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(2013-06-22 - 2013-07-13)
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Mysterious Fish Downcycle time. Sometime this will mean dreams, fragments of information put together into new and sometimes startling configurations. Pieces spun together to form landscapes.

This dream however...

There is a distant recollection of dark water. A column of it overhead and extending into an sky overhead roiling with storm clouds. A stained glass circle is underfoot but it is tarnished and shrouded, the texture glitching and partially obscuring the picture.

The sector is completely empty save for a single lighted platform connected by a white thread of energy that winds around the inside of the dark column of water to a grid distortion somewhere along the upper side of the face. The platform runs alongside that ragged, splintered hole.

Faruja's voice can be sensed more than heard, as if calling from a great distance away. There is a feeling of their voice but the words are almost too distant to make out. They seem as vaguely familiar as the stained glass.

"..such a far way... the road.."

A silvery illumination and the sound of lightcycles and people moving around come from the crack in the world.

Curiouser and Curiouser.
Mysterious Fish There is a crackling feedback static, a general feeling of the voice fading. Light pours from the cracked space and at the top of the light-line that the platform rises along, there is a magnificent grid city that sweeps across the perceptual line and up the rising terrain.

The Sea of Simulation can be seen in the far distance, a crescent of dark water being carefully traversed by glowing boats. Everything is in a much higher resolution than home, although not all at once. Where she stands and the surrounding buildings are of the 8-bit style, but further into the clipping distance things shift and change as if skipping entire generations towards the boundaries of sight.

Although movement and activity is very active, there is no sign of red anywhere. No orange or yellow. Blue and white extending to a sparkling vanishing point. But there are no programs around Deelel but one.

A white lined program stands not too far from the hole as if waiting for Deelel to emerge. "Greetings, Program."
Mysterious Fish "This system has been.. temporarily halted while you and I speak." And as soon as the words are out of their mouth, the entire system does in fact, pause. An entire world holds it's breath before the plunge.

"There is a calamity that has yet to befall it, and that too will be understood in time." There is oddly enough though one thing that is still moving. There is a large and very jarring digital readout placed high up on a distant tower. The readout gives an indictator of 'One'

"What is it that you believe is most important to a free system? Come, and walk with me. I will not disturb your downcycle long. But there are questions.. and perhaps answers.. that I might give, that you would not otherwise obtain freely."

This scene contained 3 poses. The players who were present were: Mysterious Fish.