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(2013-06-20 - 2013-06-26)
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It was actually a stormy day in Archades. Rain was pouring down which halted all construction crews and perhaps threaten to undo some of what they had already done. A few homes had been brought back up to spec, at least those that could have been easily repaired.

Some others however had not have such a luxury, beyond themselves doing their own house repairs to hold them over. Nobleman have been brought down to the level of commoners, the military in not such better condition. Yet life goes on. Archadians are a strong people. They do not break easily, nor do they bend for anyone.

So long as House Solidor stands, so shall their people.

Gabranth however was-- not having such a wonderful day with the weather. It started with his frustrations in office and him at last going that he was stepping out. They asking him what was wrong and him simply going, life.

This lead to him actually not being /IN/ armor for once and not even his swords on him (gasp). Instead he was walking around Archades like a slum citizen with a hood vest, with the very hood over his head, thanks to Rabanastre fashion; cause yay deserts. His hands tucked into his denim jeans and a dark brown leather jacket over the very vest for some added protection.

He was mostly just walking in the rain like an idiot really. Those amber eyes glowing in a great deal of frustration and with each step, he was almost at the point of just-- running. Running from.. what though? Perhaps that was the very reason he has yet to run, because it would solve nothing and perhaps release some tension; but that tension would only return two fold.

The curse sometimes though of walk when your not in normal attire, is you also don't pass off for who you are. This is the very case when Gabranth runs accidentally into one of the Judges. Not exactly a good idea. Even worse that he doesn't acknowledge it.

"Hey!" The judge barks out as Gabranth keeps walking, then starts to speed up his own pace to catch up with the hooded man. "Stop right there!"
Riku Riku returned from island vacation to an almost solid sheet of storms. The last couple of days in fact it had been nothing but sodden gloom. He was sore almost from scalp to toes because those extra days he had wandered away had put him considerably behind in his accelerated training.

Something of which he had been reminded of.. rather painfully. When he hadn't been training he had been out with the refugee camps (and oddly enough, spent long hours in quiet and peace with only the occasional looter to deal with. Heartless never seemed to be in the places he was)

Riku didn't think he had the energy to pull himself back to his temporary housing, his apartment having been mostly demolished in the fall. The sword at his hip was the one he had been given by Gabranth and he held it there with an idle hand as he walked, hand resting on the hilt as he walked through the rain.

He had always liked rain, even though it had been so rare on Destiny Islands. So he turned his face up to it where it patters over the mirror shades shielding his eyes. The voice of a judge split his idle thoughts and he looked idly over where the disturbance was. Riku wore a bronze duster, one of the new clothes he'd bought himself just before the fall and one of the only pieces he'd salvaged.

The red glyph of Archades was scorched into the back of the coat. Obvious, yes. But sometimes a little obvious was needed. The partially armored youth called out. "Hey. There a problem here?" with slightly raised eyebrows, not quite quickening his pace yet.
One of the Archadian Soldiers who happen to be the area looked over to Riku as he asked his question. "Sir, it seems our commanding Judge was.. bumped into by the man he is now going after and with the disturbances in Lower Archades Sector.."

It was kinda easy to put two and two together here. People were going to get on edge and even more so as time continues to march along. After all, Heartless is what sunk their world, even if they were somehow spared.

The Judge who however was after the hooded Man at last caught up with him. "When I order you to stop..."

The hooded man suddenly yanked his arm away, those amber eyes easy to see under the shadow of the hood. "I will stop when I so desire too. Do so again and I /will/ have you on the ground."

"Are you threatening me, civilian?" The Judge was about to go for his sword. "That is an offense that you could be arrested for."

The hooded figure then places his hand up to his forehead. There was a deep inhale of air, before he then lowers his hand. "Right.."

"Right what?"

Somewhere in the middle of this the Archadian Solider gives a shrug to Riku. "Though I do believe our commanding officer is a bit.. to on edge, sir. He has a daughter at home. She is only five.."
Riku Riku looks at the situation and nods.

Everyone was on edge. And nobody needed somebody half their age telling them what they should or shouldn't do. "Yeah. I'd be on edge too." he says quietly to the Archadian soldier.

"There you are." he barks in about as commanding of a tone as he could muster. He jogs up to the commanding judge and nods to them.

"Thanks. I'd been looking for this one. He's part of my group. We just got off shift and we're all tired, and it's raining." he explains. Not questioning authority (or really not lying at all. Honest~)

"We'll get out of your hair, yeah?" he raises a hand in thanks and farewell. He pointedly does not tell or even look at the hooded person in question.
The Archadian Soldier just watches Riku jot up to where the hooded figure and the Judge is. They will stay out of this.

The Judge however looks over at Riku when he comes over. He gives a minor grunt as suddenly Riku speaks. So many young Judges popping up now, but it was orders. It was needed in these times. He doesn't reply right away. He looks at the figure, then at Riku and glances off to the side. "Fine. Very well. Just make sure they remember their place."

The Hooded figure almost /peers/ at the Judge. If Gabranth was in a better mood this conversation would /highly/ amuse him. However, he is not in a good mood. So it agitates him right now. He gives a faint nod and then just follows Riku.

"Did you have a good vacation?" Gabranth at last says speaking up as they continue to walk. "You probably should have stayed at it longer."
Riku Riku snorts, pushing up his shades and falling into step as they walk through the streets. "Waited any longer and I would have died instantaneously on coming back. You were NOT kidding about accelerated." he chuckles faintly even though it makes his chest ache and shrugs one shoulder.

"But yeah-- I had a good vacation. Alma dragged me to Hawaii which is probably the closest that I will get to Destiny Islands for a long time. It was nice."

He looks over his shoulder at the commanding judge and shakes his head. "A lot of scared, angry people. I'm not surprised the heartless have returned here to hunt." he sighs but doesn't say anything else. He doesn't ask what they were doing out here. If they wanted to say, they would say. If not-- it was a big city, and there was a lot of walking to do (even if he felt like falling over).
"Aye. It is a brutal side of things, but it is needed to be done." Gabranth states his face still hidden by the hood. "Though I-- I honestly.. don't even want to talk about Archades and the problems right now." He actually admits. He actually /says/ it! Its the end of the world! Gabranth doesn't want to do his job!! GASP!

"What is this Hawaii like?" He asks looking over at Riku at last. "I have never been there before. Though that shouldn't be to surprising." He says with a soft laugh, though it didn't last long.
Riku Riku mmns and files that away.

He rubs the back of a gloved hand with his fingers before putting a steadying hand back on the sword to keep it from slapping against his leg with every step. "It's better in person than described, but I'm trying to keep that down so I don't get fall into bad habits again." he snorts faintly at that and then just starts in.

"It's a series of islands in the middle of a sparkling blue-green ocean. It used to be a place for tourists and once belonged as part of a world like Manhattan. It's got it's own culture and it's own way of doing things. It's a bright and cheerful land of golden beaches and tropical plantlife. Some of the islands are active or semi-active volcanoes. Which led to no end of evil volcano lair jokes and spy movie asides because Alma and I have similar tastes in Manhattanite movies." he chuckles.

"It's mostly a place crafted for the fun of other people. Some places are zoos or living preserves of sea creatures. Others are boating or fishing or surfing, which is riding a wave on a plank of waxed material for recreation. It actually kind of fun." he chuckles again very faintly.

"Darkness doesn't even seem to have laid it's mark on the place at all. Not really."
"Sounds like a beautiful place to live." Gabranth says softly. "Perhaps even a nice place to retire to one day. Have a nice little home up on some stilts overlooking the ocean." He gives a soft grin, trying to lighten his own mood a bit. Damn rain.

"How is Alma doing? You and her seeming to be spending a great deal of time together." A playful grin can be seen slowly crossing over his visible features. "She is a rather cute young lady."
Riku "Yeah." Riku says as he turns his face away towards the city streets. "And about as willing to manipulate others emotionally or otherwise as any Shadow Lord I've ever met." And-- that came out a little harsher than perhaps he intended. He fidgets with his shades and shakes his head.

"Look. It's not like.." he shrugs one shoulder, rubbing the back of his neck. "I /DON'T/ like her. I just." he laughs softly. "I've been handed this 'I'm cute and innocent and harmless' when I know someone very shrewd and ruthless lives inside. So forgive me a little doubt alongside all the rest of the eh.. well.. normal stuff."
Gabranth listens to what Riku has to say about Alma and nods his head gently. He then goes to step under some old part of a bridge to get out of the rain for a bit, pulling back his hood and rubbing his hand through his short blond hair trying to get some of the water out of it that did escape in.

"So, you are not sure if you can trust her because you are waiting for that darker side to show itself?" The Judge of Ambition asks before taking off his jacket and giving that a good shake as well. May as well make use of the shelter for a bit.

"Can't blame you really. Since she has come here, trouble has only followed. However, she is very skillful and she has yet to demonstrate that darker side. If and when it shows up, we will deal with it. Just--" He frowns as he realizes he is sliding back in some ways to his 'job'. "..Mm."

Gabranth then looks over to Riku, before putting back on the jacket and then going to rest his hand on his shoulder. "And doubt is common, Riku. We all have doubts and insecurities. That is being hume-- and being alive." He then gives a bit of a pat before his hand moves away. "Sometimes our doubts can be wrong, yet when they are, the reward that follows is far more rewarding. Wouldn't you say, my brother?"

He gives a smile, before he looks out toward the city, watching the rain just fall now. "I was worried about you. You have made quiet the impact on me and perhaps even on the other Judge Magisters. I.. I am glad fate has brought us together and has allowed you to be my brother." He chuckles. "Just-- thought I would say that encase I never have the chance too."
Gabranth "Honestly some days I don't think I can trust /myself/ let alone anyone else." Riku mutters dourly, taking his shades off and tucking them away now that they were away from people. He was still touchy about that apparently, and even in a week or two past the assault, his eyes had never gone back to normal.

He shrugs, saying only "Mmnh." and looking out at the city and the rain until Gabranth puts a hand on his shoulder. He looks a little surprised, raising his eyebrows a bit before he awkwardly crosses his arms as he listens, looking down at his shoes. "yeah.. I guess so." he chuckles, grinning sidelong at Gabranth. "I guess Judge Magisters wear armor all the time because otherwise they get softened up and start to melt in the rain."

He wraps his hands around his ribs and rocks back on his heels back and forth a time or two, but he buries the expression of worry that flashes across his face. He buries it and knocks it out with a shovel. "I'm never going to let you live down taking me in, you realize." he moves to a perch not too far away, sliding down into a sitting position gratefully. "It's funny. I'd just got chipped and chipped away until I had to finally admit that people are important. And now I'm not going to let go of that. Whatever happens.. that's something I'm going to keep with me."
Gabranth just leans against the wall as Riku sits. He listens to what the younger Judge has to say as he closes his eyes. Allowing the rain to be a soothing sound for once. Though he did not Riku's gold eyes, he doesn't bring it up in conversation.

"I hope you don't ever let it down, Riku." Gabranth admits softly. "And I am glad you wont let go of it either.." He opens his eyes and looks down at Riku. "Because even in the darkest of times, it will give you strength when you need it. The strength to carry on and fight on."

The Judge Magister closes his eyes once more. "After all, life is a precious thing, not something to be squandered or wasted and friendship.. friendship is even more precious, as it is the very threads that hold us together.. yet can be easily so knotted and tangled." Gabranth frowns a little. "But if we forget friendship and we forget those who care for us, then we too, lose ourselves and find only bitterness that remains."

Gabranth chuckles softly, if not almost starts to laugh. "Mm. Philosophical conversations to a rainy day." He then opens his eyes and a hint of sadness is there. "Sorry if, you are not one for such things."
Gabranth Riku chuckles. "I've somewhat gotten used to it. It's a favored topic of detectives, confused immortals, angry mercenaries, awkward white mage astronomers and struggling Judge-Cadets. We all go to the same stores apparently for the soapboxes we want to stand on."

He looks out at the city, boots bumping against the stone and scraping lightly across the sodden ground. "Sometimes there is food involved. Often, just people who need things to be said. Who need something to believe in because it gets loud and cluttered in your head when everything is pulling a million directions at once." Riku shrugs one shoulder. "You get used to that too. One way or another.."

He puts his hands in his lap, half curled into fists as he sets them on his knees as he shifts position gingerly to get slightly more comfortable. "You have anywhere you'd like to go? I mean-- there is more to life than work." he teases. "Even if paperwork if stuffed in all the cracks like a bad filing cabinet. But I mean, actually /see/ places and not have to be constrained by being a judge or even a representative of Archades."
Gabranth keeps his eyes closed and just listens to Riku and the rain. He doesn't anything as Riku goes through his list of thing until he finishes and asks his question, which Gabranth only 'hrms' too for a moment. His hand hidden on the other side from Riku tenses, before he relaxes gently.

"Yes." He says softly. "At times-- I would like too. Like right now. To hide away from the responsibility placed upon me. However I am leashed by a spiked collar." His eyes open. "Gramis Solidor is dead. Larsa Solidor is missing. Vayne Solidor is now the ruler of the House and he is dissolving the Senate."

Gabranth looks over to Riku. "Of all the Judges and Judge Magisters, my leash, because of my connections to Vayne's father-- is the tightest of all. I so much breath wrong and Vayne will know of it. If I step foot out of Archades without reasons, I will be questioned for it."

The Judge Magister shakes his head softly. "Vayne does not trust me as his father did, for he knows what his father used me for. As such, I.. am.." His words fall silent as he just holds his mouth open for a time, before he closes it. Then he slowly shifts down, taking a seat on the ground.

Looking for once, completely lost on what to do. A grown man. Unknowing what to do. Silence just now finding him.
Gabranth Trapped.

Riku chews over this information in silence. He's read more than enough Archadian politics and history to know that dissolving the senate, putting all that power into the hands of one man? It shouldn't happen. No matter who the man was.

He'd heard the speech as well as everyone else had. It was a great speech.. but it gave him a very.. very bad feeling that he hasn't divulged to anyone. Especially not Gabranth or Zargabaath. Although he'd never actually met the youngest son of the Solidor house, Larsa being out there somewhere as a captive would spur a lot of people (or give an excuse for) a lot of.. reckless things.

"His surveillance net can't be too good right now." Riku says softly, chewing the side of his mouth thoughtfully as he looks around. "Not yet. And you've got to have some time free. A little bit at least if you left your office and came out here to nearly thrash the local judges." Riku smirks at this, giving Gabranth a side long glance. He shakes his head.

"No. I refuse to accept it. Lord Vayne may be ruler of Archades and he might not like you, but he can't be everywhere. I respect the rules your honor, but you need to get out of here. Just for a few hours. Come on." he gestures for Gabranth to come closer. "Let's just go. Just pick a place and go. Or hell-- NOT pick one, although that can get considerably more chancy."
Gabranth glances up at Riku and raises an eye brow. He sighs softly, before he then goes to stand up. "I can't argue with logic." He says with an amused smile. "Zargabaath and I have trained you to well. You know how to work around us." This caused him to actually give a true laugh and soft smile.

He then extended out his arm to grasp a hold of Riku, before he suddenly goes to pull him into a brotherly hug for a moment. Then inhales deeply and gives a nod. "Lets take a chance and see what comes. After all, what is the fun of life if you play it safe? Hm?" He then gives a grin.
Gabranth Ooof.

Gabranth uses HUG.exe -- It's super effective.

Riku ghacks softly, caught off guard and drawn in inexorably. "Well, the teachers I had ended up being tough bastards. They apparently had to be to put up with nonsense above and beyond the pale." he chuckles, rubbing a hand through his hair. "Alright." and in actually fashion of someone who's learned at least a /little/ about security he checks the surrounding area in a somewhat idle fashion (or idle-looking fashion) before flexing his hands and frowning slightly.

He takes the shades back out, putting them over his eyes as he opens up a portal in the floor, the wide smear of darkness looking like no more than an oily puddle save it gave back no reflection. "Watch that first step" he teases, before stepping into the portal and dropping out of sight.

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