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Unknowing Connection
(2013-06-23 - 2013-06-23)
Aboard the Romancing Saga III, Reize and Annalise have a chat with turns out into a small surprise between the two.
Reize Seatlan It is a smooth sailing for the small sail ship, Romancing Saga III. The salt fills the air as the small ship continues to travel along the water. It's movements are slow and the ship rocks to the current tide. Yet, the tide is calm.

This makes the seafaring travel a little more of an adventure.

Reize, the leader of the Shard Seekers, out at the outer docks. He is trying to get over his travel of the sea. He is working on drawing upon the will to fight against getting seasick. He has been successful, eating his oranges and other sorts. He has even tried not to think about the fact that the salty air is around.

The boy leans up towards the edge of the boat.

"To adventure, hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!"
Violet "You are afraid of water, but you are leaning over the edge of the boat like that?" a voice asks curiously from behind Reize.

Violet smiles some as she moves closer, the sea air pulling at the skirt of her dress, tugging at her pale blonde locks as she crosses her slender arms and leans against the railing right next to him. "Its rather beautiful out here, hm? The color of the sun reflecting off of the water. It looks like a mirror."

The smile on her lips grows some as she shifts her crystal blue eyes towards Reize. "You look like you are doing better."
Reize Seatlan "Eh?" His attention turns towards Violet when she addresses about his fear. He grunts, furrowing his eyebrows at her, "Tsch! That is the way of the adventurer!" He beams, then he comes down from the edge.

When he finally drops, he looks over at Violet before he extends a hand her way. "Yeah, it is beautiful." The boy lifts his head towards the sky, able to see the white clouds passing by. And just ahead, there is the sun glimmering from the water.

"Yeah..." A smile is given towards Violet, "I am trying to do what I can to fight against the seasickness. Admittedly, I've been in a forest village all my life, so..."
Violet Annalise couldn't help but smile a bit more when Reize grins back at her. He had that uncanny ability to make her heart melt when he smiles.

He drops to the deck again beside her and the pair look out to the ocean together. The perfectly white whispy clouds and the sun seeming to make the ocean glitter brightly with constant movement.

Hearing his reply though, Anna chuckles. "So have I, but I at least have learned to swim." Giving him a small sideways glance, her crystal blue eyes shimmer with mirth as she teases him openly. More comfortable doing so that she has in the past by far.
Reize Seatlan The smile is drawn towards Annalise when she returns the smile. As the young princess looks alongside of th ocean with him, Reize shuts his eyes a bit. He scoffs at her statement, muttering a bit with a sweatdrop.

"...I never quite learned how to swim. My impomptu swimming lesson did not go so well." He muses, leaning against the railing. "I suppose that I should at some point." He shudders.

He then furrows his eyebrows, "... I would had liked to be able to explore my world a bit more." He considers, "There are many places that I would had liked to see." He lifts his arms into the sky.

"The Castia Kingdom would had been neat to see."
Violet Anna chuckles lightly, "I know that you may not be completely comfortable with water, but, if it helps any I am here if you ever want to learn. When you are ready." It was an offer, but she didn't push it on Reize if he didn't want to learn from her.

The change of the air was quick as she watches his expression change. Softly pressing her lips together, Anna looks up at the sky where he extends his arms. After a silent moment or so with only the sound of the water gently washing up on the side of the boat, her expression softens.

Leaning forward, the girl rests her chin on her arms as the gentle wind continues to sweep through her pale yellow locks. "Yeah..." It was his next absent words that give Annalise pause, hesitating for but a moment before she looks back to Reize without pulling away her chin. "Did... Ivo tell you that?"
Reize Seatlan The antenna hair flops around a couple of times, then it points at Annalise while his eyes squint slightly. "Hmm... I suppose so. I'll be sure to grab you when I am ready to learn!" The boy chimes out, his antenna hair straightening proudly. Reize is beaming all over.

Reize is taking the time to enjoy the sound of the sea; the seagulls cowing, the tide splashin about, the ship moving along the water without a hitch. This is the Romancing Saga III.

When she asks him about the castle, Reize shakes his head, "Err, no. There is a kingdom in my world. When my father was an adventurer, he came across an adventurer that he wouldn't forget! A stout, strong man, but had a jovial sense of humor. Err.. Albert was his name!"
Violet Recognition flickers her in eyes, pausing for a moment before straightening herself and turning so that she leans back into the railing. "Sir Albert Lancastrian." she murmurs lightly. "The man that would become the King of Castria."

A part of her had dropped with the realization that they were from the same world, the same Kingdom even. But if they even went back... they would be separated. She's a princess, and Reize is a commoner. It was only a hard reminder of what their reality really was.

"What are the chances of this happening..."
Reize Seatlan The antenna hair flicks up as he looks surprised, "Buh?! Really?! He is now a king?" The boy lifts a hand up, then he furrows his eyebrow for a moment. "If he is the king, then..."


Is that smoke comin from Reize's head?

After a moment, Reize dismisses the thought, and then he looks at the change of her expression. "What is wro--..."



Finally, the little hampster in his head starts running on it's wheels as revelation hits Reize.

"We're from the same world?!"
Violet Annalise blinks her crystal blue eyes up at him when the realization finally hits Reize all at once. "It seems like we are, yes..." she replies, smiling sheepishly as she pulls her gaze away from him. "I am not sure if that means anything but... I wonder now if it really is a coincidence."

Her soft lips part with a small breath as Anna absently reaches up to brush back the pale ponytail locks from her face. "Your father... was not one of the founding ones, right? One of my father's most trusted?" She hoped with all of her might that he wasn't. Because that would mean that his father betrayed hers.
Reize Seatlan "...Perhaps it is a coincidence, but it may mean that there are more people from our world that may have escaped the Heartless!" The boy beams happily, "There is hope to know that there are people from our world in different parts of this world!" Reize furrows his eyebrows, "Granted, not sure where we would find them, if they were about."


"Founding ones?" Reize rubs the back of his head. "I am not sure what do you mean by founding ones. My dad never stuck around a place too long. He was often exploring different parts of the world like a true nomad." He rubs the back of his head, "... The only reason he ended up sticking around in our village was because of his injuries and to raise me. Though, I could always tell that part of him wanted to adventure again."

"Err, not sure if you heard of him, but, his name is Luan." Luan Seatlan, a wandering swordsman with long-black hair who had the knack of being at he right place at the wrong time as far as disasterous situations were concerned. Luan was a drifter by default, who sought to explore and learn about the various worlds.
Violet Glancing up at him, something kin to relief ocould be seen in her eyes as she fails to recognize the name. "That is good." she murmurs. "Really good." A smile grows on her lips as she closes her eyes and exhales a small breath. She didn't want to hate Reize, or his father.

Sighs quietly, she returns her gaze up at him and her smile warms. "Maybe one day I can meet your father. And... you can meet mine? I am sure that he would love you."
Reize Seatlan There is a look of relief on Annalise's face, which causes Reize to look at her with confusion. The young man relaxes, nevertheless. His hand lifts up a bit to grasp Annalise's hand once more. Intwining the fingers together, the boy muses.

"Hee! Hopefully under good circumstances!" He rubs the back of his head with the other hand, "He may be upset that the last time he saw me, I..uhh.. ended up shirking on my chores and relaxed at the raft." He smiles, "I'd love to, Anna.."
Violet A soft rosy flush colors her cheeks when he takes her hand and gently threads her fingers through hers and a comforting, intimate gestures. Annalise gives his fingers a small squeeze in return and leans closer, her side nudging his. "I am sure that it would be perfect regardless."

Her flush deepens subtly as she tilts her head to rest against his shoulder.

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