inquires." Emi says blankly.

And then she licks her fingers lightly, glancing back. She also is interested in this potential answer.
Will Sherman Will shakes his head...he isn't sure he wants to deal with this, but then again...he will have to eventually. It's what they deserve.

He listens, staring right at Alma waiting for her request.

Alma Hyral Stare, Stare, Stare. /OFF GOES YOUR HEAD/

Everyone was staring at her, except Umi who was apparently shadowboxing something, and she had just been munching idly on a piece of pizza, trying not to think of the sounds she /thought/ she heard haunting her in the walls. The moment she realizes everyone's eyes on her, a little bit of that anxiety returns. She swallows her current bite of pizza. "J-Just to lay some p-people to rest. S-Soan may want to s-search for i-information. K-Kyra might w-want to s-scavenge the lab.. I d-don't know.. I just w-want to see them l-laid to rest..."

Her request to Will actually came in a different form, as she tears her gaze away from the other Dennous, looking at him with a slightly downcast gaze, mumbling, "I'd l-like to hire you Will.. on behalf of a t-town that n-needs a detective. We um.. r-restored a part of the w-world... only to f-find that e-everyone in the town.. m-man, woman, and c-child was turned to stone.. by i-incredibly powerful m-magic. S-Something none of us c-could undo. T-There was one man, who was c-crystal instead.. he seems a-awake actually, just u-unable to communicate with us. He can w-watch but not interact. I.. t-think they've been this way for c-centuries, even before the r-restoration."
Saitei Dennou As a practice, respecting the dead is alien to every Dennou; if Saitei were shown the emotion that underlay Alma's desire, though, she even might join her in it.

Emotion rules everything within her; she might suspect that it rules everything, full stop. Saitei recognises, at least, Alma's sincere intent, but the way she tosses off that bit about Soan sifting the corpses leaves her a bit sour.

"You can d-do as you wish on the island, if you leave this one out of it." That may be her final word on it. She goes instead to sit by her, ah, sister, Emi, who is exceptionally calming, right now.
Emi Dennou Row Row Fight The Power.

Umi kicks her imaginary opponent in the balls. Not the testicles, by the by, this opponent is carrying two balls--one in each hand--and she just kicked it out of the dude's hands in a pair of quick snapkicks. Why did she attack these balls? Why was her opponent carrying balls? BEcause they were balls of power, that's why.

Emi looks up as Saitei sits down by her. She looks over towards Will and Alma and then back towards Saitei.

She pinkens faintly and looks down at her hands, and then, carefully--CAUTIOUSLY--she attempts to wrap an arm around Saitei's back and SQUOZ.

Hopefully Saitei won't bite off her hand, but she does, after all, want to show she cares. Worth the risk.
Will Sherman Will nods a bit...d'awww...

Hopefully this doesn't end with 'Network down' spam again..

He looks at Alma, and nods once... "Uh sure. I can I guess. I am a detective and I do look at weird things and have sight that is weird. That is certainly a thing I do." He says... "So you're going to make dinner then when I am on this trip?" WILL DRIVES THE HARDEST OF BARGINS!

Will eats another slice, and looks towards Saitei and Emi.
Alma Hyral D'awww. Alma watches Saitei and Emi bond with the faintest of smiles. She just nods to Saitei when she asks her to leave her out of it, "I promise. I don't want any of you to get hurt by Feige Abramson again."

And then a moment later she looks at Will, managing an impish smile, "I'll tell you what Will. You may have me on retainer as your personal cook while on this trip.. and at any time you're in Archades, for /life/. If you take on this case.. but I warn you this.. may not be easy." Her smile wavers, then fades away, " the magic that turned this town into a graveyard? It's incredibly powerful Chaos magic. When.. Caran tried to dispel it. It went badly for him, so we'll have to be careful. We may actually be in over our heads on trying to cure it. So this is more about.. probably finding some incredibly powerful wizard to undo the magic in what will probably put us on a multi-step sidequest.. you know the type, right out of the stories." And probably Will's entire LIFE with the TDA.
Saitei Dennou Side-questing, across the universe o/'

It was all in her head, what Saitei was seeking shelter from, but she doesn't turn Emi away, by no means. This helps, too. Her hands are still knotted, in her lap now, giving vent to the tension of her deployment, her defeat, that remains unrelieved.

"Saitei can't believe you asked if it was alright, of course it's alright, you're alright, you're all right, y" She's forgotten where she was going with that, you'll have to forgive her.
Emi Dennou Mmm sidequests. So delicious.

Emi hugs. It may seem strange that the Legion even cares about a sister they never met, or--really--one created without their consent and, for that matter, one made by one of their mortal enemies and so on. Nevermind that most of her work was involved in assaulting people so far.

But the care--maybe even love--is genuine. She doesn't mind if she 'transmits' that, though she isn't sure if that sort of emotion would transmit or not.

Either way, she resists the urge to transmit past that. She breathes out and pulls her arm back.

"Thank you." She says, honestly. She smiles at Saitei before looking back to Alma. She doesn't quite get this scenario that's being referred to here. Crystal people? She understands that, somewhat, but stone? Why is that different? Chaos magic.

"They have survived for some time." She says. "Be patient in curing them. It may be something you wish to--as it is said--'hole in one'?"
Will Sherman A magician you say..

Will might someone...

He nods once, and smiles...

He smiles at Saitei, it's a positive step...

"Yeah...I think I might uh...just look at it first and then consult with Isaac after I see what's going on. I think people are in danger if I just half cock this one." he manages with a nod.

And he eats another slice. IT IS DELICIOUS.

"...Soooo..." he says, "I guess I am going to be exploring a new place."
Alma Hyral Alma continues to smile at the D'aww moment between Saitei and Emi. She's extremely happy that the two were getting along. She pushes up her glasses slightly upon the bridge of her nose, before nodding at Emi, "I'll be patient. I'm just.. a little frightened that whatever did this to them might still be around, and might get upset with us poking our nose into their affairs. This sort of magic isn't done by something that would be lost to the Darkness. It's done by something that /is/ darkness."

He glances sidelong to Will, "Hey, a side benefit is you get to go to Cosmo Canyon at least. Beautiful place really. Maybe this time the locals won't be trying to drive me off because it was inadvertently restored it right beside them."

She looks between Emi and Will, "You know I never met Isaac, despite spending some time with you folks after the /DRAW/ that occurred in the eating contest..." She grins in Will's direction, " he really as good as they say?" She finishes off her slice of pizza.. and gets another, assuming there is another, you never know with Will Sherman right by the box.
Saitei Dennou If Will brought it, running out should not be a major concern. You just know he buys to his own scale.

"Saitei is for the moment enjoying having her head filled with something that isn't unprintable, and as her most significant interaction with her tormentors, she is boundlessly pleased with Emi's compassion. The spillover is driving her back towards Alma's plight, so long as it doesn't involve volcanos.

"One or more Dennou wonder, are you the only ones to address this? Doesn't someone care?"
Emi Dennou "We'd be willing to look too," Emi tells Alma. "But this seems above our capacity to handle." She is not shy about admitting that. Really, she's not sure it's even within Isaac's capacity to handle but she has heard sayings about the word impossible and what it's typical usage is. She doesn't imagine there is a QUICK solution anyway.

She thinks anyway, though, since Saitei raises a salient point--she knows about it, so she should care. This is, perhaps, Saitei (for once) affecting The Network rather than the other way around, but she's not sure what she could do. This sounds like serious magic. She's only a paragon in one particular very specific magical set (hint: Involves electromagnetics).

"The stone thing." She says after some thought. "...Don't dark elves..." She looks towards Will. "Or perhaps geomancers. They might have some thoughts on the subject?"

She glances to Alma and adds, "Mm? Is Isaac as good..."

She thinks about it for a few moments.

"Isaac is quite skilled." She says eventually. "He does not always succeed, but he does endeavour to learn from his failures. I couldn't think of anyone better. That does not mean one better does not exist, simply that this one is unaware of any such individual."
Will Sherman "...I am NOT even considering that <GOOSEHONK>. ...Oh no wait, you mean /HER/. ......Well, I guess. She might be willing to help. I guess. She'll probably want something in return...she's not exactly working for free." Will considers...

"Unless we know a Geomancer too?" He doesn't really.

"Uh yeah, Isaac basically can do anything with enough time and prep work...he's still a guy, of course, but he's still pretty amazing. He just...he's a force of nature."

Finally he does smile a bit, "There are many people that might help too, Alma. Just gota meet new people."

"Hmmm... Well, about we fill your head full of movies!" Will suggests! It is time to kick a certain lazy bum off the damn couch."
Alma Hyral "No, no. It doesn't involve Volcanos. Well there are mountains nearby.. a lot of mountains, and I suppose one of them could be a volcano especially now with the merge of the worlds causing the displacement of a significant portion of the Sabil Mountain Range.. it wouldn't be unheard of for..." She awkwardly clears her throat, "Uh sorry, I sometimes ramble on like that.. no, no volcanos that we know of.."

And after an awkward pause, "Well it's more that noone knows of them yet. We're the first to explore that area ever since it's restoration." She gives them both a weak smile, "When I started formulating the theories that made up the basis of my research.. I thought I'd find a semi-reliable way to track down world shards. That it'd allow us a way to restore all of the worlds eventually. Every single one.. then.."

She kind of hand wobbles, "Fairy tale ending, right? But it doesn't work like that. Restoration isn't always a happy process. We have people upset about it being restored /beside/ them. And the people restored usually have their own problems which need dealing with. It's not going to be quick.. but it's something worth doing."

At least she hoped so, she gave Will a sidelong look, "Actually I know a pretty amazing Geomancer. He's named Artyom, most people call him Frank. I was going to have him look at it too. It might be something that appeals to his professional sensibilities. And yeah, if Isaac is willing to give it a try, that'd be great."

And then at the last comment, she gives him an impish look, "Oh? Which movies? Riku and me are pretty fond of most of the ones that came from your world. We've had a few movie marathons."
Saitei Dennou While, one supposes, Saitei is within her rights to refuse, that sounds like it chases her out, or stuffs her in her room, and she's had enough of clutching blankets and living other girls' days for them.

"This one, at least, could do that. You'll see where there wasn't much of a collection at the old home." She... perhaps considers freeing herself from Emi. Briefly.

Alma's talk of research and formulation and unintended consequence is, regrettably, failing again to endear her to this worst of all possible Dennous. But if she's mad, she's at least a much nicer sort than the Doctor. Saitei listens to Alma's explanations and negotiation as raptly as she does the movie plans.
Emi Dennou Emi wouldn't want to consider Valos either but she is practically minded. If he's the only option--he's the only option, no bones about it. OF course, maybe he's /not/ the only option, but Emi is just brainstorming at the moment--and Emi's brainstorms do put a little emphasis on the storm.


She ends up getting distracted by a stranger thought that Alma puts forth--one she, admittedly, had never considered. People being upset about their worlds having other 'shards' restored by them. Can you even control where a world appears? What if someone settles where a shard ends up restoring a world?

"Hrmn." She says. "Well, that seems like a good starting point." W/Re: Artyom.

Oh right, Emi recalls, Riku and Alma are a potentially almost maybe 'item' pair. She drums her index finger across her cheek--she can easily be stepped away from, she has pulled her arm back from the squoz though she doesn't seem like she's going to move on her own.

Feige's collection of movies is a great mystery to be revealed in a later episode.

"That sounds like fun, WIll." Emi says (she likes, of course, film noir).
Will Sherman Will holds up a finger.

He walks to another pizza box, he grabs a slice of pizza and walks towards the door.

"PIZZA FIST!" he shouts, and throws the slice towards Umi's head. "PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS!" he chastises! He might even say YOU FOOL!

And he walks back grabbing another slice. Nom.

"All I heard was 'words words words.'" Will admits looking at Alma. "So I think we should maybe watch a comedy. Too much horror in this world. I am thinking Mrs. Doutfire. Robin Williams is such a card."
Alma Hyral When she isn't a stuttering wreck from anxiety, she's a rambling mess from being so relieved she can speak freely. Really this girl can't escape social awkwardness. She does groan a little at Umi's PIZZA PUNCH display, and Will's response, before finally stating to Will, "You know, maybe, you should start her with wax on, wax off? Or paint the fence?" Apparently her movie marathons with Riku had been pretty extensive.

A short moment later, she gives Will a grin, "I was thinking Trading Places personally..."
Saitei Dennou It will be presumed that Saitei will be accompanying who to where to watch what. Why not? This is already one of the nicer days she's had.

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