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In the Deep: Serpent's Trench
(2013-06-22 - 2013-06-23)
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Narrator The rumors began not long ago. Huge sea-monsters were sighted near the Serpent's Trench. Not just any sea-monsters, but the sort that have glowing yellow eyes. Fishing boats had been attacked, and a call for help had gone out to those who would be willing to fight back against such agents of darkness. The locals nearby had even raised enough funds to prove any willing heroes with water-breathing magic, at least enough to last an expedition into the murky depths.

At first, little seemed out of place. Above, a storm rumbles, making the seas choppy and the waves rough, but beneath the surface, everything seems calm. That is, until they reach the mouth of the Trench. There, in the dark, is not one pair of yellow eyes, but several. It takes only a split second to notice them, and then they're gone - vanished around a bend in the caves. It leaves only one way to go in order to track down where the Heartless may have gone.
Shadow There is at least one unlikely hero in the mix today. One and a half if you count the dog. Shadow arrived as the locals were funding the 'free underwater buffs' line. Interceptor follows, of course, and looks exponentially more excited to go splash through the water than his dark-clad friend. The ninja attached what looks like a rebreather mask over his face before getting the magic-- clearly holding little trust in strangers. Even the strangers were given enough pause if he was actually planning on helping. A small writ-of-contract is produced to validate he is 'working' on this job.

Off they go into the water and through the storm. To Grandma Heartless' house they gooo. The ninja has simple, graceful strokes through the water. The same can't be said for the large beastly dog who paddles-- like a dog-- through the water as a big doggy grin is slapped on his face. Such an pair, those two.
Setzer Gabbiani Attacks on fishing boats? Well, that's interesting to know but... oh, Heartless? And the population is giving some help to go to the Serpent's Trench?

That promised to be a good game. And where a good game is, Setzer follows closely behind. Leaving his Blackjack on the outskirts of the town, our intrepid gambler joined the heroes in purging the seas from the yellow-eyed menaces. If anyone asked him, he'd say it was for the thrill of the match. Deep inside, he had to admit that leaving the inhabitants of the town to their fate did not sit well with him.

And so we find him now, swimming in chase of the dark menace.
Myla Mason Myla Mason could feel the water, she was a Levitani. Her people were tied to the water on a very deep level, she could sense the flow of the tide and the state of the water. Something did not feel right to her, something felt wrong here and it drew her here on top of the call for help from the locals something wasn't right here. She could feel it before the storm hit she looks out upon the sea's as the storm forms she raises her goggles and looks down to the robotic dog by her. The mechanical creation whines and doesn?t seem to like it at all Swimmer does not like this.

Some short time later she's in the water not bothered about magic she does have a re-breather with her as she always does and her goggles are pulled down a she keeps with the others who have come to help or been hired to do so. Still as wrong as the water feels it's good to be back in the sea. Even if it is not the sea of her world some small part is always with her. So down she goes to the only place the Heartless might have been able to go. Shadow, his dog has got her attention it's an interesting beast to be sure and Stezer is likewise someone she does not have experience with and is curious about but first and foremost they got the Heartless to hunt.
Akari Seran Rumors and gossip, like the wind itself, have ways of finding their way through the cracks and dark reaches to touch even the most unlikely of places. Hidden away within the confines of the small apartment that her one, and likely only, friend had acquired for them, Akari has been rather reclusive since her arrival in the expansive seaside city of Bevelle. News from the outside filters through to her in tiny morsels on the odd occasion that she gets out to stretch her legs, but as ever, she remains ambivalent to the world around her, much as boulder cares little for the ants and grass that it crushes while tumbling down a hill.

Yet, despite this carefree attitude, she finds herself in the odd position of actually needing to care about how much trouble she stirs up. Not for herself - she'd happily smash her way across the world and grind anyone foolish enough to stand in her way underfoot - but for Aeschere. While she puts up a good fight, the little knight isn't the kind of person who could live with having the hate of the entire world bearing down her like Akari. She is far too upbeat and friendly to live the loner's life.

Also, unlike Akari, she can actually go out and mingle with the general populace without wanting to punch someone through a building. It is this very helpful trait that allows her to catch wind of the expedition and bring the news to the sequestered berserker.

Practically numb with boredom, Akari jumped (literally) at the chance to get out and lay waste to whatever unfortuante creatures had chosen to make their home within this 'Serpent Trench'. Even the name sounds ominous and forboding. Just the kind of place to rustle up some fun.

She did, however, fail to mention that this little excursion was out in the middle of the ocean.

Akari strides along the bottom of the seabed, resolutely putting one foot infront of the other. A constant grimace twists her youthful features. Even through the odd tint of the water her skin looks somewhat pale and discolored, a reminder of the last several hours she spent hanging over the side of their ship, retching near constantly even long after she'd emptied the contents of her stomach.

Unlike the others, she declined the magical breathing spell, having no need for such when the very elements themselves bend to her whims. The girl moves with complete freedom beneath the heavy pressure of the deep, walking forward as casually as she might on the land and easily keeping pace with those who are required to swim to make headway. Her fist is clenched, the knuckles having long since gone with from the tension building up inside due to her agitation. If she doesn't find something to hit soon, it could be unpleasant.
Squidi Coming from the depths of the water, another Heartless joins the mess. Its prelude is a tiny black squid that suddenly jumps out of the water. It's cute, its adorable, it even makes a little sound. 'Sqreeee!' It's so adorable! Tiny little heartless emblem on its forehead and the most adorable cartoony snout on its face. 'Sqreeee!' It goes again, making a happy expression and uses its tiny little octopus tendrils to make a single jump forwards to the group... right onto Akari's foot.
Aeschere Childs These two seem much likelier if you're in the bounty hunting and mercenary business in area; Aeschere at least has been doing yeoman work keeping the roads clean of Dread Shadow (not you, the other one). The pay is wonderful, do you know. This task is... slightly more advanced than her usual fare, but who doesn't like a challenge now and then?

She's travelling light for this mission, what with all the swimming involved. Even without the plates, though, that vest is a good ten kilos, and she drops like a thrown spear toward the floor of the cave, where the going will be much simpler. She wears no mask, but the faint glimmer of a water-breathing spell is upon her.

Even on dry land she has trouble keeping up with Akari, and she certainly does little better in this muck, moving more in long bounds than in measured strides.
Heartless Lunchbox That's the thing about small and cute. There tends to be more of them around.

Another pocket calamari wiggles out of the water and leaps forwards, landing with a comical little 'splat' near where Myla was.

It and several eel-like compatriots curiously bump noses and try to poke Swimmer curiously with small 'eeeee' noises that would fit nicely on a lunchbox.
Shadow Chew toy!!! Ahem. Heartless!!!

Interceptor barks and dog paddles with great intensity to go 'play' with the otherwise cute animal life on Akari's foot. It is almost as if this is some sort of aquatic squirrel for him. Paw. Paw. Bark. Roll around on the ground. Snap up. Bark again at the second heartless.

Shadow vastly ignores his traveling companion in exchange for getting a footing on his surroundings. Where there is one... There is the other. The man swims over to his dog and Akari-- saying nothing in favor of letting the candid chaos play out.
Myla Mason Myla Mason notices something coming at them Akari's presence makes things more complicated to Myla. This job just got worse in her point of view but she's going to have to deal with it one way or another. She stares at the Squidi for a moment, wondering what the things is then realizes that it is a heartless they seem o found them. Swimmer is thinking much like Interceptor is, chew-toys yay, so many chew-toys for it to play with and not get yelled at by Myla about. This will be a good day for the mecha mutt.

Myla Meanwhile is going follow up Shadow and darn well try to keep with the group, given the nature of this place the heartless and the water just feeling off she's not certain what might be going on. She mentally tags Childs and Setzer as additional allies, her eyes dart about as she wonders if there's more trouble coming for them. This can only be the start of very likely an entire swarm.
Akari Seran The cute little display from both the heartless squid and the playful dog doesn't last very long. The moment its slimey tentacles squish into her foot, Akari glances downwards at the creature with a deep frown that quickly evolves into an unpleasant snarl, teeth grinding as her lips pull back in an animalistic fashion.

The heart symbol upon the creature's head might as well be invisible to the blind girl's unusual method of 'sight'. Her senses are cast out in a complex web throughout the ocean, reading both the vibrations that it transmits to keep her bearings and the displacement of the water to provide negative images that give her a sketchy 3D image of each person and thing within upon which to use.

She can, however, feel the strange murky darkness flowing from the body of the small squid. It is a presence that she knows well - one that she isn't particularly fond of, either. Finally, with something to channel her pent up rage against, Akari unleashes her fury.

"Little BASTARD!"

Her fist swings up towards the sky, sending a cascade of small clustered air bubbles flowing out around the slender appendage as it cuts through the water with ease. There is a flash of movement as she brings it back down, followed by a muffled thud when her knuckles strike the ocean flood. The sea around her explodes into a dirty wash of rock and mud as if a depth charge has been set off beneath her fist. Powerful pressure waves buffet those nearby, quickly losing strength the further they travel as the sheer volume of the ocean bleeds the force out of the shockwave from her strike.

Akari and the Heartless squid vanish in the muddy geyser, obscured from vision until the debris and dirt begin to settle.
Squidi Akari decides she doesn't like tiny little heartless, and PUNTS the little octopus straight for the ceiling of the Trench. The little thing makes cute squeeking noises, like a squeeky toy, each bounce in the further depths of the cave. Then... a loud rumble. The heavy splashing of water, and then, an /ENORMOUS/ version of that tiny little Octopus suddenly appears. It looks almost like a momma octopus - and it's not like anyone here knows wether or not Heartless actually /breed/ or not.

It blocks the passage of the group of heroes and dips its tendrils into the underwater sands for a moment, then suddenly pulls out /eight golden weapons/ and lets out a squiddy BATTLECRY!

Which means lots of black bubbles that rise from its snout and then pop a few yards above it. It points a golden Trident at Akari with the most /mean/ look it can muster.

___ ___ _____ _ _ ___ ___ ___ ___   ___
/ _ \ / __| |_ _| /_\ | | |_ _| | _ \ / __| | __|   ( _ )
| (_) | | (__ | | / _ \ | |__ | | | _/ \__ \ | _|   / _ \
\___/ \___| |_| /_/ \_\ |____| |___| |_| |___/ |___|   \___/

_ ___ ___ ___ ___ _ ___ _ _ ___ ___
/_\ | _ \ | _ \ | _ \ / _ \ /_\ / __| | || | | __| / __|
/ _ \ | _/ | _/ | / | (_) | / _ \ | (__ | __ | | _| \__ \
/_/ \_\ |_| |_| |_|_\ \___/ /_/ \_\ \___| |_||_| |___| |___/

The glass of the screen you are currently watching suddenly breaks, as there is a sudden BATTLE TRANSITION!

The camera spins neatly around the party, zooms in on the GIANT OCTOPUS for a moment, and then zooms out onto the whole of the battlefield.
Setzer Gabbiani 'Hmm?' the gambler thinks, just before the mud is eveywhere. Swimming away from the cloud of mud, he looks around at every moment he can do so, trying to discover what just happened.

And that's when he sees what the supposed beasts are. As cute as they seem, the gambler has a feeling he does _not_ want to pet or cuddle them. Even if they were normal squids.

Not that he thinks of it, he's not sure he would cuddle the original animal either. 'Well, time to-' Whatever he was thingking, it was rudely interrupted as a GIANT OCTOPUS appears!

"CLUBS AND SPADES!" he shouts... or tries to, as he only produces air bubbles. Sort of. He sure hopes the others have their subtitles on. Whipping out his deck of cards and shuffling them, the sky captain prepares for the engagement.

"Dealer, the game is on! Winner takes all, loser goes home broke."
Heartless Lunchbox Some eels make delicious chew-toys but sadly, not these. They flail and pop like soap bubbles leaving a thick trail of dark vapor and a slightly fishy miasma as they are torn to pieces.

What is even more unpleasant about the situation is when the boss monsters get genre savvy enough to start teaming up. A large and unpleasant looking eel-like monster with multiple claw like fins swims in from a side passage, blocking the retreat of the stalwart heroes from the Octopus With a Grudge.

Beware Heroes: PINCER ATTACK!

(Battle Transition: Go!)]
Myla Mason Myla Mason watches as Akari goes postal this is not a surprised but this is dangerous who knows if she'll stop after she's handled the heartless. She's already going for a weapon of her own as there are many more heartless. Still there?s more there's a whole lot more of them coming and Akari perhaps will get her lust for battle sated today. AT the very least she'll be busy fighting the strange under water heartless at the very least.

"It looks like they found us before we could find them!"

Myla calls out as now more heartless come, but eels? Eels no one likes eels save as food Myla has found in her experience and this is one of those times. Now the team is suffering a dual assault from two fiendish groups of sea heartless. She's not going for her weapon just yet, she pulls several strange items which she starts to throw at the school for lack of a better term of eels which would explode letting out a fairy nasty sonic pulse that generally made to repel most forms of sea life. It's for them like hearing some of the worst pop music all played on seven different radios at once.

"I'll try to slow these things down!" She calls over to Setzer "... Your style! I like it!"
Shadow The first beasty doesn't surprise the ninja of ninjatastic ninjatude. The second does, but that comes later. Interceptor is just thrilled there is more dogtoy to go around. Mechamutt and Megamutt might have to play tug-o-tentacle later. Being close to Akira during the tussle, Shadow spaces himself away from the otherwise vibrant thrashing that lead to Momma Monster summoning.

Of course with the token 'Welcome to Combat' screen crash, Ninja-Shadow01 falls into his underwater combat stance. It is similar to his above-water combat stance, but look-- his headband and sash flow from water currents instead of air currents, kids!

Woof! Interceptor is off, dog paddling with mighty mutt fury towards the Momma-- growling, snarling, and biting something chewy while his shady brethren launches a salvo of shurikens into the approach. Amazingly they have little air bubbles around them that keep them going at sharp, ninja like speeds. Is it ninja magic? Is it poor coding? Who knows?! The assassin himself ends the advance with a quick strike-- looking for potential weak points over trying to out-brawn this thing.
Akari Seran A second detonation rocks the placid waters as the cloud of mud seems to explode from within. When the sediment finally clears enough to see again, Akari is standing in a small crater that was not there before, her long ponytail flowing as if in slow motion as the waves ripple dramatically around her.

The geomancer turns her attention to the massive squid-thing. Eight weapons for as many arms attached to a bloated oversized body, the Heartless monstrosity cuts a fearsome image through her geo-sight and the girl's snarl manages to shift into a toothy grin upon beholding the thing that challenges her.

"Finally! You better put up a good fight, you hear me?!"

Digging her feet into the silty soil, Akari draws upon her prime element of earth, pulling its power and strength into her body and shaping it to her will. Her muscles harden unnaturally becoming as dense and resilient as the strongest stone as raw inchoate rage surges through her like a palpable aura.

Her body folds in on itself suddenly, the girl hunching over in a primal fashion as the exposed skin on her back begins to discolor and shift. The blemishes seem to grow outwards forming small mounds on her shoulders but the mystery as to their purpose lingers for only a moment.

With a terrible cry of fury, arms of chiseled stone erupt from the girl's body, clutching and flexing like living things as they are brought into existence. The ragged nub of flesh that was once her right arm provides another base upon which one of these sculpted offshoots springs forth, providing a masterfully crafted prosthetic replacement for her missing limb.

Akari takes a bold step forward towards the multi-tentacled monstrosity. Now, instead of a single powerful fist, she sports eight arms of granite that protrude from her shoulders and back. The freshly formed digits clench and flex into murderous balls of fury and the sound of grinding rocks actually manages to be audible through the dampening curtain of water that seperates the various members of this impromptu party.

The odds just got more even!
Aeschere Childs Aeschere is a small stone in a large sea, and she's well used to Akari's outbursts by now; she makes no effort to retain her footing when the bomb goes off, and fetches up along a tunnel wall near the ceiling, where she hangs, waiting for the murk to clear.

The full picture is pretty awful, though. That's a mighty big octopus, and those are some mighty big weapons it's holding.

Her vantage is good, though; "Eyes front!" Over Akari's head, the little knight launches a black lance towards the bulk of the tentacled horror, before sinking to the gloom of the cave floor again.
Octalipse 8 Suddenly! Dog! The Octopus quickly spits out a massive cloud of black ink and then starts whirling around, pushing the currents outwards and pushing Interceptor and Shadow back both at the same time. But at the end of its little whirl, the giant head is still turning a little, and its eyes suddenly go all swirly. But it finally gets upright again and then turns its attention towards Akari who seems to be busy summoning up... /eight arms/!?

The Octopus shakes its head and then slowly looks at each of its weapon. It's as if it were counting just how many arms it has. It then turns to look at Akari. Its eyes slowly going from one fist to the other, head nodding when it passes past each one. And when it finally finishes counting, it suddenly shakes violently and TURNS RED! Akari just made it angry!!! It shakes its head again, thrashing around, and then suddenly throws a massive SHIELD - human skeletal arm attached and all - straight at Aeschere Childs and ends up deflecting the spear. It then reaches that tendril back down into the sand and picks up a new shield!


It then rushes at Akari, stabbing forwards with that Trident for her midriff, and then uses an old-fashioned /boxing glove/ to try and knock her up into the air. This is followed by it grappling at Interceptor and trying to hug it to its chest... and crush it.
Setzer Gabbiani "Well, let's see..." he mutters, drawing three cards from his deck, but not looking at them. He stares at the octopus, as he swam up. And keeps staring. And he stares a bit more. No not really. It's just different camera angles, as he doesn't even flip his cards, thinking on what to do.

To be honest, he doesn't have a good feeling with his current cards. "Aaaah," he says shaking his head and throwing the cards towards the GIANT OCTOPUS, "I fold."

That doesn't stop the cards from flying towards the giant Heartless at increasing speeds. Somehow. Even knowing water is denser than air. But it is awesome. It really is. Still, Setzer keeps his... poker face.
Heartless Lunchbox The MAGIC of Horrible, Horrible Pop music has failed you, Myla Mason.

The Eels actually seem to like the sonic pulsing, bobbin their massive black head to the beat with yellow eyes making anime like crescents. ^__^

That does not prevent it from swarming forwards and trying to take several large and important chunks out of Myla as it swims like a blinding shot of cel-shaded boss monster.
Narrator ______ _____ ________ ___
| ___ \| _ || _ | \/ |
| |_/ /| | | || | | | . . |
| ___ \| | | || | | | |\/| |
| |_/ /\ \_/ /\ \_/ / | | |
\____/ \___/ \___/\_| |_/

From somewhere in the tunnels, a huge explosion echos, shaking the tunnels and sending a shockwave through the water. From above, some rocks break off, barely missing adventurers in the process. Where it came from seems to be a mystery at first, at least until the sight of something else moves within the darkness.

No, it isn't another Heartless, but a set of other humanoids swimming from somewhere deeper in the caves. The calvalry has arrived!
Avira Underwater fighting. Actually not entirely unbroached territory for Avira. In fact, it was in pursuit of a shard of Manhattan that Avira, along with Mercade and several others, took on an enormous kraken-type creature in that battle. Strangely enough, she'd been pretty good at it.

Maybe it was secretly a hereditary thing? Naaah.

But between a creature with multiple tentacles and an eel-type thing, Avira opts for the eel...if only because she's fought a Heartless Kraken a very long time ago. It ended badly for her. There's a circular scar on Avira's back where a tentacle had speared through her.

She doesn't announce her presence or anything as she swims in, leading with the serrated blade known as the Spine. There's a slight corkscrewing motion to her approach as she intends to just drill her way through the creature. Turnabout was fair play?
Zia The sound of the explosion leads to two reactions from Zia. The first, is a hope that they have managed to seal off their route to Atlantis well enough to keep the heartless at bay, for now. The second, is a hope that Skoll didn't get himself exploded in the process.

When she spots the giant monster battle ahead of them, most of that gets shoved to the back of her mind. These are the ones who were threatening Atlantis in the first place, and they were the ones trying to block the way out. So, the Eels are the ones that get her attention first, and it seems that she isn't the only one.

Being the resident 'squishy mage' of the group, Zia just flares her wings, using a current of water to take her up towards the roof of the cave, hopefully out of reach of anything's grabby hands/fins/tentacles.

From this vantage point, it's easier for her to work her magic. Even underwater, there are certain things she's able to do. First and foremost, is to freeze the water around parts of the larger eel's body, hoping that it slows the creatuer down as the temperature drops.
Akari Seran Akari echoes the silent bubbly rage of the shadowy octopus with a very loud battlecry of her own. She takes off at a run, impossibly dashing across the bottom of the ocean as if the water were no more hinderance than air, and leaps to meet her opponent's furious attack.

The trident impacts solidly on her stomach, each of the wicked trio of barbs digging into her bare flesh. However, the deadly points fail to penetrate beyond the surface of her skin and the weapon bounces off, leaving little more than few dents that don't even have the courtesy to bleed for its effort.

The girl's fist comes in like a hammer, blasting squarely into the heartless' torso but its rubbery hide and multitude of weapons prevent her from landing a solid hit. She thrashes at it, swinging wildly but the beast counters her blind strikes with heavy uppercut from below, sending her spiralling upwards into the roof of the cave.

Akari hits the ceiling with a resounding crash just as the explosion elsewhere goes off. The two powerful shockwaves intermingle and reverberate, becoming a deafening cacophany of vibration that muddles her geo-sight and leaves her dazed for a few moments.

Growling in annoyance, the berserker pugilist tears herself free from the indention that her body made in the ancient stone and lunches downwards like a torpedo admists the rain of slowly falling boulders. When she hits, either the ground or the squid, there is another pressure detonation on impact that surges outwards in a spherical burst as the water is forced away with earth-shattering force.
Shadow With Shadow's inability to land anything helpful, the counter attack comes. Both the black-clad ninja and his mutt swim in quick stokes to avoid being smacked around like paper cranes at a festival. The end result is some seemless ninja dodging.

After seeing what a solid hit can do, he changes up his tactics. His hand slips down and produces two small orb-like objects in his off hand. During the chaos the ninja waits-- possibly due to that whole ATB bar thing.

When the opening presents itself, Shadow lunges forward with another quick under-water strike of his blade. It is all a ruse, of course, the real intent is to deftly launch the two bombs at the Octi-8's face in an attempt to hamper future beat downs.
Myla Mason Myla Mason may have to find some better material maybe there's some mogstep she can find somewhere that could work for that but well Eels okay it's time to get a bit more serious. Since her plan ti drive them off or into confusion has failed her. She pauses at the explosion things may have just got very much worse for her. As the strange people come to their air she is admittedly surprised at Zia's form she's not seen anything like her before but she's already pretty sure she's hear to help. She soon sees that Avira is with Zia and at least knows of her.

"I have no idea whom you are, but you have my thanks Lady Mage! The name's Myla Mason and your help's most welcome!"

She turns and starts to channel her own powers, she's int he water, her abilities are at home here she is in her element and she will use it to the full extent of what she can call forth. Percy's arrival is very much another surprise too but she logically assume he's the same species as Zia and she calls back to him.

"Be wary these things are slippery and now... you heartless try to attack the sea?! I AM A LEVAITANI! YOU WILL FIND NO MERCY IN THE DEEP!"

She starts to take control of some of the water about her and seeks to crush the eels making use of the magic Zia has already unleashed as a bit a set up for her own magic spell. Her pistols come up and she starts shooting, not bullets, not bombs but more spells as she attempts to thin out the school of blasted Heartless eels.

"You all will have to tell us where you came from after this! No one's been that way before so far as I know!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart coughs a bit with the lifted dust, but otherwise she managed to get out of the blast range. Just going to be stuck with dust in her hair until later. But that's a minor concern, considering what they run INTO when they get here. First, the monsters. Second, people fighting the monsters. Three, people she KNOWS about. So let's join in the fray! "Hey guys, what's going on here? Need a hand?"

She's already charged up from before, they anticipated heartless monsters after all... "Or rather, a FIST!" And that's the punch. The punch that comes straight toward the octopus, hoping to topple it over a bit, or at least open up a path for everyone to join up with the rest of the group.
Kim Possible Whenever there's trouble, Kim Possible's there... or is she?

For some strange reason, even though Kim should be showing up at a situation like this, there's no sign of her. Where could she be?

Why, she's stuck at home babysitting her twin brothers. And there's very few things that annoy Kim more than being forced to babysit for her brothers. Especially when there's trouble going on out there. But, through some kind of strange coincidence, Kim's parents decided to come home early, and as a result, Kim just so happens to deploy into action while her brothers are being watched by her parents.

So, like a good agent, Kim Possible's there... on a surfboard?!

Apparently it's not your standard surfboard, as it's got a jet powering it, and it seems to synchronize with Kim's movements too. And it's a good thing too since she's gonna need to keep herself steady during this whole battle.

"Wow, I never thought octopuses were too attractive, but you are beyond totally gross!" Kim says with a scowl as she attempts to race by while leaving a bit of a wake to get the octopus's attention, before coming back with a couple of follow-up attacks.

Oh, and she also happens to pass by Tifa as she's entering, whom she gives a thumbs-up to. "Let's do this!"
Aeschere Childs She was too slow! Aeschere should've opted for a powered descent. She has one now, at any rate; a great shield like a manhole cover swats her spear aside like nothing, and plows into her, dragging her along the cavern wall and to its muddy floor, where she remains beneath it. Like a squashed bug.

Once no further shots are immediately forthcoming, though, she extracts herself, laboriously, from the mud and from the shield, and limps her way back into the fight. A dark lance is in her hand again, and though it's heavy, she hauls the kraken's gift up with her; hey, a shield could be useful if it's going to be pitching things at her. Things like Akari; there's still no use in the little knight worrying about her friend's condition, she's never hurt. She's just angrier. She digs her heels in agsint the next backlash from the geomancer's assault, and takes a moment to figure out which ribs go where.
Octalipse 8 The Cavalry has arrived. They arrive from the left of the screen, while the existing party is on the right! This leaves the Octopus in the middle, and with its back faced towards at least /ONE/ side of the screen at all times! The thing doesn't turn however! It hasn't been attacked from the back yet, so it isn't allowed to turn yet!

Setzer throws his cards while declaring he folds, and they fly through the water like little tiny torpedoes, leaving behind visible streaks of bubbles following behind the cards...

The Octopus just stares at them for a moment, and then suddenly throws dice at them, blocking the cards. They come up 7 7 7.

Wait, what the hell are 7s doing on a six-sided die!? If Setzer investigates, he'd find out that all faces are a 7. THE OCTOPUS IS CHEATING!

Then in comes Akari, coming from the ceiling - and the Octopus suddenly flails all of its tentacles in fear and quickly wobbles backwards. What ends up happening is that Akari barely misses it and makes a neat Akari-sized hole just in front of the thing.

"WOOB WOOB WOOB WOOB!" The Octopus sounds. And that's the moment where Shadow comes in swimming and cuts a small stroke across the Octopus' forehead! The thing makes an angered sound, and gets even /more/ angry when ink explodes around itself. Then Kim manages to wake-board her way across its head, making its head bounce like a boxing-ball! It's in fact, bouncing its upper oversized head SO MUCH that Tifa ends up getting /knocked back/ by the fleshy bag!

The Octopus then wags its tentacles all around itself, trying to 'beat the ink away'.
Shadow The fighting itself is chaotic, but at least Interceptor welcomes the calvary with a 'Woof!' to Tifa. In dogese-- that means 'More the merrier'.

Shadow himself repositions around all the flailing from the bombs earlier. Watching it take a moment heal puts him on an offensive. A salvo of shurikens whip out from a blurr of a hand movement. Soon following it is a quick slash of his blade and a retreating second salvo of jagged metal.

The ninja asides back to a position out of line of fire from the other combatants. Shadow takes a brief moment to consider the environment-- notably the other beasty nearby in case it decides to change focus. Interceptor, on the other hand, dreams of how many days he will be able to happily gnaw on one of those limbs.
Heartless Lunchbox Even though there was no warning, Avira's Corkscrew attack seems to be going swimmingly until the last second. The Spine drills a thin gash along one flank as the creature snaps around in a lightning-fast manuever and attempts to bite down on her leg, claw like fins fluttering and snapping with rage.

At this point the chilling effects of Zia's magical attack hit, making the creature more sluggish as it snarls and charges straight for the mage to attempt a head on ramming speed collision.

Go go Torpedo HEADBUTT!

Percival's shockwaves of energy surround the heartless which thrashes and flails to escape but great gaping wounds open in place after place, bleeding black miasma into the surrounding ocean. The Pistols pound into the flesh of the giant eel in the places already wounded and the creature lets out a cry of agony and there is a massive purple flash.

The giant eel swims towards Myla, and Percival-- and this giant creature seems to be attempting to ram all of them simultaniously,

--It's Giant Eel Super-Jitsu. MIRROR CHARGE.
Akari Seran The ground gives way to the much more durable and pissed off form of Akari, clouds of deposited sand and pebbles flying out in all directions to pelt both the octopus and her allies as the berserker drills a hole several feet into the ocean floor thanks to the Heartless' swift reactions.

The entire area begins to rumble after a few moments, the very earth itself shaking as if attempting to contain the boundless fury of the geomancer within its stoney caress, but like everything else, it fails miserably. Akari erupts from below the Octalipse in a column of red rage and searing heat that lances through the cold dark ocean all the way to the surface. An explosion of steam and boiling water surrounds the shadow creature, giving it and those nearby only a few moments to escape the deadly outburst before things get uncomfortably hot.

Eight rock-hard fists of chiseled granite lead the charge as the geomancer unleashes her attack anew upon her aquatic foe. A dizzying flurry of wild strikes press into the sea monster, attempting to drive past its defenses. Chakra flows freely through her body and stains the water around her the color of blood and her voice raises in a wordless shout of battlelust.

The spiritual energy swirls and condenses into her fists, the warrior pausing for a moment to gather her energy for a single massive blow. Her hands all clasp together forming four seperate double-fists hammers and with a final shout she brings them down upon the monster hard enough to shatter the barrier between reality and physically smash apart its spiritual barriers.
Setzer Gabbiani Setzer frowns slowly. "Slot Machine?" he asks, mildly annoyed. "And a chating one at that? That, I cannot stand." he said, even as he swam away from the wagging octopus.

It was a disturbing sight, to be honest. Still, it was good that they had reinforcements to their side. That Heartless was proving itself to be annoying. He draws another hand, watches the cards, and nods. Not bad, but a double 3 wasn't good either. Still, it was better than nothing. "I call," he says, drawing another card...

... and he makes a face as a J comes out. Nope, not proper to name that particular combination if the next card is another J. "And I call again."

Guess what. Best to throw it now, and not to think of it. And throw it HARD. "Showdown!"
Aeschere Childs Somewhere behind all of that mess, lost no doubt in the churning mud and crashing stone, Aeschere crouches behind her borrowed shield and weighs her options. Flight isn't one of them, and inaction definitely isn't. No, she's just looking for the best place on that rubbery horror to stick a spear or three.

Though it thrashes and flails as the closer combatants harrass it, it's still a tolerably large target. That shouldn't be the problem. And its attention seems to be quite absorbed in managing the stonegod girl. This is as good a chance as any.

The rotting shield falls to the floor, raising a puff of sediment, and Aeschere stands tall-- well, a meter and a half tall-- with lance in hand. A second flashes into existence in her left. She sights along an outstretched arm at the retreating beast, and then lets the two spears fly. They hiss through the water, leaving shadowy streamers of their own, and sail towards Octocalipse with fell intent.
Zia It's a lot harder to avoid things in the water, or at least it is for Zia anyways. Without her ability to use her air-magic or the full use of her wings, what she's left doing is reacting with her own magic, using it as a buffer between herself and the body of the eel. It doesn't work as well as she might have liked, though, as the girl's pale form gets shoved up against the roof of the cave, pushing the air out of her lungs. It takes a moment before she's able to breathe again, coughing a few times from the impact.

"Alright ye great excuse for a sea-food dinner, time te get serious." Okay, she's probably never eaten eel before, but that's besides the point. Zia pushes herself off, trying to get into a better position in the water that might keep her from being bounced off the walls like a pinball.

Electricity flickers at the edges of her fingers. Don't ask how it somehow works underwater, it just does. It's /magic/. With a movement of her hands, a crackle of power surges through the water, seeking not only to zap the eel, but to give it a taste of it's own medicine by throwing the thing around with huge arcs of energy. Either that, or she'll turn it into an electric eel in the process.
Percival That was.. more exhausting than he thought it'd be.

But it was his first time actually trying that outside of his training with Telan. Practical application was yet another thing. He was astounded at least by the effects, as if in disbelief of what he'd managed

Which is when he caught sight out of his peripheral vision of the Eel about to ram him. Being unable to manuever effectively here, he just spun around, the edge of his blade crackling with the last vestiges, the echoes of the energy he'd previously unleashed, as he raked it's edge just slightly against the creature.

It cost him dearly, as the eel's headbutt managed to knock the wind out of him, and turning him around on his head underwater. He choked back burble of pain, which manifested as another stream of bubbles from his mouth.

Alright. Something a little less flashy and a little more practical this time.

Running his hand along the runes of the blade's edge, he raised the blade, another low hum of energy manifesting only as a blue aura limming the edge blade.

He let's Zia do her thing, before rushing forward to strike at the eel's leathery skin upon it's angular underbelly, multiple times. A moment later, he creates a similar shockwave as before, except it's more narrow in focus, carrying it just into and through the creature if it doesn't get out of the way.
Avira Avira thought she had this underwater combat thing down. Maybe before had been some kind of beginner's luck? There's no time to ponder this, really, as the eel suddenly chomps down on her left leg. With a shriek of alarm, she tries to jab her weapon down into its face to free herself, but this actually doesn't work, much to her dismay. Despite the unfortunate position this puts her in, she doesn't start panicking quite yet.

But this does give her impetus to free herself more swiftly as teeth dig into her skin and clouds of blood start to obscure the water as she's all but flung around during the fight. She doesn't want to think of how much worse this can get but it is easy to imagine.

The grip of her weapon turns into a one-handed one as she slips her free hand between the eel's lips, tugging and pulling until she can almost wedge her hand into its mouth. Working quickly, ice magic surges through the woman's fingers, its touch freezing anything it comes into contact. Such as Heartless lips. Or a Heartless face even.

Lifting the Spine, she brings it down upon the frozen area, not with the length of the blade itself, but with the very thick and very heavy pelvic bone-shaped handguard.
Myla Mason Myla Mason chants quickly and another spell takes place a barrier forms hopefully to protect her from whatever the eel will do to her. She also readies another one of those sonic devices and throws it at the creature hopefully this time it will work and she does not want to get hit by it again. The first time has already left quite the mark upon her already.

The barrier Holds as she rapidly swims out of the way of the creature's attack she has to wonder about Avira and her two strange companions. Well strange to her for all she knows they are the norm for whatever world they happen to hail from and humans might be fear creatures for all she knew.

Zia continues to bring a lot of magical power and her comment gets a laugh out of Myla.

"If this wasn't a heartless I'd be with you I could make a fine meal out of a real eel this big!"

Percy is still doing his thing and she's a bit surprised at how good he is up close with his blade she suspects this strange being could give Kamon a work out in a spar. Though as he seems to be well experienced in working with Zia she attempts to help the pair with Avira as best she can and that Eel is about t have a bad day as she fires a few pot shots along with another of strange item that tries to latch on to the eel and send a electrical pulse through it's body. Hopefully this won't back fire horribly on he while she swims back and tries to get a bit better leverage from higher vantage point against the fearsome heartless sea monster.
Tifa Lockhart When it comes to 'bouncy', Tifa tends to be knowledgeful about that. But Octopus? Out-bounces a barmaid anyday, and this is one of those cases where it happens. She literally gets kocked back by the squishy tentaculed monster, landing with a loud OOF on her butt, which is clearly not bouncy enough to avoid this kind of embarassement.

"Are you guys having trouble against this?" She rubs her butt as she gets up, getting ready for the next attack. Looks like it wasn't interested in furthering her shame at least, so gives her time to work up the next moves, kicking up under the tentacule to expose the more fleshy and hopefully squishy undersides of the octopus, and then striking into it with a strong fist "I thought this would be too easy... but I didn't want to say it in case this happened!"
Reize Seatlan There was a sighting of huge sea-monsters near the Serpent's Trench. This caused for a bit of investigation. Many of the heroes were provided water-breathing magic, but for one particular person, that was not enough.


Reize is curled into a ball, shivering with fear as comical tears rolled along his eyes. Violet, a good member of the Shard Seekers, was left in dismay over her leader's predictament.

Insert Gyro Gearloose, who provided Reize the BUBBLE-NATOR!

"This shall allow you maximum protection, so do not need to fear the water!" Gyro points the hose at Reize and a bubble envelops the boy.

"Yaay! I won't have to worry about.."

Suddenly, the machine starts turning its engines faster. 0DANGER! DANGER!

"Look out! She's gonna blow!!!"

Reize offers one expression: ?

*BLASSSSTT!!!* Reize is launched. He is launched into the depths of the water.


In the midst of the battle, there is a mall dot within the water. It looks like that there is something from the distance. However, that object at the distance is traveling faster. Faster... faster. With faint sound of a scream.


The speeding bubble passes through the group and the massive monsters. *WOOSH!*

Somewhere within the water, the bubble smashes onto some object and it bounces back.

Oh hey, it's Reize, and he's going to crash onto someone. Sadly, it's not the monster itself. Nope, the speeding bubble is moving...

...towards Percival.
Kim Possible Kim seems to be getting ignored for the time being. But that doesn't mean she's gonna let the octopus get away. She brings her surfboard around and attempts to come at it again. This time, her attempt is to do a flying kick, followed by a laser bolt fired from a... lipstick?
Octalipse 8 It seems that with all this ink in the way, the Octopus has a lot of trouble actually seeing its opponent. It seems that they have HIT ITS WEAK SPOT! And soon follow this up by hitting it for MASSIVE DAMAGE. Shadow goes first, flinging his shuriken into the big head, which then kind of just bounce off. But this is followed by the slash of his blade, which carves a second strike across the first - creating a bit X where he'd hit!

Akari then comes in, bringing the flurry of strikes onto its head, and starts bouncing it around like a punching-bag. It bounces back each time, and each time it bounces back, Akari strikes it once more! And then finally, when it looks like the bounce is gone, it comes back for one last time - a moment that Akari neatly uses to hammer-fist the thing straight into the ground. Black smoke rises from its body, and it makes a distgusting tentacle-wriggling motion.


Setzer follows this up neatly by throw... well... more cards! They stab right into that spot that Shadow had opened up - and just kind of... sit there. They're cards! Magical cards. But they're still just cards. The Octopus just starts feeling at its forehead, confused why things are sticking out of it.

Then suddenly... Aeschere. The thing still has no idea where all these attacks are coming from, when suddenly it is stuck with spears. STAB! STAB! CRICKEY!

Then Tifa comes up on it, but finally the ink has settled! The think opens its eyes and pouts its weird mouth at the front of its body, and suddenly grabs towards Tifa and... ENTANGLES HER!

It grabs onto her and pulls it towards its mouth and starts... /grinning/. Its mouth curves up like a U and it starts smiling with this lecherous blush on its face! It even makes kissy-kissy faces towards her and then suddenly... Kim kicks at its head. Little happens, and she bounces off of the head, but her laser hits! The laser hits its lips /precisely/, making them look more pink suddenly! Like lipstick. Little tears appear at the sides of its eyes.

Actually, those lips are just burnt.
Heartless Lunchbox ZAPO!

The electricity (MAGIC electricity that doesn't electrocute the party. Hey. A wizard did it) strikes the eel but apparently the huge arcs of energy do not seem to effect the Dark lord of the Eels. It twitches and thrashes, throwing off large amoungs of dark energy as Percival's focused shockwave tears into it. Myla gets some good coverage, several of the pot shots cratering bits and pieces off the sides.

There is also an Avira still attached to it (or rather her leg, which it hopes will soon NOT be attached) when it's entire face is flash frozen in an admonition for you to NOT keep that face or it'll freeze like that. When the spine SMASHES down into the ice, the yellow eyes go @___@ and are swirly enough that Avira is able to pull her leg free. It goes limp, floating dead in the water with only that dark aura around it until it starts to twitch again, filled with crackling electricity from every cut and electrical tendrils-- BLAZING tendrils of dark fire swimming around it like the tendrils of a jellyfish. (Yes. Eel + Jellyfish Combo attack: DARK WIGGLE)

Warning. Warning.

LIMIT BREAK: Dark Comet. The Blazing Fire Eel slams forwards like a shot. It blazes a trail across the water towards Myla and Zia, cracking itself almost in HALF as it tries to fling Avira straight into the cave ceiling.
Octalipse 8 Its eyes then GLOW RED WITH AMAZING POWER

It points a single tentacle at each and every one of those present.

Bubbles come from its nose, and it almost looks like it is trying to say something.


"These tentacles of mine glow with an awesome power!"

"Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!"


"MY LOVE <3 <3 <3, MY ANGER, AND ALL OF MY SORROW!" Little heart bubbles appear over its head.


Followed by a great golden beam cutting down towards its opponents from each tentacle. Except for Tifa...
Percival The Gargoyle isn't doing all that terribly. He's actually rather surprised, usually to adapt a new sort of style into practical combat it took years of training and experien...

There's a low hum in the distance, and the Gargoyle's fin-like ears twitch. What was that sound? Were more Heartless coming?

It almost sounds like a scream... And it's getting closer.

He turns around suddenly only to be caught head on by the Bubble Boy striking him in the face with tremendous force before bouncing away. His head snaps backwards, and at first it seems like he would simply shake it off.

But nope, his eyes roll back, and he's out. Completely out.

He floats, suspended in the waters, completely senseless.
Shadow It is times like these that Shadow wonders if he is the good guy. Just kidding, he doesnt wonder that. All that goes through his head as he attempts to dodge a white beam of love and justice is. 'This is going to hurt'.

Verdict is in: It does hurt. A lot.

Even Interceptor puts a paw over his eyes as he watches Shadow get pummeled by the octo-beams. It takes the ninja a moment to recover-- laying on the seabed looking up. Deep breath-- under water. A swift motion later and he kicks back up to his feet in a way you would expect a ninja to do. Holding both of his hands together, he focuses-- making his entire essense dulled to magic. Finally, he takes out a small scroll and strikes it-- causing his physical form to blurr as he goes back in for more. Fatalist ninja, ho!
Setzer Gabbiani "Oh. Oh." is what the gambler says, as the Octopus decided to... oh great, it's like the old legends said, octopus can really...

Well, he shouldn't really think about that. But he did, and in response got a faceful of octopus... golden beam thing.

Flipping around, until he hit the nearest Setzer is not a happy camper. Or is it a happy kämpfer? Happy Gambler? It doesn't matter. What matters is that he decided to play dirty. Very dirty. He approaches the octo eyesore, throwing cards every now and then, hearts and diamonds, before approaching and revealing a hidden ace on his sleeve. A tainted ace. "All in!"
Zia Something about this eel. It's quite the slippery one. "Ach, stand still ye overglorified sushi." It might be frustrating enough that her powers seem to do almost nothing against the giant Heartless creature, but the fact that even the front-line fighters are having trouble with it does not bode well.

Oh, and then one of them gets taken out by a floating, high-speed boy in a bubble. "Och, Reize..." Facepalm. While Percival looks to be unconscious, at least he doesn't look too injured. She'll fish him out of the drink later.

It's a bit more distracting to have a giant ball of eel-breath coming dangerously close, and it keeps her from worrying too deeply about matters of unconscious kid brothers and missing werewolves, or the fact that the battle doesn't seem to be going particularly well. Focus! Her lessons with Faruja have helped at least a little bit with that, meaning that the gargoyle can push aside the rest and focus on getting herself out of danger with a flap of her wings.

Water-flying, go figure.

With her earlier attempts at electrifying the eel having failed, the gargoyle decides to stick to water. While that element isn't her strongest, it's at least one that she can use to her advantage down here. So, with a sweep of her wings to launch herself across the field of battle, she pulls along with it a shockwave of water, hoping to sweep up the eel right along with it.
Tifa Lockhart Do not want! ;_; With an octopus trying to go all kissy face with her, she's not pleased at all! Where's Cloud where you need him, didn't he say he'd save her with she was in trouble!? HER VIRTUE IS IN DANGER! T_T
Aeschere Childs Somehow she lives through these expeditions, because she keeps collecting her pay and blowing it in Bevelle on cute clothes and riotous living. Somehow she survives.

Somehow, Aeschere survives Octolypse 8
Avira Through no small amount of effort of her own, Avira manages to work her leg free. More blood clouds the water around her as she wiggles free and swims away all too quickly as electrical tendrils (!) start to crackle in the air around her. She at least manages to get out of dodge of those but as she continues to manuver around in the water, a red trail is left in her wake.

The eel lunges at her, though this time clearly not to bite, but to cruely whip her into the ceiling of the cave! As it lunges, she manages to swim at the eel, then spin off to the side at just the right time, avoiding the sudden surging motion of its sinuous body. After it has made the attempt, Avira stabs downwards into the eel's body along the way.

She continues to swim, retreating out of striking range (or so she thinks) so she can attend to her wounds with a little bit of magic. Her free hand reaches down to clasp the puncture marks on her legs.

In the meantime, she spies Percy floating motionlessly and gasps. "Percy!" Clearly one of the Heartless did that! Right?
Myla Mason Myla Mason is at home in the water, so much she's been mistaken by some for being a mermaid posing as a human. There's tales that her people may have once been mermaids but only the gods and the dead now know the truth on that matter. She totally is the wizard who did it after all, and she design works well on the eel. Yet here comes it's attack and away she goes again, she manages to swim out of the way just barely avoiding the blazing eel, even as the other creature's hot blooded soul becomes utterly apparent as it just assails those brave enough to face it.

She swims up a little bit and how looks at the eel before it can recover she starts to chant again her eyes re glowing a bit more brightly than normal. It's not the glow of someone with the darkness but it is the colour and glow many who practice combative magic on some worlds gain. Myla does not seem happy in her tone of voice as she chants in the strange tongue of her world the water responds to her call however. The flow of the water is changing about the eel and those who are fighting it it's strange

Myla keeps chanting however she seems very focused on what she's doing as she's almost hovering for lack of a better term.

Reize drops in like a shot to lend aid to others who are fighting. She continues her spell even as Zia continues to water-fly for lac of a better term and keeps using her own water based abilities to sweep the eel but as that happens the water in it's path will become like a wall and then attempt to construct it making the beast be at a pressure that would only be found in the deepest parts of the ocean she's attempting to crush it out of existence by altering the pressure of the water upon it and this does not let up for some time. It remains to be seen if the beast can survive it but if Myla manages to pull this off it should hopefully feel it. She sees Percy has fallen she knows not his name but know has charged to the air very likely of a bunch of strangers and she halts her chanting.

"You will not claim this one...come beast now DROWN THE WATERS HAVE NO PALCE FOR YOU!"
Reize Seatlan Unfortunately, the bubble boy moves straight towards the target of Percival, who meets head to head with Reize. Literally. Unfortunately, while an ally ended up being a casualty to Reize's bad luck, the boy continues to bounce around and he is bouncing away.

He hits each wall and wall.






Despite that the bubble is protecting him from the effects of the water, it does not protect him from the pain from hitting each wall. As such, Reize is moving from the next wall, flying past Avira with a frightful scream.

As Tifa is in danger, Reize is heading straight into the trajectory of danger itself.


By the time he wakes up from his screaming dispair, it registers.


As Reize is rushing straight towards Octalipse. The boy is likely to impact against the large monster, not by the fact of just physical impact, but the head is likely to collide in a headbutt, and...

Likely accidentally kissing it along the way from the sheer force of impact.
Aeschere Childs Somehow she lives through these expeditions, because she keeps collecting her pay and blowing it in Bevelle on cute clothes and riotous living. Somehow she survives.

Somehow, Aeschere survives Octolipse 8's counterstrike, though you might think otherwise, watching her sink into the murk. Akari might know better, though. Anyways, she hasn't really stopped moving yet, even; once she can think again, it's about whether you can drink a potion underwater.

She has ample time to find out; turns out, yes. While the action continues even further up the tunnel, she returns the empty flask to her belt, where it attempts to float, annoyingly, and trudges toward the fight.

Looking like a little ghoul, now, dripping mud and trailing the skeletal arm that once held her shield, she staggers into view again, and makes a stiff-armed gesture at the cephalopod. "Here, take back what you gave me." You can't hear her, of course, but you can see the darkness flow out in a great stream, towards the beast.
Kim Possible Tifa may not have Cloud on hand to save her, but that doesn't mean Kim's going to let her down. "Hang on, I'm coming!" Kim calls out as she races her surfboard towards Tifa, hoping to save her from that awful octopus!
Akari Seran Akari isn't one to go easy on her opponents, even when they're humans. Monsters that are responsible to destroying her home, no matter how much she didn't like the people that lived there, aren't going to get a hint of mercy.

As she wails away at the Heartless beast the fires of her inner rage begin to glow red hot. Each blow brings forth a measure of her anger making her wrath a palapable material thing in the form of her eight fists of flesh and stone. It is only the malleable substance that composes the Octalipse's body that saves it from being shattered into a hundred pieces. Its resistance to her punches only drives Akari into a further fury and even as she drives it into the dirt, the girl lunges after it, her face a mask of berserker madness.

Golden light lances out from the monster's tentacles and despite her blindnes, Akari is forced to shield her eyes from the intensity of the powerful emotions pouring forth. Unable to withdraw from her attack and unwilling even if she could, the demi-god drops faces the pure wrath of her foe with a unwavering shout of defiance.

The laser cuts into her body, searing through the stone arms that wrap about her protectively and shearing them off like a scythe through wheat. A bellow of pain escapes her lungs as several of the limbs fall away, drifting listlessly through the water to come to rest on the seabed, their mighty fists still clenched as if to strike even now. The white hot light burns at her body as well and the flesh turns a cruel black as her skin melts and flows like wax across the thin gash that the beam carves into her flesh.

Akari breaks past the painful assault and slams into the monster with blunted fury. Her fist once more lash out but they are fewer now and her boundless might seems lessened for the loss. Several blows rain down but a final mighty lash of the tentacles sends the girl sailing away at high velocity.

The delinquent brawler zips through the water like a kinetic missile, striking the ground hard enough to cause another small explosion of dirt and sand as she tears a several foot long gouge into the hard rock headfirst. She eventually bleeds off enough velocity to slow down but this causes her to flip end over end until she comes to a painful final rest, sailing past Aeschere to come to a rest in the dirt.

"Nrgh. That... all you got...?"
Octalipse 8 The Tendril monster is too busy spewing golden beams all across the caves to really notice that Setzer is PLAYING DIRTY! Egad! The ace plants into the Octopus, and then suddenly EXPLODES!?!?!

Who the hell throws exploding cards!? What the hell is this? Some sort of Final Fantasy game!? Either way, it's super effective! The Octopus suddenly looks a bit black and fried. And then Reize suddenly comes ramming into it and plants a kiss right on its... well... kisser. The thing's eyes open, and its eyes suddenly turn to little hearts! He's blinded due to Setzer's attack, so he thinks Tifa just kissed him. His tendrils move all around, accidentally /letting Tifa go/, and grappling onto Reize and cuddling him against its body!

Enthuesiastically, Reize gets kissed back - snog snog snog snog.

And then Aeschere's shield hits its head. There's this loud DUNK! sound, and the thing falls over and then explodes into a many yellow and green bubbles all over the place!! Tifa gets rescued by Kim thankfully.
Reize Seatlan Reize can only hang his head in comical tears, "I... I think I need an adult..." T_T
Heartless Lunchbox So. Apparantly you cannot drown an eel. Who knew?

The eel is compacted and crushed by water pressure, there are things that should not go pop that go explosively so. There is a great cloud of leaking miasma as slashing currents of water push it along but it seems that a heartless Eel-type just does NOT go down.

Maybe it's an Undead Super Eel.

Or Ultraeel. The Nemesis of all water combat.

It flares to life again, plowing towards the heroes in another headlong fire charge.

Setzer Gabbiani "Uhhhh..." Setzer looks to the other warriors, a wince on his face as what just happened with the cannonball kid.

He can't really find the words to describe the sheer _strangeness_ of what they just witnessed.

He does give a thumbs up towards Aeschere.
Aeschere Childs Aeschere is swaying slightly with the current, and regarding her handiwork with admirably grim satisfaction. She catches Setzer's thumbs-up, and returns it, and nearly falls over.

Right. She's just going to catch her breath here a minute. The job's not over yet.
Skoll Ulfang From the depths of the tunnels, a twosome of /massive/ chains suddenly shoot through the water, massive anchor-shapes at their ends. They speed and twist on their route, leaving behind many bubbles along their path. They shine with a strange white-black light that keeps winding around and around the chains, until they catch up with those 'anchor' shaped ends and turn them into shining blades!


The chains try to wind around the Heartless, before Skoll suddenly swims through on the other side, chains writhing around him like an armor - a set of white bursts of energy "INNER.... CHAAAAAAAAAAAIN!" He shouts, lashing at the left chain that winds out from his left hand and rockets straight for the center of the eel in an attem"DEMON.... CHAAAAAAAAAAIN!" The dark blade then winds again and again and again with the intend to wind 'through' the hole made by the first and then ram the thing down towards the floor of the Ser"ROAAAAR!" And this is followed by the werewolf swinging both of his arms over one-another, and sending a violent ripple of pulsing light through the chains - brighter than they've ever been! Bursts that can explode things on contact!

Success or not, the werewolf comes to a swimming stop right next to Avira, offering one hand to swim into in case her attempt at getting away from the Heartless made her gain too much momentum. "Sorry for the wait. The tunnel was a bit more unstable than intended."
Shadow While Shadow is busy catching his breath-- the Octodeath goes down himself. Looking over to the source of wrath, the ninja nods to Aesch. Very admirable killshot. Assassins approve.

This puts Shadow in a very interesting position. The eel beasty has not been attacking the second party, so there is a surprise attack in the making. Perfect.

Taking a deep breath-- Shadow opens it to press a chilling aura over towards the heartless. Lesser men crumble in terror. Things here tend to just quake a bit or look like they have to go to the bathroom. It is a mark of death. Of-- an assassin!

What assassination premonition isn't complete without an actual attempt. Shadow and Interceptor swim forward-- aiming for a nice, squishy spot. Then, suddenly, Shadow darts forward, appearing in front of the beast. Just as quickly as he appeared, he disappears-- leaving only the trained eye to see the two deft slashes that left his hand.
Zia This time, there's no place for Zia to go to get out of the range of the blast of underwater fire that comes from the eel, so she does the only thing possible. The gargoyle curls her wings in, and lets them take the brunt of the damage. It's painful, since the webbing is incredibly sensitive.

In the aftermath, she draws them back with a harsh wince of pain, just folding the damaged appendages is enough to make her nearly black out. Her ears catch the familiar sound of Skoll's voice, and that's enough to drag her back. Of course, he's over by Avira, so she just looks in his direction for a moment, then tries to clear her own head.

There is still a monster to fight, maybe.

Though her powers haven't done much thus far to hurt the beast, she tries a different route. Using her storm powers, she summons a whirlpool, trying to drag the eel down and beat it senseless with some of the rocks and other debris on the sea floor. It's not exactly the typical expression of her power, but... it's something.
Akari Seran Akari lays on her back for a few moments, taking in deep breaths as it to flaunt her mastery over the elements, but she eventually rises. Kicking her legs upwards sharply, she uses the momentum to flip herself upright with a quick acrobatic manuever and wanders over to stand beside Aeschere.

Her two lower arms cross over her chest as she peers down at the little knight, her scowl lessening to a mere frown as she watches the other girl try to keep on her feet after the terrible wounds inflicted upon her. No aid is offered to the frail girl, however; Akari respects one thing and one thing only - strength. She nods once with a hint of satisfaction when her companion manages to remain standing.

"That's the way. Fight through it! Only the weak surrender while they still breathe!"

She claps a hand on Aeschere's back in a friendly fashion, managing to do so gently enough not to outright kill the girl but probably hard enough to put her down in the dirt. Regardless of the outcome, Akari turns to watch the demise of the other beast. She gives a dismissive snort and shakes her head.

"Looks like we're out of things to kill already. How disappointing, I barely got to warm up."
Avira Now Avira finally seems to be on the ball. Engaging the eel-or more accurately, dodging it now is a lot easier, especially as the teeth puncture marks in her legs have now closed up, the bleeding staunched. Pleased with her handiwork, Avira's about to enter the fray again, only to find the 'fray' coming at her, inexplicably on fire despite being underwater. She's able to repeat the earlier manuver, though this time she doesn't strike out at the eel as it blows past.

Much to her pleasure, Skoll shows up, alive and well. "I'm just glad you're okay!" Avira says, readying the Spine. "So let's finish this damn thing off!"

No magic this time. Avira launches herself forward after pushing off one of the rock walls of the cavern, earning herself some extra speed. She repeats the corkscrewing motion, only she does it around the length of the eel until she has travelled all the way up to its head.

Then, promptly, she loops around and drops a foot down right on its nose.
Aeschere Childs Water-breathing magic does not extend to water-speaking magic, but Akari can hear Aeschere either way. She thinks so, anyways. "It got you at least out of the house anyways." Her resolve is strong indeed to remain upright after that pummeling, and indeed not so strong as to keep her to her feet under Akari's 'gentle' congratulation.

She drifts for a moment, unconcerned. "I did say sorry about the boat."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart gets dropped! Another painful reminder of her loss at the bouncy war. At least that heartless won't be around to remind her of that defeat.

Between Kim, Reize and Aeschere, she's fortunate that its only her ego that got hurt today at least. Virtue is intact, thanks to Reize's substitution technique worthy of a ninja from the leaf village. Reize's virtue though, more debatable in what state it might be after a Octolipse smoooch... she'll have to ask for forgiveness for that one, but she's grateful.

She picks herself up and scrambles away!
Skoll Ulfang Skoll actually notices Zia - having gotten hurt, just after he reaches Avira. "Zia!" He calls out, now that the Eel sinks and moves out of the way of the mess. The werewolf beats his legs and legs the chains near his arms retract, before the little ones at his back send him thrusting forwards like tiny little engines.

The werewolf sways around the large fish that is slowly going down - mostly trying to avoid that giant whirlpool, and comes to a halt just behind her with one hand to her back. "Hey, are you alright?" He looks incredibly worried about the state she is in - the way she has that wing drawn in towards her - and the way she winced just moments ago.
Reize Seatlan Reize was to get over his fears of water. Instead, this only reinforce his fear of water! THe boy had underwent quite a bit, given his adventure. He accidentally took out a comrade in arms and he was hugged and smooched by an octopus. Welp, doesn't look like this day will be awarded with kisses(besides the octopus).

However, Tifa is saved. So, Reize feels good in the end for helping someone! Or will once he realizes it.

Despite his uncomfortable moment, Reize finally becomes aware of himself and withdraws both boomerangs. He is still within that bubble of his, but he is ready to kick some butt.

"Time to beat the monsters that --uhh..."

Question marks appear all above Reize's head.

What just happened again?
Myla Mason Myla Mason has tired herself using so much of her magic and it wasn't enough. She should also really watch her words too. The now not drowned eel is still coming after them whatever this fiendish eel is it's coming for her and everyone else. She's not able to swim to safety this time, sadly. Nay she's caught full out by the terrible hot sea food soup for she's part of an all you can eat buffet at Davy Jones' sea locker!

She's really messed u0p by it but she?s still alive with some force of will she draws the cutlass from her back. She's not sure how much she's got left then without warning comes some back up its Skoll dropping in like he's doing one of the best Dragoon Man impressions she's ever seen when it comes to good timing.

"I can not complain about your sense... of timing."

Myla turns on the cutlass cutting edge it vibrate rapidly churning the water about it slightly as she throws herself at the eel once more in a last ditch attack even as Zia calls down magic on a scare comparable if not greater than her own and she's more than a little bit impressed. She hacks and slashes at the heartless with wonton abandon just trying to bring it down for once.

"Damn it we need a white mage!"

She knows one Avira's companions is hurt badly and she's not too well off either.
Heartless Lunchbox SHINING BLADE CHAIN--- It slices.

It dices!

It makes Julienne EEL!

One chain punches through the Eel, the darker blade rams down and down, and the eel EXPLODES in a cloud of dark miasma.

Slash. Slash. SLASH SLASH with wonton (mmm. Wonton) abandon.

Pummel. Pummel. BONK. DROPKICK to the nose. It snarls and reaches up for Avira's foot when the assassination premonition and actual attempt succeeds and it's eyes go X.X -- OVERKILL FILLET.

Shadow finishes off the heartless, head severed and the tattered remnants falling to the cave floor before disappearing in a smear of darkness.
Zia At last, through the combined powers of more than a couple of heroes, the eel goes down. The last burst of energy along with the pain lancing through her wings is enough to leave Zia trembling slightly, her eyes fading back to their usual blue from the combat-high red of a gargoyle female.

She needed to get out of this salt water and find some sunlight, not just for herself, but for Percival as well. Their wounds would heal, but it would be a painful time until they can find stone sleep again. Hovering there for a time, she tries to catch her breath, only to see Skoll swimming her way.

"Hey." It's not much, but the faint ghost of a smile shows that she is greatful to see him in one piece. When he reaches towards her back, though, the girl flinches from the touch. With her wings folded, it's hard to tell just how bad the damage is, but they seem quite painful. "Let's get outta here, alright?" She asks. The fact she doesn't affirm that she's alright - well, that's sign enough.

"See if ye can grab Percival. Ah'll use m'magic te get m'self te shore. We'll both need a day's rest." She does reach out and lay a hand briefly on Skoll's arm, just a sign that while things are bad, they could have been worse. For now, Atlantis is safe, and they're alive. But there is still so much more to be done. "Ah might need a lift, myself. M'wings are pretty torn up." Though Skoll can't use portals, it should be easy enough to drag her and Percival through the water, even if it means turning into a wolf and doggie paddling to shore.
Akari Seran Akari's expression sours again at the mention of the boat, reminding her that she'll have to spend several hours on yet another trip atop the rolling waves. For a moment she entertains the idea of just walking back to Bevelle across the ocean floor. Unfortunately, there are a whole slew of problems associated with that, the least of which is she hasn't got the slightest clue which direction to go.

"Hmph. I'll get you back for that later. Let's get out of here."
Shadow The ninja cleans off his blade. Wait, wouldn't water do that anyway? Not the point. Shadow returns the blade to where it belongs and turns to assess the aftermath-- on a boulder-- where he can stand instead of swim around. Queue headband and sash flowing in the breeze-- er-- water currents.

Meanwhile Interceptor is off to salvage a tentacle to gnaw on-- notably running past Tifa and Reize to go find some. CHEWTOY!
Skoll Ulfang Skoll gives Myla a quick thumbs-up in regards to her command, as well as a smile, but quickly turns his attention back to Zia. Indeed, the lack of a 'I am okay' is more than enough to tell him that she's quite hurt. "I'll have some potions to ease the pain when you get out." He whispers to her - as much as you can whisper through water-magic - and then lays his spare hand over the one she touches his arm with. He looks down at the hand for a moment, before looking up into her eyes again.

"You can count on me. Just... stay here. I'll do the heavy lifting. You've done plenty for today." He answers her, before turning his body a little towards Percival and then lashing one hand out - a chain quickly following and expanding infinitely towards the male Gargoyle, wrapping around his waist, and gets drawn straight towards Skoll. "Hang on to me." He then calls out, and pushes off with the white energy that comes off of the chain-armor that is wound around him, quickly sending himself off towards the coast. At least Avira seemed to be fine when he just entered - and he's sure the others can take care of the other wounded. Sadly, he just has some potions. Nothing that will help them in regards to major healing.

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