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(2013-06-23 - Now)
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Cressida Cressida had remained in Fluorgis, curious to find out more information about the mysterious wolf who had latched herself onto Faruja, somehow. How very strange, for a wolf to deny her own kind, and fall for a member of a different species altogether. Not that Cressida is one to talk, having forsaken her own heritage, in fact, having tried her best to hide it from others. Even so, Hati had seen right through her guise.

Fluorgis is busy as always, as it seems a miracle had been spotted here not long ago. The church was here for a while, keeping an eye on things, bathing in the attention that the holy chalice and its miracles provided..And of course, standing guard over the newly built cathedral.. Cressida is also here on alert, knowing that the Heretics are likely lurking in the darkness, wherever the church can be found.
Faruja Senra A cloaked figure sails over the rooftops of Fluorgis, through the lesser used buildings. Each landing is light, nearly silent, lacking in any clanks or sounds of metal. The figure traverses the town easily, if warily, avoiding the great gaggles of Ajoran faithful; most notably, the ones around the Shard Seeker's headquarters.

Several leaps later, and a certain wolf-Templar may notice this figure landing several feet away from her. Who could this mysterious cloaked person be?

The garment comes off. It's none other than Faruja, who gives a relieved sigh. "Oh dear Faram, save me from thy wonderful, if over-enthusiastic, faithful." Comes the rat's lament at his newfound celebrity status. Turning, he notes Cress.

"Lady Cressida! A sight for weary eye, indeed! Lord bless! Pray, inform this humble servant of Faram that there are no /more/ problems lurking about yonder cathedral?" His voice is a touch hopeful, even as he salutes his fellow knight.
Cressida Cressida's keen ears twitch. The rat's very sneaky, hiding in the rooftops. For a while he remains undetected..But eventually the wolfess picks up his scent, and the sounds of footsteps coming closer, moments before he reveals himself.

Cold blue eyes narrow, spinning around to face him, although she relaxes at the sight of him, offering a faint, cool smile. "Ser Faruja. 'Tis a pleasure to meet you once again.." she arches a brow. "It seems you are gathering much attention. Are the locals still gaping over your miraculous rise from the dead?" She smirks, looking bemused.
Faruja Senra A hand rubs a temple, the Burmecian smiling despite those cold blue eyes. "And thyself as well, dear Dame." His muzzle opens, then closes, an exhausted chuckle escaping him. His tail swishes, and he comes to rest at proper speaking distance, offering over a canteen of water.

"Oh, Faram in heaven, and such a clamor they make! While their newfound faith and zeal is astonishing, frankly...'twould prefer them to be at Mass rather than hammering upon my doorstep. Should this keep up, it shall be a problem. Mobs of well-wishers will do nightmares for our security. /That/ is one thing we cannot afford now."

The rat crosses himself, and turns his attention to the Temple-woof, looking her over. He'd never had a chance to properly study her before, given many of their meetings seem to happen in dire circumstances! "What of thyself? Any leads upon the assassins as of yet? Or Heretics within the city, for that matter?"
Cressida Cressida seems bemused although as always, her expression changes little. "Hmm, a pity that energy cannot be focused elsewhere, say..Towards the new Cathedral. However, I think the display actually did some good. It proved to them that miracles DO happen within the church, and that 'Faram' is not merely a bunch of hogwash.."

She too, crosses herself as if against her supposed blasphemy, even if taken lightly. "Hmmm, I have not seen head nor tail of these assassins, although I have not explored all of the city just yet. Tis a larger city that I anticipated, and the openning of the cathedral and guarding and managing it has certainly kept me busy. However, I shall continue to search on this matter.."

Cressida seems to size him up equally. He is certainly the first Burmecian she has ever met. "And what of you? I trust you have healed completely of your wounds? Have you suffered any other...Unexpected effects, from the chalice?"
Faruja Senra "Energy, M'Lady, is oft easily turned with the right motivation. I shall speak with Father seems his earlier proclaimation was not enough. A few words of encouragement from the receiver of the miracle may yet prove useful, hmm? If such fervor is gained at mild discomfort to myself, then so be it."

Faruja sighs. He leans closer to the wolf-knight, confiding in her. "One of the assassins is due an interrogation. Unfortunately, I am considered too close to the event to perform such. I need a second, and...frankly, 'twould be the least I could do after thy efforts helped save my life. Thank you, M'Lady. If it would help catch the assassin, by all means."

An ear-perks. Faruja's head tilts. "Effects?" He ponders the question, rubbing his chin. "No...well. I feel...oh, how to explain..." Closing his eye, he nods.

"Even now, I yet feel the hand of something far greater than myself upon me. 'Tis as though Faram himself is pushing me towards a fate that I cannot yet see...Though I know naught why He would be interested in myself. Far worthier souls to watch."

This scene contained 6 poses. The players who were present were: Faruja Senra, Cressida