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(2013-06-20 - 2013-06-20)
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Maira This is where the journey ends. When Mullonde comes into view, Maira is filled with both relief and a profound, overwhelming sadness. She'd spent some time with Uist, even though it drained her. They had a long talk together that had done them both a lot of good--all the same, Maira is scared. She can't even imagine what life will be like without Uist. He's been with her for more than a decade, her almost constant companion. How is she suppose to do this?

Maira swallows hard as she enters the city and heads toward Faruja's home, trying to steel herself against the waves of despair that keep pummeling her heart as of late.

While Percival walks beside her, she still feels intensely, keenly alone. "Its just over this way...."
Percival The road to Mullonde was long, but he didn't mind, it gave him plenty of time for quiet introspection. As he walked down it alongside her, his talons clacking upon the occasional cobble in the ancient pavement, he remained rather quiet. He'd kept to himself, and had remained a good listener much of the time, trying to give support where it was needed, and to offer what little advice he could. There was little he could offer, given that he didn't have the same emotional connection to the idea of having a /parent/ as Maira did. Not to mention, a dead one.

So as they entered into Mullonde, he just offered a supportive smile, a hand squeezing her shoulder ever so gently, "Everything will be alright, Maira. I promise.. this is just another step for him in a long journey."
Maira Maira looks up toward Perci, her eyes communicating just how not okay she thought everything was going to be. "I want to believe that Perci, but I think, after everything that has happened, that I know better," she replies quietly. Her thoughts have been dark, her dreams uneasy. She wakes in the night crying, if not on fire.

"He's ready to move on...I can see that. But I just...well, I guess I /have/ to be ready, don't I?"
Percival "It's never easy letting go.." He looks distant, as he stared off at the buttresses and ruined steeples of the great cathedrals. " never is. But you'll manage it. And you'll be stronger for the experience."

He breathes out a sigh at that, who was he to talk about this? He definitely didn't know how to /let go/.
Faruja Senra Faruja Senra is quite happy to be away from Fluorgis from the moment. Being a 'celebrity' has never been in the Templar's list of dreams, even if it's through a miracle(!?) of his chosen higher power. The pair would soon encroach upon the small (by local standards) home of the Burmecian, all finished wood and slightly understated decoration that the rat prefers.

None of the locals stop them, quite used to the Burmecian getting 'odd' visitors at times. Music filters out through a ground floor window, likely indicating the Holy Dragoon is in today.
Maira Maira tries not the let the bitterness that rises overcome her. Stronger. More tests, my trials. All to make her /stronger/. Don't want to need to be /babysat/.

Maira looks away, merely nodding, clenching her teeth stubbornly as she suddenly picks up the pace as she spots Faruja's home, marching up to his door like she was going to battle. She knocks, then waits, taking deep breaths.
Faruja Senra The music stops with a slight scritch sound, the Templar within having finally acquired a record player. A handful of seconds later, and the door opens to reveal the casually dressed Templar, single eye gazing upon the pair at his doorstep. A smile breaks out.

Hand clenching his cross, the rat reaches out to take Maira's hand. "Maira! Squire Percival! Ahhh, but the Lord blesses me this day to have such fine company appear upon my door!" Leaning down, almost goes to kiss her hand before freezing. It turns into a light squeeze as he notes the air about the two.

"...Not merely a social visit, my friends? Come in, please."
Percival "If only it were, Ser Senra..." He doesn't allow himself to bow, or kneel, given that he knew of Faruja's dislike for such formalities. He just inclines his head fractionally, before turning to Maira, "I'm afraid that Maira requires your assistance.. but I'll allow her to explain."
Maira Maira steps forward to hug Faruja, as is now customary between them. "Faruja...I'm glad to see you. I--um. I need to do that thing, we talked about. For Uist. Did you find someone who thought they could do it?" she asks. "I know you were hurt again recently so I hate to trouble you but I knew you'd have a fit of I went to a yevonite so--" she says, letting Faruja go with apparent reluctance.
Faruja Senra That hug turns slightly tighter, the squeezing hug of a worried sibling, before reluctantly releasing the woman. Going silent for a moment, the rat simply nods before holding the door for the pair.

Only once they're both inside does he speak again. "Excellent timing." Comes the rat's voice, mostly composed, but having a slight tremor to it. "My guest and I were discussing the matter last night. If you both will excuse me, allow me to fetch the poor dear. Pardon the lack of tea, however, I think...this matter should be resolved."

A tail flicks towards a room, the sitting room in fact, laden with plush red chairs and a fireplace currently devoid of flame. A table sits between the two rows of couch and chairs, where tea is usually served. Currently, stacks of books sit upon it, all about spirits and unquiet ghosts.

Faruja proceeds up the stairs. Pausing, he glances back. "...'Tis not too late, Maira. Once we start this, we cannot turn back. Are you /certain/ this is best for thyself, and thy Father?"
Percival "It is more complicated than her desires, any longer, Ser Senra." He walks into the sitting room, with his wings neatly caped about his shoulders, his tail twitching only subtly so it won't knock down any of the decorations about the room. "...unfortunately, it is for the sake of her own survival that she must do this."

He crosses his arms, glancing to Maira supportively, allowing her to explain the rest.
Maira Maira enters, moving slowly toward one of the plush red chairs, falling into it wish a heavy sigh. She wants to simply curl up there--or better, with someone else and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist for a little while.

Maira reaches forward to look at the spines of the books that rest nearby, her ember eyes moving over the words. Well, Faruja has been doing his research, as he promised. She knew she could count on him.

Maira looks up as he speaks, visibly wincing. She then closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, calling to Uist. Across the room Uist begins to manifest, his form slowly resolving into a relatively solid state. As he stands, he becomes more and more...real.

Maira grows pale, feeling the tug on herself. She doesn't understand it, not calls to life. Uist remembers, his heart drawing upon the connection he shares with Maira, taking her life away.

"It is as Percival says. It must be this way--I have tried to stop it, but I cannot," Uist replies in a deep voice, looking toward Maira with undisguised worry and sadness. "I did what I did back then to save her, but now? It has changed. I know too, that she can live without me. That I am meant to move on."

Maira nods gently, looking down as tears begin to fill her eyes. "I can't...risk...there are more people than I know counting on me now. I have to...stay alive."
Faruja Senra Faruja watches as Uist gains form, and the deceased soldier speaks. "As it must be. I..." The Templar shivers. "Wish there was another way." Inside, the rat knows Maira can survive. But to be forced to sever something so precious? The Templar trembles at the very thought now that it's imminent. Walking up the stares, though it's only a moment, feels like hours. Why does he feel like he's leading a good man to an execution?

"Sister Karen?" Knock knock. Upstairs, a hushed conversation, and several minutes pass before Faruja starts down the stairs again. Escorted in his arm is a tall blonde human woman in robes, her hair mussy. A cane is held in her hands while she slowly navigates the steps. The reason would become obvious as one notes the blindfold about her eyes.

The tall Sister calls out. "Umm...hello? Miss Maira? Mister Percival? Mister Uist?" Comes the timid voice of the blind woman as she's led into the sitting room. Once she's in a seat, Faruja nods.

"My friends, this is Sister Karen, Holy Exorcist and Summoner. Sister, if you would explain?"

Karen folds her arms in her lap, after crossing the air. "Y...yes. Ser Senra and I did some research. It's quite an unusual case. Most spirits like this...ahh, no offense to present incorporeal company...are usually malevolent and require the services of a Holy Knight such as Faruja."

Raising a clawed hand, Faruja speaks in turn. "Not necessary here, of course. We are going to attempt a ritual that shall sever the link between you both. However, I must warn, 'tis both painful, and dangerous. Any small doubt, any interruption could have...irreperable harm upon both spirit and moral alike."
Percival The Gargoyle watches as Uist manifests and speaks. Even now it was still a little unsettling to him. His emotions always ran haywire whenever he saw the deceased still tied to this world...

When he saw Maira crying, he squeezed his hand lightly upon her shoulder, before wrapping an arm around her. But he said no more than that to her. She needed support right now, not idle opinions and trite platitudes.

As for the Exorcism, the Gargoyle regarded Sister Karen with vague interest. He wasn't sure what to think about exorcists from other faiths. He wasn't sure even what to think of his /own/ faith any longer. So he listened to her explanation in full, "My question is.. once the link is severed, will he pass on? Or will another ritual be required?"
Maira "As do I, Ser Senra...but such is destiny, I suppose," Uist replies quietly. The ghost turns his gaze toward Percival, meeting the gargoyle's eye and crossing his arms in the classic protective father posture. He says nothing, hoping that it does not need to be said. He simply bows at the waist to show his respect, while giving him a look that easily reads 'take care of her.'

Uist turns toward Faruja as he reappears with Sister Karen. "I understand, Sister."

Maira nods as well, reaching out toward Uist. The spirit walks across the room to take Maira's hand. It drains her further, but she can't stand to be far from him now. These would most likely be their last moments together. "I know it will be painful, I know it is dangerous...but this is all we can think to do. Just....just tell me what I need to do," she says to Sister Karen, holding tightly to Uists hand, reaching up with the other to place it over Perci's on her shoulder, more grateful than she can communicate for his support.
Faruja Senra Faruja and Karen look at one another, the taller woman leaning in to whisper, and the pair quickly share a hushed conversation. With two faces full of reluctant determination, they stand after giving the pair of Father and daughter several moments. "Follow us, please."

Leading them along, the four will eventually come to a basement. Lit by spheres, a light blue glow is cast within the room. "The ritual is simple. It requires a source of holy this case, Faruja. I'll be channeling some of his Templar magic into that which binds you both. Then, we shall pray to Holy Faram to accept the spirit into His Arms, and for the comfort of the spirit. Then...both spirit and mortal must let go of the connection itself. No amount of power can overcome the bond itself. We're simply weakening it enough for you two to seperate." Explains the exorcist. As for Perci's question?

Faruja turns to the Gargoyle. "That, is up to Ser Uist and God. Something like this is barely within the mortal realm."

Walking to the center of the basement in a large Ajoran cross. The Templar kneels, head bowed in prayer. Karen stands beside him. She motions vaguely. "Miss Maira, Mister Percival? Please hold hands and pray for the spirit. And should anything go wrong...please pull Miss Maira away from Ser Senra." Both exorcist and Templar begin to glow. In the air, the feeling of magic and light and power begins to grow.
Percival As Uist bows to him, he returns the gesture, bending slightly at the waist. He doesn't say anything, he just silently promises that he will.

Maira places her hand on his, but he doesn't smile, right now was a sorrowful occasion for her, and he wasn't about to let his emotions get in the way. He follows Faruja and Karen, listens to the explanation, then gently takes Maira's hand into his own. He bows his head in entirely silent prayer.. he could have stated it aloud, but there were somethings that he really did not wish for either Uist or Maira to hear... much less Faruja and Karen.

He just allows himself to be a supportive presence as he prays for the repose of the soul of Maira's father.
Maira Maira nods to the two. "I just...need a few moments."

Maira lets them head out first, speaking into her linkpearl for a bit. Uist had wanted to say goodbye. She passes his messages along, then faces her father. It wasn't the father she was going to miss, she had only known him as such for a short time. It is the friend, the companion, the...whatever connection they shared was. She felt as though a huge chunk of herself was about to be ripped out. She will be surprised if there is anything left when this is done.

Uist kneels in front of Maira, taking both her hands. "I know Maira...I know. You don't think you will make it through this. You don't know how you will go on. But you will, and in time it will get better. I will always watch over you, me and your mother both. I will not be as close as I am, but all parents must let go of their children some as they grow. You're an adult now, a strong and capable woman. You will be alright. Do not forget...that I love you. That your mother did, too," he tells her.

Maira's tears drip down her cheeks, her shoulders shaking with repressed sobs. "I love you too--t-tell mom...that...too." She hugs him then, even as the close contact drains her more quickly. It doesn't matter. She won't let him go without this last touch.

They move apart then, Uist nodding once more to Perci before he turns and moves first to take his place among Faruja and Sister Karen.

Maira clings to Percival's hand, taking a few deep breaths to steady herself. She stands then, and follows.

Once all is ready, she takes a seat, nodding at the instructions. "Alright. I think I understand."
Faruja Senra Faruja looks away from the Father-Daughter moment, at the parting of friends, praying the entire time; for everyone in the room to have the resolve to do this, and for the pain to only be passing. Yet, the Templar knows better. Losing someone so close will no doubt sting the woman for years. Even if it's to save her life, some part of the Burmecian feels utterly wretched.

With the Gargoyle and Fire Mage in place, Karen begins. She chants in the tongue of the Church as she prays.

"Oh, Holy Faram, grant this departed soul repose! Welcome him into your arms, away from this weary world! May your Light guide him through the Seven Gates, upon the Cross, and away from evil!"

Between Karen's hands, light gathers, filtering off of Faruja. The Templar grits his teeth, both Sister and Burmecian stifling pained noises amidst their prayers. Soon enough, a ball of light is within Karen's hands. Opening them, it floats in the air, towards Maira and Uist. Soon enough, it will snag; upon the very connection the two share. In a burst of power, the orb makes manifest the link between Father and Daughter, racing along into the bodies of both as it seeks to weaken that link. The feeling, to those who can feel pain still, is horrific, a searing, powerful burning sensation.

All Faruja can do is pray as he gazes at Maira and Uist. No amount of white magic can help what's happening now; being entirely spiritual in nature.
Percival The Gargoyle knew the sting of losing someone all too well. Maira being able to say goodbye to Uist really tugs at his heartstrings, but he remains silent. Perhaps a bitter thought even creeps in that at least she was getting the chance to say goodbye, but he puts that aside immediately. Such thoughts were unbecoming. Such thoughts were insensitive. Such thoughts did /not/ belong here. He knew that this was hard enough on her as is.

He also knew that loss sometimes took a lifetime to recover. If one ever did.

Squeezing her hand only slightly tighter, he continues to pray, but he does not lift up his eyes to watch the miracle of Uist's exorcism. It was... her moment, not his. Her loss, not his. He could only pray for the repose of his soul, and for Maira as well... that she would manage to find peace and acceptance, despite her loss.
Maira Maira has never been religious. There was a church in the slums, but to what deity it was built she has no idea. She believes in god, or gods, or something. She certainly is spiritual. It doesn't matter to her the name she uses to pray to, only that someone, something, listens and grants them strength.

Maira keeps her eyes on Uist, watching him as she holds tightly to Perci's hand. She watches the holy light appear, a familiar glow as she uses the power herself--her and Uist, they had used it between them...would this work?

As they call up the bond, a sort of ribbon begins to form between them, a mixture of light and darkness and pure magic--and something else. Its a red strand, pulsing in time like a heartbeat. The multicolored ribbon seems to connect them at the heart. Maira and Uist both stare at the manifestation of their bond, marveling in its beauty and complexity. How was such a thing even done?

The light from Faruja and Karen descends upon it. Maira gasps, her expression contorting from the pain, her whole body beginning to shake. Her breaths grow quickly, the air heating around her as she arches her back, laying down on the floor to write in a pain unlike any she has felt before.

It turns out the ghost can still feel something like pain himself, for he growls and twitches, his form growing fainter. Eventually, he closes his eyes. "I....I see..." he says, as Maira continues to writhe. The incorporeal form of Uist crosses to Maira, trying to lay his hands on her but they pass right through. "You have to let go Maira...let go. You're holding on so tightly. Let. Go."

Maira screams, rolling in what appears to be complete agony.
Faruja Senra Faruja's prayers almost cease as he sees the very manifestation of the bond between departed Father and daughter, friend and companion. To know that they must sever that? Only the knowledge of what's at stake keeps the rat from standing, from calling off the ritual. Not that he could do much at this point to help.

The blind Sister doesn't need to see to know what's happening. Her words grow louder, stronger, protective magicks filtering over Maira.

"Oh, Lord, grant thy Children strength, that they might overcome their trials, that they may be stoic in the face of adversity, and that no Daemon shall touch them..." Prays Faruja aloud, begging Faram to help the girl writhing on the floor. Faram help them all.
Percival Maira begins to fall to the floor in agony, and he catches her, lowering her down slowly. He then gently places wraps an embrace around her gently, despite her flailing from the agony. He doesn't know what else to do, except to murmur, "I'm sorry Maira, but it's time for you to let go..."

He felt like a total hypocrite, as he couldn't let go himself...
Maira Maira doesn't seem to hear Uist, or if she does she is having trouble complying with his request. The ghost continues to talk to her, the coolness of his spectral presence clashing agains the warmth of her. "LET GO MAIRA! All will be well! Let go!" Uist yells.

Maira's eyes roll back into her head as she continues to writhe, as if she were having a seizure.

Inside, her heart is laboring. Let go? Let go? She hears the words but she doesn't know how to obey them! Let go of what!? Uist was tied to her, bound to her heart. How can she let go? Let go of her heart?

Maira lets out a sound that is like a hiss, followed by a final gasp.

The visual of the bond breaks, not as if severed, but as if two people holding each end of a rope simply let go. It falls, dissolving, motes of light and darkness filling the air.

"There..yes...goodbye..." Uist says, fading further, closing his eyes, an expression of tranquility appearing as his form slowly fades, until there is nothing, his presence gone.

Uist has moved on. To where, it is not for them to know.

Maira has gone still. Very still. Her eyes are open, staring up at the ceiling in shock. They see nothing. Her skin, always warm, is cooling quickly.

Her heart has stopped.
Faruja Senra Uist fades, and Faruja sighs. "Lord cradle thee, Ser Uist. May we yet meet again. Maira, how fare thee?" The Templar opens his eye.

Karen and the rat share a gasp. "MAIRA!" Rushing over, nearly tripping over himself, the rat is soon by Percival and the seemingly dead woman. A hand goes to her neck, checking her pulse. "/Damnit/! Maira, you have not come this far to simply die on us!" Already, the Burmecian begins to cast curatives, each one with a holy spark, hoping to jump-start the woman's unbeating heart. Karen does much the same, both Priestess and Shrine Knight working frantically.
Percival Maira says her last goodbyes, Uist fades. And then... Maira's heart stops. The Gargoyle doesn't hesitate, he lowers her to the ground. And then he locks his hands together, and starts doing compressions against her chest, just over her breastbone. He's careful not to make them /too/ deep, given his strength, just fast enough to try and revitalize that heartbeat.

It's only after he starts pumping that he states, "You're /not/ leaving us today, Maira." And yeah, there are already tears in his eyes.
Maira It was on the doors of death she met Uist, and it was at the doors of death that she said goodbye.

In a space between worlds, a field of tall grass and wildflowers that stretches into eternity, Maira stands across from her parents, Aisling and Uist holding hands, smiling at their daughter. Here, her heart is light. Here, she does not feel rejected, foolish, weak. Here, there is peace.

Maira walks forward and lets her parents arms enfold her, smiling wide and warm.

Until Uist takes her by the shoulders and pushes her backward, looking her in the eyes. "You could stay. You could stay....but many would fall," he reminds her. Maira blinks, then looks to her mother. "You could stay....but the darkness would come a great step closer to winning," Aisling adds.

Maira blinks, stepping back, horrified. "" she says, shaking her head. She longs to stay. It would be easy here. Life was /hard/.

"There are people who would miss you," Uist says, lowering his hand, extending one finger to poke her chest.

People that would miss her? Many who would fall...

"Go back. Have to go back," she replies. Uist nods, and jabs her with his finger, sending a jolt straight to the core of her. All she hears is the sound of wind....

Until she gasps in a breath, the combined efforts of Perci, Faruja and Sister Karen kickstarting her heart. Pain fills her again, her breaths coming in gulping gasps.

Then, she cries. Life HURT, but she'd come back anyway.
Faruja Senra Faruja lets out a breath, the first in a good minute as Maira once more sucks in air. It seems the woman is not yet ready to leave this world after all. "Faram be praised!" Calls out the Templar. At least until Maira cries. For now, all he can do is try to heal the poor woman. Cue more magic, even as he looks to Percival. No doubt the woman incurred some damage in their combined efforts. The rat's legs, between the ceremony and his own healing efforts, won't work.

"Perci? Take her to my bedroom. I think...she needs rest and healing now. Sister Karen? Help me, let us see what we can manage for her." Prayers and healing, Maira will need them both in the eyes of the Churchies present.
Percival He closes his eyes briefly, murmuring, "Oh thank God, thank God..."

He knows that Maira is hurting, both emotionally and physically... after all he'd probably broken.. more than half of her ribs doing that.

He immediately picks her up gingerly, and carries her towards the bedroom, cradling her against him as he steps lightly that way.
Maira Maira whimpers and gasps when Percival moves her. Indeed, her ribs are quite broken, though the healing energy Faruja casts begins the process of the bones re-knitting, quickly propelled by magic. It eases her breathing, at least.

She cannot help but weep, clinging to Perci as he carries her, unable to speak. Maira has never felt so retched. The pain of her ribs is nothing--she's broken ribs before. The pain of being parted from Uist? It is like having a limb removed. Her heart just keeps trying to grope for his presence, failing time and time again to locate him. "Gone....Gone...." she whispers, shaking, shivering. She's cold.
Faruja Senra Sister and Templar are right behind Perci. Once the poor woman is at least safe and on a comfortable bed? They'll finish up their work healing. Faruja stays, should Maira allow it, simply offering friendship in her time of need. Hopefully, between the pair of friends of the woman, they'll at least be able to see her through the night. The Templar can't imagine such pain, and seeing it written in her face and whispers gnaws at his very soul.
Percival Once she's in the bed, he just covers her up, with all the excess warm covers that he can find. And then he just laces his fingers into her hand, and kneels at the side of the bed, offering comfort from his presence, but...

He really doesn't know what he can say to this.. what he can offer... after a time he just states, "He loved you very much... and some part of him will always remain with you. He'll never be truly gone."
Maira Maira lets herself be tucked into bed, holding tightly to Perci's hand.

For a long time, she doesn't say anything. She can't. All she can do is sob.

Eventually, those recede by necessity. One can't keep that up forever. Maira's eyes lock onto Perci with a kind of intense desperation. "I could have stayed...I could have stayed but I--I couldn't stay...I couldn't," she says. "L-lay with me? Please?" she pleads.
Percival Well that was an awkward request. And at any other time he probably would have outright refused.. but he knew in this case it was likely entirely innocent.

His chest still heaves one time in a deep sigh. And so after a moment, he just climbs into the bed, wrapping his arms around her. "I'm here.. I promised him that I would be here."
Maira Maira curls her arms up against her chest and his, like she wants to be sheltered. She just lets herself be held, the proximity of him calming her at least somewhat. The emptiness she feels is deep and vast. The pain will recede, and the void will take over, she knows.

Promised Uist he'd be there. Its not what she really wants to hear. "B-be here, b-because you w-want to b-be," she replies quietly.
Percival He closes his eyes for a moment, then slowly opens them, looks her in the eyes and states in an even tone of voice, "...I wouldn't be in Mullonde with you, if I didn't want to be here."
Maira Maira meets his eyes, searching for the truth.

Then, she nods. She believes him. She scootches a little closer, legs curling as she tucks her head into the crook of his shoulder and closes her eyes. "Thank you...Perci," she says, the magnitude of her gratefulness carried by her voice.
Percival He just lays there with her, wrapping his wings and arms around her, allowing her to comfort in his presence... "You never have to thank me Maira. Not for this."
Maira Despite everything, she is drifting towards sleep. "Stay...please? As long as you can..."
Percival He just closes his eyes briefly, huffing out a soft breath, before stating, "I promise, I'll stay for as long as I can."

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