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(2013-06-23 - 2013-06-23)
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Morrighan Alazne Archades. Yes, Morrighan had heard about the...incidents that have befallen this area. She had absolutely nothing to do with it however, and thus, never resolved to come this way. This would have stayed such were it not for other factors. What other factors? Well, the fact that Murasame and his business was currently located in the area.

She remembered a while back...a party in Carwen was it? Something about a job offer. Not to say that Morrighan was actively seeking new employment. The church had it's conveniences, zealotry and corruption aside. But it never hurt to explore one's options. And it was with this thought in mind that the dark elf came to the city, or more specifically; approached Murasame Corp's flagship vessel, the Ame-no-Torifune. An impressive work of craftsmanship really.

But for a corporation to be run out of an airship...were they falling on bad times? It certainly didn't seem that way with the manner their heir carried himself. That aside, Morrighan approached the the most obvious entrance she could locate, hailing down the nearest attendant and asking for Souji Murasame himself. She gave her name and mentioned that he had offered to discuss job oppertunities some time in the past.

"I do wonder exactly what I would be doing in a company like this however..." They seemed rather modern for her usual set of skills, which were arcane in nature. But then, she'd know when they talked finally.
Souji Murasame The Ame-no-Torifune is a marvel of magitechnology. The ship itself holds to many classic lines, sailing through the air on stormclouds. Lightning crackles down around its glowing neon energy sails, striking lightning rods that radiate from a horseshoe-shaped attatchment that circles around the ship horizontally. Upon each end of the 'horseshoe' there is a crackling cannon that holds a great deal of pent-up energy. The back of the ship thrums with powerful engines, leaving blue-white ion trails through the clouds.

The office and study of Souji Murasame is well-appointed, in rich, dark woods, but generally functional. There is a well-crafted table of ebony, upon which rests a tea service. In a cabinet to one side is a wine cooler and liquor cabinet, as well as a set of crystal glasses. There is an office desk in the corner, the glimmer of a magitechnological computer present. There are several folders on the desk, as well as a framed picture of a teenaged woman in a pure white dress. Windows on the sides of the cabin afford a view of the area outside, while a locked door leads further in, presumably to private sleeping quarters. The business is clearly handled here.

Souji himself is present on the ship, the nerve center of the rebuilding Murasame Zaibatsu. Despite the 'hard times' they have fallen upon, Souji and Morrighan both share a simple tenet:

Never let them see you bleed.

Morrighan is passed from an attendant to a secretary with strange red eyes and an... 'impish' disposition. Before she can give Morrighan trouble, however, she is called into the office heretofore described. Souji himself stands at his desk, eyes sharp behind his glasses as he looks upon Morrighan. "Welcome to my office. Please, sit. Would you care for some refreshments?" He asks. His tone is pleasant and businesslike. Once she is seated, Souji shakes his head. "We do not limit ourselves like some organizations. We make use of both magical and technological initatives to allow for a unified approach to deal with the challenges of the worlds we live in."
Morrighan Alazne Entering into the airship, Morrighan remains quiet, but mentally marvels at the sights that pass her eyes. This probably had to be one of the more impressive airships that the elf had come across in quite some time. Baron prided itself on their aerial competence, but none of their ships came anywhere close to the majesty that this ship presented. Both inside and out.

"To be expected of such a company I suppose..." She mused to herself, arms loosely crossed as she looked left and right, up and down, following the attendant along vaguely. She was passed along to a secretary soon after, but they spent so little time together that Morrighan hadn't even committed many pertinent details of the girl to memory. Entering into Souji's personal study, she paused in the doorway.

"We meet again." She would have said that it was a pleasure, but...not quite yet. She needed to know what was being offered first and foremost. That thought in mind, she stepped further inside, taking a cursory glance of the surroundings. Her eyes briefly settled on a portrait of a woman in a white dress, causing her to raise an eyebrow. But she dwelled on it no longer and proceeded to take her seat.

"Some tea would do fine I suppose. Surprise me." Morrighan chose, smiling pleasantly at Souji and settling her hands into her lap. "That is admirable. Both magic and technology have great benefits. To choose one and revile the other is only a quick means to deny oneself off possibilities." A nod then. "Though I admit I am not quite as well versed in much of this 'modern technology'. Those MaBelles as they call them are the only advanced tech I have learned to utilize thus far."

She shook her head then and decided to set the topic aside for now. "Now, that aside, I suppose I should ask; what do you and your company want from me exactly?"
Souji Murasame Souji knew better than to leave Morrighan in the care of Helena Celba for long. She, like all secretaries, is designed to filter out people from bothering him. She takes to her purpose a little /too/ exuberantly.

Souji nods, and turns to move towards the table with the tea set. He moves with precision and grace as he creates a small flame beneath the teapot with a flick of his hand. The heir can use magic as well, it seems. With ritualistic motions, he sets the pot to boil to a precise temprature, measuring out loose tea leaves and setting it to steep within the pot.

While he waits for the brew to complete, Souji nods. "You will find that magic is an intrinsic part of our corporations' operations. Some of it will be familiar to you. Some will not. It gives ample room to adapt to new possibilities and changing times."

He pours the steaming brew carefully into two delicately painted ceramic cups. One is brought to Morrighan, the other is taken for himself. A small caddy of additives is placed on the desk within reach of Morrighan should she wish to add to hers. Souji takes his straight.

"From you? Well, you have made a reputation for yourself during your time in Baron as a woman who can get things done. Your skills in magic, both for healing and offense are useful to the Zaibatsu, especially in our biotech operations. There is a great deal of war going on, and frankly, medical supplies are in high demand, which means they can be sold at a premium." He takes a sip of his tea, pleasant even while discussing the economics of war.
Morrighan Alazne "I see. That makes sense. I am not opposed to gaining new knowledge. One only stagnates if they stay still for too long after all." A nod is given then as Morrighan took the offered cup, adding a few extra ingredients from the offered display without thinking much of it. Once done, she took a tentative sip. Seemingly pleased, she set the cup down listening to Souji's explanations of what exactly he wanted in the meantime.

"Is that so...I was not aware that word had spread of me to that degree." Well, that was a lie. Her name flew all over the airwaves after that tree incident. Not to mention various other Baron shenanigans before it. Still, in this case, she chose to play it down. "I can understand the sentiment however. Where there is war, there is business. And where there is business, there is money to be made."

She took up the cup again, taking another sip before adding to her statement. "And the services of healers, magic or mundane, are invaluable during such times." Setting the cup down after another sip she folded her hands into her lap, an amused smile on her face. "So in essence, you wish to add my skills to your company. In order to further your overall goals." It was simple enough. But it was also what she expected. That was generally why any organization sought her out.

"But then, I must ask; what exactly can you put on the table to make me leave my current post for you? The Church of Glabados has provided quite a convenient situation for me after all."
Souji Murasame "I can appreciate your realistic grasp of the situation." Souji says, summarizing a great deal of prior discussion. "I will summarize our offer, however." Souji says. "You will be well-paid for your expertise. You will be placed in charge of our magical biotech research branch, given resources to pursue whatever research you like as long as it will bring us profit. We are not encumbered by certain strictures you may be familiar with in your experience with your current post." He pauses. "Additionally, you will receive the protection and assistance that you no doubt are familiar with from your current association. You will have an opportunity to grow your skills and gain access to new opportunities."
Morrighan Alazne Well.

Morrighan listened patiently as she took up her cup, drinking her tea slowly to savor the flavor. "I see. That sounds quite tempting." Souji could probably figure that the church prevented her from performing certain kinds of research or magical experiments and rituals based on religion and faith and all that good stuff.

"The ability to freely research the magical arts as I please is something that I...have not had the pleasure of having recently." It was true. The church shut down all research based on whether or not it offended their sensibilities. And with Baron, she was run ragged with their warmongering campaigns to be able to research and learn different magicks. The dark elf paused at this, staring downwards into her tea cup, observing her own reflection.

It almost sounded too good to be true, really. Were she the same woman she were several months ago, she probably would have said no out of paranoia, but... "This sounds leaps and bounds more ideal than my previous assignments. I believe that I...will take this offer."
Souji Murasame Well, he /does/ have to offer something Glabados doesn't. They are an established, rich organization. The only thing Souji can offer to compete is the most valuable thing in the world.


At least, relative freedom. It's simple economics. You have to offer something of value to gain something of value. And for someone like Morrighan...

"Excellent. We are pleased to hear it." Souji allows himself a faint smile. He pulls a thin sheaf of paper out of his desk, various contractual information visible on it. "Feel free to read this over and sign it." He offers her a fountain pen with which to do so.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan would feel bad for abandoning Glabados, but...let's be real, she didn't look back when she left Baron. Though technically that was more of a forced ejection on the part of not wanting to claim ownership of her outrageous deeds at the Iifa Tree. Regardless- "Of course."

Taking the paper, she set the cup aside and began to scan the page intently, reading for any ridiculous sort of fine print that would cause problems down the line. Finding nothing too outlandish, she eventually nodded her assent to the terms and took up the pen, bringing it to the line below and leaving her signature.

"There you go." Finished signing, she turned the sheet around and pushed it back over to Souji over the surface of the desk. "Is there anything else I should be aware of at this juncture?" She had no suspicions about this, at all. It sounded perfect. ...And in a sense, it was perfect.

A perfect trap, that was.
Souji Murasame The contract is standard employment boilerplate. Both of them understand the real techncialities of their agreement won't appear on any paper.

The undercurrent of realism between the two is refreshing, really. Souji would almost regret doing this if he had any capacity left for it.

He takes the pen and signs it himself, scrupulously dating the paper before turning and placing it into a folder.

"At this point, all you will need to do is report to our medical area for a physical examination. Our employees health is important. You can't work if you're sick or injured, after all." He pauses. "You should have no issues there. Tomorrow, you can begin your new job."

Unfortunately for Morrighan, her new job is going to not be what she expects. Were Souji more aware of Morrighan's actions, he might appreciate the irony of this a bit more. Regardless, the work is done. "I look forward to working with you." He says, holding out his hand with that faint smile for a handshake.
Morrighan Alazne "An examination..." That was new. Baron and Glabados certainly didn't care enough for one of those. At least not on startup. Still, thinking nothing of the notion, she nodded. "Very well. I will do just that then."

That said, she reached forward and took Souji's hand, shaking it. She smiled faintly as well. Actually believing that this was some new opportunity. How mistaken she was. "I will see you tomorrow then." And with deal done, Morrighan stood from her seat and turned, making her way to the door.

One final glance was spared to the Murasame heir before she stepped out, presumably to be led back out by some attendant.

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