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(2013-06-19 - 2013-06-25)
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TRON You can find almost anything in Southern Manhattan, everything from convenience stores to specialty shops. There has been plenty of time to figure out where everything happens to be, and one store in particular is of great interest.

A computer store.

Though the digitizing laser is almost complete (with no small amounts of error involved), there needs to be a computer system in place to command it. So here they are, walking into a little store of computer parts and pieces with nothing but a generalized idea.

'Alan' is in his standard clothing, tugging at his hands nervously as if he was readjusting actual leather gloves. Dealing with anything User-side is nerve-wracking for him as it is, but to build a computer system from the outside?
Deelel Deelel has found it's a good source of parts and the like and here Deelel is along side 'Alan', clothing is not too bad but it's more circuit lines visible on her skin which she just tells people are tattoos anyway here she is and she's looking over at TRON she's also just about as nervous they are ... doing something no Basic has ever done before. Even with her affinity for machines it's kinda left her a bit cowed as she keeps up with her friend looking for parts as well, she thankfully had the sense to make up a list.
TRON Alan is well-aware of what they are here for, and he has a ballpark estimate of what they need based on some papers he'd found in Kevin Flynn's office. But finding the right actual items... well, that's going to be fun.

"Funny how we revere technology but know so little about it," he comments over to Deelel, a self-depreciating smirk on his face. He picks up a few items here-and-there, eyes narrowing slightly behind his glasses. "What is the term... to boldly go where none have gone before?"
Deelel Deelel says "It's true but given out situation." She at least has made enough money busting heartless over the last year or so to cover anything that Alan might be short on a she stats hunting for more parts. "It is...then again. We'd never had access to it in this way before. They don't even know, what they do when they do this."

Alan knows and she knows. They are flat out creating an entire world and it's still a bit humbling to think about really.

"I think that's the term yes. I don't think we should cut any corners on hardware quality either."

Seriously Basics were going to live on this thing she wasn't about to ahem cheap out on parts. Seriously Users had no idea what cutting corners did.
TRON Alan nods. If his suspicions are right about the extra data he took from Shinra and have kept safe since... Well. They won't recreate a whole new world. They'll restore an existing one. Same principle as restoring a Userspace World Shard, but so completely different.

"Agreed, gather what you can. Just remember: we don't need any software or an operating system," he reminds Deelel. Redundant, perhaps, but his experiences with the original computer system (still at ShinRa) have proven that an Operating System conflict will do no good whatsoever. "I'll be over at the monitors and cases."

He slips away to the computer screens and other input devices, secretly bemoaning the fact they couldn't get back the original computer with its nice touch-screen and all.
Deelel Deelel looks back to Alan for a moment "I understand, don't worry we already got the software we need right it's just the hardware. Still some of the parts we need humm i'm going to go check down this isle." It seems Shinra had not master the art of the dual boot it seems. "I'll be checking for the RAM and hard drive." She's going to go for the best they have, ya no cheeping out here tonight.
Avira "Hey guys. Need some help?" A familiar voice says from the other side of the asile. A few seconds later, Avira peeks around the corner. "I was in town, decided to track you down."

She steps around the corner fully and reveals that...she is in fact dressed in Manhattan clothing. Were it not for her Spine, which is still strapped to the small of her back, and her scars, she'd fit in perfectly.

"How goes the rebuilding?"
TRON Alan wanders through his chosen area, shaking his head at the sheer variety of parts and pieces at their disposal. Just how many different types of keyboards or mice do people /need/, anyways? He will never understand Users.

At least it isn't so critically important. Not like RAM or a CPU.

He grabs a combo-pack that satisfies both and moves on, wandering along the monitors. At least Deelel has a set list of what is needed--nice hard data.

He jumps slightly at Avira's sudden appearance, then smiles slightly. "It is good to see you again, Avira. Yes, help would be very welcome." He nods slightly, eyes half-closing in thought seperate from the current conversation. "Rebuilding is going well. Cleaning the building is complete, so we're working on the basement now. This requires a computer, however..." His voice trails off as he glances ruefully over at the monitors. "...And it is very odd to be on the outside doing this."
Deelel Deelel can get at least the need for ascetics after all art is kinda of her thing she wouldn't be here if Users were not that way after all. She's checking over the drives and thinks she finds s suitable one checking it over yes she's not going to want to get a stinker. She pauses as she hears Avira enter and there's a grin on her face as she moves to join up with Alan and Avira.

"You are very much welcome and it's about as Alan said. We also likely need to get some new games to keep with things as some of the old units are not working and honestly we need to ... make sure we can get people interested for the modern stuff as well. As for help please, it would be welcome and ... I'm going to be honest. This is kind of ... creepy for us to be doing this."
Avira Avira puts a hand to her mouth as she starts laughing at the thought. Programs shopping for computers! "Well, in a way, you are sort of buying your own house, aren't you? You get to control the specs in this case where before you didn't have the choice."

She clasps her hands behind her back and follows after the two. "New games, huh? Maybe I can make a suggestion or two. Gaming really wasn't my thing though."
TRON The irony is not lost on Alan, though he only chuckles in reply. "Yes, I suppose you're right. It's not so daunting when explained like that."

He picks up an average-sized monitor and looks it over like a kid would look at a wrapped present at Christmas. "I just wish to know what has happened to our homes." The plural is clearly not a mistake, though the significance of the distinction isn't apparent. "This computer would get us one step closer..."

He shakes his head and shifts the monitor onto his shoulder. "Avira, have you noticed anything... odd... with Maira as of late? She gave us a hand cleaning for a bit, but ran away. She seemed... distressed."
Deelel Deelel says "I'd be happy to hear it, Avira." She pauses sets the hard drives box down. "I also found one that involves music. If I only get to pick one game that we add Alan I want that to be the one I pick." DDR, your all doomed. Deelel will likely keep slipping new songs into it.

"Perhaps but Avria I think you need to see it to fully understand. I would not have been able to understand your world without seeing something like the sun? That was an alien concept to me." She pauses spying a program box on a shelf starts giggling and picks it up. The laughing stops however as TRON brings up Maira.

"She doesn't seem to be doing so well, no. She was quite ... steamed about something."

She then comes up aside Avira and keeps the box just out of sight, what is she up to with that?
Avira Avira beams, happy to make this task less imposing on TRON in some way. It's also kind of adorable, she notices, just how excited the security program is getting over the monitors. Granted, there are plenty of humans that do the same.

Then, a topic is brought up that she wasn't expecting to hear here. Though in reviewing the last few moments on the VALKYRI channel, she discovers why. "Yeah, yeah I have. It's stress, Alan. Stress and a few other things. You know how this whole thing with her dad and the princess of Heart and Dark Knight deal is? It's a lot of weight on her shoulders."

Avira closes her eyes, knowing exactly what it's all like. Of course, there was also the matter of Angantyr, but Maira had confided that to her privately. She's not sure it's something she wanted to spread-or should spread without Maira's consent.

"Is it possible for a human to enter your world..?" Avira asks curiously.
TRON Alan nods in understanding at the topic of Maira. "I have heard a little about it, but it is... understandable." His voice drops slightly as a purely empathic tone softens his voice, able to relate on many levels. "I wish I could help, but I fear there is little I can do."

He responds immediately at Avira's question, clearly without thinking: "Yes." He stops abruptly upon speaking that one word, a downright befuddled look on his face as his eyebrows knit together. It takes a few moments of almost visible processing, the pupils of his eyes glowing white in the meantime, before he speaks again.

His voice takes a ponderous, rather cautious tone, as if he doesn't fully understand himself. "It seems... it has happened once before--a User being pulled into the Grid. Personally speaking, /I/," there is a very odd but quite intentional emphasis there, "have not known it to happen."
Deelel Deelel frowns a little bit.

"Wait the Dark Knight as in ... that warrior I faced some time ago?"

She's still holding that program box behind he back, just what is she up to? She thinks for a moment on Avira's question. "I ... did find something in the laser room on our world's end the night I first arrived here. I think it was some sort of fruit? So with what TRON said it should be possible I admit...I can't of very many other people I'd want to have to be the first Users to see our home. Also we wouldn't have trouble with your name at all either see!"

She holds up a copy of AVIRA anti viral by Avira.

"Look Alan! See Avira is a totally normal name!"
Avira "I'm at a bit of a loss myself." Avira says quietly, "It's frustrating. I'm her best friend but I don't know how to help her." Which was the truth, even when it came to the Maira issue she hadn't explicitly mentioned.

Realizing she'd been a little cavalier about her Grid/Program talk, Avira makes an apologetic face, "Interesting." she offers on the subject of humans on the Grid, but fails to follow up so TRON won't have to talk about this subject in "public."

Her thoughts turn to DDR. "I'd actually give DDR a try if you put it in the arcade...uh..."

Avira takes the antivirus box and looks at it. "....I had no idea this product existed." she says, embarassed. "It wasn't my intention to name myself after this!"
TRON Alan doesn't bother to correct Avira's misunderstanding as to his visible confusion and lets the topic drop. What is he supposed to say?

'Yeah, a User named Flynn hacked my code and uploaded all sorts of data that seem to originate from another TRON. I can sometimes randomly access this data without meaning to and sometimes I can't even tell which information is mine and which is this other's. Oh, by the way, Deelel and I originate from different Grids, so there just might be multiple Dataspace worlds just as there are Userspace ones.'

No, some topics are best left alone.

He peers at the box, blinking for a moment as the significance breaks through his thoughts, then he just starts laughing as he bends forwards at the waist. Never mind the fact that he's carrying a combo mouse-keyboard pack under one arm and a heavy monitor over the opposite shoulder with no apparent regard for their weight. It is a laugh of broken tension, a welcome escape from what ails him. "It seems you are destined to stick with us, Avira," he jokes to the VALKYRI leader, heading towards the checkout desk. "Let's get this stuff back to the arcade."
Deelel Deelel says "It sounds like a plan we got a long night ahead of us. It should be worth it though, we got a lot of people counting on us or they won't ever wake up again." Deelel falls in with her friends it was time to get to work.

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