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(2013-06-21 - 2013-06-25)
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TRON A few hours have passed since LEXUS' attack. The damage to the building itself isn't too bad, the cut power main notwithstanding. Broken windows have been boarded with plywood, and the fire was dealt with early on thanks to Avira's ice magic. Police have taken away the main perpetrators--the 'scruffy men' who damaged the property outright--and medical personnel have taken care of the wounded.

Only after everything has been dealt with and repairs have been lined up does TRON return to the upper level of the arcade, where he has left the mysterious not-TRON while he has dealt with the attack's fallout. He still shows signs of damage, the long and deep burn still in the left side of his back. He is nursing a potion, though, so it has not been completely ignored.

"Everyone alright here?" He asks, more a generalized question out of habit than individual concern for the moment.
Not-TRON is still out cold on the couch. He hasn't really moved an inch since he was laid up here. Though the damage from LEXUS was still very present. Deep gashes in his body, though they were healing. Slowly.

Virus' always left a nasty mark on any program. The fact he probably wasn't infected is maybe a state of his sheer will, if anything else. Those were some nasty hits he did take.

Yet though silent for a moment, as TRON speaks up. The mystery program's hand twitches gently to the sound of TRON's voice. He mutters something that is hard to make out, before he moves his finger tips again. So apparently, he was still alive!
Deelel Deelel has been working on the clean up after everyone's injuries were tended too she was looking a bit frazzled after all the chaos that has happened and she's been working pretty hard. There's a few bits of older grid tech here mostly Deelel's artist tools than anything. Technology that is kinda of out of place in this world however she's now flopped out in one part of the room and looking up over at TRON.

"Alive, and thankful we didn't lose anyone protecting the server. OR the server it self." She pauses for a moment as she sees the other !TRON move.

"Seems he's coming too."
TRON TRON nods slowly to Deelel. "Yes." He tosses away the potion carelessly and rolls his shoulders experimentally. The sound of grinding broken glass meets any movement of his left shoulderblade, so he gives up trying to move it further. "The laser is fried. Likely overloaded when our newfound guest came through. It'll take time to repair... or rebuild outright."

He takes a seat, letting his form shift back to his black suit with only the occasional dot-and-dash bluish-white light for 'program lines'. He leans forwards, resting his forearms on his thighs and leaning heavily against them, and focuses solely on the white doppelganger as signs of life ensue.

At this point, he simply falls silent and waits. His expression is weary, a little pained, but otherwise rather neutral.
The doppelganger's hand twitches gently, before he at least seems to stir and slowly roll to his side, placing his hand up to his helm. "..frag me.." He says softly. "..where.." He suddenly realizes he still isn't in Kansas and looks around the room. "Huh?" He suddenly goes to sit up and flops back on the couch curling up in pain.

"..Nrrh. Not a smart idea." He reminds himself as he tries to force himself to relax. He stays quiet for a moment. Letting his body relax and his mind sort itself out. "..Right.. this is.. that strange building.. the virus.. those.." whatever they were.

TRON 2.0 tries once more to sit up. This time, far more slowly as he leans his back carefully against the sofa. Then at last the helmet pulls back and down revealing the young program's face behind the helm. Those tired brown eyes, dark brown hair with slightly messy bangs off to one side.

He looks over at TRON and seems to stare at him for a long moment, before he looks at Deelel. Then slowly back at TRON. "..I still can't believe.. its you." He says softly. "..yet.. is it really?" He then frowns softly, as realization crosses his mind. No. No this is not TRON, at least-- its not his TRON. "..maybe.. I.."

The young program then places his hand up to his forehead as he sits forward a bit. "..I owe you some explanations.. don't I?"
Deelel Deelel says "True enough we'll do what we can on that. I'm just thankful we drove off LEXUS."

She slumps where she is looking at the other program as he starts to wake up. "Hopefully he won't...." She pauses tilting her head for a moment.

"Greetings program."

She looks sympathetically at the other TRON for a moment "It would be nice but first how about we introduce ourselves. I'm Deelel a multimedia program." She smiles a little bit and then tilts her head again.
TRON TRON doesn't move. Doesn't even respond as this doppleganger Program sorts through the available data. His expression does change somewhat, but only his dark brown eyes holding a deep sorrow only he would be able to explain if he wished--which he doesn't. There is no recognition whatsoever to the newcomer even after the helm disappears.

"Yes... you do," he replies back simply. "And, as Deelel said, a name would be nice as well." He refuses to call this newcomer 'TRON', no matter what he may claim.
The Program looks over to Deelel, then over to TRON. His brows furrow as he stares at TRON, as if almost wanting something to be said. A reaction of some kind. Yet he knows that wont come. It can't come. For whatever reason, he knows deep down, that-- isn't the same TRON.

There are things that just are not right. Yet-- they look /so/ much alike. So how could he /NOT/ be TRON?

The mystery program slowly clasps his hands together, ignoring the pain from the wounds. He then looks up at Deelel once more with his brown eyes before he gives a nod of his head. "..well.. depending on how you saw me.. would depend on what I would be called. Like this, where I come from.. I am known as the Renegade by.. CLU's forces.. and those of the Grid.. I am known as TRON."

The Renegade then frowns a little. "Though thanks to some.. problems, the reputation has become a bit.. tarnished." He then goes to rest his forehead against his thumbs. He gently taps his head before he at last reaches back behind him to remove his disc.

He holds the disc in his hands. "I fight to free the Grid from CLU's rule. He is enslaving programs under his command and taking away our freedoms. He wants to make the.. perfect.. system. One free of all imperfection and disorder." He doesn't go into more detail beyond that.

The Renegade then slides the top part of the disc armor, until it unlocks. He lays the one half carefully beside him, showing the other side. When he removes the white disc. The other disc becomes black, like a normal Program's disc. His white body suit starts to shift to a black one and the whole circuit lines now change.

"But-- when I am not fighting CLU... well.." He tries to smile, but finds himself only frowning and looking away. "Then I am just Beck. A mechanic.. and not even the best either, but I have gained some skills thanks to my other occupation."
Deelel Deelel looks at the other program for a moment and pauses for a moment and seems to blink in confusing as she hears the name CLU." She listens and thinks some more going through her own memories as she recalls somethings she's forgotten she listens for a moment. CLU she knows that name but this isn't adding up with what she remembers.

She frowns now and she tilts her head for a moment and says "It seems then my stand again LEXUS alone before was more than worth it."
TRON TRON's eyebrows furrow at mention of this 'CLU'. Something deep in his processor triggers, his hidden white Disc whirring softly, and he shakes his head as he regulates that datastream to the background. The foreign data has struck again, and he's in no mood to deal with it.

"You are not TRON," he says quietly, standing up and walking around the room, staying seperate from the other two Programs, "so Beck you will be." There's something in the way he says that which indicates the topic is not up for debate.

He lifts his right hand to rub at the back of his head, pausing for a time to stare out over the Arcade at the lower level. "You've been pulled into a User world, Beck, specifically one called 'Manhattan'. This building is Flynn's Arcade--the real one, not the digital representation of it." He doesn't have to assume that's how it was in the Other Grid like it was in his own--he just knows.
Beck raises an eye brow and smirks softly as TRON seems to put his foot down on the subject of what his name will be. "..Man.. you still talk like.." He chuckles softly and gives a faint nod. Rubbing his own disc gently in his hands.

Beck then looks over to Deelel. "So you fought him alone before? That had to be something else."

The young program then looks back at TRON as he goes to explain stuff. He raises an eye brow. "..wait.. user world? Manhattan?" He seems very confused suddenly. "...I.. don't think I fully understand, but... alright." Beck then looks at the white disc, then at TRON.

"But there is something you will need to understand. In my home, when I am in your.." Is your the right term for this? May as well be. "..your suit. I am /you/. They don't know I am Beck. If they found out I was, they would not only hunt me down, but they would derez everyone I know to /get/ to me."

"So I don't mind you calling me Beck outside of home, but if anyone comes from out of there. They can't hear you calling me that.. I mean.. haha.. if they saw you.. they would you." He stutters on that one part as he bites gently down on his teeth for a moment in thought.

"I-- I should get back. Zed and Mara are going to have my neck as is." Sadly Beck didn't get the memo on the laser, as he goes to try and stand up. Then winces in pain before he plops back down.
Deelel Deelel shivers. "It didn't end well I would have been voxels id he hadn't plans for me. I god lucky with someone else aquiring me ebfore that happened." She looks as TRON explains some imporant things. SO she doesn't

"Users, the world where Flynn came from orginally."

Deelel seems concerned at this and she blinsk confused for a moment "I hate to say this the laser's been damaged we need to see what is broken and repair it..."
TRON TRON's hands clench suddenly at his sides. "I perhaps talk like 'him' because I /am/ 'him'." He bites out almost every word, but doesn't look at either Program. In fact, he seems to be keeping his back towards them on purpose. This distinction between himself and some nebulous 'other TRON' is grinding and is trying to pull up data he really doesn't want to face right now. "And if you think I will derezz your cover so easily, perhaps you--"

He cuts himself off, visibly stuffing back something that, if said, would be irreversable. Instead, he shifts gears to the next concern. "Deelel's right. Your arrival here downright fried it, possibly beyond repair. For now, until it's fixed or rebuilt, you're stuck here."
Beck then goes to stand up officially now. Ignoring the pain and picking up the other disc piece. "I what?" Beck states with his eyes narrowing. "Don't know you?" He frowns a little and shakes his head. "..and yes.. you are him. You are allot like him.. Even to the fact of keeping your back turned toward the group who cares about you so they don't have to see your face."

"Mostly because you don't want questions asked right now, cause your trying to seek the answers yourself." Beck then ponders what to do with the two halves in his hand. He fiddles with it a bit, but doesn't try to fully reconnect them.

He then looks over to Deelel as she also echoes the same thing as TRON. "Like I said. I am a mechanic. How hard can this thing be to fix compared to a Grid Tank or a Light jet." He then smiles. "I bet I can get It done in no time." He then gives Deelel a bit of a playful wink.

However his brown eyes then go to seek TRON's reflection in the glass. "TRON," He says calmly. "I know you don't know me.. and.. you probably don't trust me either.. but.. I promise you, just as I always have. I wont let you down." He then pauses. "..and that goes for trust as well."
Deelel Deelel cinges if Deelel knew anything about the other TRON it was lost in jumble of her memories.

"A mechanic really?! Given how users build things you'd be suprised. Durable often but ... it's clunky." She makes a bit of a face and she grins a little more more at BEck now for a moment. "You did help against LEXUS that counts for a bit. As for a mechanic huh? My light cycle could use a look. It's an old model, really old and I been kinda hard on it..."

She looks to TRON for a moment nodding what else can she do there.
TRON TRON doesn't respond to Beck immediately, his shoulders twitching beneath his silver Disc as each sentence Beck states in retort hits bullseyes each and every time. Yes, this Program really did know the 'other TRON', and there doesn't seem to be many differences at all.

He avoids confirming or denying Beck's insights, instead keeping conversational focus on the laser itself. "Your tools may not work in the User world exactly as they did in your Grid. Our Light Cycles couldn't rez properly until we had another Program recalibrate them. You may need to make modifications accordingly." He would show Beck the baton to prove his point, but it's all he can do to stay where he is. Deelel's enthusiasm saves him from needing to do so, anyways.
He catches Beck's gaze reflecting off of the glass in front of him, sees the honesty, and his chin dips slightly as his own gaze lowers away from the reflection. The Security Program seems to be more sorrowful than actually angry, looking all the world like the rug's been pulled out from under him. "I believe you," he allows quietly, and that is all he says on the matter.

He turns back towards the doors leading into the main room. "Feel free to stay up here and rest as long as you like. If you /do/ decide to look at Deelel's Light Cycle, I would strongly advise you to do so /outside/." He allows the briefest of smirks on his face as he glances back at them. "Game Light Cycles are notoriously tempermental, after all." And with that, he leaves the loft and disappears into the crowds of game stations on the main floor.
Beck glances over to Deelel as she talks about an old light bike. He tilts his head a bit thinking on that. "How about after I fix the this laser. Then I can see about your bike, alright?"

He did have a ton of questions he himself wanted to ask but he can feel the effects of the fight starting to pull on him again and he sways a little. He really should just-- lay back down, honestly. He does study what reflection he can see in TRON's face and hrms softly.

Once TRON is done he gives a gentle nod of his head and then flops back on the couch with one leg propped up on top of the couch itself and his other ankle finding itself resting on the arm of the couch. "..But yeah.. laser first-- then bike. Unless laser drives me crazy, then bike first." he says with a smirk, before keeping the one half close and carefully hooking the half disc back on. He have to do something about that later.

For now however. He seems to be moving himself to get some shut eye.
Deelel Deelel Deelel says "Yes doing so in here this is a living space and a bad idea to do so. We're already fixing it up from the attack." She tilts her heads a little bit and looks to Beck.

"Sounds like a plan the bike will hold a little bit longer. If you need energy let either us us know it's just a bit strange."

She gets up and stretchers a little and she looks over to TRON. "I'll keep Beck out of trouble as best I can."

She looks back TRON, "Yes they are they are not like ... the later models at all. Well thank you for your help I'm going to get some energy myself..."

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