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(2013-06-23 - 2013-07-30)
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Akari Seran Bevelle is an armored fortress that calls itself a city, it's majestic walls rising up above the land, carved from stone using long forgotten technologies that would ironically be considered heretical by the current inhabitants. Countless spires and domed bastions rise from admist the branching arms of the city's expansive foundation, reaching high into the white blanket of clouds that seems to eternally linger overhead, as if its artificers thought to build a bridge to the heaven's themselves. Whatever, their intentions, Bevelle is a wonder to behold and would be considered a marvel of engineering on any world.

Akari sits atop one of these upthrust towers. Her empty gaze is turned outwards as if to survey the land that stretches out before her. Hills and forests are little more than bumps and patches of dark green from this incredible vantage point, what little of them can be seen through the wispy hazes of thick cloud that encircle the upper reaches of the pinnacle like a shroud.

Ofcourse, as she is entirely blind, such things are lost on her. The scope of the city is one of the few details that she can appreciate. Few people venture to the great heights of the stone citadel's grand peaks and she enjoys the solitude that can be found here away from the buzzing din of the city proper. Occasionally one of the religious guardsman makes their rounds on the broad catwalks or wide bridges that crisscross below but none ever think to look up and take notice of the intruder in their private sanctum.

Akari puffs on the smoldering remains of a cigarette as she leans back to rest her head on the smooth domed roof. Twin wisps of grey smoke drift from her nose as she quietly considers the past few weeks, as she has done ever since arriving in this world. The vapor congeals into a faint haze around the girl, encircling her head much like the clouds encompass the spire upon which she sits, and like a brooding dragon she lingers on the edge of consciousness without fear.
Vespa Vespa isn't quite as high at Akari but she is on one of the higer platforms looking out across the ocean. "This is quite the view isn't it Al?", she says seemingly to herself, whoever this Al is they don't seem to be around. She takes a deep breath of the sea air and blows it blowing her hair back.
Serah Farron And here comes another part of the world she hadn't been to yet. It just seems like she's doing a pilgrimmage of her own, moving around the different continents and towns. She doesn't really have any goal.. Well she does, but its complicated. Between finding people she knows about, like her sister and fiancee, she's also looking for clues as to what her Focus might be. But cryptic dreams aren't very clear on it, so she thought maybe going around different places would help.

So here she is, in Bevelle. Its another town that looks somewhat like Eden, like Arcahdes, technology abound it seems. Some towns are much more medieval compared, this one has running water and electricity among other things. She walks along the street, keeping her ears peeled for anything of interesting, that might help her on her way back home.
Akari Seran Time passes slowly in the sky. There is little to distract Akari from her peaceful rest or interrupt her languid thoughts as she considers the past and the future to come. She allows her geomantic senses to wander outwards and her mind drifts on the gently rolling banks of cloud that flow in a steady but slow current. Every dip and rise is explored as if she were a visitor on some alien world and each subtle bulge and wispy arm held some fascinating secret like only a dreamscape can provide.

A sharp burning sensation jolts her out of her gentle meditation. The girl spits the still burning nub of embers that remains of her cigarette into the clouds and a string of vivid curses follows it. Well, so much for relaxation.

Grinding her teeth in annoyance, the girl slowly pushes to her feet and stretches, her slender body leaning back and forth as she teeters on the ledge composed of only a few inches of stone that jut outwards from the tower's smooth walls. Her bones creak and pop with the vehemence of tiny gunshots as the tension of her awkward sitting position is worked out.

"Guess I should head back..."

'And do what?', she wonders. Wait around even more? Her room is certainly more comfortable but equally as boring. She briefly entertains the thought of venturing out into the city. Perhaps some sightseeing would be enough of a change to keep her entertained for the evening. Who knows, maybe someone would even be stupid enough to pick a fight.

After a final stretch, Akari takes a step forward and simply falls off the ledge. Her body plummets through the clouds like a boulder, quicking gaining dangerous amounts of speed. She freefalls for several seconds, only noticing the hard surface of a platform jutting out into her path when it's far too late to change course. A quick burst of air at the last moment catches her like a parachute but she still hits like cannonball. The geomancer lands with a heavy thud on the platform beside Vespa, falling to one knee as the velocity forces her to catch herself on her hand. The stone beneath her cracks and splinters, fracturing outwards in a spiderweb pattern that renders the carefully carved patterns on its surface to shatter like a mirror.

"Bloody hells, who put this damn thing here?!"
Vespa Vespa jumps a bit as something hits the stone behind her with great force! She slowly turns around first seeing the cracks in the store jutting out and someone is standing there..

"Are you okay??", Vespa ask. Thought usally if someone falls that fast and makes that big of an impact they are usally dead or have suitained some major injuries. Tthis person is talking and looks allright So mabye that not the best question to ask. Vespa at a bit of a loss as to how to recact to this situation at the moment.
Serah Farron Serah Farron was walking past the ocean front area when she heard the loud crashing sound. She doesn't know what made that sound, but she approaches in case anyone is hurt and needing a Cure... something she can do at least. Or call an ambulance with MaBelle... obviously must be something to do, right?

But hearing the following complaint, she knows they are concious at least... that's a good thing. But she approaches to check in case of serious injury at least "Is everything okay?" She wonders outloud, hands in her back.
Akari Seran Akari remains crouched for a few moments as she continues to spout vulgarities at the long-dead designers of the city. The ruined stone crunches beneath her feet when she finally does stand, rasping loudly against the unprotected surface of her soles as if they were made of stone themselves.

The young woman turns to face the other two people sharing the platform with her. Other than a bit of powdered rock clinging to her knees she seems completely unharmed by the incredible fall though it hasn't done much for her mood if the dark scowl she sports is any indication. Akari glowers at Vespa as she bends over to dust herself off in a casual fashion.

"Why the hell wouldn't I be?"

Her head tilts to allow her to shift her glare at Serah when she comes running up to echo the same question and Akari growls in annoyance. "<GOOSEHONK>, is everyone in this damn city going to come running now?!"
Vespa "Well you fell.. well more like dropped from the sky. Not something that normally happens and someone surives. So I'm a bit surpised.", she pauses for a second. "Consdering the company I keep I shoudn't be."

Vepsa looks over at Serhah chuckling a bit. "I hope not I don't think everyone would fit on the platform!", she trying to ease the tension a bit, she doesn't want to start a fight..
Serah Farron Serah Farron is standing far enough away, not getting too close to the platform. She can't say she really likes heights, not like these anyway. "Uhm, just checking, I heard the sound since I was nearby, I was just worried that someone was hurt." She just bows, and then offers a smile akin to ^_^ when she raises back up "Sorry to disturb you!" She chimes, and then turns on her heels, moving back from where she came. No, she doesn't need to ask questions, or why Vespa said something about dropping out of the sky. Nope! It won't keep her from sleeping tonight either, considering she's seen weird things. Weirder things.
Akari Seran "Tch, only a weakling would die from something like that."

Akari gives the retreating l'Cie another harsh glare as she turns to leave just as quickly as she arrived. This type of behavior is what she's come to expect from people. Fear and cowardice. It makes her sick.

Dismissing Serah from her mind, the girl who might as well be a demi-god turns her attention back to the maid. Her dead eyes gaze at her in the way that blind people do, looking towards her but not really seeing. Akari extends her other senses outwards just as easily as a human might use their eyes, however, forming a basic mental picture of the girl through the vibrations in her body.

It takes a few moments to compile a proper image in her mind but her eyebrow quirks upon realizing that the strange object on Vespa's back is infact an incredibly massive weapon. Her curiosity piqued, Akari marches over to stand before her and reaches out to grab the axe, trying to lift it away from Vespa.

"Hmph. Quite the toy you've got here."
Vespa "No one touches Al unless they ask first! Don't you have any manners@", Vespa looking visibly uspet and tires to keep Akari from getting her hands on her massive axe. "..and it's not a toy!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron returns to her wanderings around the street... maybe something to eat would be good right now. There must be some foot booths somewhere around, she would think. She hmms, and explores the city. She's not one to stay where she's not wanted or needed after all. That'd be rather nagging. And they seemed to be okay enough to be annoyed by her, so probably not in pain enough to be distracted out of their anti-socialness anyway. Someone in pain would probably ask for help.
Akari Seran Akari looks mildly surprised to see the maid attempt to keep her away and pulls her hand up short.

"You... named that thing?"

Her scowl slowly begins to melt into an amused grin. She takes another step forward and reaches for the axe again, casually ignoring Vespa's annoyed protests. Any attempts to push her away or knock her hand aside meets with the same success the girl might have trying to push a mountain away with her bare hands. Akari seems to be an unstoppable juggernaut but she moves slowly and telegraphs her intentions as if trying to get the other girl to take the bait and try to stop her.

"Heh, sure looks like a toy to me. Comon, lemme see it!"
Vespa "I didn't name it it already had that name when I found it. And why don't you <GOOSHONK> off!", Vespa says looking even more annoyed and frustrated as Akria looms every closer, she not going to let her touch her axe now! She acting like a schoolyard bully, she hopes she doesn't have to restort to violence but if she has to well she show her just what she can do with this axe!

This scene contained 14 poses. The players who were present were: Vespa, Serah Farron, Akari Seran