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Dial 'M' For Minette
(2013-06-25 - 2013-06-26)
Minette goes to comfort a friend. Like everything Minette does, it backfires. Bizarrely.
Minette Odam The Ame-no-Torifune has a well stocked, if small, commissary. Do you know what one of the great things about being the VP in charge of accounting is? Being able to boss people around and kick them all out of the commissary at a whim. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha--ah, right.

And thus the commissary is empty and the bar is being run on the honor system. Minette has prepared two cups of cocoa, with mini-marshmellows, a sprinkle of hazelnut, and a cinnamon stick to stir with. Mmmmm, tasty. She's waiting for Lady High Grumpypants, aka Helena, to arrive. Better hurry, that cocoa might go cold.
Helena Celba Helena, comes in after a time. She hasn't gotten a shower or changed, she looks like she had just came back...probably meditated for a while, enough to try and fix her balance...of course, a talk with Kyra happened too, which also helped settle things out with her. She enteres the Commissary with her hands behind her back and sitting down across from Plainpants.

"Hey." She says, calmly, taking the coco and drinking a bit. She is quiet, maybe subdued for a bit as she sips at her coco.
Minette Odam Minette looks like, well. She threw a pom-pom at ghosts, got shot at with petrification arrows, ended up diving into ditches, and 'bravely blazing a trail' through the woods... which means that she's covered in scratches from thorny overgrowth. In fact there's still a few thorn-covered twigs in her hair. "Hey." She greets, sipping her cocoa. Minette is good at making comfort food. She's had a lot of practice.

"Want a hug?"
Helena Celba Helena levels a even look at Minette, "No, I'm fine." she says, taking a sip. There was emotion in her voice...she just seemed subdued. "Do you want a reason to hug me? I thought you were afraid to come into arm's length of me?"
Minette Odam "I'm not afraid of you." Minette says stubbornly. "I just wish you weren't so hostile sometimes. I'm trying to help you, Helly. You're a friend." For a given value of the word, but compared with some, Helena is downright friendly to Minette. "I was worried, is all. Y'know? It isn't like you to flip out violently like that... and it really isn't like you to get all..." Minette waves a hand around, she doesn't know the word. She shoots in the dark, "Sulky?" Submissive would be closer, but Minette doesn't realize this.
Helena Celba "...You do not know my history." She says, calmly. She is subdued, defintely...if you think she is submissive, well...

Only if your name is Souji.

"Did you ever wonder why I am a ward of the Murasame Family? I was taken from the land of my birth."

"You see, my family had been dead for years when the Murasame family found me." She takes a sip, focusing on it for a moment, In the reflection she could see the hellish landscape of Odin. "They were killed by the Nightmare Golems on the way from one city to the dad was a Merchant, I think. Perhaps it was my mother. It has been so long that I do not properly remember. However, they came, I was protected...hidden by them. I survived..."

"Only to try and brave the land of Odin alone."

Helena remembers it all. The early days were the worst...the days she clung to who she was made things harder. Everyone attacked her, and she did not understand the difference between Nightmare Golems, monsters, and people. She stole food from where she could...

Then when it wasn't enough, when she was desperate enough...

When hunger and lonliness ate at her, devoured her...she snapped. She turned on the monsters, attacking them with savage resolve, and devouring them. She turned on Caravans, stealing what she could, and killing...and eating...anyone that tried to stop her.

There she found power, and this dark power to raise what she didn not eat against those who had what she needed.

She stares up from the glass. "I have a great deal of anger. I control myself with various methods of meditation. I build myself a life of friviousness because it keeps people from knowing the truth about what I am." she says, "The truth is something people would not understand, I doubt that you truly understand."
Minette Odam Minette never wondered that at all, nor did she even know. Thankfully, Helena keeps talking for a while and prevents Minette from shoving her foot into her mouth. You can see the tears welling up in Minette's eyes as the story goes on. Her lip starts to quiver; that is a very sad story. For all her various flaws, Minette does not like to watch pointless human suffering. Unless she's the one causing it to specific individuals and even then she's pretty squeamish.

"Oh, Helly!" Minette climbs out of her chair with enough speed that some of her cocoa slops over the side of her cup and she flings herself at Helena to hug her. "That's sooooo sad!" Minette is a dumbass. But she's a caring dumbass, even if she currently smells a little foul.
Helena Celba Helena is suddenly beseiged by the overly caring and sympathetic Minette.

She would typically avoid this...maybe do something mean...but...

Right now she just accepts the hug for what it is worth, and wraps a arm around her. A small pat is given.

She just seems far away for a moment...

The images play in her eyes, years drifted by...she just...

She survived, she did everything to survive. She ate the flesh of anything she could kill, she avoided the Golems when she did...

She ended her gore filled days in a cave she found, shivering and cold, wrapping herself up in whatever she could find to keep her warm...often times she had to find new shelter when something bigger than her found her.

Things became easier when she could bring things back...things stopped taking her stuff...only the Nightmare Golems still gave her problems...

"I didn't know you cared.." She manages to get out, trying to be a little doesn't quite come out as sassy. "I'm fine."
Minette Odam "How could I hear that and not care?" Minette says, drawing back a little. "Aw... awwwwwwww..." Oh geeze, now Minette's crying. Little crybaby. "That's so sad..." And then she hugs Helena again, ostensibly for Helena's benefit but also for her own because man that was sad!
Helena Celba Helena looks towards Minette for a moment...for all of her flaws, this once she is seeing something that isn't poor stupid Minette...but someone who is understanding her, and not juding her based on what she is. She smiles, it is not very pronounced because Helena doesn't often smile genuinely...

"There's okay." She says, softly. act like this happened to you, who's supposed to be comforting who?
Minette Odam Minette sniffs a few times into Helena's shoulder. "I... I didn't know... a-any of that stuff! You shouldn't hold that in!" A little bit of snot is dripping down her nose. Sniff, sniff. "If you eh-eh-ehver need to ta-alk about it, you come to me, He-He-Helly, bec-cause I'll listen. I'm here to help y-y-y-yoooouuuuu, wuaaaaaaaagh!" And then she buries her face in Helena's shoulder again.
Helena Celba Helena reaches to grab a na-oh right into her Gi...goddamn it..

She sighs, patting her again, she could get it washed...or burned.

"I don't talk about it for a reason. I have learned to control the training doesn't always work, I am still training."

She sighs...patting her again. Geeze...
Minette Odam Minette pulls back, calmed down but still sniffling on occasion. "Ah... ah..." She grabs her cocoa and starts gulping to calm herself, falling back into her chair. "So... so what happened? How did you lose control the other day?"
Helena Celba "Alma." she says, "She is a little brat that refused to talk reason. She continued to poke at me in things I actually care about. ...My relationship with Kyra, Kamon coming into the picture, and Alma interfearing with it when I specifically told her to /stay the hell out/. Kyra and I have some history...and I was just about to make some progress with her when I found out about Alma interfearing..." She sighs, "Then she went on about it, pretending to be innocent...worse, she then came at the company, claiming we sent something out to kill her, and suggested that we knew everything."

"Eventaully, she threatened me in a way that just...hit my armor in the wrong way."
Minette Odam "I don't know why she keeps say that... I think... I think maybe she's doing it for the attention? It doesn't make sense, why would we want to kill her?" Minette shrugs, pushing her glasses up her nose. The accountant pulls her legs up onto the chair so she can warp her arms around them. "So... so what's... between you and Kyra? If you... don't mind me asking, that is."
Helena Celba "...She wants to be the victim, and the voice of authority." She says, annoyed. "And..." she smiles, again soft, "We' know, more than friends." She says, with a nod, "She even admitted it to me...after the blow up. I was a little surprised." she says, and looks at Minette, "And I don't mind. It's not like I am easily embarrased about these things."
Minette Odam "Wait, she /is/?" Minette replies, voice shocked and eyes wide. "But... but she and Kamon are... I /saw/ it with my own eyes!" It instantly dawns on Minette that Kyra Hyral is clearly a woman of loose morals. This is no way influenced by Minette's personal feelings on the matter of Kyral Hyral. "So... so... you're dating Kyra and Alma doesn't like that?"
Helena Celba "Alma hates that, you know how Cosma Fundlementalist are...even if she claims she's not, she subscribes to that stuff." Helena says, "...And Are you sure you saw what you thought you saw? Maybe it was just a conincidence...or maybe Kyra is doing a little Kamon on the side...maybe she's into Odinirs." She grins a little...she isn't so mindful if Kyra is satisfying her needs on the side.
Minette Odam Minette states, flatly, "He came out of her bedroom in nothing but his underwear."
Helena Celba Oh my...

"Huh." She says, "Well...getting a little Kamon on the side.." She shrugs. "Why...what's wrong with it?"
Minette Odam Minette buries her head in her knees. This tells Helena everything that she needed to know; Minette wanted help to seduce someone, she's upset that Kyra and Kamon are... are... are... ... /doing it/!!! It all adds up. Oh, Gods, and it's even worse because it doesn't even /mean/ anything to Kyra, Godssssssss, is EVERY Hyral a terrible person?!
Helena Celba O-oh...

It makes sense now...

She moves...softly, and moves to pull Minette into a soft hug. Which means right into her chest, "...I didn't realize...maybe...I could talk to her? Maybe it was just a missunderstanding...and if she is serious about me...maybe he is free again.."
Minette Odam Fmumpf. "Mmyuh wuhmh ffnk foh?"

Minette pushes Helena back by her shoulders. "Pfah... you really think so?" There's that in, feint wavery tone of hope to her voice.
Helena Celba "Well, I don't think Kyra is the one that is very...promicious as you might think." She says, "I'll ask. Alright?" Helena says, with a small smile, "And I am meaning that, not in the mean way either."
Minette Odam "Yay! You're the best!" And then Minette wraps her arms around Helena, hugging her tightly (which isn't very tight because Minette isn't that physical imposing).
Helena Celba Helena chuckles...

She gives the small girl a hug.

"...You know, I was genuinely thinking about the issue you presented me with your glasses. I was thinking of a solution."
Minette Odam "Yeah?" Minette says, sitting back. "Is... is it making a love potion? Because I really don't look good in fancy clothes."
Helena Celba Helena siiiighs, "I mean about revealing your face more. Your eyes. I might have something, but I need to make a copy of your glasses...sadly I don't have a item duplication spell.."
Minette Odam "Eh? Well... I guess that's okay." Minette says. "I mean... no contacts, though. I have this... thing, about things touching my eyes. Really freaks me out. Like totally."
Helena Celba "No no. I think I might have an idea with your glasses that might hide them. " She says, "Something to help you in the short term so I can find a perminate solution." Helena thinks... "Have you consulted a white mage about your eyes?"
Minette Odam "Yeah, as part of the company health package. They said I have cataracts and glau-something. That prevents contacts because it means that my eyes' surface isn't even. I don't get it, looks round to me, but... anyway, they also said that under the Ramuha legal system I'm 'legally blind', whatever that means."
Helena Celba "...It means your eyes are so bad that you are blind. By legal definition. You technically can't drive." She says, frowning. She ponders just finding someone else's eyes...she hasn't done that before, but with her skill in necromancy...nah. That might squick her out.

"I think I might have an idea you'll like. You'll still have them, but I think I can do something to make them invisible."
Minette Odam "Invisible, huh?" Minette says, placing a finger on her chin in thought. She doesn't see any downsides to that. "Alright! That sounds great!"
Helena Celba Helena has ideas...this might be a work in progress though! "Alright! I need a pair of your glasses first. This isn't going to be a small or short process."
Minette Odam "But I... only have the one at the moment." Minette says, tapping the rim of the pair she's wearing. "Thirza... kinda sorta sat on my spares... ... ..."
Helena Celba "...Geeze," Helena says, "...Well, we need to get you another pair first. we know anyone good with mater recreation?"
Minette Odam Minette stares blankly. "W-well, we could just get the doctor to make a second pair...?"
Helena Celba "Or that." Helena says, frowning. If you want to be BORING.
Minette Odam Minette raises up her glass of cocoa for a toast. "To being awesome!"
Helena Celba Helena laughs, raising the cocoa, and nodding "To Thirabanism." She adds.
Minette Odam "TO THIRZBIANISM!" Minette concurs. Extra words so the Tracker will pick up the pose.

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