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(2013-06-24 - Now)
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Faruja Senra Maira has spent a worrying amount of time in bed. Understandably so, to one rat-like Templar; the Burmecian is still torn over whether they truly did the right thing, and has thrown himself into ensuring the woman has every need and want covered. Luckily, the Holy Order of Shrine Knights are true knights, often called upon to perform diplomacy and other humanitarian acts alongside their more martial duties. Siding on the entirely humanitarian act of 'helping a woman in need of spiritual counseling', he's also managed to avoid the crowds of Fluorgisians back in the Desert trade city. It's worked out well, if driving the rat up the wall for worry over the woman. He knows all too well what it's like to lose a father.

That she was forced to lose him, a father, and a friend for years upon years, only makes the rat's heart ache more for her. Half of his day has been in prayer for the two souls.

A tail swats upon the Templar's room, wholly given over to the devestated woman. A tray is his hands. Slightly past ten. Time to at least get the woman to eat something.

"Maira, be thee awake, my dear?" Comes the Burmecian's voice, soft and warm as only a worried friend's can be. "I've breakfast."
Maira Maira has slept a great deal. That is, perhaps, to be expected. Her body and her spirit had suffered a grave shock. Uist was gone, though she dreamed of him still. It perhaps one of the reasons she has spent so long asleep. Every now and then she would wake up, feel her stomach growl...but she couldn't be summoned from the bed. Her dreams called to her, her dreams, where Uist still....well, lived is the wrong word. Existed in a way in which she could interact with him. In the dreams she was a whole person still.

When Faruja enters, Maira is actually awake. She is curled on her side with her back to him, her eyes open and staring into the distance, vacant if not lifeless. Her stomach however, the inevitable betrayer, growls quite loudly, voicing its defiance for her depression.

Maira sighs. She can't stay like this forever, can she? She'd promised herself she would go back--would live. She wouldn't live if she didn't eat. Thus, for the first time in days, Maira sits up in bed and looks toward Faruja, wan and pale, but undeniably hungry. "H-hi Faruja..."
Faruja Senra Were Faruja's hands free, he'd cross himself as the woman sits up for the first time in days, and speaks. Instead, he chooses to walk closer, setting the tray down on a little end-table. Eggs, bacon (darn you Skoll!), and little blueberry scones waft delicious food-smell towards Maira. Can she truly resist a good breakfast? There is tea here as well!

The Templar's betting on no, given her stomach's protests. Sitting down at a chair a foot or two away from the bed, Faruja holds his head up with his hands and regards the woman with a worried gaze. He doesn't bother asking how she is, it'd be a stupid question. "'Tis good to see thee up. Hello, Maira. Eat up, hmm? Need thy strength now more than ever. Can I get thee anything?"
Maira Maira sits back against the headboard of the bed, trying to summon a smile. It is a weak one. The food smells delicious. Maira is usually a voracious eater, but as she reaches for breakfast she picks at her food, trying to summon the energy and motivation to actually eat. This is stupid, but she feels so hallow. It is hard to do much of anything.

She looks to Faruja, her eyes placid, blinking several times. "I'm sorry...if I've been a bother. I won't impose anymore--thank you Faruja, for what you did. Has...Perci been around at all?" she asks. She'd fallen asleep in his arms. She doesn't know where he's gone to now.
Faruja Senra Squint! Faruja slowly gets that 'healer's look' of dissapproval as the woman simply picks. He's going to stay here until it's all gone. A claw points to the food. /Eat/, Fire Mage, /eat/!

Her words have him shaking his head, a light smile coming to his muzzle. "Maira, my home is thine own, 'tis never an imposition. It goes far too unused as it stands. Whenever you need, think nothing of it." The rat will be cursed before he denies a friend, particularly one so dear as Maira, a place in his home.

As for the gargoyle? The Templar had, of course, left the two alone. He's too much of a gentlerat to go spreading gossip or intrude upon the Squire's admirable act of comforting the woman in her time of need. It brings a fond smile to his muzzle.

"The dear Squire is somewhere about the city, I believe. Not as of this morning, however, though admittedly 'twas busy with my own duties about Mullonde." A Templar's work is never done. Even now, piles of paperwork and reports lay half-done on his sitting room table, accompanied by a distinct lack of booze. He's been too worried to even drink, a rare thing for the Burmecian. "I am...just happy that you are alive." The image of Maira laying upon the ground, seemingly dead, still lingers in his mind.
Maira Maira winces slightly at that 'healer's look' of disapproval. Sure, she can give that look, but that does not mean she is immune to it. "I'm sorry Faruja, it's....its just....hard," she says, words failing her. The girl looks like a husk of herself, a jar that had been scraped clean.

She sighs gently and takes another few bites of food, slowly remembering. Maira looks up again to meet Faruja's eye, her own gaze haunted, knowing. "I almost wasn't, wasn't I? I...I almost stayed. I thought heart...and the world...and all the people--and I wanted to just...cut my heart out of my chest and send it Palamecia without me," she explains, her voice cracking slightly, eyes tears as she looks away.

"What is wrong with me?"
Faruja Senra Faruja nods slowly. "You must eat, my friend. Slowly, but please...too many days, not enough food. I shan't see ye rot away in my own home, if I must feed thee myself." The Templar sounds serious about it, too.

Though he's stood on the edge of life and death numerous times, and so recently brought back, Maira's circumstances are far different. Would he have done the same? The Templar couldn't say. Moving, he sits beside her, a hand reaching up to straighten her hair like his sister would for him whenever he was upset. "Nothing. Nothing at all, Maira. Not once was the burden set upon thy shoulders ever put to thy own will. This entire.../mess/ with Palamecia, the heartless, lost worlds...thrust upon thee without one wit of regard for thy own choosing. The temptation to lay it all down, and wither away from all that has been done? I would like to see him that hath not had the same temptation in this life, nevermind upon the gates of the next."

His red eye peers into her amber ones. "For all of that sorrow, and pain, and you are. I have seen white magic, and mundane healing. 'Twas not our efforts that ultimately brought thee back. You /chose/ to live. To think thee /wrong/? Nay. Nay, Maira, it seems you are exactly the woman I always knew thee to be."
Maira Maira turns her eyes back to Faruja, the despair in her beginning to overcome the numbness. It is a step in the right direction, actually. Tears are cleansing. Crying is --something--. It is something people who are /alive/ do.

Really, Maira has been having a very terrible time. She reached to place her hands over her heart, leaning toward Faruja until her head rests against his shoulder. "I am surprised there is anything left of my heart. Maybe the Light is gone. Maybe it is....broken," she replies quietly.
Faruja Senra Tears. Even as he gathers the poor woman to his shoulder, letting her cry and lean as she needs, some part of him inwardly sighs. It'll be a long process, but, she's now on the road. Even sadness is better than that shell of a person he'd witnessed for these past few days.

"Wounded. Scarred and pained, mayhap in some ways for an eternity. Nay, not broken. Fate, my friend, would not be so kind to release thee of thy task so easily, so much as I would rather see it so. In time, thy heart will mend, until the day comes when 'tis truly thy destiny to spend that timeless eternity with thy dearest of family and friends. For now, heal. Weep thy tears, scream thy rage, bellow thy sorrow...anything. Anything at all. Whatever it takes to continue on."

Cloth touches her cheeks, the rat's free hand dabbing away a few tears with a handkerchief.
Maira Maira wraps her arms around Faruja, hugging him gently. She still feels so weak, but the food she has eaten has sparked her hunger further, and soon enough she'll be reaching for more.

But for now, she simply lets the arms of a friend encircle her and let his words give her hope. "I just...I want to be happy again. I'm not sure how. This...I know it was right but it hurts--and I don't even...I hardly know who I am anymore. And things are...things. I must have done something wrong...." she trails off, then takes a deep breath.

"No. I'm not going to think about that."
Faruja Senra The hug is returned, gentle and warm, the touch of a gentle healer to the most fragile of patients. Indeed, it's as if the poor woman's heart is of glass. Faruja is almost afraid to squeeze, for fear he'd finally break her.

"I wish I knew the answers, Maira. I...half of my soul still quails at what we did." The rat's shiver is slight, quickly suppressed. No, he won't crumble while Maira needs him to be strong. "Happiness shall find thee. All of those whom care for thee shall see to it. In /that/, you have my promise. Mysteries abound, and painful ones. But so too shall there be joy, and love, enough to cease crimson tears. That is what I believe, Maira."

A nod. Faruja smiles. "'Twould be unlike thee. Think not such thoughts. Make peace with thy past, and turn to the future, alongside those whom love thee."
Maira The mage sighs heavily, squeezing Faruja a little more tightly. "I saw him...and my mom...together again. That at least, gives me some peace. Once he remembered, it was so painful for him--I don't know how he did what he did, but I know he did it to save me, back then. We talked for a long time...I...yes, I am fortunate at least, that I was able to say goodbye. That I knew him as I did," she says, trying to fight the positive. Uist would not want her heart to be crushed forever without him. He did this to protect her.

"Those...that love me. I will just--yes, I will learn to accept what is offered and not want for more," she comments.

Maira pulls back then, and reaches for a scone. She practically inhales it. This is a good sign.
Faruja Senra A squeeze, and a pat on the back. Honest feelings and the fact she's trying to be positive fills the rat's heart with joy. She's trying, just as her father would have it. "A father and friend to be admired. To know he is with his love...a memory for all thy days. Keep it close to thee, and know his love when days seem bleak."

A swift nod. He watches that scone disappear. /That's/ the Maira he knows.

"Good. /Good/. You shall live, Maira. We shall get thee through this. Eat up, now. I shall see a bath drawn, and then let us take a walk, hmm? Fresh air shall do thee well."

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