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(2013-06-21 - Now)
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Katyna After the incident with Jasmina, Katyna had returned to Manhattan, in search of Emi and that mysterious comb she had picked up from the fallen unsent, determined to find a lead on the real culprit: Felicia. She had taken a while to get here, hesitant to create one of her own portals of darkness, and eventually arrived a bit winded.

"Now, where's TDA again..? With any luck I'll find Avira there too.." She murmurs aloud as she wanders through the busy streets. Her world-appropriate attire has changed once more into black jeans, red shirt and leather jacket, a far cry from the ember knight.
Avira Last night there was quite a bit of commotion at the normally-closed Arcade. Most people thought it was an attempted gang attack. Those in the know were aware of Program-induced violence via LEXUS.

Avira would know. She was there. In fact, she's still here and on her way to the TDA no less. Avira too is dressed like someone straight out of Manhattan so she might not be immediately recognizable. She does, however, recognize Kat pretty quickly.

"Ah." she waves calmly, "You're back."
Katyna Katyna grins when she sees Avira. "Hi! Good to see you again..Thought I might find you down here somewhere..." she bites her lip, still feeling a bit awkward, although the last few times they met, at least they were on the same side. "I never did thank you for helping me finish off that unsent woman at the tournament..Guess I bit off a little more than I could chew, heh.."
Avira "Good guess." Avira grins, stuffing her hands in her pockets. She seems relaxed despite Kat's tenseness at the moment. It's Manhattan, after all. Her world. Her heart was here and it thus brought her peace. "You're welcome. Now what's the whole story with that and Felecia anyway? I've heard a bit about it from Hati earlier. It all seems related to your former mentors." She pointedly doesn't speak the words 'Shadow Lord.'
Katyna Actually, Kat wasn't aware of the whole Program Virus thing..If she knew LEXUS was involved, she sure would have wanted to be there to give him a piece of her own mind..Afterall, it was his idea initially, to have her kidnap Maira and manipulate Avira. Of course he wasn't totally to blame for sending her down that path of darkness..

Avira asks about Felicia and that causes her frown to deepen somewhat. "Hmm...TDA did some research for me..Looks like Felicia is the evil sister I never knew I had. It's..." She sighs, running a hand through her messy short hair. "It's a long story, really. Unwanted half sister out to get revenge..And my heirloom weapon, which she believes she is the rightful owner of."

She shrugs and grins, "Heh, guess my 'family' is pretty messed up..But, seems she tried to hurt me by killing my..Mentor, and Hati's too. I guess Hati was becoming a thorn in her side too, so she used their own children against them.."

Must be some shadow lord thing, whatever it is, Kat sure knows how to attract trouble. "No biggie, I'll deal with Felicia, soon as I find her. And I'm sure Hati wants a piece of her too. But for now, Jasmina is one less worry.."
Avira Avira looks a little surprised. The TDA was investigating this? She sure didn't hear about it..though maybe they had kept the case from her due to her previous issues with Katyna. Though ultimately she wouldn't have interferred in that investigation. Avoided it maybe, but...

"So you two are related by blood." she mumbles, no doubt a little angry to hear this, even though the mentors that died were Shadow Lords.

"She'll probably be expecting you though." Avira points out, "Please don't tell me you'll go at her alone."
Katyna Katyna shakes her head. Of course she'd kept it only between two of the TDA members, even at that, not wanting to attract undue attention even within their own ranks. "Heh, yeah..Unfortunately. But, like I said, Hati will want a piece of the action too.." She frowns. "I guess it coulda been worse...If you hadn't helped out. For a moment, it felt like old times.."
Avira "No doubt." The woman comments, "Hati has been doing well last I saw her. Though I do hope she'd come join us someday." Like old times, Kat comments. Avira lifts her hands up, stretching them over her head then resting them behind her neck.

" old times." Avira says distantly. "I am curious. Do you want to come back to us?"
Katyna Katyna sighs wistfully as she self-consciously rubs the back of her neck. "Heh, Hati and I always made a good tag team..I'm glad to see that she's steering clear of..Them, as well. I think Faruja has had a really good influence on her.."

As for herself, she chuckles a bit nervously, playing with her hair, messing it up further. "Hmmm...Well...I always hoped that some day I might make up for all that I did back then, but...I'm not sure what the others think of me, if they ever did forgive..."

Well dammit, cut to the chase already!

"...Yes..I miss that place. I miss you guys. You gave me a purpose and a second chance at life, and I was too stupid, too blind to see it at the time."
Avira Avira smirks. "Seems Hati's having her own influence on Faruja as well." In a bad way-but honestly, that ratling needs to loosen up!

"When Agantyr came, you helped us." Avira says, still concealing the fact that she sent the tip-off to Kat in the first place. It had to be an opportunity, free of her apparent influence. "I think you've come a long way from your Shadow Lord apprentice self. I think I've had the time to...come to terms with what happened too. So..." she looks over to Katyna, "Perhaps we should give you another shot, eh? But it won't just be up to me. We'll have to make sure the other members of VALKYRI are okay with this too."
Katyna Katyna smirks. "He's not the only one who's been influenced by her. Heh, I think she's good for him...He really does need to loosen up!" Wow, it's almost like she read her mind, but everyone knew Faru was far too stiff for his own good!

She nods at mention of Angantyr. "Well, of course I got a tip-off.." she suspects it might have been Maira..Or perhaps even Avira..Is that the kind of thing she'd do?

"But I'm glad that things worked out okay in the end, and I'm glad Angantyr decided to leave Garland.." He was a bad influence, and in many ways reminded her of her partnership with Lord Fessner, and later on, Seith..Although that didn't last long..

"She smiles hopefully when Avira puts in some good words for her, nodding, "So I need to talk to the others too, huh? I think I can do that.."
Avira "Yup." Avira nods along, "You know the rules of VALKYRI. We're all friends, right? So we have to make sure everyone is okay with you coming back..." She drums her fingers along her forearm, thinking of all those in VALKYRI that will need to be brought up to speed on this. "Because I don't want to deal with ourselves stabbing each other in the back. That just ain't right."
Katyna Katyna nods and sighs. Yes, that's right. Friends. It was the most important rule which she neglected, time and again. But Kat was determined to make things right this time. "Well...I have no more secrets, heck I'm an open book...I've..Learned my lesson and it was a painful one. I think I can live with that rule. By the way, I hear you got some news members since last I was there?"
Avira "Oh yeah! A couple, yes. Percival has joined us...I don't know if you remember him. He came to the Underworld to save me." At least Avira remembers him and Kat there so it may have been a point when they both met. "We also have Ulharisk, who is a dragon, and Margaux who was previously in the Death Corps." All those who had never known Katyna's betrayal either. "...strange that we have a few more guy members now."
Katyna Katyna smirks, "Heh, I think I met Percival once, other than that, I seem to hear a good deal about him, but dont know him that well...Ulharisk, heh, so he's a dragon, huh? I THOUGHT I saw a dragon on the tower that time..He seems intent on protecting Maira.." Odd, that. "Hmm, well, I gotta check in with Emi here, then maybe I'll track some of those folks down.." She smiles, "It was nice to catch up to you again, and..Thank you..For your generosity!"

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