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(2013-06-24 - Now)
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Mewt Randell The return trip to Ivalice hadn't yet been made and, in fact, things were still in planning. Like how to get rid of the giant heartless. Freaking giant heartless. That was one thing that terrified Mewt, actually. How was he supposed to deal with it? How was anyone? He'd heard rumors around of something called Gummi's that might work, but he didn't know much of them and his meager attempts at scouting around had as of yet turned up nothing.

Then there was that man who had claimed it was possible to control the Heartless. Was that possible? Surely no one would lie about something like that. Perhaps Mewt could try and learn the magic behind it and see if that could work. ...could the giant heartless even be controlled? If it could, surely Mewt could simply force them and the rest of the heartless back from where they came.

...but why hadn't someone already done that? Why hadn't that man done that if that was the case? Or perhaps he was and simply couldn't do it en masse.
That must be it.

Mewt sits as he did sometimes at a table in a little outdoor cafe in District 1. He was by himself today, Cid was elsewhere doing something that a Judgemaster might do. There was a notebook in front of him as well as a drink and food, hand furiously scribbling ideas or something or another onto the paper as if he needed to write it down to remember. Good ideas, bad ideas, any ideas. Even a few on how to talk Ritz into beating Marche up and getting the book back.
Ritz Malheur "Hey."

By the time Mewt looks up from his scribblings, Ritz is already sitting down in the chair across from him. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to get past all the Judges escorting you? It's like they're all paranoid." Ritz sighs. "Your dad's really got them working full time on things." Ritz sits back, considering how to best broach any number of topics. Well, "So... prince, huh?"
Mewt Randell Mewt never did do well with surprises.

Perhaps that wouldn't come as a surprise to Ritz when he jumped up and back a little, nearly tumbling over in his chair from surprise. An embarrassed expression slides across his face before he looks down towards the notebook again, pauses, and quickly closes it. "I do not. I have never... tried to get to myself. And that would be Father, not them. He... is overly cautious." He'd never tell Cid that, though.

"And yes, Prince." Awkward silence.


"I'm sure no one would mind you being Princess." he said conversationally, before realizing what he said and once again looking embarrassed, "I, ah... didn't quite mean that how it came out. I meant... um..." sigh. Yeah, awkward. For him at least. "You should come around more."
Ritz Malheur Ritz pauses for a moment, trying to internalize that. She sees herself, sitting on a throne in a poofy dress with a tiara. That sounds... really boring, actually. God, yuck. "Not for me, I think."

"Clan Ritz keeps me busy." She replies with a shrug. "Bills to pay, missions to assign, monsters to hunt. I love it, though. Though sometimes... ugh. You'd think Viera wouldn't act like children, right? But they do. They're just more subtle about it."

There's a few moments of awkward silence, then Ritz comes right out and says it, "What's your take on Marche's plan?"
Mewt Randell "I do not know much of Viera. At least, how the truly are. There are few working for the palace, but they keep to themselves." Mewt looks down at the half his his sandwich that he hadn't touched yet and pushed the plate slightly towards Ritz, silently offering the rest to her. "What do I think about it? He's a nutter." Comes a rather antiquated expression. "Let some crazy anarchist talk him into tearing the world apart and hoping to put it back together. Ezel will do anything to remove the power of the laws, or so I'm told, and he seems to be doing a good job of trying. If Marche's actions... succeed..."

Mewt trailed off there before mumbling, "I don't know what will happen, but we can't take that chance. I won't risk everyone in Ivalice on some crazy plan to destroy the world before the Heartless do."
Ritz Malheur Ritz holds up a hand in regards to the sandwhich. "No thanks. Trying a vegan diet." Not that you can get anything else when surrounded by Viera. They are so unwilling to shoot most cute fuzzy animals that it isn't funny. Augh.

"Ok, so that's fair enough. But let's, for the sake of arguement, think things through logically. Does the Palace have a solution for dealing with the fact that, 'whoa, that's a really huge Heartless'. I mean, if nothing's done, then that's going to destroy the world more surely then Marche will."
Mewt Randell There's a moment of silence as Mewt tries not to yell at someone who was once his only friend before saying almost angrily, "A bad plan is not better than no plan! And yes, we have plans, not solutions. If we had a solution this would not even be an issue. I have been working on my own ideas but... there is no way to say what will and will not work, only what is crazy or remotely sound."

Mewt takes the notebook he had to tap it on the table a few times, almost as if simply fidgeting, though it may be obvious what was in it now. "Please do not even try to validate his craziness, Ritz. Please, I'm begging you. He was good to us in Manhattan, but now... we can't let that lead us to destroy a world to try his crazy plan. It's still insane to think destroying a world before the Heartless do is an improvement. You might as well say since we're all going to die to them anyways, you might as well commit suicide."
Ritz Malheur "Okay." Ritz replies. "You've got plans, but they're not being acted on. They must not be very good plans, then, or else you would have told me about specifics instead of just refering to them as 'plans'. I'm not really sure what happened between you two, but I think there's more going on here then just a simple miscommunication. Because that's what it looks like from an outsider perspective."

"Marche doesn't want to destroy the world, what he wants to do is move it." Ritz explains. "He's just really, really..." Ritz sighs, her face adopting a world-weary expression, ".../really/... bad at explaining it."
Mewt Randell Mewt sighs softly before rubbing his face with his hands, like he was coming up short on what to say. "He... explained it to me fine, Ritz. And even considering that, it is simply nutters. I cannot believe you are trying to convince me his plan is sound. YOU, the most level-headed, reasonable person I used to know! Have you even considered the consequences of what would happen?! He wants to break the world up into tiny pieces, and even if he could reassemble them, what are we going to do about the people in Ivalice?! We can't very well ask them to let us put their lives at risk and destroy the world beneath them while we indefinitely look for some new place where the Heartless can't get them. Would they stop existing? Would they ever exist again?!"

Yes, Mewt has thought about the entire thing, extensively. "And even if you evacuated every single thing in Ivalice, that doesn't change the fact that the Heartless are everywhere! Moving something a foot to the right, or fifteen worlds to the right, doesn't mean the Heartless can't get to it! That's ridiculous!"


Mewt smacks his hands down on the table as he stands up, "I am the Prince of Ivalice, damnit, and I can't put them all at risk because someone thinks the best idea is to dismantle the world and move it, or keep it dismantled indefinitely, to protect it! If I have to be the bad guy and lose all of my friends to protect them all, I'm going to do it! I had simply hoped you would..." he started to soften his voice a bit before looking down, "...that you would back me up. I don't have any friends anymore, Ritz. Just my father, and Mother... no one. I was so happy to see Marche was there, and you, but when he started talking crazy about how he was going to save Ivalice by tearing it apart, then..."
Ritz Malheur "He didn't explain it to me very well." Ritz counters. "I'm not trying to convince you of anything, Mewt. I'm just trying to explore the matter at hand in a simple, rational way by the processes of logic and reason. It's all so simple to you, but not to me. I'm only playing the Devil's Advocate here, there's no need to throw around accusations, Mewt. Honestly, what's gotten into you? You're not like this."

"I'm not saying that I won't still be your friend... even Marche considers you a friend, still. But he feels that he has to do this to protect the people. I'm just trying to figure out why. I'm not saying that he's right, but I am saying that we're running out of time. Who knows how long before that giant Heartless breaks through the barrier and destroys everything? In the end, we might be forced into a situation where we can only save a few instead of the whole."
Mewt Randell What had gotten into him? Even he knew he wasn't normally like this. It was the pressure, the responsibility... the fear. He was terrified of losing his family, truth told. Of losing his mother again. Could she even leave Ivalice? Would she exist if it didn't? If Ivalice never came back... would she? "I'm sorry." he said softly, "But acting that way towards me is just going to upset me. Please realize that. This isn't a game, Ritz. It's not a book, not a story. This is the real world. And the moment you give up and accept that you have no chance, you have none. I won't ever allow him to have the chance to try Ezel's crazy plan. I cannot risk it. Even if I was just a kid in Manhattan, someone everyone picked on, here, in Ivalice... I have to protect them all. I have to protect everyone. Even from themselves." he looked towards Ritz as if that was partially meant towards her.
"You said you would help me get the book back if you didn't accept what Marche had to say. So which is it? Are you siding with him, or me?" He hated putting her in a spot like that, but it had to be said, simply. No matter how much he just wanted to have her around and play games, or do fun things... or just have someone around again his own age.
Ritz Malheur "I know this isn't a game, Mewt!" Ritz snaps, her patience with people talking down to her about the fate of the world wearing thin. "I'm not treating it like one, I'm treating it like an adult does, by taking my time and gathering the facts... /all/ of the facts, before making a decision. And I'm not going to let anyone, not even you, bully me into making a choice before I'm ready to."

Ritz folds her arms in front of her chest. "This isn't a story-book so I'm not expecting a story-book ending, which is what 'saving everyone' would be. I'm thinking like an adult... and adults have to make hard decisions sometimes."

"At the moment, here's things as I see it. Right now, Marche's plan is crazy... and I /will/ grant that it /is/ crazy. But right now, what you have is 'nothing', which is a zero percent chance of saving anyone. As insane as it is, right now his plan is the only one I've been given that has any chance of success. So what am I supposed to do, Mewt?"
Mewt Randell "You're supposed to come up with a new plan instead of saying the crazy plan is better than no plan! Because what if his plan fails?! What if he destroys the world himself before we find a way to save it?! What if all along it's simply Ezel trying to find a way to dethrone us and he knew all along how to rid the world of the Heartless?! It could be any number of things, Ritz! But you can't sit there and seriously think that just because I haven't laid out every possible idea that I have that you honestly have no choice but to go to his! That's the same thing as tearing our own hearts out before the heartless do, in the hopes you can put them back in later when they aren't around! It's insane! Not having a good plan and waiting until we come up with one is a hell of a lot better than acting on insanity!"
Mewt looked like he was about to have a panic attack. Perhaps it was having this 'debate' with Ritz of all people that was causing him to feel this... well, freaked out. After all, she had always been there with him before, how was it that now she seemed to be siding with someone against him?
Ritz Malheur "Alright, Mewt. You tell it to me, right now." Ritz looks Mewt square in the face. She tabs a finger onto the table, as if to say 'lay it out'. "Tell me your plan that has the greatest chance of success. Tell me what it is that you want to do."
Mewt Randell "My plan is to trust my mother, who has so far protected the world, to keep protecting it until a better plan is realized. My plan is to wait, and think rationally about things and not fall prey to an anarchist who has tried before to tear our world apart, and is now trying again using an old friend who has somehow talked my oldest, and at one point only, friend into accepting the insanity as the only way." he responded softly before picking up his notebook and looking rather sad about things. "Join me, Ritz, in protecting our world. From Marche, if it comes down to that. Please... don't go down the same path he has. I, we, will not lose this fight. Even if it takes forever, we will come out on top, and Marche's plan will fall through. Do not be on his side when that happens. I don't want you to be caught up in his madness."

"Please." he asked softly again, extending a hand towards her.
Ritz Malheur "Your... mother?" Ritz asks, taken aback. "Mewt... your mother is..." She does not accept the outstretched hand.
Mewt Randell Mewt nods and looks aside, reaching down to pick up the bear he always had with him to hug lightly to himself. "Yes. She's back, somehow, and she's the Queen. I won't let Marche take her away from me. Father... isn't a drunk anymore, Ritz. He isn't a failure. I don't have to watch him apologizing to people and trying to keep a job. He's the King... Judgemaster. Ritz, this new world has given us a second chance. You can use Magic, Ritz! I can too! We're not just kids who can't do anything, we're important, and powerful! We can stop the Heartless, but we have to trust Mother! She's done it this long so far, and I won't allow anyone to try and stop her!"
Ritz Malheur "Power comes with responcibility, Mewt." Ritz says quietly. "Back at school, I used mine to protect the weaker kids because I was able to. It wasn't about doing things to maintain my reputation for being tough." Which she didn't want in the first place. Mewt's outburst leaves her visibly unsettled; it brings back a memory of Marche's blind faith in his own crazy plan. The temptation to take Clan Ritz and just walk away from the whole affair is there. But Ritz knows she wouldn't be able to look herself in the mirror if she did.

"Why should we trust your mother? What is /her/ plan?"
Mewt Randell "How about you ask her, Ritz? She's alive and well in Ivalice. When we go back there, I can take you to the palace and give you a chance to find out. She has... always told me not to worry about it and that she will take care of things, so I have never actually... pressured her into telling me what she has planned. I trust her, though. And Father. And both he and I agree that Marche has lost his ability to reason at the moment. He is scared, and is grasping for any way to save his friends in Ivalice. But this is not the way."
His hand remained out. "Please, Ritz. If you want to protect people, as you have been, siding with Marche and his madness is not the way."
Ritz Malheur "I'm not going to make a decision, now at least. Not without having all of the facts. But I'll talk with her." Ritz assures. "I don't agree with you about Marche, though. He's clearly in control of himself, he's definately thinking, and he might be too dumb to be scared."
Mewt Randell "..."

Mewt says nothing for a moment before turning to walk away. But not before he says as he leaves, "I'm warning you, Ritz. You are a friend, and I only want the best for you... but if you side with him, or interfere with me taking the book from him? You will share his fate. I will not let indecision or madness destroy the world that has given me mother back."
Ritz Malheur Ritz opens her mouth to speak, but bites her tongue and lets Mewt walk away. He's gone through enough today and it won't do anyone any good to pressure him further. She'll figure out why breaking up Ivalice will take away Mewt's mother later. Maybe she will do it after she asks Mewt what the heck is /up/ with that /hair/, because that's been bothering her in the back of her mind since she first saw him.

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